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Lock The Door

So this is a dramatic reading of Lock The Door (for @ladyrevealedofcloak) that @bearfeat42 tagged me in. Also, sorry for the music in the background, I didn’t want anyone to accidentally hear me hahaha

But omg this is was so much fun, it’s fucking hilarious. You can hear me trying not to crack up through it, also why did I have to emote so much while reading this?? and why did I put Swedish words in this fic in the first place, my pronunciations are horrendous sdhjkakl

Me and @talortut were talking about something that made me realize something.

Back in grade school literally everyone reads the outsiders. But you know that moment. That one moment where all the talk of Ponyboy having a headache, tacking aspirin, telling Twobit not to tell anyone. When he gets home and it compares him to a “scared animal. When shit goes down and Ponyboy just collapses.

This is the stuff that started it all. Sure kids shows and movies will have sick episodes and injury, but it’s so mild. This shit was realistic. This is what started it. Do you know how many times I’ve reread the middle chapters because of Ponyboy getting sick? So many


You want to know who killed Jameel?

SBK asked a friend to do it… but they lied. They told his friend that he was a traitor. They tricked him.
You looking for someone who killed one person. SBK kills dozens of people a year. Their drugs ruin thousands of lives, but don’t nobody care. They don’t get press. They’re not clever. They’re not fun. They’re just evil.

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Oh wow… I didn't know I wasn't the only one that had an issue with CJ… see, I like their art, and at some point something of theirs ended up on my dash, and I saw how hostile this person reacted to someone who was pretty tame in my opinion. Went on to say they lash out at trolls to show others to stand up for themselves. Said that the Internet made them this way because of how hateful the internet can be…

(cont) Anyway, I tried messaging them to let them know there are other ways to stand up to trolls and “haters” or whatever they called them. Sadly, there wasn’t enough room to get my message across in one go without deleting spaces and punctuation… and I don’t think they even saw my ask, or if they did, they ignored it, possibly because they didn’t want any positivity on their blog… which I think is kinda sad…

Simply being kind, giving people the benefit of doubt, and kindly responding is what I like to do. And if someone gets heated, I respond calmly. If only I could do the same thing irl. Damn autism and other disorders! XP ^vv^

Oh trust me, sweetie, you’re not alone. A lot of my friends and people in my community have a problem with CJ. 

Most of my problem stems with what you mentioned. It seems like their end goal is to just be nasty to other people. I’m sure they get a lot of blind love from their followers, but they choose to display the hate for whatever reason.

I prefer to keep a leveled head as well. At times, I let emotions get the best of me, but I hope I always come across as clear minded and civil. The last thing I’d want to do is belittle someone who meant no harm. I know I’d feel horrible.

In a way, I feel bad for CJ. I feel bad that they need to spread hate to feel important and strong. I feel bad that their only way of communicating with other people giving constructive criticism is to be harsh. I wish people would stop “feeding the troll” and leave their hateful comments to themselves, but I cannot control them either.

My feelings no way excuse their behavior, but I wonder what happened in their life that made them turn into such a nasty human being. I’ve gotten hate before as well, but it never made me feel like I needed to bite the person who is hating on me. If I don’t matter to them, why should their words matter to me?

There’s already so much hate in the world. Why create more?

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Do you know any good tutorials on how to make tattoos? I'm trying to hard but honestly it's not working out :/.. if you don't know any do you know someone who might know a good tutorial? Thank you!

heeeeeeeeey i used this one when i tried to make mine!

But i would also open other tattoos like from the game or if i wanted it to be in like idk… a cheek tattoo i would look at a cheek tattoo made by someone else so i could get the placement!!!!!!! also change the opacity of the tattoo to make it look more realistic rather than just a drawing on ur sim’s arm lmao

TalesFromRetail: Customer probably isn't going to give us a good review

I’m a cashier at $Home Improvement store. Our management has been insisting us to push the customer service survey for our store, after a bad review sent us spiraling down. I spent most of today cashiering at the contract register, which is usually my favorite place. Usually. It was just me and my coworker, an older gentleman who’s the contractor’s sales associate.

A late middle aged man came up to the register with a piece of gutter drain pipe, between 12 and 16 feet long. He was polite and nice enough, and I made sure I was chipper and overly helpful as I rang him up. Once his receipt had printed out, I circled the survey link, asked him to take it if he got the chance, and was just about to send him on his way.

Customer: nodding towards the drain pipe “I don’t think this is going to fit in my car. Can you get someone to cut this for me?”

I began mentally rotating through the different departments who might be able to cut it for him. I came up blank. As far as I knew, no one had asked to get a gutter pipe cut. There are other pipes plumbing can cut, but that’s not one of them.

Me to coworker: “Are there any departments who can cut that for him?”

My coworker peered at it: “Not that I can think of. Unfortunately, we don’t have the right tools.”

Customer: “Seriously? You guys can’t do it?”

Coworker: “No, sorry. That’s not something that can be cut here.”

Customer: “You guys don’t have a specific knife anywhere in the store?”

Coworker points down to Tool Rental, which is clearly marked: “You could try Tool Rental, they might have one.”

The customer huffed and headed off, only instead of walking towards the clearly marked sign, he made a turn and wandered straight into the break room. The reception to him wandering in with a drain pipe and demanding someone to cut it for him was not good. He hauled a$$ out to where he was supposed to go. Not five seconds later, he stormed back out, right past me, huffing and puffing and muttering under his breath.

I turned to my coworker: “I don’t think we’re going to get a very good review on the survey.”

By: GoldMidnight

I wish I had someone who came home after a hard day of work and appreciates that I have spent my day making his life a little easier. Showing me that he appreciates that I spent all day cleaning, running errands, paying bills and looking after his baby to save $. And I show him I appreciate him by cooking him dinner and letting him relax after a hard day of work. Cuddling up on the couch as a family spending quality time together… I wish I had someone that spent days off at home doing things as a family, whether it be going on an adventure or just snuggling up in bed giggling and talking, watching movies and eating bad food.
I wish I had someone that asked me If I was okay. Told me that I am beautiful and they are so proud of me. I wish I had someone that told me they loved me, and I could 120% believe them.
I wish my son had the best role model, that made him happy. That fussed over him constantly and taught him things that noone else could.
I wish that everything was different.
And I am so sad that it isnt.
Im tired of waiting for change.
We deserve to be the most important things in this world to someone. We deserve what we put in.

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What part of Homosexual Sex is sinful? if my vagina meets another vagina, and penetration with fingers is involved isn't that technically like straight sex? Its easy to say something is a sin if you dont understand it

Jesus dealt a lot with the Pharisees, religious leaders who had this same attitude toward sin. They wanted to find the loopholes, so they wrote all of these extra rules beyond what God said in order to convince themselves that they were following the Law. They even dictated how many steps you could walk on the Sabbath.

When people asked Jesus for clarification on the Law concerning adultery, He didn’t give them a loophole. He made the Law stricter so that people would understand how hopeless it was to think you could follow it perfectly. He told them that even looking lustfully at someone who wasn’t your spouse was as bad as committing adultery.

If you’re sitting there trying to figure out how far you can go without breaking the 6th Commandment, you’re doing it wrong. The Law shows us our sin and shows us how badly we need Jesus’ forgiveness.

You know if you’re engaging in sexual activity with someone who is not your spouse, and God knows that you know. He also loves you, and sent Jesus to die for you so that every sin, including that one, can be forgiven.

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Sfw and NSFW headcannons for a Sombra x Female reader who is learning to hack please(Not sure if this has been asked yet)? 💜 ^^ Sombra takes reader under her wing so they spend a lot of time together. They sort of just click?

  • It wasn’t often that someone tried to hack Sombra but you were curious and an amateur and you had made it past two of her firewalls. You were sloppy but you had obvious talent so she had to see you
  • She just appears in your place, gun drawn and is expecting you to beg for your life but instead you’re like ‘Well that was cool…you gonna shoot me now or can I ask you some questions about that gun?’
  • She is INSTANTLY intrigued by you because there is no begging or manipulation in your words, just a casual sarcasm/quickness that she just adores. The both of you go back and forth a lot especially when she is teaching you
  • The two of you end up creating a shorthand kind of language between the both of you, you shorten a word and then she responds and she adores you because ‘holy shit this girl speaks my language’
  • You make the first move and it surprises the hell out of her, she’s over your shoulder, pointing out a mistake in your coding and you just kiss her on the cheek. ‘Hope that was okay, been wanting to do that for a while’. She stares before she is wrapping her arms around you and kissing you back 
  • From then on you two are obnoxiously affectionate, she’ll hide little messages in the code. ‘For you to catch’. The messages range from te amo, boop to turn around and besame. When she can’t be there, they’re especially nice to find and she gets a notification. You’ll send her something back over your private texting app


  • You both are perverts but Sombra as your ‘teacher’ loves to give you little incentives to break her test codes
  • She will strap vibrators to your clit and nips and then give you a code to begin to work on. The vibrations slowly grow  in intensity, matching the difficulty of the hacks and all she says is ‘You gotta learn to work under pressure, dulzura~’
  • If she isn’t using toys, she absolutely adores sneaking up on you and slowly pushing her hands underneath your shirt, nibbling on your neck and watching you code. When you moan and slip up she is still nibbling on your skin but will pull back a little and say you made a mistake. Depending on the day you both don’t care and things turn steamy from there

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People are going hard on the Louis and Hot Luke thing because there is a CDAN blind about a foreign former boybander making out with a dude at a music festival, aka Louis.... so now that there are pics of Luke wearing Louis' jacket, people are saying Louis was making out with him.... :( Bullshit of course, and Houis talk of everyone except Harry, but the pap pics didnt help and now everyone is going wild...

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:And thats why i dont like whenever luke comes across my dash bc there’s always at least someone that just has to say him and louis made out or something along those lines and what makes it even more irritating is that theyre larries

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:No ones seeing an agenda with hot Luke? First anons flooding inboxes with asks about him and the idea of him with Louis, then the blind about Louis snogging a guy at ultra now the jacket share and an explosion of organic approval for Louis/Luke. Great timing with 

I mean… I’m not saying they wouldn’t try and push this, but Louis isn’t supposed to be super het straight lad bro pal? With a gf and son and 72927 girls linked to him lol but some fans really need to chill because honestly wtf - like Oli and Calvin are glued to him and are always in his house and wear his clothes too, but I never saw anyone saying anything about it 🤔

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:omg are they for real?? louis giving his jacket to luke is cute!! hes his friend, thats all. some ppl are too extra

As you can see, people are for real. And yes! It’s just cute, nothing so deep but alas lol 

ok idk if this hasn’t been clear enough but the discourse is over. it’s been like 12 hours? i’m done answering asks about it. i’ve had to go through this whole ordeal about once every two months (seriously, someone always asks and then whatever i say, whether blunt or polite, inevitably brings discourse because you can’t express any opinions on this site without someone getting offended and misconstruing it) and my stance is unchanging so if it bothers you, feel free to unfollow. i will delete any further asks that i get about this topic. because this is a mythology blog. not a middle grade book blog.

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I used to be so depressed, never officially diagnosed but I never had any love for life and I used to think that if someone asked me if I wanted to live or die, I would choose to die...I just dealt with it internally and then made the decision to travel! 3 years later Im vegan, have done so much travelling and have such a zest for life, that I can't believe I ever didnt want to live.You just have to move away from ur situation and change things for yourself ✌🏻 Popping a pill each day isnt good

Hey anon I’m super dooper happy for you and that’s so awesome you’re feeling better, but if some people need medication to help align a chemical imbalance in their brain then please don’t shame them for that 💛💛

There are many ways to address and overcome mental illness, everyone’s journey is different. This kind of rhetoric perpetuates the stigma that already prevents so many people from seeking professional help when they need it.

Ok so someone commented on the Rhodey/Bucky fic I just wrote on AO3 about if these two nerds would cuddle and y'all. Y'all.

James Rupert Rhodes doesn’t just “cuddle”. Not after 10.4 million years of being Tony “Touch Starved and Needy” Starks friend.

Rhodey knows how to c u d d l e. Alright we’re talking the softest blankets you could ask for. Probably ten pillows. Comfort food. You wanna spoon Rhodey? Check! You wanna be spooned? Check! You wanna flop down on him and not say a word for three hours? Check!

Rhodey can probably sense that someone needs to be cuddled from like 100 miles away (this is how he found Tony in im1 it’s his super power shhhh he loves it) and in .5 seconds you’re on the nearest soft surface with him getting hard core cuddled.

When you try to explain what is the Theistic Satanism to someone that’s not properly an atheistic or an agnostic, but something in between with strong Christian manifestations in his behaviour led by ignorance.

Indeed, when you try to do something like this when someone, after a long period you’re “friend” with, understands you’re something has always seen as a sort of monster, except for everything. This guy made a lot of questions, asking me what is the use of seals, if I make rituals, if I talk with the “devil”, why I love Satan and why Theistic Satanism is different from many other kinds of Satanism just for assuming I kill animals during rituals.

Man, we’re not psychopaths! We kill no ones, we respect the nature and the animals, and we neither kill people. It’s really so difficult to make “normal” people understand we’re not murders nor crazy maniacs that hurt animals. When we seek knowledge and self-development. Satan encourages individuality and freedom of thought.

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why does Eugene remind me of Enoch so much...just look at their designs! Eugene is literally Enoch only with hair and a tumor the size of a basketball eating the side of his face

I like how you always point this out even though they are from two different fucking games

I made eugene a long time ago, back when he had no name, same time I made “smokey” who is Dennis. 

I will admit that I drew Eugene as Enoch when someone proposed the idea that the dead heads and OFF should be a thing

like a crossover AU

I just fucking hate it when people are like


like shut the fuck up please.

I don’t mean to react so fucking hostile but jesus christ I’m sick of this most likely SAME anon who comes here almost every fucking day just so I can acknowledge this stupid fucking ask.

what about fucking Eugene that you think is the same fucking thing as Enoch?

because they’re both big characters?







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Hey, people tell me that my parents are abusive and I want to ask for your opinion. My parents made me think that Im a horrible, selfish human without any feelings. They tell me that if I wont smile or do what they say theyll slap me\take my stuff. It feels like theyre trying to turn me into a perfect daughter. I love them, but Im scared of them. I scream and close my eyes when someone lift their hand up and I think that it's because of them. What do you think? Sorry to bother.

that sounds abusive to me. parents who threaten their kids with physical force are manipulative (threats with like being grounded/taking some stuff away isnt abusive, its just strict)
Thats definitely not ok how theyre treating you and im sorry :(
-mod g

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Hi I hope you don't mind me asking but how can you bear being friends with someone who is a Rebecca stan? You say you can't even see her nickname but this person's url is that nickname... and don't they try to convince you to like her or something? I'm just trying to imagine because I couldn't be friends with someone who loves Chrissie, for example

Hello :)

Well, we all know who you’re talking about, Ceci and I have been friends for a VERY long time. She was one of the first friends I made in the fandom. She has always been one of the sweetest and kindest people you could ever meet. And the simple answer to all of that is that I don’t let our differing opinions affect our friendship. I’ve always been very clear that I have my own opinions but I will always respect people who have different ones. Differing opinions are what make things interesting; how boring would it be if we all just had the same opinion about absolutely everything?

As for her being a Rebecca stan in particular, yes, that’s a little hard because the vast majority of her posts get blocked through my blacklist. Even though I don’t think I’ll ever understand her (or anyone else’s) love for Rebecca, I completely and totally respect it. She loves Rebecca and there is NOTHING wrong with that. I cannot stand Rebecca and there is NOTHING wrong with that either. And there is NOTHING wrong with two friends having completely different viewpoints on something. Maybe it makes things a little more work sometimes but a real true friendship is worth any and all work it takes to maintain it.

But when it comes to Ceci, I have NEVER felt like I’ve had to work at remaining friends with her. Because, and I know for some reason the fandom’s now get it in their heads that the “antis” are “turning” people or whatever, but especially in regards to Ceci, that’s absolutely ridiculous. She has never once tried to convince to like Rebecca or change my opinion of her (or anyone else). She has expressed that she does wish that I’d feel the same as her BUT that she completely respects my opinion and feelings towards her. And THAT is how I can still be friends with her despite her stanning a character I despise and it’s also why I will continue to be friends with her no matter how different our opinions become. :D

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Girl I need to vent I'm sorry , I'm just so sad because I was engaged to someone for about a year and a half & we've had a rocky road you know , on & off (but no longer than two days) & just this weekend I threw a tantrum bc he never made time for me (not even for my birthday) & I thought he'd fight for me to stay but he didn't, he blocked me everywhere and is ignoring my emails & now I'm so heartbroken I miss him so much that I've cried five times & it's not even 10 am here yet what do I do ),:

Maybe he will come round and talk again but If he doesn’t then you need to move on because he isn’t right for you. Why would you want someone who doesn’t even bother to make time for you on your birthday girl?!!

literally the whole reason i talked about the greentext arrow shit is because of the fact that its literally the exact problem roxy has where she Does something bad (the greentext arrows made Someone uncomfortable) shes asked to stop doing the bad thing, she continues doing it without apologizing, and then goes on with her day. shes done this thing at least 3 times in completely different situations since ive known her.