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BTS reaction to their GF annoys them for attention

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction when their s/o is bored so she’s trying to annoy them in order to get scolded, thank u :)))

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

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*just ignore the caption >< *

Jin was focused on the dish he was experimenting with for hours. You were becoming annoyed, he had promised to watch a movie with you but he was too caught up. You finally decided to get up and go to him.

“Jin?” His focus never shifted from the vegetables he was chopping, You rolled your eyes.

“Oppa” you whined but you still didn’t get any reaction from him.

You noticed he had some chicken on the counter and a light bulb went off in your head. So you begun to eat the pieces of chicken, his attention shifted to you.  

“Stop eating all the chicken” but you just continued .

“Stop eating the chicken already, I’ve been trying to do something nice for us” you felt bad for doing that.

You stopped immediately and wrapped your arms around his waist .

“I’m sorry, is there any way I can help?”

“Well you can start by cooking some more chicken” .

Suga :

Yoongi had been up in bedroom since this morning. You had just finished cooking dinner and didn’t want to eat alone.

You went up to the bedroom, knocked on the door but there was no answer. You opened the door, Yoongi laid motionless on the bed .

“Yoongi?” He responded with a grumble .

Sometimes you truly hated it when he stayed in bed for this long. You sat on top of him, his eyes shot open. He glared at you .

“Can’t you let me rest, I haven’t been sleeping well because of the door. Get off of me now Y/N” his words struck your heart, you got up and went back to the kitchen .

You sat at the table picking at your food, Yoongi’s hand fell onto your shoulders .

“I’m sorry, you know I hate not getting sleep” you looked up at him .

“It’s alright I should have been more considerate. I made food” he kissed you on your forehead .

“Thank you jagiya” .

J-Hope :

Boredom was the word to describe what you were feeling. Hoseok had been practicing the same dance over and over again. You were stuck at the dance studio since you and him were supposed to go out.

You played with the keys of the laptop, Hoseok was midway through the song. You stopped the song, it got you a sigh from him. You started it again and he continued, a minute passed before you stopped it again .

“Stop that Y/N I’m trying to practice and you’re being really annoying” you rolled your eyes and started the song once again, you left the room in frustration .

“Y/N!, where are you going?” .

“Home” you didn’t stop walking ,Hoseok ran up to you and grabbed your hand .

“You promised we’d go somewhere ” he sighed .

“I’m so sorry jagiya. How about I take you out to eat?” you smiled .

“You’re paying” you sped away from him with a laugh .

Namjoon :

You were laying on the couch eating chips and watching TV. Ever since Namjoon got home he’d been in his studio, leaving you alone.

Your annoyance was through the roof, hadn’t seen him in weeks and as soon as you did he hid himself away. So you were hurt and most of all bored .

You went up to his studio, he was sitting in front of the computer, his eyes glued to the screen.

You spun around his chair, so he looked up at you with a frown .

“I’m busy Y/N, I don’t have time right now I need you to leave” you were caught off .

You left the room rolling your eyes, Namjoon wrapped his arm around your waist before you could go outside.

“I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to be so mean and I’m sorry for not giving you any attention” he kissed you cheek .

“Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” You smirked .

“Well I’ve really been craving pizza” he chuckled .  

“Alright pizza it is, my treat” .

Jimin :

Four hours, Jimin had been dancing for four hours straight. How he did that amazed you.  

However seeing him do the same dance over and over again had become aggregating.

You finally grew weary of this, your eyes scanned the room. You begun to whine his name repeatedly, he groaned when he couldn’t take it anymore .

“Behave yourself Y/N I need to get this right” you released groan of your own .

“You got it right the first time, stop stressing” he chuckled .

“Why don’t you come help me ” he held his hand out for you which you took happily .

V :

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Taehyung had been playing video games for the whole day, leaving you on your own.  

You rolled your eyes at him as he shouted. You walked over to the computer and unplugged

“Why did you do that, I was almost done” you folded you arms and walked away .

“Whatever Taehyung” your ears caught the sound of your favourite video game .

“Oh jagiya. I’m pretty sure I’ll beat you again” he waved a controller .

“You’re on” you grabbed the controller and sat next to him .

Jungkook :

Jungkook begun to sing again, you passed your hands roughly through your hair .

You sunk into the couch, the constant changing in the pitch of his voice was horribly annoying now. At first it sounded wonderful but now you just wanted peace and quiet .

“Jungkook shut up already!” His voice stopped ,he appeared next to you

“Y/N are you serious?, can you not bother me” .

“Your voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard right now” .

“And you sound better” you gave him an uninterested look, he dropped himself next to you and smirked .

“How about we sing together?” He rested his head on your shoulder ,you turned up the volume on the TV .

“How about we watch TV” you placed the bowel of popcorn you were eating on his lap .

“Well I did need a break” he stuffed his mouth with popcorn .

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“i like him” || newt scamander

Originally posted by zuzalou

word count: 2361

summary: slytherin!reader x newt scamander

author’s note: okay, so i deleted “cliché” because i didn’t really like how it turned out. so i deleted it, and rewrote it.. and now it’s this! so if you like it, tell me :) . enjoy! (sorry for any grammatical errors)

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We Don’t Talk Anymore

Request: can i request an scenario/serie idk, about “we donnt talk anymore” , could it be with Jungkook x Taehyung and reader? pls any of them is her boyfriend and the other one her friend— you know dkasmdklsm idk just do it as you want it to be

A/N: Sorry I kind of changed it a bit by taking out the friend part because every time I tried to put that in it just made it awkward and weird. I’m bad at writing some things so yeah sorry X(

Originally posted by sugutie

Tapping the edge of his phone against the corner of the small bar, he zoned out of the conversation he was supposed to be listening to with his friend. The unhappy look he wore was obvious as he rested his chin on his hand in boredom. He didn’t mean to be rude. That’s just how he was ever since the two of you broke up. It was a shock he hadn’t gone home yet.

The night was still young but he was already done with it. Checking the time again, he wished it was a night that he didn’t think of you finally. At some point he just watched people pass the small restaurant. Every time a couple passed he couldn’t help but tap his phone a little faster.

“Oh. Did you hear about (Y/N)?” his friend spoke, finally grasping the lost attention on Jungkook.

“Hm?” he hummed, his eyebrows arching in interest at the sound of your name. “Nope,” he shook his head.

“She’s already dating some other guy,” his friend shook his head. “At least that’s what I hear.”

The news gave Jungkook an uncomfortable feeling in his chest. It was hard to breath but he was good at hiding it on the outside. After a month of practice, mastering it wasn’t hard.

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He misses you. 

Harry’s eyes were a little bit off that day. The have been off for a whole month now. Like if he wasn’t feeling good, but he was good pretending. 

At the moment he was with his friends at a pub near the hotel they had managed to get out without being noticed. The music was loud and the girl next to him was trying to make him dance, but he just wanted her to leave, it was other girl the one he wanted next to him. 

His girl. 

Touring was one of his favorite things in life. The adrenaline, the people, singing, being with his mates. But right now he couldn’t get his love out of his head. Was she ok? Was she sleeping and eating well? Was she feeling ok? He was a completely wreck at the moment. He needed her like air. He missed her. 

He stood up out of nowhere and headed to the washroom, dialing her number. It was eight in the morning where she was. She was always up at seven, no matter what, always a morning person. The weird thing? She wasn’t answering. 

Boredom was eating him alive, only she could bring happiness to his life. Accidentally he turned on the internet on his phone and his notifications became crazy-as always. He was about to shout it all out when a tweet caught his attention. 

“We’re sorry for your lost Harry.” 

And other one “#BESTRONGHARRY” and another one “DIRECTIONERSHEREFORHARRY” Fans would make everything worldwide trends, but that made him feel uneasy. He logged in and saw “RIPY/N” as the main trend and he felt his knees so weak that he almost fell of. He closed his eyes for a brief second as he tried to breath, and control his beating heart. There was not enough air in there for him. Fans could be confused. They can be wrong. Media can be wrong. 

He went to the roof for air and checked twitter again. There were pictures of her car involved in an accident, that was linked to CNN news. Reportedly, there were no survivors. That was definitely her car. He had personally bought her that car for her last birthday.    

He felt down to his knees, the air becoming too heavy to breath. Apparently the brakes of the car had broken down leaving her no change to react of do anything as a huge car approached her and hit her directly to her front. He imagined the whole scene. He could physically feel the pain. It was all too much to bear. 

He screamed. 

He screamed as loud as his vocal cords let him. The pain he felt couldn’t be described. He tried to call her again with trembling hands and blurry vision hopping that it was just a bad dreams but there was still no answer. Only the voicemail that allowed him to hear her sweet voice. He tried to call her mom but there was no answer either. Nor her best friend. He was fully sobbing and whimpering as it all hit him hard. 

He had lost his family.
The love of his life and his baby. 

He could have done something, but he didn’t. He was miles away, he left her behind, he always left her behind. He felt as it all was his fault. He was going to figure out the gender of the baby in two weeks and now he had lost it all.

 Emptiness, emptiness is all he felt. Another loud scream left his mouth as he pulled his hair. His phone began to ring but he couldn’t hear it. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. Probably now people start to notice what’s going on and try to confort him, however he didn’t want them to.
That would only mean he had to accept the tragic truth. 

He was going to make it public, his secret marriage and his baby once he found out the gender. 

He had bought her a house near the beach as she had always wanted.
That one was his last tour and only had three months left until he could be with her every single day. 

All the plans.
All the things left to do.
The things he wanted to teach his child.
The first cry, the first day in school. All of that. He wanted it with her. 

He took the phone that couldn’t stop ringing and threw it to the other side, it breaking immediately. Standing up and running so he could be alone. Paps where on the entrance of the hotel room with flashes and their questions but he pushed them away, still running to his hotel room. 

Instead of taking the lift he ran all the twenty floors up. He wanted to feel something. Even if it was just tiredness since he was all left into tiny pieces all over the place. The door was fully opened before he could insert the key. 

There she was with her so radiant smile, her baby bump and her arms wide open so she could embrace him, completely unaware of his pain until she saw his face.
Puffy eyes, red nose, bloody hands like if he had punched something along the way, his skin so pale that it seemed like he would faint any moment.
She became very worried about his condition.
“Harry, love.” He stood there, not moving a single muscle.
How was that possible? She… she was.. She reached for his arm but he took a step back, and another and another one until he was sliding down the wall behind him. He had definitely lost his mind. Sobs leaving his mouth again. The picture itself was completely heartbreaking. She kneed next to him with some difficulty due to her baby bump but once she was down to his level she hugged him and traced draws on his back as she always would when he was having a hard time.
 She felt her own tears, her heart breaking a little. Her true love was so broken due to something she could not quite get, but it had affected him.
“Shhh… Shhh, baby it is ok. Let it all out.” He shook his head abruptly, not believing his mind. “But you… you… the car accident… I… I lost you.” He closed his eyes at the thought of it. “I am here, I am right next to you.”She only hugged him more, as tight as her bump let her to. But he still thought it was all an illusion.

All if that was too much for a single day, the 15 hour flight, all the things she had to do to get to the hotel room without being noticed, her back has starting to hurt, and now Harry, the one that never cried, crying his eyes out in front of her. 

All of that vanished as soon as she felt slow movements inside of her that startled her. The baby was moving for the first time, at the sound of his voice, at the presence of love. She rapidly took his hand and placed it where the baby was moving. His eyes opened instantly, every cry stopping at the feeling of this baby moving under his hand. His little creation with the love of his life, moving, alive.
“I’m alive harry. We are alive, whatever made you think the opposite, it’s false. We are here and we love you.” Tears of joy streaming down the faces of the soon-to-be parents.
“Oh my… thanks god. Kitten!” He let out a breath he didn’t know he was taking. She was right next to him, breathing, talking to him, with their baby kicking.
“I love you. I love you. I love you. You guys are the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Marry me please, love.” She let out a loud laugh. “We are already married, Harry.”
“I would still ask you a hundred times. I love you.”
“I love you too, Hazz.“

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Ah this is so late I’m sorry ><

Yoongi- college student with an eye for everything pretty and a craving for everything sweet Jungkook- confused kid nearly done with his gap year, spending his free time working at his parents’ shop What happens when their lives intertwine & Yoongi gets hooked on the sweets made by the even sweeter baker? 5/?

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Desire // 2

Jungkook | BTS | M | 4,708

Part 1 | Part 2

I just want to apologise for this absolute mess - my life has been very busy right now and I haven’t had a chance to write in a while. I began writing this just after the first part was posted (which was a long time ago) and just rushed to finish it in the last few hours because I realised just how long it had been since I posted it. There are probably a lot of mistakes in this and it probably doesn’t make sense, but here it is and I hope you like it!

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Request: “Hey! ❤Can I please request a Drabble where the reader and her boyfriend (JHope) go and play a game of laser tag along with other kids. The reader ends up being the captain of one team and JHope is the captain of the other. The game turns really competitive really fast. (You can decide who wins) Fluffy ending please~ Hopefully that made sense! ❤Thank you so much!” -Anon


idk if you would count it as a fluffy ending but its domestic af

Originally posted by syubto

Out of sheer boredom, Hoseok suggested trying out the new laser tag place opening up down the road from your apartment. Neither of you had anything better to do, so of course, you agreed. Only you didn’t know the mess that it would get the two of you in.

You turned up and greeted the man behind the counter with a smile. The man behind the counter was a long friend of both you and Hobi, so he agreed to let you participate in the next match; which happened to be a group of younger children. Agreeing that they were about that of your mental age -put together- you quickly ran to the briefing room hand in hand while Yoongi followed to give the health and safety talk.

“These two will be joining if you don’t mind.” He stated as the three of you entered the room full of children ranging from the ages of 9-14.

They all gave you looks of amusement but backed away from making any comments when your boyfriend started yelling about the gun Yoongi was holding. “Babe! Look at the gun! It has lights! OOH! It glows in the dark! Babe, look, look, look!” He took your upper arm in his hand and started shaking you violently.

“Yes, thanks for that analogy, Hoseok.” Yoongi shook his head, silencing Hoseok but sending the rest of the room into laughter before giving his own talk.

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Not A Date

Originally posted by rebelkyngblake

This is my first Lyatt fanfic and it is based on the prompt: Lucy goes out with a man and Wyatt thinks she’s going out on a date and Rufus doesn’t correct him just to see it all burn.

Thanks to @rebelkyngblake for making the awesome gif and thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing!

Hope you enjoy. You can also read on AO3.

“Lucy it’s time.” Her cousin Molly looked at her pointedly.

“Time for what?

“Time for you to date. I know you ended your engagement recently but let’s be honest, that was over for months. You need to put yourself back out there. You are never going to find a man if you don’t try.”

“Wow! Have you been saving that up? I’m good Molly. You don’t need to worry. Besides, what makes you think I haven’t found someone already?”

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I Thought I Was The Alpha?

Request by a sweet Anon.  “ Owen’s shock when he realizes that the raptors absolutely adore you, even though you’re a vet?”

 Hope you like it love. Sorry it is so late.

Summary: When one of the raptors gets an injury while playing with the others, Owen calls up Jurassic World’s vet. You. But to his surprise the raptors seem to take a liking to you.


You were sitting in your office, overlooking the papers at your desk when your phone rang. “Hello?” You tried to sound positive but the boredom and agitation was obvious in your voice. It had been a slow day. “Bad day?” A man’s voice made it’s way into your ear through the receiver. “Slow.” You let out a sigh as you tapped your pen on the desk. “Well, lucky you. I’m the trainer down at the Raptor pen and one of the girls hurt herself while playing with the others. She was limping, but now she is laying down. She sounds like she is in pain.” His tone of voice became more worried at the end of his sentence. You had heard of him before. Owen Grady, the Raptor trainer. “Be there in 10 minutes. Is there anyway you can get her alone?” You hoped he would say yes. You weren’t to keen on going inside a cage with three fully healthy Raptors. To your relief Owen answered. “Yes. We will have her separated from the group when you get here. See you in 10.” You heard the line go dead and you couldn’t keep the smile from spreading on your face. You weren’t happy that an animal was hurt, no, but you had been bored out of your mind. Finally, some action. Grabbing your keys and your kit, your rushed out of your office to your car. Within the 10 minutes you had promised the man, you arrived at the pen hearing the spine tingling screech of the Raptors as you got closer. You saw a man you presumed to be Owen coming to greet you. “You the vet?” He eyed you up and down and pointed lazily at you. You nodded as you took your final steps up to him. Holding out your free hand for him to shake you introduced yourself. ”(y/n)” “Owen” He nodded as he said his name, giving you a firm handshake. “So you said she hurt herself playing with the others?” Your question seemed to snap him back to the situation as he quickly turned around, motioning for you to follow as started for the pen. “Yeah. She was just limping around, but now she is just laying down.” You nodded as you neared the cage, seeing the Raptors in a sorta muzzle-type contraption that was keeping them in place. “I’ve heard they have names. Which one is which?” You questioned him as you approached them. You kept your distance, however, still a bit uneasy with these creatures. “Ah yeah. That’s Echo, Delta, and Blue. Charlie is the injured one in the pen.” He pointed at each one as the names fell out of his mouth. But he didn’t miss the way the squad’s eyes followed you. Curiosity was evident in each of their orbs. You smiled at them walking a bit closer. “You can touch them. If you want.” Owen spoke from behind you and your smile grew. You lifted your hand, hovering over Blue’s snout not sure if you should pet it like this. You could feel it’s hot breath on your palm as she exhaled. Blue began to sniff at your hand as it inched closer barely brushing his skin. You finally place your hand on his nose. A strange sound began to emanate from the Raptor in front of you and if you weren’t mistaken, it sounded like a purr. You turned your head slightly to see Owen as you talked. “Is that normal? What does that noise mean?”. “It means that he’s happy. And…. that he likes you. But they only do it for…” He trailed off at the end of his sentence tilting his head slightly as he seemed to contemplate something. Both of you were interrupted by a pained cry coming from inside the Raptor pen. You frowned, not liking the sound of that. Owen’s face seemed to soften as he turned towards the cage. “Let’s go check that out.” You said, giving Owen a sympathetic smile. He nodded and started for the entrance. A man was standing in front of a control panel with his hand hovering over a button that you presumed opened the gate. Owen gave the man a nod, and his hand slammed down onto the knob. The metal gate began to rise, much like your anxiety, as you were getting closer and closer to the unbound Raptor. Your eyes scanned the paddock, taking in everything you could see. In the very front, there is an empty patch of dirt stretching out to merge with a small forest full of various species of trees, some extinct, some not. And laying on the outskirts of the trees, was Charlie. Owen took the lead as the two of you made your way into the pen, to make sure Charlie wasn’t going to jump up and attack. You followed close behind as you continued to marvel at the paddock. Approaching Charlie,  Owen knelt down and hovered his hand over the Raptor. Charlie let out another pained whine as he lifted his head looking at Owen. Your lips turned down into a frown as you over looked Charlie. Opening your kit, you began your examination of the Raptor. After about 10 minutes, you determined that it was only an inflamed tendon in his ankle which would make it painful to move or apply pressure to the foot. You were glad that it was only a simple fix. You turned to Owen to tell him what was wrong with Charlie and how to fix it when you were interrupted by a panicked voice. “They’re out! The Raptors got out!” You froze, paling as your blood ran cold. Owen stood, grabbing your hand as he pulled you to your feet. He was about to take off but was stopped by a shrill cry, as Delta, Echo, and Blue prevented the two of you from moving. They stood in a semi-circle, Blue in the middle with Delta on her right and Echo on her left. They slowly advanced making calls and snapping their mouths as Delta and Echo spread out, efficiently trapping you and Owen. Owen put an arm in front of you and began to, or tried to, push you behind him protectively. But the Raptors weren’t having it , because the second Owen started to push you, Blue screamed, snapping his jaw at Owen as Delta and Echo did the same. Owen began to try and coax them to stop advancing, but it wasn’t working. The three Raptors continued to move closer and to your horror, they were going for you. Blue was a foot from Owen, sizing him up as your body froze completely when you felt moist, hot air blow on you arm. You turned your head and had to fight back a scream, as you saw Delta inches from you. Owen turned to look at Delta hoping that his role as Alpha would be enough to make her stand down. She didn’t seem to care about Owen because she began to nudge you with her snout, pushing you from Owen. Owen would have tried to stop her, but Echo and Blue were keeping him in his spot. You weren’t sure what to do. But deciding that doing what the Raptor wanted was smarter, you obliged. Stepping away from Owen, you walked in the direction of where you were being pushed. You were moved about 5 feet from Owen when Echo began to move towards you. Blue stood her ground in front of Owen for a second until she moved towards you, but not after giving Owen one last bark and following him with her eyes. Now you were flanked with raptors as they examined you with their eyes. Blue moved forward, her snout blowing hot puffs of air in your face as she rubbed her nose on your cheek. You were more than confused and it seemed like Owen was too because he tilted his head as a perplexed expression grew on his face. Blue moved her nose away from your face, lowering it to your hand. She nudged your hand, placing her snout under your palm and lifted her head. You looked at Owen with a questioning glance, but your attention was drawn back to Blue as she began to make a strange noise. A strange but familiar noise. A purr. You began to stroke her skin, hesitantly at first, but became more confident as none of the Raptors made any threatening moves. Echo nudged at your arm, and you began to pet her as well. Delta noticing that you had no other hand to pet her nudged your face and then rested her head on your shoulder. You looked at Owen mouthing a what to him as you wondered if this was normal. He shook his head, mouthing an I don’t know to you before again, trying to coax the Raptors to leave you alone. You looked down at them shifting your weight, which caused Delta to look at you. Then a thought made it’s way into your mind. You cleared your throat, composing yourself as you spoke up. “Blue?” Your voice was confident and authoritative, as she picked her head up and looked at you with curious eyes. “Back.” was all you had to say as she stepped away. “Echo, Delta, you too.” They listened instantly, backing away. You smiled, looking at Owen as he just stared at you shocked. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, as you started to walk towards Owen. The Raptors back away, minding your space as you finally reached Owen. The both of you backed away slowly, keeping eye contact with the Raptors as you neared the gate. The moment you and Owen were behind the gate, it slammed shut. Owen looked between you and the squad many times with an astonished look. “They listened to you and not me?” His voice was full of disbelief as he racked his brain for an explanation for what happened. You shrugged, handing him the papers you had filled out about Charlie before the incident. “I guess they just like me.” You smiled at him as your felt a buzzing in your pocket. You grabbed your phone out your pocket. Another trainer. You held a finger up at him with an apologetic smile. You spoke on the phone for a minute and then hung up. “I’ve got to go. Another trainer just called and they need help. Everything you need to get Charlie back to health is in there and I will send the medicine when it arrives at my office.” You pointed at the files in his hand quickly. “It was nice to meet you, Mr. Grady. And lovely girls you got there, a lot nicer than I would have thought.” You let out a quick laugh as you nodded your head at Owen again, heading towards your car, and driving away. Owen stood there flabbergasted. “I thought I was the Alpha?”

Part 16 - Find Me

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.126


Copyright © 2015-2016 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

PART 1 ●○ PART 2 ○● PART 3 ●○ PART 4 ○● PART 5 ●○ PART 6 ○● PART 7 ●○ PART 8 ○● PART 9 ●○ PART 10 ○● PART 11 ●○ PART 12 ○● PART 13 ●○ PART 14 ○● PART 15

“Is that the best solution you’ve came up with?” Disbelief all over her face.

“He’s the only thing that keeps me save. When I’m with him I don’t feel lost…” When I’m with him they can’t find me… my demons. I decided to omit this part. I don’t want her to think I’m that broken… or crazy.

“A good fuck Y/N, really?” She looked differently at me. Is it disappointment? Pity? What is it?

“It’s not like that… We don’t fuck all the time. We keep each other company.” Right?

“You’re in love with him Y/N. Is that enough?” No.


“Do you hear yourself? Where’s that girl full of joy and authority? I don’t recognize you anymore.” Me neither.

“What do you want me to do? It’s like you said he makes the p.a.’s disappear.” I’m tired. Mentally and physically tired for this discussion.

“Make him fall in love with you.” I’m too tired to even laugh at that.

“That is impossible.” She shook her head and smiled at me.

“Y/N he’s human. Every human falls in love, no matter how long it takes. It’s so simple, so abstract that sometimes you don’t notice until you’re right in the middle of a mess.” Humans fall in love. So… is he really human? Stupid, I know. It was just a thought.

“I know that but he closed himself and I don’t know why.” Or does he actually feel but just keeps it to himself? Or worse… he doesn’t notice the change, the feelings inside him.

“Maybe you should find that out first. Maybe that’s what keeping him from you.” The world is keeping him from me… the gravity, the sound, everything.

“No. he’s too smart, he won’t let me.” It’s a wall too tall for me to climb.

She just stopped talking and stared at me. What could she be thinking? This used to be easy for me to figure out but I guess my thought are just too messy today.

“I think you like pain Y/N.” She finally broke the silence. Is she calling me a masochist? I’ve never physically hurt myself, have I? “You like to destroy yourself but I’m not willing to watch that happening.”

“What are you saying?”

“If I must, I’ll put you in a mental hospital.” I think my brain finally got back to me after hearing that.

“What?” I can’t be mad… can I?

“You’re not ok. You’re hurting yourself. I trusted you Y/N but I don’t think you can recover when you’re like this.” So was it disappointment in her eyes? Was that an accusing finger she just pointed at me?

“But the p.a.’s are gone.” But I think I may panic now.

“It’s not that that worries me anymore. It’s your state. Your mom told me you don’t eat and those dark circles under your eyes tell me you don’t sleep much either.” The ceiling of my room is too interesting for me to just fall asleep, I guess. “I think your panic attacks have developed into a depression.”

“You can’t do that. Please… I’ll get better I swear.” I remember crying in Luke’s arms. It felt good, peaceful nothing like the tears falling through my cheeks now.

“I don’t think I can trust you anymore Y/N.” Trust. I like that word. Something to be earned with effort. It doesn’t fall at our feet you must fight for it. Did I earn Luke’s trust? Do I trust him?

“Please just give me some time. I’ll eat and I’ll sleep. Everything you tell me to do I’ll do it.” I don’t remember ever of me pleading, I think despair makes us do things we would never do.

She looked at me questioned until she finally let out a sigh. “Alright… You will do everything I ask of you.”

“Yes, everything, anything.” Relief… I like it. It’s like our body got rid of all the colors leaving just white behind.

“Ok then I forbid you from seeing Luke again.” I don’t know what took me more off guard the mental hospital or this.

“B-but… Why?” All he did was good to me.

“He did stop the p.a.’s but you getting depressed may have something to do with your feelings not being corresponded.” Could it really be? Could I’ve fallen in such a cliché? Me? I would never…  “I’m sorry Y/N but you’re broken, I’m just trying to fix you.”

“What did she say?”

“I’m ok mom. I just need to rest.” Mom has been coming with me to the meetings. I shouldn’t make them worry about me they have their own problems.

“Are you sure?” She asked as we made our way out saying goodbye to Paul.

I was home again looking at my interesting ceiling. I should sleep. I have to. I don’t want to go away.

I closed my eyes. Maybe I could fall asleep out of boredom if my phone stopped ringing.

“Hello?” I said when I picked up not bothering to open my eyes.

“Hey princess.” His voice made my body shake with ecstasy, my heart beat foolishly with hope and my mind pound with anticipation. “Is everything ok? You haven’t been to school.”

“Yeah I just got a cold. I’m fine.” I should hang up. But I want to hear him murmur my name, ask me to be his.

“Can you come to the party tonight? I miss you.” Me? Or fucking me? I guess I don’t trust him after all.

“I can’t. I can’t get out of the house or I’ll get worse.” You’ll make me worse. It tasted bad on my mouth denying him.

“Can I come over then?” So persistent.

“No you’ll catch my cold.” A cold was always a good excuse.

“I don’t care. I’ll see you in a few.” That shouldn’t have made me happy because I can’t be with you.

“No Luke. You can’t. I can’t… I can’t see you.” Here goes my perfect excuse.

“What are you talking about?” He chuckled like I was joking. I wish.

“My psychiatrist said I am depressed…” Got to tell him at some point.

“Your psychiatrist? What the fuck?” Does he think I’m nuts now? Doesn’t he want me anymore?

“Yeah I guess I’m not very sane.” I chuckled without humour.

“And what does that have to do with me?” He was hesitant asking it because deep down he knew.

“Come on Luke… You’re not stupid. I told you I loved you and I thought I could handle that but apparently, I can’t.”

I’ve been discovering lots of types of crying lately: sad, happy, desperate, scared… but this one I don’t know exactly where to place it. The one you do when you hear the beeps of an ended phone call.

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‘Because we are born from the same star, you and I. The same fire that burns in me, burns in you; a hearth of warmth, a hearth that calls me home. The promise of return, the promise of belonging. Together we transcend the boundaries of Time.’

So I made the entire crew… What started out as a means to escape boredom ended up as a full project that took days oops.  I truly loved this fic and all the characters (if that wasn’t already obvious) and I’m so looking forward to the sort-of-sort-of-not sequel, it’s going to be just as amazing as the first! 

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[Short story about V7s past-military experiences. I’m on mobile so I couldn’t mark it with “Read More”. But it ain’t long, hope it does not spam your dash.


I sat there, completely out of energy. The wound on my leg still hurt like hell. I could feel the blood trickling through the bandages the old lady warped around it carefully.

Her name was Mrs. Helking. She found me wounded in the forest. I was on a mission with my formation, to my luck, I got lost and one of the enemy sniper shot me right in the leg. I stumbled through the mud and tried to contact one of my comrades. No signal, no nothing.

I already counted with my end till Mrs.Helking found me. She went out to collect some berries and herbs, heard my steps and heavily breathing. I could not thank her enough for taking me to her home and treating my wounds as best as she could.

Without her I wouldn’t sit here with tea and crackers. “Tell me young lady. What’s your name?” Mrs. Helking sat in front of me with a kind smile on her face. The worry hidden behind her eyes was clearly to see.“I don’t want to be rude Mrs.Helking but I’m not allowed to tell my name.” She nodded, somehow lost in thoughts.
“I apologize, but I-”
“No my dear. It is okay you’re not being impolite.”, she said with a short chuckle, before she adjusted her glasses. The smile on her face slowly vanished and worry spread over her face. “My husband was a soldier too. I understand the reason behind hiding your identity.”

I watched her refilling my tea, while nostalgia spread through the room. She told me about her husband. I listened carefully, not wanting to say anything wrong. She told me they met 35 years ago. The marine showed up at this island and she could not stop thinking about that one handsome soldier. They kept being together for 30 years.
One day she found him like me in the forest. Badly wounded and almost bleed out. He told her his last words that day.

“My dear. Why did you choose being a soldier?” Curiosity and sadness marked her glance which was faced straight at me. I told her I had to, we needed people to fight for the war which took place on my island and I just carried on with my career in the military. Mrs. Helking listened carefully with every word I spoke more sadness built up in her face. She did not respond for a minute, seemed lost in thoughts somehow. I just heard the wood crackling in the fire and the owls outside the windows.

“My dear. Are you happy with your current state?” I did not expect that question and looked up with surprise. I honestly didn’t have a answer to that, which Mrs. Helking noticed. “I don’t want to step too near love. But…your face is scared and bruised, your body shows signs of war. A woman in the military. I just can’t say that without worry. What about a partner? Or a family?”

I just shook my head and kept being silent. When you join the military you have no time for a relationship. Yes some soldiers were nice, but relationships with comrades were more than unwanted.

After a while I lifted my head and looked past Mrs Helking. Behind her hang a mirror which reflected my bruised and wounded face. I looked terrible. But the sight made me chuckle. “I’m glad to be alive Miss. I already counted with my end but thanks to you I can sit here and enjoy company.” She smiled at me with a hint of sadness. “And I’m sorry for your husband. I’m sure he was a great soldier and more than happy having such a nice lady as his wife.”

Smiling at the old lady, I tried to change the topic. Talking about the past and dead never was a good conversation. “But let’s keep the past the past and focus on this day. How about you shows me how you made these delicious crackers?”

[Old sketch of mine, drew this before I created V7 but let’s pretend it’s her since it suits the story o u o]


Summary: Cress goes back to where it all started

Cress woke to the soft thrum of the Rampion’s engines, her neck sore from sleeping in the copilot’s chair. She had creeped out of her and Thorne’s bed earlier that night to alter their landing coordinates. They were supposed to be heading to Farafrah, but she had other plans.

She heard the soft pad of Thorne’s feet enter the cockpit. “Cress, you in here?” his voice addled with sleep.

She peeked over the back of the chair, “yes, Captain.”

His sleepy grin warmed her to the core. He made his way over to his own seat and motioned for her to join him. Cress got up and sat on his lap, blushing as he wrapped his arms around her torso. He nuzzled his face into her neck, only deepening the redness of her cheeks.

“Morning, darlin’.”

“Morning, Captain,” she replied.

They sat huddled together, enjoying the view of the sun coming up over the endless dunes of the Sahara. A moment later, the Rampion’s landing gear hummed to life.

“What? Darla, why are we getting ready to land?” Thorne asked the ship. “You can’t even see Farafrah from here.”

A metallic voice replied, “we are landing at the set coordinates. Approaching destination in three minutes twenty-seven seconds, Captain.”

“Stars, I’m an idiot. I must have entered the wrong data.” He sighed. Thorne ran a hand through his hair, gently pushing Cress off his lap. “Let me fix this, one–”

“No, Thorne, I set the coordinates.” She interjected, “there’s something I want to see.”

“Cress, darlin’, we’re in the middle of the Sahara, there’s nothing out he—” he chuckled. “Oh.” Realization crossed his features.

Cress looked down at her toes, murmuring “Sorry I didn’t say anything, I thought you’d be asleep when we landed.”

“Cress,” he lifted her gaze to meet his own, “it’s alright. I just didn’t realize you ever wanted to see it again…”

“I doubt I’ll even be able to see it; the sand probably covered it a long time ago. I’m just curious.”

Darla’s voice spoke up again, “prepare to land in ten… nine… eight…”

Cress walked down the ramp, feeling the imminent heat of the day immediately. She had asked Thorne to stay onboard, telling him that she wouldn’t be long.

She stepped into the sand, grateful this time that she was wearing actual shoes instead of scraps of an old parachute. Her eyes scanned the surrounding area, looking for anything out of the ordinary. After a few minutes of walking, she wasn’t sure whether or not she was glad for not finding anything. As she walked back to the Rampion, she caught a glint of something out of the corner of her eye. Her breath hitched as she spotted a bit of silvery-white peeking out from the sand. Cress dutifully made her way over to the spot, dread growing in her stomach.

“My satellite,” she breathed.

She walked around it, trying to find where she and Thorne had crawled out all those years ago. Eventually she came across the small hatch, and warily made her way inside.

She had to pull out her port to light up the small area, as the windows outside were covered with sand. Actually, it turned out, that everything was covered with sand. The floor of the satellite was strewn with broken glass, sand, and… hair. Cress subconsciously tugged at the ends of her still short haircut, suddenly overcome with the shivers.

She closed her eyes as her mind went back to all the memories she’d had while she lived here, the bad severely outweighing the good.

She could practically feel the prick of Sybil’s needle over and over. She felt the years of boredom creep over her in endless waves. Guilt washed over her when she thought back to how she had erased all traces of Lunar ships coming to Earth. Fear trailed up her spine as she relived when she’d made the D-COMM link to Cinder the first time.

When she opened her eyes, her cheeks were damp. As she wiped her tears away, she moved over to the wall, holding up her port, casting an eerie blue glow throughout the small space. She trailed her hands over the wall.

She choked out, “I’m sorry Little Cress.” Another wave of tears cascaded over her as she stooped to the floor.

“Okay, that’s it. It’s been forty-five minutes,” Thorne said mostly to himself as he pulled on his combat boots.

He hurried down the ramp and made his way over to where he’s seen Cress disappear nearly an hour ago. As he reached the fallen satellite he slowed a little bit.

“Cress?” he called. “Darlin’ where are you?”

He stumbled across a small hatch, and made his way inside. He heard sniffling, and tried to make his way over to where the sound was coming from. Much to his chagrin, he couldn’t see anything. “Aces, this place is either really dark or its sole purpose is to make me blind.”

A flash of blue dimly lit up the small space and he breathed a sigh of relief. He strode over to Cress, noting the excessive amounts of hair and glass scattered across the floor. Thorne knelt down beside her, and placed an arm across her shoulders. Immediately, she pulled herself closer to him, burying her face in his chest. In a matter of minutes, the front of his shirt was soaked. He pressed kisses to the top of her head, telling her it would be alright.

After a while of holding each other, Cress croaked, “I hate- I hate this place. I never should have come back. It was stupid.” Her body shook as her tears started again.

“This was where you lived Cress, for seven years,” Thorne consoled, “it’s not stupid that you wanted to see it again. Not stupid at all.”

Cress wiped her nose, “thanks Thorne.”

“Of course, Darlin’,” a smirk made its way onto his face, “and besides, I guess you could say that this is the place where you met the most handsome, daring, and wonderful man alive.”

He felt her smile into his chest, her voice muffled, “I guess I could.”

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I am so f**king tired of being tarred and feathered by sanctimonious f**ktards looking to put my type of fanning down. I don't go to their blogs, only read it second hand on the blogs I frequent, but it doesn't make me less aware of fan police. Get over yourselves jack booted fan police fascists.

Calm down, dearie! Their opinions aren’t near as important as they portend them to be. They will never admit it, but they are just shit talking out of loneliness and boredom like e'rybody else. I promise.

Sorry I reblogged it and got the group all worked up. I just felt like fucking with them a little this morning. They get mad so easily and it makes me laugh and sometimes I can’t help myself. I tried to tell them all so, but, surprise, surprise, they got me blocked. Again. 😂


Carry on with your bad selves, outlander fandom floggers, lending your voices to the already well voiced in defense of a self made “problem” that the aforementioned well voiced are not really suffering so much as enjoying. IF they were suffering, though, do realize, they have far better resources and wit at hand than the likes of you to deal with it.