this was mostly a bunch of rambling but still

AFI may look cool, but they are the biggest bunch of fucking nerds. in the interviews, davey always does most of the talking and it’s mostly just him rambling eloquently due to his vocabulary but his answer to a simple question like “how did you feel about this song on the album?” is about three and a half paragraphs in nine point font using wordperfect. which isn’t even a direct answer to the question. then we have to realize that it’s 2017 and he still has no idea how to use a computer and people actually had to tell him what memes were a couple of years ago.

and don’t even get me started on jade, hunter, and adam. when davey’s off in lala land going off about one inquiry during an interview, all three of them look like they have hit the snooze button. adam’s eyes immediately take furtive notice to his knees while hunter gazes out into space and jade is kind of there but not really.

free them.

take one look at jade puget’s instagram and it’s an entire meme field/praising his beautiful wife with emoticons and not much else; plus that one time he called out davey’s toothpaste and even took a picture of it. hunter interviews HIMSELF on his youtube channel, makes his own non-serious songs in a very high falsetto, and the outtakes for crash love are him yodeling as loud as he can for ten minutes at a time.

THEN THERE IS ADAM, who is probably the least amount of nerd. he’s always so soft-spoken and polite in interviews. but then remember their first official EP

adam did not deserve this. i have thirteen years’ worth of proof that davey, hunter, and jade are the dorkiest little shits ever. i love them so much.

So I’m trying to imagine how different episodes of Boom would’ve played out in this Sonic and Shadow role-swap AU (which seriously needs a better name). I think the main events of most episodes would’ve still happened; things just would’ve just played out differently, since both hedgehogs’ personalities are mostly the same despite the role switch.

If the season 1 finale happened in this universe, I think it’d go something like this:

  • Eggman recruits a bunch of villains, as well as Sonic, to help him defeat Shadow. He doesn’t like Sonic, but knows they share a common enemy in Shadow and thinks he could be a powerful ally.
  • Amy calls the rest of Team Shadow (or whatever they’re called in this universe) to help build her bookshelf. Shadow isn’t really interested in helping at first, so he just kind of watches in increasing frustration as everything goes horribly wrong.
  • Sonic arrives at Eggman’s lair, and roasts him pretty much the entire time he’s there (with the other villains trying in vain not to laugh). Eventually, he gets bored and leaves, breaking through Eggman’s door or something (much to Eggman’s dismay).
  • Meanwhile, the others are still failing to build the bookshelf. Shadow, who can’t stand to watch anymore, decides to do it himself–and actually does a pretty good job.
  • Team Eggman shows up and attacks, splitting Shadow’s team apart. Shadow is about to give Eggman the beating of a lifetime, when Sonic suddenly shows up.
  • Sonic and Shadow fight. Sonic destroys the bookshelf, to Shadow’s frustration (he spent hours on that thing, after all!)
  • Shadow is about to win, when Sonic somehow gets the upper hand. Before Sonic can finish Shadow off, however, Eggman decides to take a photo of this special moment–but he forgets to turn off the flash, blinding Sonic momentarily. Before he can recover, Shadow defeats him, leaving him lying in a crater. Humiliated, Sonic runs off, mumbling something like “you just got lucky”.
  • Still annoyed about the bookshelf, Shadow sends Eggman hurtling through the sky (along with what was once the Eggmobile).

What do you guys think? Anything you’d like to suggest (for this episode or for others)?

every few weeks or so i go on a self-pitying journey of looking through the collections of a bunch of lingerie companies i adore (none of which i can afford) and i always end up considering starting one of those aesthetic lingerie instagram accounts in the hopes i’d get famous and people would send me money or buy things on my wishlist

*AHEM* Welcome to the Discourse I’m Starting this is my first time but it’s Overwatch.

OKAY. I saw a bit of a thing that was like “Jack would respect D.Va for being a war veteran, kinda like Reinhardt!” (summarized)

And @asynca​ brought up the point that there’s a bit of a distasteful thing about Jack but she ultimately would not see Jack (Soldier 76) respecting D.Va the same way that Reinhardt would. Okay. Here it is. Me, a military veteran of 7+ years, has a bit of light to shed on this.

TL;DR You’re right he wouldn’t.

I’ll go over a few of the uh. Highlights reel as to why he wouldn’t. I have MAJOR LEAGUE FEELS for D.Va because I was in her place (sort of) at one point. So I gotta defend her. Yes.

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Pearl 1.0! 

This is what I would have walked around in today if the weather had been better… Instead I spent most of the day covered in jeans and an oversized hoodie because it was COLD AND WET. 

But yeah! A whole bunch of people still recognized me, interestingly enough usually people cosplaying things from other obscure-in-europe/netherlands cartoons!

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lushatrocity  asked:

If you're ever in need of inspiration I think something along the lines of "eharmony says you're my perfect match which is awkward since I've sworn to hate you for all eternity" could be super cute for Bellarke!

The thing is, it was supposed to be a joke.

It seemed hysterical at the time- setting up an e-harmony profile while shit-faced drunk, that is. Spurred on by copious glasses of wine and Raven’s incessant pestering about her lack of a love life, she had taken a bunch of grainy, underexposed selfies and posted them up along with some mildly incoherent ramblings about herself. Even in her wine-addled state, Clarke hadn’t expected anything to come out of it. Her poor decision making mostly stemmed from having to prove to herself that she was still capable of putting herself out there after the last few disasters anyway, and she’d done it. Mission accomplished.

The hangover the next day was an expected part of her morning. Bellamy Blake as her 100% perfect match? Not so much.

Honestly, she didn’t even think someone like Bellamy would be on e-harmony. He certainly didn’t look like the type that would need any help getting a date. Not that she’s noticed, or anything. Or he, apparently, considering he hasn’t said a single word about it all day.

“Why are you staring?” He interjects, frowning.

Her cheeks pink at that, and she has to disguise it with an exaggerated cough. “Am not.”

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I like the idea of Hide always watching Kaneki (pre-torture) when they were together. When they’re watching a movie, walking home together, cooking, looking at clouds, Kaneki isnt aware Hide always looks over at him and the brightest smile always appears on his face. Kaneki was always a bit dense so he never realized this.

And I want it to be kind of the opposite with Sasaki with his memories of Hide. Hide still watches Sasaki and smiles but it’s different and sadder and his gaze no longer lingers on him. But Sasaki is more aware of Hide then before and Sasaki always catches himself staring at Hide, wanting to save him from his loneliness.

Because part of me believes that Hide still feels a twinge of loneliness. With Sasaki always tries to enthusiastically include Hide in a bunch of stuff and Hide joins him in hopes that the flame that resides in Sasaki is able to rekindle the light that once resided in Hide.