this was meant to be deep

when my crush’s zodiac sign isn’t compatible with mine: we all know deep down zodiac is fake and idk why we pretend it’s real. make your own decisions with your life don’t cling to zodiacs like they actually mean anything. they’re just stars it doesn’t even matter

when their zodiac is compatible: as you can see we’re meant to be.  we have been blessed by the heavens; we are fated to be together. don’t try to argue with me on this the stars never lie

Me & Cinderella

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Summary: The reader always knew Dean Winchester was the one. But when her college quarterback boyfriend gets considered for the pros, they let each other drift apart so he could go after his dream. Seven years later, Dean realizes just what happened all those years ago…

Pairing: Football Player!Dean x reader

Word Count: 8,500ish

Warnings: language, angst, self-depreciation

A/N: Thank you to @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday for giving me the inspiration for this story! Written in split POV between Dean and the reader…

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My summer consisted of hiding amongst the wildflowers, and hoping you’d think to look for me. I sang with the birds and befriended the bees. It was quite lovely, actually. Until the storm rolled in. Sudden white flashes filled the sky, and the gray-blue color i’ve always been fond of took over the happy haven. The rain pelted against my skin, as if it were warning me to go back; as if it were telling me to uncross the line and forget my useless intentions. What I meant didn’t matter, it couldn’t change what had happened. You never came. I wilted like the flowers, and I drowned like the bees.


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54...Logicality please....

Summary: Deep down Patton knows Logan has emotions that maybe he just doesn’t want to express and that’s okay. Patton’s only fear is that Logan doesn’t love him back or maybe worse, that he hates him. For the prompt: “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

Warnings: none?

Word count: 849

Tag list: (sorry I keep forgetting this exists, ask me to be added) @tssanderssidestrash @hanramz-the-fander @alwaysmy-lilith

Patton knows, he knows deep down that Logan can never fully express what he feels. But he knows he feels. Call it instinct or maybe because Patton is so in tune with emotions but he knows. Still, it hurts when Logan speaks in such a cold and uncaring manner but he understands. He understands that it’s hard for Logan to accept his emotions when he expects himself to be purely rational, he understands it’s hard then to express said emotions, and still he’s disappointed.

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sappy post: here’s my thing about Once- I love it so much because I think it so perfectly captures almost love. I’m a big believer in almost love. Ive met so many people in my life who were just passing through my life and I know that had circumstances been different we could have had something and I also find that with friends and opportunities and everything. And the thing about Once is that what keeps the guy and girl apart isn’t anything special it’s just….. Life. It simply is not meant to be. And, for me, the musical had a deep connection with the joy, the sadness, the pain, the confusion, the curiosity, reflection, the humor and eventually the learning that comes from these encounters because I also really believe those encounters help us grow. I think the musical captures the range of very human emotions that spawn from an almost.  The show just really touched me at my most human level. Despite it’s acclaim I think it’s really underwritten by people.

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Would you be able to write the Weird places to meet-first day on the job prompt? Please?! That one sounds fun!

A/N: I’m guessing you mean this one? first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night.  (sorry I wasn’t sure)

Adjusting the hem of her skirt one more time Carol decided that was as good as it was going to get, her heels clicking across the polished floor with each step she took.

This job had been a lifesaver for her, barely having enough money in her bank to cover next month’s rent. 

But that meant she couldn’t mess this up, she had to be on top form, bring her A game. And that’s what she intend to do. 

As the elevator dinged to signal her floor, Carol took a deep breath, she’d already got past the difficult part, now it was just living up to expectation.

Coming into a small reception area, Carol walked towards the desk, smiling at the less than amused secretary. 

“Um, hi, I’m Carol Miller, it’s my first day here.” 

The secretary didn’t look any less bored, speaking a drawling tone that could’ve easily put Carol to sleep. “Oh, so you’re her. The boss wants to speak to you, take a seat.” 

Carol nodded with a thinly pressed smile, turning to sit down, wringing her hands together nervously.

She’d yet to meet the boss, she was interviewed by one of his assistants, a blonde bombshell that made her even more anxious than if she’d just been interviewed by the man himself.

The sudden sound of the phone ringing startled Carol, trying not to look too surprised as the secretary picked up the phone with a sigh. 

“Yep, yeah, she’s here, alright.” The dark haired woman slammed the phone down, pressing a button to release the door in front of Carol. “Mr Dixon will see you now, first door on the left.”

“Thanks,” Carol said quietly as she passed the woman, sucking up all her nerves as she confidently walked into the first door on the left.

It took her a moment to truly register the handsome man sat in the chair, reorganisation hitting her like a truck as he looked up from the papers he was studying.

“Miss Miller,” he greeted in that southern drawl that couldn’t have ever been anyone else’s.

She was frozen to the spot, all previous confidence gone with the wind. 

Mr Dixon - the only name she knew him by - then suddenly realised it too, a small smile playing on his lips as he rose from his chair, sauntering over to her slowly.

“Nice ta put a name to a face,” he said, that smirk still plastered on his perfect face, extending a hand out for her to shake.

The movement finally seemed to snap Carol out of the state of shock she had fallen into, taking the hand in hers, fighting a shudder as he shook it firmly.

This couldn’t be happening, of all the bars, of all the nights, of all the men, this was the one she decided to have a one night stand with.

“Likewise Mr Dixon,” she responded quietly, fearing if she said anymore she might actually be sick.

“Ya can call me Daryl,” he said, ushering her to sit as he took his own seat on the other side of the desk. 

“Daryl,” she echoed, sitting stiffly from the man across from her.

There was a lingering silence as he let his gaze run over her, Carol’s skin tingling with ghosting sensations. 

She couldn’t get it out of her mind. 

The picture of him naked above her, kissing parts of her body that made her hot and bothered at just the thought.

“Ya slipped out pretty early the other mornin’,” Daryl’s voice made her eyes snap to meet his, finding them full of mirth and amusement. “I was gonna see if I could interest ya in some breakfast.”

Carol screwed her eyes shut, the one fucking time she hit it and quit it and he was her fucking boss. It wasn’t that she wanted to leave, oh no, quite the opposite in fact. But it was the fact that she didn’t want to leave that solidified her decision to haul ass out of there. 

The idea of one night stands was that you didn’t stick around, she’d already stayed too long by falling asleep in his arms, his toned, long, muscular- stay on topic

It was nothing like she’d expected it to be, nothing like her friends had told it would be like. He was attentive and passion, gentle but rough. When it was over he kissed her long and slow, his thumb brushing softly against her jaw, pulling her against his chest as they both fell into a restful slumber.

That’s when she woke the next morning, an entanglement of naked limbs and an ache between her thighs that had left her wanting more. But that wasn’t how it worked, she had to leave, before he woke up and found she was still there. 

She was trying to avoid the awkwardness, clearly this was karma’s way of telling her she couldn’t.

“I didn’t think you’d want me to stick around,” Carol murmured shyly. God she was so awful at this! It was very clear that she was not the type of woman to go sleeping around with people, but she wondered from his smile if he was the type.

“Wouldn’t’ve hired ya if I didn’t want ya ta stick ‘round,” he said with a wicked grin.

“You knew?” Carol asked, gawping at him with owlish eyes.

Daryl chuckled, shaking his head at her. “I’m jus’ messin’ with ya. The hell did I know. Was jus’ as surprised ta see ya as you were ta see me, not that it’s a unwelcome surprise, although somethin’ tells me ya feel differently on the matter.”

“I’m-” What was she? Embarrassed? Sure. Regretful? Not so much. She didn’t regret a single second of what happened, although she did wish it was with her devilishly handsome new boss. 

“Would ya have stuck ‘round?” he asked, snapping her out of her trance she’d fallen into yet again.

“When?” she asked, brows knitting together in confusion.

“If ya thought I wanted ya ta stick ‘round the next mornin’, would ya?” 

Lying to her boss would be a bad beginning, start as you mean to go on and all. Not like it could get much worse now.

“I would have.” Her eyes wouldn’t meet his as she spoke, humiliation burning in her cheeks at her confession. 

“Good,” he said, waiting for her to meet his gaze again before continuing. “Then next time y’all stay.”

“Next time?” Carol blurted, he couldn’t possibly be suggesting…

“If it ever does happen again, I mean. Ya should know though, I don’t sleep with my employees. You just happened ta be an exception ‘cause we didn’t know each other then. But now yer my employee, those kinda extra curricular activities can’t happen again whilst yer workin’ for me.”

Carol nodded dumbly, unable to stop herself from sweeping her eyes over him. 

“Glad we’re understandin’ one ‘nother,” Daryl said with a raise of his brow, her open staring clearly not missed by him. 

“I’ll get Rosita ta show ya to yer office,” he spoke rising from his chair, Carol following suit.

“If ya need anything, Glenn s’gonna be yer guy, he’ll be trainin’ ya up over the next few weeks.” 

Carol was aware of the hand he had hovering over the small of her back as the walked towards the door, never quite touching it as he drew away to open the door for her.

“Ya need anythin’ else, y’know where ta find me,” he drawled, giving her an equally as open once over as he opened the second door to the reception.

Carol bit her lip through a smirk, Daryl shooting her a similar one back. “Enjoy yer first day Miss Miller.” 

alive with the glory of love | a reylo fanfic

by @punkeraa


“Let the past die,” he quietly says. “Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you’re meant to be.“

A beautiful paragraph:

A soft breeze in the predawn darkness sends shivers down her spine, an ancient coldness settling within her core. A smidge of danger accompanies the frost, heightening her alertness as she holds watch in the dead of night. Rey closes her eyes with a deep inhale, centering herself and reaching out with the Force. The surrounding oak-brown trees, giving off a low hum of energy; the scent of berries delicately coating the wind; the snap of a twig as a drowsy medium sized predator makes its way home.

I created this aesthetic for the incredible writer @punkeraa and her beautiful fanfic, alive with the glory of love. It’s full of beautiful imagery and descriptions, and features a heart-wrenchingly vulnerable Kylo Ren <3

Read it on AO3!

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tbh in the 3 mil blooper vid and like a couple others dans voice is so deep? but then in certain videos its like quite high pitch and i NEED to know how deep it is irl

i know that at some point dan mentioned that the bloopers vid was uploaded and youtube fucked up and it plays like .5 percent or something slower than it was meant to, which means that his and Phil’s voices sound slightly (yet still significantly) deeper, so those pitches aren’t their normal ones :D

also i think that in a lot of dan’s danisnotonfire vids, he tends to put on this “presenter voice”, as i call it, where he has this over-exaggerated voice for his videos, which i think sounds significantly higher than how he sounds in, say, his live-shows or even in some gaming videos, where he’s acting more “natural”, if you will. idk if that makes sense lol


never be able to be a multishipper.. Like? I’m too far deep with KakaVege that I think I’ve transcended the limit of OTP

I can’t even imagine my boys with anyone but each other because they’re so perfect? They compliment each other so nicely and ??? they’re meant to be together


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Joking apart, why do you think Armie doesn't wanna do press for cmbyn anymore?

idk maybe he’s anxious about being part of a high-profile movie, maybe he’s just really sensitive about bad headlines or sticky press? he clearly doesn’t handle even light-hearted criticism that well so who knows. like clearly the process meant a lot to him so maybe he just doesn’t like the idea of serving the final product up for scrutiny. some people are really bad about accepting criticism on their art and since this was so personal for him and he went through such deep emotional changes it might be hard for him to handle feedback

Imagine this

- You wake up. You lay in bed with that special beautiful person by your side, and you hold them against you, skin tight. You are shirtless, flat and comfortable with your body. You couldn’t be a happier person than you are right now.

- You wake up and put a shirt on, only a shirt. You haven’t owned a binder for many years now. You no longer have to layer yourself. You feel free.

- You can now wear those clothes you really liked in the shop. You bought them; they fit and suit you perfectly. No more baggy, ugly clothes.

- You look in the mirror and see your sharp jaw line, facial hair and adam’s apple. Your eyebrows are thick and your hairline is masculine. You smile, because you finally love and feel comfortable with the way you look. You feel attractive.

- You are walking down the street and the warm breeze hits your chest from underneath your shirt. You can feel the wind, it gives you shivers.

- You can stand up straight, run, swim and hike. You are no longer in pain. You enjoy being able to use your body and exercise to its potential.

- You can sleep over at another person’s house, hug, dance and cuddle without worrying about your binder.

- You speak in front of your family, friends and peers; your voice is deep and mellow, you feel confident. You are no longer afraid to speak, nowadays people can’t shut you up!

- Your family sends you birthday cards: “Son!” / “Brother!” / “Uncle!” / “Father!” - They accept you for who you are.

- You look down and touch your chest. You no longer find your body unnatural or misplaced. It is now what it was always meant to be.

- You use the men’s toilets and locker room. You no longer feel scared or paranoid, it’s just a toilet/locker room. It’s natural.

- You look at your birth certificate, ID and passport, it has “M” next to sex.

- The elderly neighbour asks, “How are you, son?”

- The shop keeper asks, “Would you like a bag with that, sir?”

- Your peers all refer to you as “He” and “Him

Keep holding on. Transition is a slow and painful process, but you will see these things happen to you. Maybe not now, but they will come, and that is why you need to stay strong and keep pushing forward. You deserve happiness and to love your body, and you will as long as you keep going. Soon, I promise.

When you love someone, when you really love someone, waiting is easy. I mean, of course you miss them and you want to talk to them and you want things to happen quickly, but this isn’t how it works. You can’t stop thinking about them, even in the busiest hours of the day. You wish for a miracle, or looking for signs and random quotes that they are the one. That this love is not on your mind. That it is real. That waiting is worthwhile. And you countdown the days to see them again, or you watch their social media profile hoping they will post something about you, even if you have decided to not “like” it, because you let them go. And I know that deep down, in your heart, you want as much as anything else in the world, for them to come back to you. You hope that you are their one and that by almost loosing you, they will realise how awesome you are and how much they want you in their life. That this time, they will make the effort to put you there. And, just like fairytales, they will fight to keep you and prove they totally deserve you. Otherwise, you know that you will have to let them go. And that time, forever. And I know that love sometimes means letting go, and being happy for them even if they don’t love you back, because this is what love does, but it’s gonna hurt. If something like that happens, it’s gonna hurt. And guess what; you can’t do anything to stop it. Because in the end, everything happens for a reason and things are the way they are supposed to be, so if they don’t come back, they are not meant for you. So you wonder what you should do. And how to stop thinking about it. Well odds are you can’t. If you love them that much, if it’s deep and real love, you can’t. You see them everywhere. You pray for them. You talk to them in your mind. You wonder what they are doing each moment of the day. And you wish for them to realise they love you as soon as possible. But it doesn’t work like this. Everything will happen when the time is right. When you’re both ready. When you are mature enough, to understand that only together you can be yourselves. And until then, you have to wait. You have to wait but if you love them, waiting is worthwhile. And easy. So, as long as you are waiting, try to do something else. Focus on yourself and be more you. Find new hobbies or make some changes or generally, do things you love. Take care of yourself. Find the most you possible and be ready. While you are waiting, that’s what you can do. Be ready for them. Not only physically, but emotionally. And when you have truly found yourself and radiate the most you possible, they will realise. They will come to find you. If they really love you. They will come back. And try to win your heart. But you should be patient. They have to realise your worth. So they have to be patient too. They have to prove you they want you back. They have to gain your trust day by day. And finally, they have to prove they deserve your heart and they will protect it. And you can accept them back to your life. Because, if after all this time they still love you, and they try to catch your attention and gain your trust, that means they deserve you. It means that your love is real. That you belong to each other. That you are meant to be together. But right now, you don’t know that. Truth is, you can never know. So you just hope and trust your instincts and believe in the feeling in your heart and wait. Just remember, that love comes to find you the moment you stop looking for it.
—  moonstone-girl


FIRST OFF, I love that everyone else looks up in shock when this giant bolt of lightning crashes down onto the palace, they all have this WHAT THE HOLY FUCKING SHIT!? and then there’s Loki.  Who looks up, sees the same thing they do, but knows that it’s Thor, he’s seen Thor use lightning without his hammer, he knows what’s coming.

And he fucking smirks.

I love that it’s Loki who is the one to know what’s about to happen (Thor is going to wreck all of Hela’s shit), that Loki is the one they cut to when it could have been Valkyrie as well, but instead it’s him.  The one who has watched Thor’s journey from when he was reckless and dangerous to massively powerful and good.

And he fucking smirks.

Loki has seen his brother take this step forward towards being even more powerful than their father, to possibly be more powerful than their sister one day. Loki, who has spent so much of his life seething with envy over Thor, resenting his strength and prominence.  Loki is the one they cut to and show him grinning because hell yes Thor is here and Hela cannot keep him down and the sheer power, the power that would have knocked down the Hulk, the power that will save so many lives this day, that will win Thor even more acclaim and attention, Loki has also taken steps forward to accept that this is who Thor is, that Thor has come this far.

He’s seen Thor grow up, mature, and even see Loki more clearly than Loki can maybe see himself.  He knows this is the way it was meant to be AND HE FUCKING SMIRKS.

Because also, holy shit, that’s so fucking hot and Thor: Ragnarok is keeping the grand tradition of Loki being really fucking turned on by Thor’s fighting skills. If he wasn’t hip deep in draugr himself, you know he’d have sat down on a mountainside to watch all over again.

wow i just realized something after looking at this post 

The animation in SU (which has declined significantly despite what some fans think) is EXTREMELY static and boring. Just look at how flat (literally) steven and amethyst are. there isn’t any balance or composition to the shot, it’s the most basic static pose that you’d find from any high schooler. 

Just look at the difference between these shots:

Granted, it’s not the exact some angle and the first is a wide shot but thats the best I’ve got

Notice how Garnet and Amethyst are in a basic pose, but the shot still holds visual interest because of the difference in height and general colour contrast. In the other screenshot all the characters are the same height, and steven and amethyst’s poses literally look like they were copy pasted and edited slightly. The only colour contrast is Peridot, who honestly doesnt even look like she’s in the same shot as the other two. 

This turned into a long ass post so more under the cut!

The recent seasons are also missing a lot of emotion, and I don’t mean storewise or general tones, but the characters themselves have become almost emotionless. Look at these screenshots pre-SE4:

Now compare it to some of the “emotional” scenes from S4

Which of the two conveys the most emotion? In SE4, it almost feels as if the crying is all the same. All the same doe-eyed, ghibli tears and there’s little to no movement outside of “one or both hands near face”. The show doesn’t take risks anymore with facial expression and body movement. The only time they actually go off model isn’t intentional like they did in the first few seasons. Scenes don’t hold weight anymore, and considering we haven’t had any real consequences for any character it makes sense that the audience wouldn’t feel any the emotions the scene is trying to convey. I still cry to this day at bubble buddies and on the run and so others, but not once in season 4 have I cried or felt any real emotional pull towards the show. 

TLDR; The animation in SU hasn’t only gone down in quality, but fails to convey the emotions that captured so many audiences back in older seasons. The crewniverse is staying in a very safe bubble animation wise, and thus the recent seasons feel static and boring.


2.4.2017 // 9oC ☁️

35/100 Days of Productivity

Studyspo aesthetic versus studyspo reality. 

The Internet is a careful manipulation of real life; it’s the omission of three dirty mugs, two pill boxes, a water bottle and a shit ton of paperwork and loose ends that I couldn’t even fit in the frame. That damn (fake) plant doesn’t even live on my desk. University isn’t all pretty notes and self-care and meticulous, neat bullet journals. There are tears, there’s frustration, and a lot of caffeine (and/or alcohol, if that’s more your thing). 

I find it ironic we live in the age of self-love, yet no matter how hard we try we can’t help but curate our Internet selves. We don’t advertise our losses like we do our success; we tell each other that our bodies are powerful and beautiful but we still grip our stomach rolls each night and let out a defeated sigh. We don’t show our downtime, lazing about aimlessly on a Sunday, because that does not fulfil the expectation to be ‘productive’. 

I love the Internet, the endless breadth of knowledge and opinion and experience it provides. But I can’t help but think that in large doses, it’s toxic. 

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I get why people are upset w/Lance's vlog. But what if he is just not meant to be THAT deep & really is there to be the funny, supportive guy. Bc thats what he is: a supporting character. I know fans want more but I just don't see them developing him deeper than he is. The majority of characters seem to already be developed & they have way too much plot to handle & questions to answer. Fans should also stop w/Lance being bi as canon bc he just isn't. Just love a character for who they are.

I mean, just myself personally though I really…don’t? The thing is, I think people just had very skewed expectations of what these blogs were supposed to be. And somehow, I think a lot of that goes back to Keith’s. I keep seeing people yell about how Keith got so much backstory in his while Allura and Lance didn’t, but you know what? That’s not what’s happening. Basically, the vlogs strike me as 1) recap and 2) getting to see more of these endearing characters that we love and hear their voice on some things in a one-on-one setting. Kind of like a glimpse into “a day in the life of” stories. So when people get mad because “Keith got more character development in this 2 minute clip then he did in 3 or 4 seasons!! Why didn’t anyone else get that!?”

I just…don’t understand that line of thought. Because the things is, Keith’s vlog isn’t new information. All of it is implied, and it’s right there laid bare in the narrative. If people didn’t realize what he was going through until he outright said it, then that’s on them. But animation is very much a medium of show not tell, all those elements to Keith’s story were already there. This isn’t news. So when people want others to get the “character development” Keith did in his vlog? It’s kinda bizarre to me, because that wasn’t what happened really. 

Keith’s vlog is really just him outright speaking about his personal issues. But you know what? He’s a character with lots of walls up, so of course it makes sense that he’d only say a lot of these things in a medium where it’s just him and he can safely vent. And I’ve said this before, but Lance clearly doesn’t have the same kind of baggage and tragic backstory that he does. He likes performing and talking about himself, so of course he’s going to respond differently from Keith, you know?

And what really bothers me is–I see people saying how Lance’s was completely shallow. But then, in the same breath, mention “they could’ve talked about his bond with Keith!!” And just–why? Why is Lance’s character development in relation to Keith somehow deeper or more genuine than what he has with Allura? Particularly when it was Allura who passed on the Red Lion to him, Allura who said he was worthy of being the Red Paladin. And it’s Lance in turn that Allura looks to for guidance, that she finds comfort in and starts to open up to. 

Lance quite literally went from being shallow and flirting with her at every opportunity to really becoming friends and turning into someone so supportive of Allura, it’s his belief in her that literally triggers Voltron’s newest power. They’ve come to genuinely care for one another and have a bond built on mutual trust and compassion, and when Lance runs to Allura to help her up in season 4? She doesn’t pull away like in season 1. They’re in a much different, much better place now, where they’re truly falling into sync with one another. And that is a drastic difference from day one. The guy has really grown and matured here. 

Lance’s vlog talked about how he developed as a character. Just not in the way people seemed to want. 

To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. - pt.2

[pt.1] [p.2]

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

The more I thought about him, the more I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. But at the same time, the more I thought about this whole situation, the more I feel as though I was overreacting. He was right, I’m only his girlfriend - we’re not tied down to one another and he can hang with whoever he wants to hang out with. But her. She’s always liked Jungkook even though we’ve been together for this long, she never gave up on him and he knows what feelings she has for him. Do you blame me for being insecure? For being scared of the fact that I might end up losing the man I see my future with because of her? But it’s all too late now, there’s no use in being scared, or insecure because it all happened. Everything he ever assured you of, that they’ll only ever remain as friends, that he won’t do anything to lead her on, that he won’t hurt you like that, all those things he said, they meant nothing because those are all the things he did. 

I hear a knock on my door and I dreaded who stood behind it, but to my pleasant surprise I guess it wasn’t Jungkook.

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