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sleeping on FaceTime is amazing. I’ve gotten so used to the sound of her fan while she’s quiet and the sounds she makes when she moves in bed. I have grown so attached to these noises that I can no longer sleep well without them. and when I’m with her it’s just a million times better when I physically get to be in her arms all night long and I get to roll over and give her a kiss whenever I want to.

Drafts, drafts, drafts.

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So: I don’t understand what a draft is supposed to be. (It may be because I’m not a native english speaker?) People speak of first, second, third draft and so on, the first one not being brilliant… but I have trouble understanding how different it is from an outline, and how “finished” it should look like.

Of course, it varies from one writer to another, and I realise my problem may come from not outlining enough or being too perfectionist. While I never completed any projects (yet aha), I have written “a lot” for some, and the chapters always ended up “finished” (beside some very minor revisions). Thus I’m confused as to what others mean/do with their various drafts…?

(Especially re: “the shitty first draft” as I work on a chapter until it’s “done”?) (Maybe it’s worth noting I used to publish said projects on a blog, where people read it and gave feedback, so it was understood to be a “first draft” but had to be readable.)

On First Drafts:

The method you’re using is the same thing I believe a lot of fanwriters and other writers who publish their works serially use, where they compose a chapter, finish it, go through various edits, and then have that chapter finalized so they can bring it to the public immediately. 

This is not how professionally written books (usually) work. Most novelists write the entire manuscript without editing all that much. They may go back and reread the scene they were working on the day before, or fix a few small things, but they leave the bulk of their writing exactly as they put down until every single chapter is finished. 

This is because there are many flaws you can only see once the entire story is written down. Having a detailed outline helps a lot, but no matter how much you think through your story, once a professional editor (or often times just a normal reader) gets a hold of it, they’ll pick out things you didn’t realize were there. 

Since these flaws are broad picture flaws which often stretch through many chapters, they generally require chapters to be removed or rewritten. If the writer put in the effort to polish up each chapter as they went, then having to throw away all that hard work they spent polishing it up becomes very old, very fast. 

There isn’t necessarily a right way or a wrong way to approach it, but each way offers certain benefits…

The ‘polishing up each chapter as you go’ method takes more time in the long run, but it allows you to feel confident that the chapter on its own is solid enough to publish online. This method is helpful for anyone who is trying to post their work serially and wants to have something to give their fans on a regular basis.

The ‘writing everything down before editing’ method takes less time in the long run, but means your entire manuscript sounds awful for a few drafts. This method is helpful because your ability to edit well increases exponentially once you have the full written story in front of you. 

On Second, Third, Fourth, etc, Drafts:

No matter which method you follow, you will need future drafts after your manuscript is completed. The minimum number of drafts you’ll need is entirely dependent on the complexity of the story, the number of full novels you’ve written and had thoroughly edited in the past, and the skill level of your critique partners and editors.

The key to editing is to spend the first few drafts looking at the story as a whole. Make lists of your subplots, character development, themes, character goals, etc. Re-outline your story, if that helps you. Check for pacing issues, for plot holes, for useless characters, for anything that changed from your outline and needs to be introduced differently, and all other manner of things besides prose. 

Once you’ve fixed all those, have other people read it to check that they’re interpreting everything the way you want them to, that your pacing does indeed work, that all characters are being enjoyed by someone, that the foreshadowing works in your favor, that all emotional scenes are effective, that everything fits together in your reader’s head the way it’s fitting together in yours, etc. 

You do this until your readers are understanding your book the way you meant them too. It may take two drafts or it may take five or seven or ten, depending on the complexity of the things you need understood. 

tl;dr Your first draft is complete at the point where you’ve officially written your entire story out (ie, someone could read it from beginning to end and feel like it’s a book. Possibly an awful book, but still a book.) No matter how much you edit while writing the first draft, the completion of the first draft is still just the very beginning of the writing process. 

Disclaimer; I’m sure there are many ways of writing and editing which do not follow any sort of method mentioned here, but these are the ones I know and have used in the past, so they’re what I’m talking about. This is also not meant to be an exhaustive example of how to edit, but rather of the basic schedule I like to use while editing, because it seems to work the best out of everything I’ve tried so far.  

Hang over cure.

Author’s note: Hey! This has been in my draft for a while. It’s meant to be part 2 to a blurb I wrote but I can’t find where the link to it, nor do I remember the title. Oops. It had something to do with her playing beer pong and Shawn picks her up and she ends up petting a dog. Great rundown of the story, I know. — she’s drunk—.

Your eyes slowly open to a ray of sunshine peering through the curtains, the small ray being enough to hurt your eyes and remind you of your shenanigans of last night. “Oh God.” You mumble, pulling the comforter tighter around your body as you bury yourself into your pillow.

“Usually you say that while I’m in the bed.” You hear Shawn’s voice before a chuckle escapes his lips, his cheeky comment causing himself to giggle.

You feel him gingerly crawling into the bed, ruffling the crisp sheets, each dip his body manages to produce unsettles your stomach further.

You nestle into him, beginning to feel more comfortable as you leisurely drift off to sleep, abruptly being pulled from your sleeping state when you hear a phone going off, sounding as though it’s right at your ears.

“Turn it off, please.” You complain, your head pounding with every second the phone continues to blare through the room. You sigh in relief as Shawn silences your phone, once again being forced to move in the bed. “Shawn.” You whimper, not sure which feeling is worse, the headache or the unsettling swirl in your stomach, reminding you that you definitely drank too much last night.

He knows the minute that you prop yourself up on your elbows and bow your head down while closing your eyes that this isn’t going to be an easy hangover to cure. “Alright, come on, I’ll help you.” He gingerly gets off the bed, his hands benevolently gripping your shoulders as you manage to haul your body off the bed,
“I’m never drinking.” You mumble, leaning mostly on him as he drapes an arm around you, knowing that you’re far from steady on your legs after a night of drinking.

“Let’s save the ‘I’m never drinking speeches for later’ before you get sick everywhere.” He instructs, kindly, yet forcefully ushering you into the bathroom, being kind enough to help you lower yourself down to the cold tiles.

He sits down beside you and enables you to lean on him, your eyes wanting nothing but to rest at such an unfortunate feeling.

“What happened last night?” You softly challenge, vaguely remembering a game of beer pong and three vodka shots, or maybe it was four?

“You got drunk.” He responds, “and I had to come get you. So much for it was going to be a low-key night.” He mimics your voice, reminding you that at some point last night you did mention to Shawn that you would behave yourself.
“I remember a game of beer pong and three shots of vodka.” You mumble, removing yourself from his body as you take in a deep breath,

“You played more than one game, I think they hail you as the queen of beer pong.” He chuckles, now amused by your beer pong skills, his chuckle quickly fading as you begin to empty your stomach from the alcohol of last night.

You feel his hand rubbing your back soothingly, his other hand holding your hair before you lean back and whimper a little, regretting every drop of alcohol you tasted last night.
“Seriously, I’m never drinking.” You cross your arms over your stomach with a heavy sigh.

“Mhm,” he hums, knowing that there’s a good chance you’ll end up drinking again at some point in the near future.
“You know you put me through hell when you get drunk,” he makes sure to make it known that you can sometimes be a handful when you’ve had a little too much to drink, it isn’t your fault — actually it is — but Shawn isn’t always the easier to deal with while drunk either, okay, maybe he is. He’s a sweet, giggly, cute drunk, who just wants to dance around in the refrigerator light and express how much he loves you. Basically, he’s no different from when he’s sober.

“I don’t know what happened, but I’m sorry.” You mumble, the aftermath of drinking not settling well with you, “I remember nothing after a game of beer pong.

"Babe, you played like three.” He again reminds you, his hand drawing small circles on your back.  "I’m proud though, you kicked ass.“ He hums, your world spinning and feeling like you entered hell.

"Shawn, I feel like hell.” You whine, “please make it stop,” you whine as he continues to rub your back, a sigh escaping from his pink lips.

“I know, hon, I know.” He sighs, “there’s nothing I can do. Want me to make my hangover cure?” He offers as though he has some secret potion that’ll suddenly cure your hangover issues. You lift your head to glance at him, unsure of what he means. “If you promise not to get this shit-faced again, I will make you the ultimate cure.”

“You’re not a fairy godmother, Shawn.” You mutter, “but I’ll take anything that you give me if it means I won’t feel like hell.” You sigh, allowing him to help you back up to your feet.

He helps you to the bed, being sweet enough to pull the covers over you as you whine to yourself, mumbling a few mutters under your breath.

He leans down and kisses your forehead, “I’ll be right back.” He whispers as you get comfortable and loath in self-pity while cuddling with the covers of the bed.

After a while, Shawn makes his way into the room, being vigilant and making sure to be as quiet as possible. Your eyes flutter open and you give him a small smile, grateful for his presence and caring nature. He sits on the edge of the bed while you sit up, your back pressing against the backboard and the pillows.

“Your hangover cure,” he places a plate of toast on your lap before placing a warm cup in your hand.

“What’s in it?” You challenge as you always do when he hands you the hangover cure that seems to eternally hit the spot and cure the effects of a night of drinking too much.

He chuckles to himself with that glimmer in his eye and crooked grin, “you know I’ll never tell,” he leans over and kisses your warm cheek.


“That defeats the purpose of a secret, my dear.” He pushes a few stray pieces of hair behind your ear, “get some rest, you’ll feel better soon,” he presses with a soft voice.

“Will you lie with me?” You bat your eyes up at him, working your sleepy charm against him. He nods, without thinking twice, before moving to lie beside you.

You know, I’ve been thinking; how did Bakugou find out about the night vision goggles? I feel like many people assume that someone other than Kirishima told him, but I think there’s a couple gaps in the logic of that.

First off, all the other kids in the class looked genuinely shocked to hear that Kirishima, Iida, Todoroki, Midoriya, and Yaoyorozu actually went to rescue Bakugou, which leads me to believe that none of those five mentioned their venture to Kamino to the rest of them. This eliminates the possibility that someone like Kaminari could’ve let it slip to Bakugou that Kirishima had bought and lost those night goggles, because it’s hard to tell a secret you don’t know in the first place.

This leaves the potential culprits to Iida, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, or Midoriya. Of those four, I can’t see Yaoyorozu, Iida, or Todoroki contacting Bakugou at all in the time between his successful rescue and dorm move-in; at that point, none of them are close enough with Bakugou that they would have his phone number to call or make the effort to drop by to check up on him (well, Iida might under the pretense of being a concerned class president, but still seems farfetched to me since I think he’d try to lay low and avoid making his parents or anyone else suspicious about what he’d actually been up to the night of Kamino). In this case, Midoriya seems the most likely candidate - he knew about the goggles, their price, and it wouldn’t attract much suspicion if he dropped by to talk as he and Bakugou have known each other since they were young and Deku’s a caring boy. But as caring as he is, he and Bakugou aren’t friends, and they still have a lot of issues with each other to work through (which only start to get understood by either of them at the end of the next arc), so to be honest I can’t see him talking to Bakugou about it. Not to mention Bakugou would probably throw a fit about Midoriya looking down on him if he did come by to check on him.

Well then, how else could he have found out about them? Did the police or a hero find the goggles on the scene? Unlikely, as it seems like things got pretty destroyed in the AFO vs All Might battle, and if they /did/ find them, they probably wouldn’t consider them something to mention to Bakugou and his family. I propose this; what if no one explicitly told Bakugou about the goggles? What if the reason he knows about them is that he overheard one of the other four of the rescue squad ask Kirishima about them after they’re all safe? Maybe what happens is that Kirishima pats himself down looking for them, and Midoriya asks what he’s doing, and so he laments that he must have dropped the goggles at some point in the chaos but brushes it off, even when Midoriya goes “but didn’t they cost nearly ¥50,000?!”, saying that getting Bakugou to safety was more important; in the meantime, the two of them don’t notice that Bakugou’s listening to the conversation. So Bakugou files the information away for later, then scrounges up the money to pay Kirishima back while he’s on protective house arrest (through perfectly legal and honest means because Bakugou is a goody two-shoes that acts like a punk). And so we get that moment in chapter 98.

lol this was in the drafts since 1999
  • Mare: hey I don't think this is really working.... I'm breaking up w/ you
  • Mare: Oops sorry that was meant for someone else
  • Maven: oh ok
  • Maven: wait WHAT

I meant to mention this a week ago (oops, good job there niku) but I’m doing Nanowrimo this month. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a challenge to complete a 50,000 word ‘novel’ during the month of November- fanfiction counts for this too. So as a result both decoded and sinners like us won’t be updated til some time in December nor will I be posting anything new (probably anyway), my apologies! ;_;

some more thoughts on Lesbian Jack Zimmermann

(follow up to this post)

  • so by the time jack gets to samwell she’s like ‘you know what, I’m probably straight’
  • because like girls kiss girls all the time. and they compliment each other and they sit close together and they make out at parties because boys are watching and if they can do that and be straight jack can too
  • (obviously jack did more than that. there were no boys watching her and kent, and she’s pretty sure these girls don’t say I love you like kent did but whatever. it was a phase)
  • so jack’s straight and she gets set up with boys but it never seems to work out because they think she’s weird, or they’re more interested in her prettier teams mates, or she’s not interested, or she has hockey to focus on
  • and then bittle turns up
  • and bittle is gay
  • like obviously gay
  • (side note: I can’t decide if I like the idea of smol butch bitty or tiny femme princess bitty better but bitty is too focused on baking, and not failing classes, and getting over her fear of checking to bother worrying about where she falls on the butch/femme scale so it’s not a huge deal)
  • expect it’s not obvious to anyone else
  • ransom and holster are talking about which guys to set her up with for winter screw and jack’s just like ?????
  • anyways, jack really doesn’t like bittle to start off with (you didn’t like kent either jack, can you see where this is going?)
  • because bittle is everything she’s tried not to be
  • she’s this sports playing lesbian and jack is like wow, hello internalised homophobia
  • which is a surprising thought, because of the whole thinking she was straight thing
  • so she pulls her head out of her arse and decides she totally doesn’t have a problem with the fact that bittle’s gay
  • no sir
  • she’s just doesn’t like it when she talks about the cute barista at annie’s, or grinds up against girls at parties, or blushes when ransoms tells her how swawesome her booty is getting
  • just the thought of lesbian jack zimmermann not knowing how to deal with cute girls gives me life

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5. Things you didn't say at all + HOBRIEN

5. Things you didn’t say at all

A/N: I’m sorry. Also this was a thing I’ve had in my drafts this week and it fit. Not quite where I intended it to go originally, oops?

All their flirting was always harmless, for the camera, from a script, pre-planned and discussed beforehand. It was all with consent and the knowledge that none of it meant anything more than a show, and that it wouldn’t change their friendship. Tyler made a point to check with Dylan that none of it would make things weird between them, especially since they were bound to be asked about their little display in interviews and on social media. He has a very clear memory of Dylan shaking his head fervently and reassuring Tyler that he’s aware that it’s all just an act, and that they know what they are to each other.

Only, things don’t always go like they’re planned, do they? They’ve gone into it with lines clearly set, with expectations and rehearsed lines, and yet…

Maybe it’s because the on camera flirting was so close to how Dylan was around him when they lived together. Maybe it’s because Dylan did things like leaning into Tyler a little too often. Maybe it’s because the casual touches didn’t stop when the cameras were off for that one segment. Maybe Tyler read into the improvised touches and comments that Dylan surprised him with.

He didn’t notice how much Dylan was around him until he left the show. Until then, even when they didn’t film together, Dylan was always close – in the make-up trailer, hanging around on set when Tyler was filming, asking to rehearse lines for scenes that had nothing to do with Tyler – and it hit Tyler like a cold shower when the rest of them went back to set and he didn’t.

The thing is, he knows now that it wasn’t all just pretend for him. He can’t figure out when it changed, but at some point – very early on, if he’s honest with himself – he started seeing Dylan differently. He still does, and it’s getting harder to not let it show when they talk. They still do, of course, have been since Tyler wrapped for the last time – Dylan was one of the few people who knew he wasn’t coming back, even before Tyler made the final decision – but the phone calls are becoming less frequent already.

He still knows what Dylan is doing, where he is, how filming is going, but it’s more and more from the media and the others – Colton and Ian might be off set, but they’re always eager to let Tyler know, unaware that things are changing – than it is from Dylan himself. Tyler gets it, his own career is nowhere near the speed that Dylan’s, and he’s not surprised.

It stings, knowing that there are things he won’t get to say, words he thinks of when he is talking to Dylan, confessions he keeps to himself. Soon, Tyler admits to himself, there won’t be phone calls anymore, there won’t be texts or emails, and he’ll just be “that guy I used to work with back at the beginning” in Dylan’s interviews. All he needs to do is convince himself that it’s okay, that some things didn’t need to be said, and that “could have been” is not something he should dwell on. So he talks about Dylan at conventions, mentions memories everyone has heard a million times before, and keeps the things he didn’t say – to anyone, and especially not to the person he wanted to say them to – locked away along with his regret.