this was meant to have colours omg sorry

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Harrison Ford is 3rd generation Irish/ German/ Eastern European (Belarus I think)...he's white?? He literally said once that he considers himself Irish like, sorry to burst your bubble


First of all, if you’re going to try and ‘burst my bubble’, do it off anon.

Secondly, in my post, I meant that the potential actors for the role are all the same sort of generic white boys we get in every other film with young adults. I’m just a little sick of seeing those actors in films, like maybe they could give someone else a go?

I’m not saying the person they choose should have a different skin colour, that would be a little far fetched (but I feel like that’s what you thought I was getting at??) It won’t do anything for continuity.

What I’m saying is, they’re selecting from a pool of half-talented actors that we see in every other film these days. Instead of casting someone for their ‘status’, reputation etc. in younger audiences, I think they should look at an actor who would best carry the plot forward firstly in terms of actually looking like a younger Harrison Ford (I mean, you can’t honestly tell me that someone’s like Dave Franco looks like a young Harrison Ford because he doesn’t.) and is cast for their acting talents.

I mean if you look at The Force Awakens, they could’ve cast so many other more well known people for Rey and Finn but they chose not to and it worked out brilliantly. All I’m saying is they should do the same for this.

Anyway, come off anon if you want to continue this discussion further because if not, I’m done :)