this was much harder than i expected it to be

“We were pretty poor back in Mexico. My parents were divorced. Mom did the best she could. She was always a hustler. She’d sell jewelry, or food, or anything that she could. But a lot of nights there still wouldn’t be enough to eat. We’d survive on tortillas and salt. I was only eight when we came to America. So I was too young to understand. I think my mom thought she could make some money and bring us home. She thought she’d learn English, and maybe start a business. But it was so much harder than she expected. We moved so much looking for work. She’s fifty and she still cleans houses every day. Every year she gets more worn down. She’s been getting sick a lot lately. But she can’t afford to stop. She never will. Right now I’m in school. I always thought I had to be the best student because I’m undocumented. I thought I’d go to law school, or graduate school. But now I’m not so sure. My mom would literally destroy her body to make that happen for me. How could I allow that to happen? I’m a Dreamer. And everyone loves the Dreamers because we’re a perfect package to sell. But why am I the only one who gets the chance to feel safe? Whenever I hear ‘I stand with Dreamers,’ I always think about my mom. I’m not willing to throw her under the bus. I’m not willing to be a bargaining chip to make her seem like a criminal. Everything people admire about Dreamers is because of our parents.”

ダイアローグドラマ ~ベルトルト・フーバー & ライナー・ブラウン side~
ダイアローグドラマ ~ベルトルト・フーバー & ライナー・ブラウン side~


: After being attacked by a group of titans that suddenly appeared within Wall Rose, the cadets of 104th Survey Corps (including Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover) have met up with the Eren Yeager’s troop. While resting on top of the wall, Reiner and Bertolt confessed that they were titan-shifters. Using the outstanding power of the Armored and Colossal titans, Reiner and Bertolt captured Eren and Ymir and fled for the forest of giant trees within Wall Maria, where they were planning to recover and wait until night falls to avoid facing the titans scattered around the area.

Reiner: *heavy breathing*  We’ve finally made it to here… Bertolt, how is Eren?
Bertolt: Just like Ymir, he’s still unconscious.
R: I see. It’s no wonder - both of his arms were gone when I ripped him out of his titan’s nape. I doubt he’ll be able to go on a rampage when he wakes up. It was so much harder to deal with him than I had imagined though.
B: Yeah.
R: I didn’t expect him to use those fighting techniques. I used to hold back on him during the hand-to hand combat training.  
B: Maybe he used some of Annie’s techniques? They often trained together.
R: Whatever the case, we only captured Eren thanks to you. I wouldn’t have made it without you.
B: It was only because you, Reiner, lured him to the perfect spot and gave me a signal. I had nothing to do with that.
R: No, you have the strongest abilities of all. You don’t need to wait for my instructions all the time. You should act on your own, at least a little!
B: Right…
R: Ok… I think we should put on the vertical maneuvering equipment we took. It’s swarming with titans down there.
B: If that crowd attacks us, even with our titan powers we won’t be able to reach the wall, especially if we have to carry Eren and Ymir with us.
R: It means we’ll have to wait until night falls. We don’t have any food or water, and we haven’t slept since yesterday – we’ve been fighting without any shut-eye. But we won’t let them devour us!
B: Yeah…
R: It’s just a little bit more… We’ll survive and return home, no matter what it takes.
B: Yes, we’ll return! We’ve at least made it this far.
R: So traitors, huh? …
B: It can’t be helped! We aren’t soldiers, we’re warriors! That’s who we always were!
R: I know that, but… what will Connie, Jean and the rest say when they find out?
B: Reiner… you’ve spent too much time living together with those guys! I mean, of course you’d feel this way, we’ve spent 3 long years there, after all!
R: Yeah… I guess you’re right… we’ve been through harsh training together, we’ve had conversations about everything, we even promised to all go out drinking together if we all managed to get out of it alive…
B: Yes.
R: Oh man, Bertolt, the way they predicted the weather based on the unbelievable poses you made while sleeping! I still remember the “garrison officer is searching for the toilet” one! What a masterpiece! I’ve never laughed that hard in my entire life!
B: When I woke up, I couldn’t tell why everyone was on the floor laughing… *chuckles*
R: So many memories…
B: Yeah… But… it’s all in the past now.
R: True… You’re right… It’s all in the past… It’s all over–No. We have to end this with our own hands.
B: Yes!
R: Hey, Bertolt… do you regret it?
B: You just said it yourself – we have to fulfill our duty, even if we don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. We have to stay true as warriors and follow through on the decisions we’ve made until the bitter end.
R: Yeah.
B: Our fate was decided 5 years ago when we breached the wall and took all those lives… no, even before that – when we were sent on this mission.
R: You’re right. Somebody had to do it.
B: Of course, nobody does this because they want to.
R: Bertolt…
B: When I was pretending to be a soldier, I could escape from what I’d done for just a little while… I really could think of them all as my friends. You feel the same, don’t you, Reiner?: Yeah…
R: Yeah…
B: Not all of our words were lies… I know it may sound like a silly excuse. But it’s not surprising that they’ve labeled us traitors now. We’re not the people they used to know!
R: You’re right… There’s no point in dwelling upon what’s already happened. We can’t and won’t turn back now.
B: Yeah. That’s why we have to fulfill our mission as warriors and return home!
R: Yes, we’ll do it, no matter what it takes!

Armin: In a few hours, Ymir regained consciousness, and then Eren followed suit, as well.

Reiner: Oh, Eren. Are you awake?


Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post

Imagine demon!Dean beating a guy up to death because he touched you and he got jealous. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here!

“How-” you voice felt stuck in your throat “How do you know me?”

“He-” she glanced at the door, hesitating as if he could come in any given moment “Doesn’t matter.” she breathed out, shaking her head as if to shake the thought off and turned to leave.

But you weren’t having any of it “No” you breathed out, rushing to grab her arm “No, please.” you looked at her with pleading eyes, for the first time putting all feelings of jealousy aside “Tell me.”

“I-” she sighed, looking around nervously “He’s mentioned you.”

“He?” your hand fell on your side “Dean, right?”

“Yeah.” she pursed her lips and oh you knew that look very well, jealousy and envy “Without really wanting to, uh a couple times. Once or twice in his sleep and other during-” she stopped herself, shrugging and now it was your turn to feel that unpleasant burn inside your chest “I asked him who you were but he always brushed it off, insisting it- you didn’t mean a thing but seeing the way he looks at you just… proves how wrong I always was for believing him. And how wrong he was.”

“About what?” you said in a low voice, biting your lower lip.

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Green eyed roman

Pairing: roman Godfrey x reader

Request: A hemlock imagine where Roman gets really pissed at you bc youre talking to Peter just as friend and he doesn’t want to lose you

A/n I’m sorry for the shitty ending

You knew dating roman Godfrey wasn’t going to be easy. You were shy and quiet while roman had no problem speaking his mind. When news broke about your relationship it was met with mixed reaction, mostly because they thought you guys were too different. You also received death glares from all the women in town because you took roman from them. Roman told you to ignore them because he was 100% committed to you but you couldn’t help but feel self-conscious and jealous from time to time.

One thing you weren’t counting on was dealing with roman when he was jealous. He felt like every guy you spoke one word to was trying to steal you from him. Granted some times he was right but the one person roman was mainly jealous of was peter. He felt like he was trying to take you away from him like he took letha. You had to remind him on several occasions that you loved him and that you would never leave him but he never listened.

The final straw was when you came home late one night because you were working on a class project with peter. “For the last time, I was with peter all day because we were working on a project. You would know about the project if you bothered to show up for school.”

Not believing you, roman picked up your lamp and threw it against your wall. He cornered you and took your face in his hands “stop fucking lying and just admit it ! You’re in love with peter.”

“Jesus fucking Christ for the last time, I’m not in love with peter ! ! ! ” You screamed at roman and removed his hands from your face. You had tears streaming down your face “I love you so much roman, more than you know but if you can’t trust me-“

Roman felt his body go numb and went from angry to sad when he realized what you were about to say. “No no no no no don’t fucking finish that sentence.” roman wrapped his arms around you and held onto you as tight as possible.

“I’m sorry roman but if you can’t trust me than I don’t think we can be together.” You tried to get out of his grasp but couldn’t, if anyone the harder you tried to get out of his grasp the tighter he held you. “I expected you to trust me just like I trust that you won’t cheat on me with one of your many groupies. Goodbye R-”

“No ! Y/n look at me” roman grabbed your face again and looked into your eyes “you are not going to break up with me. You love me and I love you and we’re going to be together forever.” Roman knew it was wrong for him to charm you into staying with him but you were the only person he truly loved and he didn’t want to lose you.

“We’re going to be together forever” you repeated the last part before you smiled at him and kissed his jaw. “Go lay down, I bought something sexy that I know you’re going to love”

“I’ll be waiting” roman bent down to kissed you before you grabbed the lingerie from your drawer and disappeared into the bathroom to change. Roman smiled to himself because he still had you in his life.

dirty old man

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: the Reader is Tonys daughter and lives with the Avengers. One day she thinks she’s home alone, Bucky thinking the same. She hears someone moan and follows the noise, which leads to Buckys room. Curiosity takes over and that leads to mature actions.

Warnings: smut, big age difference, unprotected sex, rough sex, dom!bucky

Enjoy reading!

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“His Wedding” Part 2

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 856

Warnings: maybe a lil angsty?

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing!

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2

To assure him that I’m actually considering it, I laugh and repeat, “Let’s do it! I’ll be your wedding planner, Bucky.”

“Oh, my God. You have no idea how much happy you’ve made me!” Bucky gets up from his chair and makes a round from the desk to reach out and pulls me up in a tight hug.

Yes, he’s happy because I said yes to plan his wedding with Lilly. Well, he must have been even happier when she would’ve said yes to marry him. But at least I made him smile by saying yes to this. While being in his arms, I tried not to smell his cologne because that will make me even more addicted than I am. I wiggle out of his grip, my hands falling back to my sides but his remained firm on mine.

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Jason Todd’s S/O being Red Hood in another AU

•When Jason somehow got stuck in another universe from his own he knew how some things would be different.

•But he didn’t expect this.

•When trying to find the portal back he got into a battle with the Red Hood of this universe.

•Thinking it was him he did some tactics that was sure to defeat himself.

•But suprisingly it didn’t work.

•The Red Hood in this AU wasn’t him.

•Curious he brought the fight to a lighted area.

•This Red Hood was much smaller than him and it’s voice had a softer tone.

•”You’re tiny! Where I’m from the Red Hood is a bit more intimidating.”

•”Is that so?” You said with a sarcastic tone pulling out your weapon.

•The fight was much harder than expected, all he had to do was pull off your helmet for a chance for him to escape.

•With a swift blow to the head he managed to pull the red helmet off.

•But your face stopped him from moving.

•”Y/N? Why are you…”

•”You can stop your disguise.”


•”The real Jason is dead.”

•A pang went through his heart.

•So this would happen if he died during that night.

•”Believe me I’m real, but from another universe.”

•Just like he expected you were quick with your thinking and after a couple of explanations you solved the problem.

•”What am I like in your world?”

•”You still fight, but under a different name. And we’ve been together-“

•Jason couldn’t stop his words fast enough and you looked at him surprised.

•”We’re together?”

•”Uh yeah.”

•In this universe you ended up being with Dick.

•”I knew he had something for you.” Jason would mutter under his breath.

•You still had your amazing qualities, faithful, hardworking, and passionate.

•And you can easily beat him in combat.

•But honestly he was the most happiest when he returned to have the Y/N he knew by his side.

Things I used to believe about theatre and singing...

And why I don’t believe them anymore.

  1. The myth: I’m going to go to college and rapidly go to Broadway and live out my days performing in NYC.  The reality: Man, I have so much to learn.  Broadway is not the only goal, and only a very, very small number of actors ever get to perform there.  I can still have that as a goal (although my goals are very different now!) but I should stop expecting that it’s somehow the logical path that I will find myself on.  This career is way, way harder than I ever expected, and that level of theatre is one most of us only get to watch from afar.
  2. The myth: The people on Broadway are just particularly spectacular and special.  The reality : Everyone is spectacular.  The people on Broadway are there because they’re great, they know the right people, they were lucky, they worked their butts off…But they’re not unique.  There are thousands of other people who are at the same level as them who didn’t have the connection, who didn’t get lucky, and will never be on Broadway because of that.  
  3. The myth: When I watch people who are really, really skilled, it’s because they are just naturally better than me.  The reality: They worked their butts off and put so many hours into their craft, and that’s why they are so good.  It’s not a mystery.  You put in the work, you get the result.  No shortcuts.
  4. The myth: If I drink milk before I sing I will perish in a thousand singing hells.  The reality: Man, I’m not impacted by dairy when I sing, and I don’t need to be scared of consuming it.  Some people are very impacted by it.  It’s a personal thing and people’s different genetics will play into how much different substances impact their singing!
  5. The myth: I have to choose between belting and legit singing.  I can’t do both.  The reality: Heh, yeah, no.  I have to pick a technique that embraces both styles in a healthy, safe way.  I can have it all, but I have to be wise about how I choose my technique in order to have it all. 
  6. The myth: If I’m not on Broadway by the time I’m 21, I’m a failure.  The reality: See truth number one, but also…The people on Broadway are, on average, much older than you think they are.  ‘Nuff said.
  7. The myth: I won’t need a side job in order to sustain myself.  The reality: There are times my theatre can sustain me by myself, but even the best of us need secondary income for when we’re in-between gigs.  Even Broadway performers are not employed 100% of the year.  That side job doesn’t have to be waiting tables or retail, but it’s unwise to think I don’t have to do anything other than perform. 
  8. The myth: If I don’t like super obscure musicals, then I’m not a real musical theatre fan.  The reality: Wicked rocks.  I love Phantom of the Opera.  I’m allowed to like whatever I want.  
  9. The myth: According to almost every educator I ever encountered…”If you can do anything else other than theatre for a career, do it.”  The reality: This is asinine.  Actors are multi-faceted, intuitive, witty, smart people…  All of us could do other things with our lives.  There’s not a single one of us who couldn’t succeed in another field.  Not all of us will be mathematicians, no, but to say that the only way we should pursue theatre is if we can literally do nothing else?  Well that’s silly, because actors are badass and can do a lot of things.
  10. The myth: I will always have two months to rehearse all my shows.  The reality: Hahahahahaha, nope.
  11. The myth: I will love every single show I do, and every role will be fulfilling. The reality: Honestly, those are the special ones. Those are the ones that we go through all of this for.  But the reality is, I do lots of shows that I have no emotional connection to.  Where I don’t get sad when it’s done.  That doesn’t mean I work any less hard on it, or value it any less.  But not every gig is fulfilling artistically.  
  12. The myth: I can’t have a family, a pet, or a home if I’m an actor.  The reality: It’s true that if I went on a tour for a year, I couldn’t have a cat.  But if you want to prioritize those things, you can absolutely have them.  You can’t have everything, but if those things are important to you, you can make it happen by sacrificing some opportunities.
  13. The myth: I will always have an understudy for when I’m sick.  The reality: I’ve never had an understudy in my entire life.  
  14. The myth: If I just work hard enough, I will get the role.  The reality: There are way, way more facets to casting decisions than I will ever understand, so there is no reason to be hard on myself when I don’t get a role.  If I did my best, that’s all I can ask for–the rest is up to them, and I’m not a worse actor because I didn’t fit exactly what they were looking for, or someone fit it better.  
  15. The myth: Every cast will be as close as they were when I was in high school.  The reality: It’s a job, and while I do make friends doing my job, it’s very, very different than it was in high school.  You come together for a handful of weeks, work really hard and trust each other a lot, but often you then go off to your own life and don’t see them again until the next show.  And that’s okay!  If every cast was as close as some of my high school casts were and we were all as attached as we were back then, it’d be awfully exhausting and depressing every couple of weeks when a show ended.  So it’s really for the best.  
  16. The myth: I will never be able to sustain myself as a performer and I’m probably just kidding myself by trying to do this.  The reality: Bam, 18 year old Christine, what were you thinking.  You’ve got this, and you are exceeding your wildest dreams.  

What myths did you have in theatre that have been dispelled at one point or another?  I’d love to hear them!

"Oh, so I’m still the Doctor, then?”

My absolute favourite thing about Rose Tyler is the way she accepted the Doctor’s regeneration. She struggled for a bit, but in less than 24 hours, she knew he was still the same man. 

If you question my counting, remember that this exchange:

ROSE: Doctor!
(Rose throws him another sword.)
DOCTOR: Oh, so I’m still the Doctor, then?
ROSE: No arguments from me! 

Happened immediately after the Doctor stated he was in the first 15 hours of his regeneration cycle. And really, taking 12-15 hours to wrap your mind around the fact that your best mate/the man you’re head-over-heels for can completely change his appearance isn’t much at all. 

But what I love the most about this is that once she accepts it, she never waffles, never struggles, never goes back. It wasn’t, “Okay, you’re Doctor-esque at least… I can see that you have Doctor traits in you. I’ll accept you on a trial basis, but if you don’t act the way I expect you to, I’ll stop believing you’re the same man.” 

Frankly, Rose does a better job accepting regeneration than Doctor Who fans do, and we have the benefit of knowing that it’s a narrative construct. (Or maybe that makes it harder to accept? I’m not sure, but it’s an interesting contrast to note.)

And years later, when she’s standing on Bad Wolf Bay for the second time, it takes her even less time to understand and accept that Tentoo is another regeneration of the Doctor. He’s still the same man. That’s what regeneration means–he’s the same man, with a new case. 

I can’t think of a non-Time Lord who understands that *better than Rose Tyler. Her only concern, once she accepted he was still the Doctor, was if his changes were deep enough that he wouldn’t want to travel with her anymore. Once he assured her that he’d love for her to come, her last qualm was washed away. 

On New Earth, when the Doctor references back to their very first trip together, she immediately jumps in with the reminiscing and says, “That was our first date.” (emphasis mine) I don’t think it was accidental on the Doctor’s part that he mentioned something from his previous regeneration, and I love that Rose does an unspoken, “Yes, I see your reminder that you’re still the same man, and I’ll raise it with a reminder of how close we were and still are.”

I love Rose Tyler because she has such an innate understanding and acceptance of who the Doctor is that despite how bizarre the concept of regeneration is, she knew he was the same man. Not a different version of the same man, or a different man who kept his name and memories but was a completely different person. The Doctor is the same man, always. 

Rose’s understanding of that is one of the reasons I ship every Doctor x Rose Tyler. It’s not about her being more important than other companions. It’s about her knowing the Doctor, no matter his face, and loving him because she loves the deepest part of who he is. It’s canon that Rose loved three regenerations of the Doctor. Why wouldn’t she love any others she met?

And–flip side here–this is the same reason I love stories where Rose has been altered enough by Bad Wolf to regenerate. I love seeing him show the same completely non-superficial love for her. I know that it’s easier for him to accept because this is natural to him, but still. So often in media we see men who are fixated on the appearance of the women they’re dating. I want to see a man who can watch his beloved change her entire appearance and still love her just as much as he did before.

There are lots of other reasons to love Rose Tyler. Her courage, her determination to stand for what she believes in… But this is one of my favourites.

*There are a few who understand it as well as she does, or at least close to it. Sarah Jane and the Brig come to mind. But better? I’m hard-pressed to think of any.

anonymous asked:

Hi, very very hot hcs you lot have down here, can I request overstim, machine fucking, and objectification with a side of extremely dirty degradation? Thank you!

Hi so maybe a fic where it takes place at the end of dans new video and after the camera goes off and the kiss and have sex basically I would like a smut fic with phil in dans sparkly jacket please

something along the lines of Dan being edged and overstimulated so hard he cries but Phil won’t stop and yeah that’s about it do what you will with it ;)

That gif looks soooo like Dan I wanna see him rut against that blanket until he’s whining and begging gahhh 

Could you do a hc of dan having multiple orgasms because phils fucks him so hard 

 the sparkly jacket prompt is a bit outdated by now, but ehhhh


Tags: All the shit above

Warnings: I don’t think any

- As soon as he turns the camera off, Dan takes a long breath. Filming was harder than he expected. That of course, is Phil’s fault. Dan filmed him playing the piano in his sparkly jacket first, then, before he could do anything else, Phil had him pushed down onto the bed, pulling down his skinny jeans.

- For the better part of an hour, Phil had teased him, and then left Dan, hard and aching, to film his video. To make matters worse, Phil knows how much of a turn on it is for Dan when they share clothes (it’s a possessive thing, something Phil understands), so he pulls on Dan’s sparkly jacket with no shirt or pants to help Dan film. So Dan has been worked up while filming, and now that he’s done, tears are beginning to fall down his cheeks.

- “Lemme come, Daddy, please?”

- Phil smirks and steps over to Dan, lifting him to his feet from the chair he’s sitting in and kissing him. Well, it isn’t so much a kiss as it is Phil claiming Dan’s lips with his own, hands slipping down to push down Dan’s skinny jeans. Dan gets the message and steps out of them, breaking the kiss long enough to discard his shirt as well. “Eager,” Phil murmurs, and pushes them back so Dan falls onto his bed. “Now, what should I do with you, hmm?”

- “Fuck me?”

- “Now, remind me, do pathetic whores who can’t listen to rules get fucked by their Daddies?”

- “No…” Dan was caged for a week, and when Phil took it off him, he informed Dan that Phil would take good care of him if he could keep his hands off for a couple hours while Phil worked. In twenty minutes, Dan had already come twice. It’s been a couple days, but Dan’s still feeling Phil’s wrath. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

- Phil reaches for the lube. “You should be, bitch. Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to take what I give you, no more, no less. You will not complain. You will not touch yourself without permission. You will not come without permission. I’m not going to restrain you or give you a ring. This is about self control.”

- “But-”

- “No buts,” Phil chastises, and spanks Dan sharply before lubing up two fingers and pushing them past Dan’s hole at the same time, giving him a moment to adjust to the burn before he starts to fuck Dan with them, purposefully avoiding Dan’s prostate. He quickly adds another finger, smirking at Dan’s quiet moan. Before long though, he pulls his hands away. He’s about to lube up his cock to fuck Dan while he edges him, but Dan’s hips drop to the bed so he can grind against the sheets and his left hand slips behind him to finger himself. Instead of stopping him, Phil crosses his arms and watches, eyebrows raised.

- It doesn’t take long for Dan to come, and the boy immediately realizes what he’s done and swallows. “Such a needy fucking bitch, aren’t you? No regard for rules or anyone but yourself.” 

- “I’m sorry Daddy-”

- “Shut the fuck up, whore,” Phil sneers, and grabs a cock ring to roll around Dan’s length, starting to soften. He disappears briefly and comes back with a chair, rope, and something Dan can’t quite identify. Phil’s steady hands tie Dan’s ankles to the feet of the bed and then to his thighs in a way that keeps him from moving his lower body. His hands are soon secured behind his back as well, so that Dan falls face forward onto the mattress. The something Phil brought in is set on a chair, there’s the tell-tale click of a lube cap, and then something cold and slick presses inside Dan’s hole, just far enough in to push past his already pink and puffy rim. All of it is followed by what sounds like a switch being flipped, and then what Dan assumes is a toy begins to fuck into him at a steady pace.

- Of course, a fucking machine, he thinks bitterly, biting back a gasp when the fake cock nudges his prostate. It’s going slowly, but before long it speeds up, making Dan whine. Of course, it feels good, but it’s also torturous because he can’t come or touch himself and the barely-there glances aren’t enough. Behind him, he can hear the tell tale sound of Phil’s hand stroking his own cock, slick with lube. 

- When the machine speeds up again, Dan feels tears pooling in his eyes. “Daddy, please lemme come lemme come lemme come please! Fuck me, please, let me come Daddy! Daddy please!” He shouts, like a dam has been broken, all of his pleas spill out.

- Chuckling, Phil runs a hand down Dan’s back, scratching lightly. “You shouldn’t have been a naughty whore then.”

- “I’m sorry daddy I’m sorry I’m sorry just please!”

- After rolling his eyes, Phil slows the machine to a stop and moves it and the chair aside, Phil says, “The only reason you’re getting fucked by my cock after how bad you’ve been is that I’m not going to deny myself using my little cumdump.”

- The words only serve to make Dan even more desperate, and he practically drools when he feels the head of Phil’s slick cock pressing at his hole. “Now, what do we say, Daniel?” He asks, the scratchy sequins of the jacket making Dan itch when Phil lays a hand over his back.

- “Please!”

- Phil swiftly pushes in, only giving Dan a moment to adjust before he starts moving, fucking Dan at a brutal pace. He grabs Dan’s hair in one hand to yank his head up from where he’s biting a pillow. “Such a fucking cockslut, messy, desperate to be fucked, and falling apart on my cock. You’re nothing but a dirty little cumrag, aren’t you?” His other hand reaches down to Dan’s stomach and rubs at the head of his red and leaking member.  Dan begs for release a little more, enough that Phil pulls off the cockring and tosses it aside to stroke Dan in time with his thrusts.

- It takes less than a minute for Dan to come, moaning loudly enough that the neighbors will probably complain later. He tries to collapse down to the bed, exhausted from coming twice already, but Phil keeps fucking into him and touching him, all while telling Dan what a slut he is, and how he’s only good for Phil’s pleasure. He comes for the third time not too long after with a scream. By the time Phil comes, it’s about ten minutes after Dan’s last orgasm, during which he came dry, not even hard, sobbing and begging Phil to stop, but not safewording. Afterward, Phil pulls out and just takes a long moment to observe Dan, and the way his puffy, abused hole is leaking come, and the same substance coating Dan’s thighs and the sheets beneath him.

Not sure if I like this or the ending but oh well // I DIDN’T WRITE AFTERCARE BUT IT IS IMPORTANT Y’ALL


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honestly? everyone is asking way too much of high schoolers and it’s fucking insane. 

every weekday they’re all expected to get up early enough to be at school by 8am and then they usually spend their whole day sitting in desks but are expected to be wide awake. each hour they have to go to a different class but they only have like five minutes to get there. more or less rinse and repeat until 2:30ish with the tiniest break for lunch and that’s their whole school day.

lunch is like only half an hour and both the quality and quantity of food served at the cafeteria has been on a steady decline for a while now. i seriously went home for lunch every single day of my senior year because the food was so truly awful. there was this point where they stopped caring so much that they literally served a piece of garlic french bread (the shitty frozen kind, you know what i’m talking about) with marinara sauce and that was the whole lunch entree. 

along with their required classes, in order to look good to colleges they’re expected to take AP classes and advanced classes and extra classes what have you, as well as get good grades in them. all those teachers then proceed to pile ridiculous amounts of homework onto them in order to “prepare them for college” but you know what? as someone who took six AP classes in high school, i think AP classes are harder than college classes. they’re probably about the same content-wise but the general environment of high school is so overwhelming and stressful that it’s so much harder to focus on actually learning.

on top of academics they’re expected to be involved in extracurricular activities, sports, music, volunteering, internships, etc. and of course this is all in order to look good for colleges. because what is free time, right?

by the time they turn 16 (or maybe earlier) they’re also often expected to get a part time job. some of my coworkers who were still in high school worked 25+ hours a week, which is a fucking insane amount of time when you’re also a full time student. 

along with all this, they’re expected to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, which is A) a fucking joke, and B) literally impossible if you’re doing everything they want you to, and also if you’re not. high school is just such a truly awful environment to be in. i played sick really often because i hated being there so much. i overslept all the time because i never got enough sleep. i graduated two years ago and i still have anxiety dreams about high school because it was such a blight on my life for four years. 

anyway if you’re reading this and you’re in high school i want you to know that it’s okay if you’re unable to meet all these expectations because they’re absolutely outrageous

Oh Shit

gif is not mine

Title: Oh Shit

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,182

Warnings: Cursing, fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all love this!! You can send in headcanons until 12/05/2016 EST for the 500 follower celebration! Also I forgot I was going to post this today, so I’ll start posting headcanons on Monday!

After a tough and grueling hunt, you wanted to let loose.  Being around Sam and Dean wasn’t going to help either.  They argued the whole way back to the bunker.  Bringing them to the bar was not an option.  You wanted to bring Gabriel with you, but he was busy with Castiel.  They were tracking down Lucifer.  You convinced yourself you didn’t need your boyfriend Gabriel to be around for you to have fun.

When you arrived at the bar, you were dressed in a pair of tight jeans, a flannel, and a jacket that Gabriel had given you.  Nothing too revealing; nothing that said “I’m available”.  You felt confident and excited to get a night to yourself to relax.  You strolled into the bar, observing what they had to offer.  There was a stage for karaoke and of course a bar where they served alcohol.  There was already someone on stage, obviously drunk as they sang, but everyone cheered anyway.

As you reached the bar you ordered a couple shots of whiskey.  You realized you had forgotten to eat before you left.  A chuckle escaped your lips, knowing that this meant the alcohol would hit you much harder than you expected.  You turned your head to the left seeing someone who hadn’t taken their eyes off of you the whole time.  You were with Gabriel, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t talk friendly to other guys, right?

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anonymous asked:

So what are your thoughts on Keith's vlog? I personally feel like it vindicated your metas about Keith being lonely rather than a proud loner, him wanting to connect to people, being well aware of his flaws, especially his shortcomings to socialize and befriend people and disliking that feature. However, there are a lot of people complaining that the vlog "proved" that Keith's a jerk who treats others badly and wallows in self-pity.

I think that it contextualized/vindicated a lot of reads on Keith that I had before. No accounting for how some people will read it, obviously, but personal things that I think are very interesting:

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it’s a kind of magic (5/5 | 10,910 | Rated G) **

Alec frowns at a point just over Magnus’ shoulder, and then his eyes widen. “Magnus… did your house plant just wave at me?”

Magnus freezes. He whirls around and glares, hissing, “Figmund, you promised.”

Figmund wiggles its leaves unrepentantly.

Puppy (3/3 | 2,727 | Rated G)

“Magnus?” Alec called then, keeping his eyes trained on the black form on the bed, those red eyes glowing brightly, boring into his. “Why is there a dog on your bed?”

In which Magnus owns a hellhound.
Really, that’s all.

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