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Zombie Lance au?

Lance is a pizza delivery boy + tired college student who happens to snack on people, and Keith managed to stumble upon him having dinner once (nice first impression amiright). Before Keith could really realize what was happening, Lance bolted, leaving him wondering about it until his pizza boy shows up at his front door like a week later.

yea it’s klance

did i ever show you this edit i made

memorable things from geekedfest

• cara was happy to know i bought the game after tracer was announced as a lesbian 

• in the vip meeting in the morning, there was a really lovely girl who was emotional and very nervous, and talked to cara about how inspirational tracer’s sexuality has been and how strongly it’s affected her and cara seemed really touched, and spoke to her very personally and kindly and made sure she was okay a lot 

• cara thinks the representation in overwatch is one of the best aspects of the game, and is very happy there are characters that everyone can seem to relate to 

• cara loves emily and thinks they just met by both being in london (and says its not up to her who decides this stuff but is really happy emily exists)

• chloe agrees, and says she adores the community a lot because of how positive and active we are (<3!!)

• if they had to make a new skin for their character, chloé wants an invisible widowmaker skin & cara wants tracer to be a cosplayer and too dress up as batman or something 

• chloé has tried to ask people what to do to get involved in how to start playing overwatch because she wants to play her own character, but apparently people have told her she’s going to die LMAO

• cara tried playing tracer at blizzcon in 2016 and was bad apparently 

‘i kept going in there, dying, going back in there, dying…’ and then she used the mic to say some tracer lines into the team chat and some dude replied with ‘ooooh fuck’ ahahahah 

• on what they think of each other’s characters 

cara: ‘i think she’s mighty fine.’

chloé: ‘tracer doesn’t need all of this *makes sensual french noises widow makes in game* to be a badass. (…) i like tracer a lot’ then they smiled at eachother which was cute af

• in regards to widowtracer ship, cara loves it and chloé does too. they said something along the lines of ‘if that’s what people want to ship, then go for it! we have no problem, we think it’s awesome’ which was cool. supergirl is shook. 

• if they were to choose their own team comp, chloé and cara both agreed on wanting each other in their teams (<3) along with mercy and lucio, then reinhardt for a tank. 

THEN, cara was like ‘we’re missing one’ and some guy shouted ‘HANZO’ and everyone in the crowd was like WTF NOOOO and they all laughed.

then cara said ‘oh that’s a joke isn’t it?? being a HANZO MAIN! you’re a hanzo main!’ dfkjsdfhkdjsf and then they decided the last teammate was to be hanzo because ‘there’s always got to have a hanzo’. 

• both thought the alive short was cool as fuck, cara felt like she was in a pixar movie 

• someone asked ‘if you were to be an overwatch character, what would your abilities be?’ and they both agreed on

- siamese twins, one british and one french, with a cowboy hat and hacking skills (i might have forgotten something else sorry ladz)

• they both like the character design for mercy and sombra 

• they did each other’s voice lines (’cheers love! / ‘one shot, one kill’) and they actually did really good with it LMAO

• caras favourite skins are the summer games one with the british flag & the ultraviolet one / chloé’s is the traditional widowmaker one because ‘it makes sense, because she’s purple. or blue….there’s still a debate about that’

• i told cara about hearing her ‘ha, wanker!’ line in game with the ultraviolet skin and she was amused to know it made the cut. she said that she’d told the VA people that ‘um…you know it’s a swear in english right?’ and did it anyway. she also said she recorded a ‘you tosser!’ voice line which she said to look out for! 

• crazyhead fans - no news on season 2 yet. :) also she said she was amused upon reading the script knowing she was gonna have to pee on people. ‘i thought ‘yep. this is different.’’ LOL. 

• they both love the fact the VAs hang out in america and wish europle/uk held more cons so they could hang out with each other more.

• both said they were very grateful to have overwatch in their lives and that the biggest impact it’s had on them is the community’s reaction

• ‘i will take selfies for food’ cara to me after i gave her an overwatch cupcake. then chloé was like ‘yup. selfie’

• argued with me about whether i was ginger or not DSFhdsfjkhsd (apparently im not)

• they are both sweethearts and really must be protected and loved at all costs. they were so happy to be there and so inclusive and enthusiastic about the lore and the characters as well as getting to know the fans. they were both really down to earth and kind :) 

some Baekhyun headcanons
  • Don’t get me wrong I fkin love this kid but he’s such a fuccboi™ sometimes that you wonder how you deal with him on a daily basis jfc 
  •  The teasing and playfulness is nonstop w/ him 
  •  He’ll still flirt w/ you and be cheeky after years of dating and knowing each other ???????
  •  Totally will send you shirtless pics of him after practice w inappropriate emojis 
  •  But yeah he’ll want to check in on you often and sends lots of photos updates w/ him and the boys practicing and eating 
  •  They’ll get annoyed at this tbh bc they’re like ?? You’re literally taking ugly pics of us on purpose so that y/n only keeps an eye for u , u lil sh-
  •  The boys are hella impressed by how quickly he got whipped 
  •  Like…………
  •  So one time you got into a huge fight w/ him over nothing and he stormed out right 
  •  Bc he couldn’t handle crying in front of you and being emo bc he wants you to think of happy and smiley and fluffy baekhyun and not tear-stained, ugly crying, throwing a fit baekhyun 
  •  So he’ll go over to chan’s place and oh my lord 
  •  Chanyeol is like “!!!!! Whoa,..,.,,…no one’s ever made you act like this before so you better get her ass on the phone and talk to her asap boi!!!!!”
  •  “wow you’re not even gonna pretend to be sad for me. I got fake people showing fake lo-“
  •  He’ll be forced by the giant to talk to you and apologize 
  •  And he’ll kinda not say anything and just hold you by the waist really tight ?
  •  But then you’ll hear him murmuring something against your neck and it kinda tickles so you laugh and he looks like he’s just been shot lmao 
  •  “why are you laughing ;(? I said I love you and I’m sorry that I was being a drama queen, but fine I take it back never mind”
  •  “just kiss me u fkin weirdo” 
  •  So needless to say the other members are just shocked by how much of an effect you have on him????
  •  Like he’d literally move the sun and the moon for you if that’d make you happy
  •  I’m not saying he’ll get jealous and pouty often but no that’s exactly what I’m saying 
  •  But you know dang well he can’t live without your constant attention 
  •  No matter how much that would annoy and bother other people, you’ve probably gotten used to it and can’t live without his adorable antics 
  •  Bc I mean it’s not like he’ll get all possessive and get mad when you hang around others 
  •  But totally expect that adorable murderous look to hypothetically kill at least 5 people if they ever made you feel uncomfortable or got your attention for too long 
  •  Calls you so many nicknames that you aren’t even sure if he likes your actual name lmao 
  •  His favorite is probably wifey bc it’s like……… I’m being thirsty and obvious but also I’m being low key bc it’s not like I’m saying ‘wife’ which completely has a different meaning, so, way 2 go baek,
  •  OK so like one time he saw you messing around w/ Sehun and play fighting
  •  And he called him your son ????? 
  •  “lol aw look at you two, my wifey and my son :’)”
  •  And yeah it made things hella awkward but hey its Sehun so he understands 
  •  *pats your shoulder* “I’m so sorry u have to put up w/ baek’s bs”
  •  All he wants to do on his free days is to build blanket forts w/ you and cuddle until the sun goes down 
  •  Bc then something else is gonna go down lmao ahsjdkfl I’ll sTop
  •  Yooooooooo he acts like he hasn’t seen you in 28 years when he’s been busy and finally comes to visit 
  •  Will not leave your side and acts like a puppy, literally just following you around 
  •  Pouty kisses OML 
  •  He’d mumble your name in his sleep so often 
  •  Probably the only time he’d actually call you by your real name yikes baek 
  •  Also holds your hand really tight when you’re both sleeping ???? Like omg sometimes he won’t even let go throughout the night and presses it against his lips or against his chest so you could feel his heart beat fuccccccc
  •  So many inside jokes 
  •  Bc he loves having secrets w you!!!!! It feels scandalous but also brings you closer wow the power of gossip 
  •  He’s always teasing you when in public like he just can’t help himself 
  •  You’ll find his fingers just casually  sliding up and down your thighs or even arms 
  •  And first you won’t even think anything of it bc he’s always just touching you in general??
  •  But you’ll get the hint and you’re like…………jfc he really is tryna test me 
  •  He kisses your forehead and the top of your head a lot 
  •  And he’d esp love this if you were shorter than him 
  •  He’s just hella cheesy when you’re both alone tbh 
  •  Also he just loves it when you refer to him as your boyfriend when you introduce him to someone 
  •  Like his eyes start shining and he’ll stare at you in adoration and pure love instead of shaking hands w/ the person lmao 
  •  You’ll know he’s really in love when he’s just sitting there peaceful and quiet by your side, not once shouting any random thoughts in his head bc it’s completely swarming w/ thoughts of you 
  •  When you pick up on this and ask him what’s wrong, he’ll snap out of quickly but keep a warm smile on his cute lips 
  •  “nothing baby, I was just thinking about how cute our future kids will look”
  •  Yeah so there’s that and there goes my sanity 
  •  Like his head is constantly against your chest and he’s spilling out his thoughts and secrets bc he trusts you more than anyone or anything else in his world 
  •  Bc you are his world awwww pls keep this kid safe and loved 🌷

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Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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i heard that my death son got a sunshine bf, and this makes me very happy

bonus: percy is protective and annabeth is far past done with his shit

  • <b> kit: </b> sophie is so annoying a bit like sansa hahaha sansa is super annoying<p/><b>kit:</b> like man she really irritates jon amirite hahaha lol she's very annoying like her and jon are complete typical siblings because sansa is just so annoying she really annoys jonkit:did I mention sansa is annoying lol<p/><b>jon:</b> *nearly beats ramsay to death knowing what he did to sansa but pulls away at the last moment to let her have the honour, is infuriated when ramsay says he can't wait to have sansa back in his bed, is gentle and caring with sansa (the hug + forehead kiss), reads through the letter from ramsay but has to stop when rape upon sansa is threatened even though he himself is repeatedly called 'bastard' throughout it, tells sansa he'll protect her, tells her there's nothing to forgive her for when she apologises for the way she treated him when they were younger, is delighted when sansa presents him with clothes she made for him and insists that she takes the master chambers in winterfell, looks around at her when the lords start to proclaim him king in the north, tells her she can still question his descions even though he is king, tells her he will protect her-*<p/><b>me:</b> lol okay kit<p/></p>

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if jake and bella had feelings for each other bc jake imprinted on the small part of renesmee inside bella, does that mean that jake and edward loved each other equally as much before bella got pregnant bc jake would have imprinted on the part of renesmee in edward?

Okay, there are two things we need to take into consideration here:

  1. Stephenie Meyer didn’t really have a strong understanding of biology, which she openly admitted to in interviews when asked about the mechanics of a Vampire Pregnancy 
  2. ‘Imprinting’ never exactly was defined as ‘being in love’. 

Before we really jump into this, I would just like to take the time to lay a curse on you and all your future generations for making me think this hard about the Twilight Saga in 2017, the year of our Lord. How did you even think of this question? 

Anyway, let’s begin.

So, going through interviews or just checking out Meyer’s faq page, which I did FREQUENTLY in seventh and eighth grade, one is able to find out that she put A  L O T of thought into coming up with How A Vampire’s Biology Should Work. She really came through with all these new, weird, made up vampo-fluids that keep the body working and what not, but she also admitted to not having the clearest understanding of actual, real biology. Of course, actual real biology should probably never come to play in this explanation in the first place, as we’re talking about a 109-year old vampire with sparkly skin knocking up his 19-year old human wife, but we can’t escape it as a fact. Now, Meyer’s stated that she got the inspiration for Nessie because she read up on the incubus, which can reportedly impregnate women. But wait, she must of thought, this is a book, people are gonna want an explanation on How The Fuck That Actually Works. So, she did some research, as any author would, and discovered that while after a certain point, women stop producing eggs (which would’ve been a moot point as the vampires can’t change anyway), men never actually stop producing semen. A dude could be in his late 90′s, and as long as nothing’s been snipped and he can still get it up, he could very much still impregnate someone. Now, you’re thinking, ‘Okay, but corpses can’t impregnate anything! Edward’s dead!’ which is true, to an extant- For all the poetic waxing he does about being dead and damned to hell, Edward was changed into a vampire on the verge of death. He’s not undead, technically, he’s a totally different life form. Edward, while he doesn’t need certain things a human would, can still experience them (I mean like breathing and blinking and stuff), because Meyer put effort into developing their biology. Like, they don’t have blood in their veins, but they have some Weird Vampire Stuff that performs all the functions of blood. So it goes to stand that he would be able to impregnate someone, since he was still functionally alive and therefore able to produce semen. 


This really works because she invented biology for her characters, she’s an expert at this stuff because it is HERS. Any other biology, real biology, that she has not studied and probably has just a very basic understanding of? That’s not hers. As she has admitted to have very liminal knowledge on how Human Biology works, it’s hard to apply it too this story. It’s NOT hard to assume she might not have a totally correct understanding of it- I mean, for example, I remember when I was learning about it, everyone was pretty surprised to learn that it actually takes a bunch of sperm to break down the egg before one can fertilize it, and that the egg wasn’t basically a mini-baby just waiting to be hit up, and stuff like that. Like, the split dna thing was obvious, but every biology class I’ve ever been in had people vastly underestimating the role the sperm plays. It would also be wise to acknowledge that Nessie’s dna is bizarre for both humans and vampires, which could add to the explanation, but overall- I think a good explanation would be that Stephenie Meyer just really didn’t have the fullest grasp on the importance of Edward’s sperm in the situation, and therefore just didn’t consider it when it came into play. 

Now, for the next theory:

Imprinting was never defined as romantic love. It was defined as ‘strong feelings’ or something to the like. 

 "It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like…gravity moves…suddenly. It’s not the earth holding you here anymore, she does…You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend.

That’s how Jacob describes the phenomenon to Bella. Now, sure, some of the wolves and their imprints HAVE fallen in romantic love- Sam and Emily, Paul and Rachel, but then like…you have Jacob. And you have Quill. They’ve imprinted on little kids! But nowhere in the series is pedophilia endorsed (like, listen, the books do have some Issues but that really wasn’t one of them). They do not view Nessie or Claire as their future mates or anything, they just see them as little girls and care about them. The feeling are strong, but it’s platonic. They view themselves as older brothers almost. The wolves don’t age, so when they girls get older, dynamics shift. Maybe once they’re women the wolves do fall in love with them- but that’s no guarantee of anything. Imprinting is never a guarantee, Emily didn’t want to be with Sam for the longest time. Bella even asked Jacob what would happen if the imprintee didn’t love the wolf back, and he told her, like, okay, they don’t wanna be together, that’s fine. The wolf can’t control imprinting on a girl and the girl can’t control how she feels in return. People can have very deep, very platonic feelings for each other. Best friends can be soulmates. As long as the wolf and the imprintee have some relationship, be it sibling or best friends or lovers, the wolf will pretty much be satisfied.  

But wait, you say, how does this answer my theoretically question about Edward?

I’d like you to remember- Jacob has had a crush on Bella since they were little kids. When he becomes a hormonal teenager, his crush becomes a little stronger. When he becomes a wolf, the theory goes that he unconsciously sensed the little piece of Nessie inside her, latched onto that, and that basically amplified his feelings for Bella. It wasn’t ‘I can sense my future wife in you so I’m gonna have feelings for you but they’re really for her’, his feelings for Bella were real. But his wolf sense took his innocent, horny little crush and blew it up to mega-proportions just because it could sense his future imprint. That’s the theory that was proposed, anyway. So, I’d like to propose back: If he never transformed into a wolf, his feelings for Bella would have never gotten That Bad. They were just amplified without his control. 

So, perhaps: He hated Edward so intensely because he turned into a wolf and could unconsciously sensed his imprint in him as well

I mean, think about it: In the first book, he didn’t LIKE Edward because of all the stuff his father told him about the Cullens, but he really didn’t have any strong opinions on the guy either. In New Moon, before he changed, he thought Edward was a dick for leaving Bella, but he wasn’t as…aggressive about him as he is after he changes. But after he becomes a wolf? Every time he sees Edward he’s ready to rip his head off. If his feelings towards Bella were amplified because he could sense Nessie in her, it stands to reason that his feelings towards Edward were amplified as well. The difference being, the were just negative feelings! It was still strong feelings! It still could’ve very much had to do with the imprint! And also, to add to this, may I point out- what’s the point in the story where Jacob and Edward come to an understanding, where Jacob decides he hates Edward less than before? After Bella is already pregnant with Nessie. They start working together to protect Bella, and Edward asks Jake to kill him if she dies. And Jake basically thinks “Hey, he’s still a dick, but maybe he’s not as bad as I’ve thought this whole time? Maybe he actually does love Bella? I feel bad for him?” And Jake is still 100% focused on Bella at this point, but he spares Edward no mind even though he’s been obsessed with hating him for like two years now at that point, and what’s the thing that’s changed in this situation? Edward’s not the one that’s pregnant! All parts of Jacob’s future imprint have left him. Jacob no longer has amplified feelings towards Edward. Just solely his insane crush on Bella, until the second Nessie’s popped out and he’s like “Oh, fuck.” I think this is could be a very good explanation on that whole dynamic. Jacob did sense the imprint in Edward, it just manifested differently than with the girl he’s been crushing on since he was a toddler. 

OR, I mean, we could just acknowledge the fact that “sensing Nessie” was never really made canon, just an explanation a 16 year old boy came up with to explain why he used to be in love with his imprint’s mother, and this is all bullshit and something else was going on entirely. 

I cannot believe I wrote this. 

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i mean how more obvious can destiel be?, cas was trained to kill dean, and dean only, hundreds of him, why didn't naomi throw a couple of sams there?, they are blatantly telling us that cas' connection to dean is very different from his connection to sam,


I mean, there’s nearly a decade of build up to showing that Cas and Dean are romantic love interests in contrast to Sam/Cas and in parallel to…basically all the canon romantic couples in the show, built through standard tropes like this.

Then while in his perceived final moments Cas literally said, while avoiding eye contact with *anyone*:

Then clarified, looking up at SAM:

Then finally turned to lock gazes with Dean, who he usually has NO PROBLEM holding eye contact with, and holds that eye contact for a LONG TIME, which is clearly because what he just said MEANS something… grr. I need to make a gif where it doesn’t cut here and you see how long he holds the eye contact for.


I mean I made these gifs for their reactions cos… dude…

Dean and Sam both take a little breath in of realisation and Dean’s freaking lip wobbles.

Yeah. Nothing to see here.

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Hey uhhh writing prompt: Ryan falling in love with dancer!Shane?

He was magic to watch, as much as he was magic doing anything else. When walking amongst others, he tripped and he laughed and he brushed it off, but on the floor - on the floor, he was something else, something magnificent. The watcher couldn’t take their eyes off of him no matter how hard they tried, if they even thought to do so in the first place. He spun and danced and weaved with the others, his peaceful smile the most musical part of it all. These, at least, were the musings of Ryan Bergara, frequenter of the ice skating rink preferred by the ice dancers of L.A.

Shane Madej was a loose acquaintance of Ryan’s, the friend of a friend that everyone wanted to know. Upon meeting, most knew that Shane was a dancer, not because Shane told them himself, but because his closest friends always found a reason to pull him into dancing, and someone would have to explain the grace of him. On skates, Shane was six and a half feet tall, but still managed to look elegant. Ryan tried not to watch too hard, tried not to grin too hard, tried not to look so starstruck, and failed at all three. At the end of his practice, Shane skated over, leaning on the rink’s rim.

“Hey! Ryan, right? What are you doing out here?” Shane asked, still red with exertion and smiling broadly now. Ryan had to count down from five in his head before he could come up with a reply.

“Uh, yeah, hi. Oh, I just come to see the skaters - I guess, you guys - skate sometimes. It’s really pretty, you know?” Ryan said in return, and he could feel himself blushing dark. He couldn’t have said something normal, could he have?

“So you think we’re pretty?” Shane teased. Somehow, Ryan was going an even deeper red. He nodded instead of trusting himself to reply. “So maybe you want to come to an actual show? I could spring for tickets,” Shane offered, and Ryan blinked up at him.

“But - why? We’re nearly strangers,” Ryan tried to laugh off, but Shane shrugged instead of, you know, a normal person answer.

“Maybe I think you’re pretty too,” Shane replied, pushing off the rim and skating away. Ryan stood, stunned, for a moment before calling after him.

“That’s real smooth, jackass, but I never actually answered!” he yelled, and Shane turned around, skating backwards, just to wink at him. Show-off.

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Do you have some good songs rec for AriDante?


Electric Blue - Ice house

Pasa el Tiempo - Caloncho [like everyone else lmao]

La Bamba - Los Lobos [this was a song i loved since i was a kid and now even more so with aridante]

Right here right now - Jesus Jones

Friday I`m in love -The cure

Somewhere only we know - Keane

Please dont stop the rain - James morrison 

You were there- The southern Sons

Baby now that I`ve found you - the foundations /Allison Krauss [2 versions bc i cant pick]

this for shits and giggles

Wishing well - trent d’arby

U2 - With Or Without You

Always something there to remind me - Naked Eyes

Digging your scene - Blow monkeys/ Ivy [2 versions]

Summer rain, Heaven is a place on earth - Belinda Carlisle [ i just had to… also my bias for belinda carlisle is strong]

Longer - Dan Folberg

some songs dont rlly exactly fit but the atmosphere or the general feelings i get when i listen to the songs remind me of the book so yea

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Tell another theatre story!

Mkay this one isn’t technically a ‘theater’ story but it was a branch of the theater company okay.

So, the year is 2012 and for some reason, Pitch Perfect is the Biggest Deal. If you’re sitting at home, reading this, thinking you and your friends really like Pitch Perfect, but your not a theater kid- you have absolutely no fucking idea the amount of obsession that was going on with the film. If you aren’t a theater kid, you can’t even imagine. Holy shit.

So anyway, the company used to have this musical director named Joe. Joe was…a strange character, if you will. Like, he was a nice guy, but if I didn’t know him and I saw him walking in my direction on a dark street, I would switch sides, you know what I mean? He’s got perpetually messy and vaguely dirty long hair, even though he’s much too old for the look to work for him, and this weird stare at all times, and he was like, a lot more proud of his musical talents than he had a right to be? lmao I remember we had to bring in extra help for “Into the Woods”, and this girl did more work than him, and when the show ended she was like “Oh my gosh I had so much fun!! Do you think I could come back to help with the other shows?” and he DEADASS SAID “No.” and then didn’t pass on the message from her to the director!!! (sources tell me she’s now the musical director there lmao)

So anyway, Pitch Perfect’s out and everyone is #AcaObsessed, and Joe’s looking for some street cred on his resume so he goes to the director and is like “Hey, what if we start an Capella group?”

Fatal mistake.

So she thinks that’s a wonderful idea and that the group can meet in the studios on Sundays before show rehearsals, but first we have to have an interest meeting, because nothing can ever be done without those.

So they just. Promoted the fuck out of the idea for this acapella group. They were calling it the Acapella Starrs, stunningly original and creative name, I know. And a lot of people were actually kinda interested- I was not one of them. I did not give a flying shit about this, I hadn’t even seen Pitch Perfect and all the hype about it was annoying me. My mother decided for me that I had to at least go to the damn interest meeting, because she wanted me to ‘try new things’ and ‘you have a beautiful voice!’ and ‘maybe if you make them happy they’ll actually give you a damn role next time’. So I told them I’d be at the interest meeting.

(Side note- I really want to drive home the fact how hard they were trying to get people to join this group. I vividly remember my being in the middle of my birthday party, everyone is hanging out and having fun, when my then friend Brendan’s phone started ringing and he picked up and it was Joe, asking him if he was planning on joining the group, and does he hear people in the background? Are you at a party with your friends, Brendan? Ask them to join the group too! It’ll be fun! Brendan, promise you’ll think about it? AND NO ONE KNOWS HOW THE HELL HE GOT THIS KID’S CELL PHONE NUMBER. RIDICULOUS.)

Okay, so it’s the day of the interest meeting, and I trudge up to the studio, dreaming of being in my bed instead, dreading of putting up with all the perky ass people who are gonna be singing the fucking cup song in perfect soprano voices. I open up the door, and who do I see? Joe, and my friend @chilling-like-dylan.


Joe made us wait for a bit “in case anyone was running late” (as if ANYONE could be later than me, Joe, come on). So Dylan and I were talking and he told me he was sorta interested but his mom had forced him there too lmao. And this wasn’t even like, the first Goddamn time Dylan and I were the only people to show up to something. I remember there was an interest meeting for acting lessons or something and the people there were the two of us and maybe four 9 year olds. Iconic. @ Dyl we should have been appreciated more.

So anyway, after like a million years of waiting, during which me and Dyl mostly sat quietly as we watched Joe’s soul and all his hopes and dreams collapse before our very eyes, it was decided we should sing something. ‘Hey, it’s acapella, and besides, at least you’ve got two different voice types!’

So he gets out his sad little keyboard and starts (half heartedly) teaching us how to do ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, and honestly we killed it??? If Dyl and I ever get married like my mother wants us to, I’m demanding we dance to that. Dylan was on the main lyrics while I was doing more the acapella sounds, and then we came together for the refrain. We sounded great, and even the director was surprised by that when she came to check out the meeting, her eyes sweeping over the desolate room before landing on the three of us in the corner and making eye contact with Joe, who stopped playing immediately as Dylan and I carried on. We got a “Great job, Prince and Molly Girl!”, before we scurried out to CVS to wait for our parents, all the while feeling like a storm was brewing in the studio.

Lmao okay, so the next day we had rehearsal for our show right (I’m 98% sure this was during Into the Woods), and there’s always announcements before we start things right. So she brought up the subject of the interest meeting and things got tense, no one turned around to look at Joe but you could feel him glaring lmao. She brought up how Dylan and I were the only one’s there, which is funny now but when I was sixteen it felt weirdly embarrassing, and that ‘they understand if there was scheduling conflicts, but the first practice is next week’  yadayadayada. I realized Dylan and I probably weren’t gonna be able to escape officially joining the group at this point, but I was like? The two of us sound good, and it doesn’t seem like anyone else is gonna bother, so maybe it won’t be awful?

OH, bye the way, they fucking charged us money for joining the acapella group!!! And then even more money for tshirts! As if paying to be in the shows wasn’t bad enough!!! I get it’s a non-profit but slow your role, my poor ass doesn’t need this or your damn matching tshirts!!!

So, anyway, the next week I force myself out of bed and into the shower and get to the practice fairly late (me showing up late with wet hair was a well known Meme of this company tbh. But Joe was shooting murder eyes at me for it). But like…it wasn’t just Dylan there. I saw my friends Morgan and Soren, two girls named Libby and Madison that I was friendly with, a tiny flamboyant then-11 year old named Neil who I knew bc I had emotionally adopted him at a previous date, and then like two or three little girls in his age group I didn’t know, who had the whole ‘better than you’ act down lmao. What…were these people doing here? Evidently they had all been talked (see: bribed or annoyed) into joining. Joe gave me some sheet music and we started singing ‘For The Longest Time’








Not Good.


None of these words are strong enough to describe how truly shitty we sounded. But wait, you say! That was only your first rehearsal together! Surely you must have gotten better with practice!


And it wasn’t even like, lack of ability or musical talent. Everyone there was a fairly decent singer. Joe was just so unwilling to TEACH properly! He was just…not good. Like, okay, so the whole plan was that we would perform during intermission at shows, right? So he composed and original song about the company, but…it was dreadful. To this day, it’s still made fun off. I distinctly remember that for one of the sounds he had us going “ZZZZZZZZZZZ”. But like, not even a drawn out zzzzz, he literally just had us saying the letter ‘Z’. The line went like “we are such prooos-’ (Zee-Zee-ZeZee-Zee-ZeZee-Zee-ZeZee-Zee” oh my God. And there were just so many other things he wasn’t teaching us properly, and to make matters EVEN WORSE, my chorus class at school had just started a acapella group so good they could’ve dragged Pentatonix through the fucking mud (and my High School arts department vs my theater company was a legitimate THING because of some age old feud with the two directors) so I knew how good we COULD’VE sounded, what we had the POTENTIAL for, but we weren’t getting there bc Joe was more focused on giving the boys solo’s and not teaching us how to PROPERLY SINGING ACAPELLA I’M SALTY.

So, the younger group’s show was coming up, and they were doing Grease. So, since we were meant to be performing at intermission, we had to get there before the show, sell raffle ticket and stuff, hang out in the hallway during the first act (bc none of us actually wanted to see it lmao), and then we could leave after intermission. I have the most vivid memories of standing at the top of the stairs as Morgan said “HELLO! Would you like to buy some raffle ticKETS?” in the same exact cheery way every time someone came up. She sounded like a recording. Soren was keeping all the money in his beanie in a very unprofessional manner. At some point we started a massage train. There might have been a CIA agent. I gave a bj to a water bottle. Dylan tried to make a vine of all of us flying but it didn’t work out. Madison draped herself over Soren and had one leg pulled over her head (dancer) while lamenting, “I just don’t understand why boys like me so much!”. It was an interesting weekend, in the least.

But then we get to the intermission performance.


The audience was barely paying attention, but the ones who were were cracking up.

The next day we get there, and Joe looks like hell but the director, in her over cheery manner was like “Guys you were so good! So good! I love you! But I think for today, we’re gonna have you guys sing in the hallway instead of on the stage, okay?”


So now, innocent ass people are coming out to buy candy and water, and here’s our group, right there, able to make eye contact, singing fucking ‘For The Longest Time’, and no one can escape. They couldn’t escape our horrible singing and we couldn’t escape direct eye contact. It was the worst. I don’t even know how the others were personally feeling (although they all looked miserable), but here’s me, stage fright, always 100% feeling like I’m being mocked or judged any time people look at me, and now I gotta hold eye contact while singing at people, and we don’t even sound good, and my shirt didn’t fit right so I felt extra fat, and a million other negative thoughts were in my head. Like, truly, it was such a fucking mess. I could handle acting because on a stage I couldn’t see anyone in the audience, and I wasn’t being me. I was way too insecure to handle something as up close as this was.

Everyone knew how bad it was. It spread like wild fire through the company, became such a joke so fast, and still the director and Joe was pushing for more of this. It was ridiculous. No one wanted to do it, and eventually we all just sort of faded out of the group as they let us go with varying degrees of despair. I got an out at reregistration for the ‘next season’. I said I just couldn’t afford the money for this group on top of the money for the show. “It’s really not that much, Molly.”

“It’s this or buying a class ring.”

“I’m sure we could work out some sort of discount-”


Everyone else did similar moves, or just stopped going to practices altogether. In a few years, the Acapella Starrs might be nothing more than a legend whispered on the wind, like the Ghost or the Fascination Station.

I pray for the day society completely forgets it as a whole.

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The animation will be better. I hope. Like take the moment in princess fragrance where mari falls and tikki flies away. She falls on Adrien and he is like "hey you okay?" And she nearly doesn't have the time to say "yes im okay" or whatever she said because he was going away like nothing happened lmfao🐱 it made me feel so bad idk, maybe its just me xD

LMAO yeah they probably did that cuz either

-They didn’t have enough time in the ep to add anything else to that interaction

-They didn’t want to shift too much of the focus away from the situation that happened with Tikki

But really now that I think about it Adrien’s still an awkward bean and probs would do something like that anyway xD


“My friend fell. How long do I hold this??”

“lol idk so ima just go. Bye”

okay seriously @ the larries…. if you’re going to take everything harry says and call it a lie then why do u stan him??? you’ve made him into a character in your head and anything he does, you manipulate into something else but can you please just leave him the hell alone now and let him be honest without making 10000 theories as to “what he REALLY means” bc you don’t know!!! you don’t know him at all lmao