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Giovanni, Archie, Maxie, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Colress, Lysandre, Guzma, Lusamine, Lillie and Gladion are unavailable for asks until the 23rd of December!

N, Silver, Summer, as well as Greevil, Evice, Blake Hall, Kincaid, Gordor, the Societea, and Purple Eyes all are open. Also the Go-Rock Quads, Red Eyes, Blue Eyes, Miror B and Darkrai from PMD are also here. Sometimes.

Other characters can now also be contacted via Silver’s webcam! They cannot be told the Bosses’ location, but other than that, anything goes.

⭐ Yoonmin Vampire AU - Moodboard⭐ (29/?)

Based on Give it to me Slow (Then Wash Away) by Sharleena

Jimin has worked in the Blood Brothel for a long time, he’s had his fair share of clients, knows how to do his job and what to expect from his customers.
That’s why it is to him a shock when he gets a boner from being bitten by one of their new clients, Yoongi.

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Jikook VminMinjoonYoonmin Jinmin Jihope BTS

kaladin, kinda awed and very confused: “how does she manage to smile after everything she’s been through…?”

shallan, stuffing yet another Emotion™ into its bottle and throwing it into the cellar to ferment like a fine wine: :D


Here, have some more Raindrop Prelude related drawings….
Plus a bonus doodle of the precious boy playing the piano
(And the text in French is a rain related poem written by Verlaine fiy ! The two first verses literally say “It cries in my heart Like it rains on the town”

here’s  a  super  secret  starter  call  for  lil  things,  two  to  three  sentences,  pre-established  stuff  xoxo

So my family and I went to a restaurant and we were the only guests (chill) and they had three !! Dogs!! One was a tiny bulldog with a LOT of energy another one was a deaf grey and calm dog that came up till my knees and the third was a huge black dog that reached my fucking elbows and didn’t seem to realize that I’m that small bc he literally leaned against me while I pat him they were all sweet and all wanted love and attention and I want them to be mine


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Allistic people: Why do people always think the smart characters have autism, that’s such a stereotype :/

Perhaps because smart characters are often written as “weird”, “out there” and “not like everyone else”, but in a positive light and not for laughs.

And I’ve never had a character’s IQ on my list of reasons why I think they’re autistic. Autistic people can literally have any IQ.

favrielle  asked:

I currently have A LOT OF FEELINGS about your head/heart/hands-edit for Micro/Karen/Frank and thought now would be the perfect time to remind you of how spot-on that has proven to be. <3

ALKHDSFLAK I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! I’m flailing over that now omg. The show delivered so much and more on our Micro hopes/expectations; now when are Micro and Karen going to meet!!! Honestly, my #1 reason for wanting Karen in S2, lol

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hoe do you make gifs? im new to your blog so im sorry if you already answered this question!

hi! don’t worry, it’s fine! i rarely even get questions like this but i don’t mind answering again ^^ i use photoshop cc (and sometimes ps cs6!) and i use km player to make screencaps. i’m not sure if you wanted a tutorial..? but there are some great ones on @itsphotoshop and @yeahps if you’d like to take a look and see which ones you prefer. and this is pretty much just how i make my gifs!