this was me venting

It makes me sad when I come across a post about how s4 was just bad and not actually something fake or horrible on purpose because I still want to believe so badly that it will get fixed, but it’s hard, and it doesn’t take all that much to make me start thinking otherwise, but then I have this heavy weight in my chest, and I hate that feeling, and I just want to keep having hope.  Also, I want to not have so much emotion invested in a fucking tv show ffs.

mum: any questions?
me: yeah uh
me: cries loudly

I’m fine, alright, it’s just been rough. “

Originally a vent sketch featuring my favorite out of the Sanders Sides personas that became something more.

Since Part 2 came out while I was working on this one, may draw another for it soon. Either way, hope you enjoy!

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“the void is so kind … we are all just yelling at her n she just sits n listens …” ~bepeu

I like to think that no matter what, the Void is a kind and gentle soul who only wants to help those who come to her. She listens to everything you have to say, and knows that sometimes… that’s just all you need. ~me

Meet Void, the ever-lasting mother. She wants nothing but happiness for you, even if it means you have to yell and scream to feel better.