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 ML sweatpants crew part 2??

➭ ChLOehh, Rose, Juleka, and Tomato Child have been added to the party~ 

I also just wanna say a quick thank you for all the support and lovely comments! I usually don’t post with this art style so it really meant a lot to me ;,)

Part 1 (Adrien and Marinette)

can we talk about how Misha has the ability to give Jensen a partial boner without touching him? (+this!)

and how Jensen makes Misha laugh all the time on set (x)


and Misha does it effortlessly in return? (seriously he just needs to show up and Jensen’s a mess) (x)

and Jensen’s explosive laughter is basically an emotional orgasm?? SO MANY ENDORPHINS

and how they both do the weak-kneed spinning thing when they laugh? and they clearly picked that up from each other??

and Mish is sometimes not functioning at 100% but doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t wanna bring anyone down, but Jensen notices and DOES something about it??

and Misha will do the same for Jensen??

and how they’re both so IN TUNE with each other’s emotions??? because I feel like these things aren’t talked about enough


HUGS IN SEASON 1 - Arms are always below shoulder levels, or wrapped around them. Affectionate but normal friendship hugs.

STORM THE CASTLE - a lot happens, both Marco and Star NEED a hug, and it’s a super close one. Are they going to go back to usual hugs after this, when the tension of a dangerous situation is gone? Yeah no.

HUGS IN SEASON 2 - arms are always around the other’s neck, not around the shoulders anymore. Much closer and more intimate hugs.

A quick, obvious to most but super important (to us Starco trash) post that I meant to do months ago, but always forgot (thanks to @bookworm2the2ndpower​ ‘s reblog for reminding me)

Boy do I love the storyboarders who work on this show.

Hey guys, just checking in with a quick little post about some aspects of Korean etiquette~

Just as an additional comment, Koreans often if not always shake hands with one hand “under” the other. The reason being that long ago when 한복s (hanbok) were worn, the “pulling back” of the sleeve by putting one hand “under” the other was meant as a sign of respect and assurance that neither party was hiding anything (such as a weapon) under the sleeve. The partial exposure of the arm also denotes a degree of cleanliness and respect in terms of not hiding anything and not being shady out of respect for the receiving party.

Hope this helps!~

Fandom Friday

A lot of us are knee deep in reblogging and boosting info regarding Despicable Tromp and his minions, and although that is good, it can push our fandom interests to the side. It can also be draining. So in order to give ourselves a break and have some time to recharge, I’m declaring that every Friday is now reserved for fandom events to celebrate ourselves and our interests. 

First up is tomorrow, Jan. 27 and it’s Art Day. 

- Reblog your favourite art, commissions, etc.

- Post your own work.

- Take a couple of hours to do some quick 15 min. drawing prompts.

- Offer bad redraws of icons.

- Boost the art of followers and mutuals.

- whatever else you can come up with.*

No skill? No problem! This is just meant to be downtime for us, not a gallery show. Fearlessly post what you want, whether it’s a 20 hour painting or a 3-panel stick figure comic. 

If you’re in my fandom (Dragon Age), whether you follow me or not, feel free to tag me for a reblog. For other blogs in other fandoms who have lots of followers, I encourage you to do the same and offer up your blogs as a platform for smaller bloggers to share their work.

Every week I’ll make a post with a different theme, but please, if you’ve got some ideas for future Fridays, drop me a line!

Tag: #FandomFriday

*no reposting art of course.

hi, i’m here to interrupt your scrolling with a quick detail i noticed about episode 1

“You five paladins were brought here for a reason. The Voltron Lions are meant to be piloted by you, and you alone. We must fight, and keep fighting until we defeat Zarkon. It is our destiny”.

“Voltron is our only hope”.

“We’re with you, Princess”.

Everyone looks pretty determined to commit themselves to Voltron and fighting the Galra.

Oh wait

…Okay, maybe not everyone.

I feel like I need to say this

I’ve said this in the comments of the gifset Mark reblogged [here] in response to what @magiciandelphox said but it’s seemingly going unheard despite Mark reaching out on it too.

I went into the comments of the gifset and saw a lot of nastiness. I don’t want to see this. That post in particular was made for no other reason than to provide hope and meaningful words to those struggling with depression and it seems like the comments right now are completely disregarding that and aiming towards feeding that struggle.

Mark said it best when he said it was simply a conversation, this person made a point that Mark was quick to dispel with good reasoning, that’s all it was. There was no defence needed on his side because he handled it himself.

I don’t want to see nastiness anywhere, especially in a post that was meant to bring even the slight bit of solace for others. I will be going through and deleting the comments that I depict harsh or unnecessarily negative, primarily towards this person, because for the lack of a better phrase… I’m not standing for this.

I hate that this had to be said but, just be kind to others guys. I’m serious here. Even if you have disagreeing opinions, take a deep breath and move on. 

Don’t feed into it.

★ Yuri on Instagram, or, How this story lives in snapshots ★

This post wasn’t originally meant to happen; I wasn’t planning on writing for YOI, and it’s always a little hazardous to write extensively about shows that have yet to end anyway. But sometimes I get ideas that refuse to leave my head until I type them down, and I’ve spammed my twitter enough as is. So here’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now; namely, a quick post I call Yuri on Instagram, or, How this story lives in snapshots.

I’ll try to contextualize a little: it took me a while to warm up to YOI. I’m the type of viewer who likes slow build-ups, to really witness dynamics evolve, but much of YOI’s pacing seemed to work on fast-forward. It wasn’t that I disliked it, but the show didn’t initially engage me as more than a casual viewer. However, halfway through the show that started to change. At first it was hard to pinpoint the reason; I’d always liked the themes and atmosphere, but also understood why some people felt the execution didn’t deliver. So why was I suddenly being pulled in by the narrative that left me somewhat detached before?

Interestingly enough, when trying to explain my new-found fondness for YOI irl, what came out was this:

“The show makes me feel like I’m watching snapshots. There are all these glimpses at themes, elements, personalities, dynamics – almost as if it’s not about a single, in-depth story, but several stories in snapshots instead. And so I can fill in all the gaps, however I see fit.”

Filling-in-the-gaps is, of course, a method often used to draw in the fujoshi audience. Its success often depends on the creator’s ability to recognize when and how much subtext and/or ambiguity to use, in order for the viewers to run off and transform the original text. Of course, this might accidentally make the pacing come off as confusing: isn’t leaving all these gaps between the extravagant scenes only a sign of bad writing, if the actual development is only referential on screen? Well, sometimes it can definitely be. But what I’m proposing is that with YOI, employing this snapshot-like subtext is actually a rather deliberate narrative choice through which to tell the entire story.

The first thing most of us noticed when we started watching was YOI’s gratuitous use of internet and social media, mainly Instagram. Shorter scenes are expanded through the use of “behind the scenes” material shared by Phichit and co. This relies on the way we’re taught to interpret social media: we understand that there is more to the image than we see. Moreover, we love the snapshots because it leaves that room for our imagination – a glimpse at someone’s photo feed only ever alludes to the real story behind the picture, one that’s ours to construct in our head.

In this manner, you can take almost any episode, any scene and apply the same logic: there’s more story behind these characters and their dynamics, their dreams and aspirations, even the training that goes into their skating programs. What we see isn’t the full picture, surely, but is it even meant to be? Or is it meant to give you a glimpse into this world, like a snapshot scene, just enough to cultivate thought and feeling before moving onto the next?

In this regard, I found episode 10 even more proof of the idea that YOI is intended to be told in snapshot scenes. We literally go back a year in history playing out in the images of a photo roll, and the stories they share are more incredible in our heads than they ever would be on screen. How long did this danceoff take? Did Yuuri drink all those champagne flutes? Who first pointed out the stripper pole? This is the world fanfics are made of, the world of imagination that fujoshi love. This is the real subtext of Yuri on Ice, and evidently very successful in what it’s trying to do.

For a story that takes place in so many countries and the minds of so many people, it makes sense for the narrative method to employ this kind of subtext/ambiguity. For example, my ultimate favourite JJ comes off as either a legendary egomaniac or a friendless loser depending on the scene you catch him in. This leaves it up to the viewer to construct how these identities work together, much the same way we piece people’s identities together through social media every day. Another example is my other favourite, Yurio, whose true loneliness was always hinted at (through the scenes with his grandfather, or things like being hung up on Viktor’s promise); yet when Otabek asks Yurio to be his friend, the scene is effective depending on how long you really think he’s been waiting for someone to ask him that question.

Admittedly, at the beginning of YOI it was tricky to suspend my disbelief at the rapid-fire rate everything was taking place. By the time episode 10 rolled in, though, combined with everything I’ve since learnt about Kubo-sensei’s fondness for ambiguity, I realized I had actually been following a pretty consistent internal logic all along. The end of that episode confirmed this for me, because when the audience learns of the memories Viktor has that Yuuri doesn’t, everything you’ve constructed in your head rearranges. A single snapshot is all it takes, because the expectations we’ve cultivated over Viktor’s motivations were based on snapshots too. The more ambiguity over this, the more our expectations are taken by surprise.

Still, in order for that twist to work, you’ve had to fill in the gaps between these snapshots with some sort of meaning in the first place. In other words, the success of constructing narrative in such scenes calls for voluntary participation. This is ultimately also the reason why this kind of style does not work for everyone; if the script relies on the willingness to imagine how the rest of the story happens, not every viewer is going to want to do that. If the chosen themes, characters or dynamics fail to strike a chord, not every viewer finds something worth imagining at all.

Even so, I would claim this ambiguity remains Yuri on Ice’s biggest strength. Not only does it piece the multifaceted narrative together (for such a character-oriented show, a good chunk of an episode can be spent on the sports alone), but it also doesn’t dictate how the story should be consumed. The way the show is structured really encourages that active participation: just jump right in! Here you’ll find enough solid content to get your imagination going, and enough freedom to interpret it as you see fit! Sure, you can turn down that opportunity if it doesn’t seem suited for your needs as a viewer, but like an Instagram feed, at its best it can turn into a colourful, vibrant platform – to be inspired, to be entertained, to dream.

introducing a style of commission i have been wanting to do for a while now, but have been incredibly hesitant to do so because i am a ridiculously Shy, Anxious Baby; quick, hassle free, half-body Experimental Sketches for $20! these are meant to be completed all in one sitting, which means that there will be NO WIPs or refunds (once started). 

all i need from you are
-image references 
-must draws (moles, freckles, etc)
-brief character personality
-pose ideas (if you have any; not required)
-your paypal e-mail

i won’t draw anything hateful or nsfw (bare chests are fine, however).
i will draw fanart, fan characters, ocs, anthros

e-mail me @ drawsbyred (at) gmail (dot) com if interested :’)

(apologies for the awful graphic omg
EDIT: oh gosh i just realized it says “our” instead of “out” why do i embarrass myself like this !?)

hey loves!! ♥ i haven’t posted any printables in a while, but i had some lying around in my google docs, so here are four great printables that aim to improve different aspects of your life!!

  • daily reflection [ download it here! ]
    sometimes, we’re so busy with school or extracurriculars or part time jobs that we forget to take a step back and just reflect. this is a simple, quick sheet you can print out whenever you want to think about your day. it’s meant to make you think about the positive aspects of your day, as well as how you hope to improve yourself!

  • sweet dreams [ download it here! ]
    one of the problems with working so hard is that you don’t always remember to take that much-needed break. this is a simple sleep tracker you can use for three weeks to make sure you’re meeting your sleep goals. try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night!

  • priorities [ download it here!
    the famous time management quadrants: urgent and important, not urgent and important, urgent and not important, and finally not urgent and not important. this printable allows you to set your daily tasks in order of priority so that you are getting the right things done!

  • make or break [ download it here! ]
    everyone has habits that they want to curate or break. with this simple, 30-day challenge, you can set yourself up for success! mark down every day you complete the habit successfully, and every 5 days you can write an adjective about how you’re feeling. whether it’s “excited” because of your progress or “discouraged” because you seem to be lacking motivation, keeping track of how you feel during your journey is important!

anddd that is it for today!! i hope you like these printables and find them useful! please send me mail with critiques if you have any so that i can offer better printables in the future ♡ aLSO if you post a picture using one of my printables, tag #heyacdemic so that i can reblog it! :)

hannah’s printable terms of use ;; please do note that i make all of these by myself and each one does take a bit of time! i don’t watermark them: please do not claim them as your own or redistribute without permission. ♥ i make these to help you study, and they’re meant for personal use only!

alright, picture this;

you slave over a piece for hours, take time out of your day to draw something for others to enjoy. when it’s finally done, you post it online, waiting for the notes and eagerly awaiting feedback.

a day passes and you discover this piece you have worked so diligently on has been reposted to a bad art blog, to be ridiculed. suddenly, you don’t feel like drawing anymore.

picture this;

you decide to post a quick doodle of yours, figuring it was decent enough, and that others might enjoy it. you don’t think much of it.

a day passes and you discover this doodle you hadn’t meant to draw attention to on has been reposted to a bad art blog, to be ridiculed. suddenly, you don’t feel like drawing anymore.

picture this;

you are a child, an 11 year old girl just starting out with digital art, and you work for an hour on a drawing of your favorite character. you have fun making it and hope others will enjoy when you post it, deciding to draw more tomorrow.

a day passes and you discover this piece you had such fun making has been reposted to a bad art blog, to be ridiculed. suddenly, you don’t feel like drawing anymore.

notice how these all end similarly?

because reposting art hurts the artist, no matter the circumstance

okay but honestly “where’re you gonna live now?” “I’ll figure it out, dad” was such a concise and heart breaking way to portray everything that scene meant. it was just a quick jab in the gut and you immediately felt everything. you got it. all in those lines. that was the one piece of writing riverdale got right

Based on this text post, because @itsybittle​ wondered where the check please au was.

The thing of it was, Jack wasn’t looking to actually pair up with anyone.

He’d gone on the stupid site because after he’d accidentally iced up the living room again, his mother had mentioned “finding someone to handle this” and Jack had figured she was annoyed enough that he should do something about this. (It turns out she’d meant someone to handle the eventual flooding, not someone who could evaporate it all up using their own superpower.)

Still, Jack had signed up to find a heat-man before he clarified with her, someone to melt things he accidentally frozen, but of course he hadn’t seen anyone immediately and then he’d forgotten about it.

Because everyone knows that a power match-up is not just about finding complementary powers. There’s personality tests and temperament evaluations and, really, for someone like Jack, who has accepted that he doesn’t quite have the ability to be an actual superhero, finding a partner isn’t exactly a priority.

(He doesn’t deserve one anyway. He’d already had one and, okay, no they hadn’t been a perfect match - Kent was all uncontrollable lightening instead of pure fire; but usually they’d managed. Electricity included heat after all. Usually they managed to limp by. Until they couldn’t.)

So when he signs up for the site (, he doesn’t bother updating his profile aside from the basics (Jack Zimmermann//Ice Creation and Manipulation) and leaves it at that.

So he is surprised when he gets an e-mail.

YOU HAVE A MESSAGE! The subject line reads. POSSIBLE MATCH!

Jack almost closes it but… well, it couldn’t hurt to look.

And it’s confusing because ice powers are supposed to match with fire - everyone knows that - but the message he has is from a… shapeshifter?

He’s shirtless in his photo and his name is apparently “Shitty” and–

“BRAH!” the message reads. “YOU GOTTA JOIN US!”

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You Got Me Trippin (Fluffy Woozi/Jihoon Imagine)

Based off of this request:

Summary: Jihoon never imagined falling as hard and as fast as he did. Especially not for someone he’d never met. Especially for not a fan. He always wrote songs about love, because that’s what the label wanted, but when he saw your picture for the first time, he truly understood what they meant. Fluff. 

(AN: I did go a little off the prompt, but I was just using my creative liberties. ;))

Sometimes he really felt stupid like this. Times when he caught himself grinning at his phone like an idiot and he had to flash back to reality and remind himself that he was in the studio or in the dance room taking a quick break or in the middle of a late night writing session and had only meant to check his phone for a quick moment. 

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