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I think an important question that needs to be asked is how many people who send in "that post you made made me uncomfortable please delete" asks are being legit, and how many are taking advantage of the fact that you'll delete anything you're asked to if someone didn't like it.

I mean, you’d have a point if anyone sent us an ask like ‘you mentioned mushrooms in that post, delete it cos I don’t like mushrooms’, but nobody has. Every time someone’s asked us about that sort of stuff it’s legitimate, usually an unfortunate implication that we didn’t realise when we made the post, and we’re more than happy to listen to people’s concerns on that front. Plus, nobody even asks us to delete them! We do that ourselves, because we’re unhappy with the post now that the issue has been brought to our attention.

We’re only human, and we make mistakes. What’s important is dealing with those mistakes as soon as we notice, which is why we appreciate when people tell us about them.

Ever Since New York From Another Room
Harry Styles
Ever Since New York From Another Room

what esny would sound like if you lived next door to someone that just went through a break up from a relationship that lasted two months tops but still hit them hard.

(was once again requested on another post. you can also send requests in my ask)

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Please don't hate me for this but, honestly even though I don't ship shaladin, I think some people need to calm down abt it, like if someone makes good art but they're a shaladin that shouldn't mean you get rid of their art and not let them be able to get out there? And I understand that some shaladins can be overbearing or annoying, but we all love Voltron and that's what makes us a fandom and we shouldn't be fighting over something so stupid, why can't we just get a long and forget about it?

I refuse to support people who think it’s perfectly fine for someone around my brother’s age to date a grown ass adult who should know better than to go for kids in the first place

You’ve heard of Canadian jailtime for not using personalized pronouns, now get ready for:

Personalized language. If you speak to someone in english but their native language is swahili or sanskrit, you’ve now comitted a felony for mislanguaging them. If someone has their own language that they made up and feel comfortable with, it’s your job to first learn that language by asking what language they prefer, but make sure you ask *in* their prefered language or else its a hate crime. If youre not fluent or mispronounce things at any point, its a lawsuit worthy microagression. It’s a good idea, because it’s literally just encouraging people to not be a dick. People gave a right to be spoken to the way they demand, it’s called free speech. #staywakey

Don’t tell me to stop crying when the levee breaks and the waterworks start. First of all, I have likely been holding it in too long already, trying to live up to your arbitrary definition of ‘strong.’ Secondly, I don’t go around telling you to stop laughing when something tickles your sense of humor. You’re probably thinking, ‘Of course not! Laughter is a positive reaction.’ But who says crying is a negative reaction? Both laughter and tears are a cathartic release that are hard to control. Plenty of times, I’ve wept over something beautiful and joyful…and even when my tear ducts are set off by something upsetting, the act of crying itself is a healthy, healing thing that shouldn’t have to be suppressed simply because others may be uncomfortable with such emotional displays.

Next time you’re tempted to tell someone to stop crying, stop and ask yourself why you have a problem with it

(Inspired by a post made by the thought-provoking, emotionally moving, insanely relatable @creatingnikki)

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Hi aunty😂 What would got7 be like if they had a crush??

hi peach master!! 1st of all, they can’t bc what about the ahgases. LOLL jk here’s what i think they’d be like


  • *silently* - notice me, but don’t, but notice me
  • stalked his crush on EVERY social media platform 
  • linkedin profile lookin prettyyy good though
  • asked jackson what to do 
    • let’s call my crush “Taylor” so nobody knows y’kno
  • how do the other members know about this crush…(jackson: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


  • saw someone jamming out on a bench outside and now his mind has been corrupted with thoughts only of this person
  • musters up just enough courage to sit two benches away
  • next week, i hope to sit only one bench away hopefully
  • thinks he made eye contact but not sure bc he looked away in 0.0000001 seconds
  • instantly melted


  • imagines his whole future with this person
  • already knows how he’s gonna win the argument with his spouse about where his kid is gonna go for school
  • nice, Stella is going to be so happy at that international charter school
  • crush ended up having a significant other 
  • i’m not crying, my eyes are just sweating bc it’s too humid


  • i wonder if this amazin person even knows my name
  • wow what a good aura I’m sensing
  • super infatuated but is soo oblivious cause he didn’t know that his crush was actually crushing on him super hard
  • gives up chasing “nothing” (jb: you are dumb)
  • unfazed 


  • stares a little too long bc his otter-y dazed face comes out
  • left a few ambiguous notes on tiny pieces of paper folded up really small in crush’s stuff
  • asks jinyoung if he could very LOW KEY figure out if his crush likes him at all (jy: “soo youngjae really likes you and I’m not supposed to be telling you this but I want to know how you feel. don’t tell him i told you tho”)
  • hm I wonder why my crush hasn’t acknowledged me in a while
  • must be busy

deep double b:

  • tries mentally calculating how out of his league his crush is 
  • speaks in a voice 1 octave lower than usual 
  • ends up talking to his crush for a few weeks, but now has zero idea how to transition into talking normally again
  • this is it. this is my life now. deep double b 


  • ot6 teases the fuck out of him
  • but he loves it cause then he has the opportunity to squeal about his crush
  • can literally describe the outfit his crush wore (jinyoung: how many cm were the shoelaces)
  • 92 cm

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Quite a while back we had two weeks of someone (probably kids) coming in and squirting lube all over the floor, not only is that damaging our stock lube is the hardest shit to clean, it's not made to be able to wipe off, it's god damn lube, our hardwood floor was like an ice rink for those two weeks it was ingrained into the floor

I don’t know why but I just imagined a customer asking for help and the clerk just sliding over like “Yes can I help you”

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She just didn't read the guidelines it's not that deep no need to get mad about it omg

Listen here. It would be the very least of courtesies to fully read and understand someone’s request guidelines before making any request in the first place. It’s not difficult by any means.

I realize that some entitled people think fanfic/reaction/whatever writers on Tumblr are unpaid automaton ghost writers that solely exist to fulfill whatever requests you may have regardless of their feelings/preferences, but *surprise* we’re actually human beings. And–I’m not going to speak for everyone else, but I personally have these things called *feelings*, so when people continually ignore my guidelines/request statuses/calls for feedback/etc, it makes me feel like crap not even worth the slightest bit of respect and regard.

I’d appreciate that you never minimize my feelings on this matter again. Because it’s incredibly rude.

-  🌸

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Can I ask for the rfa + vanderwood and V dating someone who cosplays? It's okay if you can't do it. Ps I love your blog already :)

Oh man I love cosplaying. It’s such an expensive hobby though and thank you for the support!

RFA + V and Vanderwood reacting to an MC who cosplays


Yoosung Kim

  • Yoosung Kim, future vet and hero to all in Lolol, actually squealed when you sent him a selfie in cosplay.
  • He never saved a picture and made it his everything so fast.
  • Yoosung has always had an interest in cosplays and even tried it out once. He knows all the hard work put into it all and the fact you do it a lot gives him such heart eyes and respect.
  • He has every photo of you cosplaying saved onto his phone and he loves to show them off to all his friends in his class.
  • Yoosung would start cosplaying more with you. He would shyly ask to do pairing cosplays with you since that has always been a lowkey dream of his
  • You might have to help him make costumes though he inexperienced and he sees you as a professional
  • He would stay up late with you and help assemble your costume eve when you are about to pass out you’re so tired

Jaehee Kang

  • She has seen cosplays before. Once she had to stay at a Hotel for work related things and it so happened to be shared with a con. Nothing is more confusing than talking to a receptionist dressed as Kagura from Gintama.
  • She has high respect for the people who put their time and money into cosplay. So when you told her, she was really impressed.

  • Jaehee would go to cons with you if you wanted but she wouldn’t really want to cosplay much herself.

  • She enjoys herself by helping you finish your costume the night before by giving you coffee or passing the scissors.

  • Jaehee is the kind of girlfriend that would “so happen to” see certain fabrics or props that would add to your cosplays

  • She just wants to support you the best of her abilities.


  • Zen gets riled up knowing that you like to cosplay.
  • He feels experienced because he does it for a living
  • Please cosplay with him he would treasure those memories until he dies.
  • Every time either of you posts a couple cosplay on any social media, it’s a big hit. You two are just too good at this.
  • Sometimes, you guys just cosplay and stay at home. You two have fun just being in character for the whole day.
  • Zen also gets way into the roles of the characters since he is an actor. It actually is very cute and helps you get into yours as well.
  • If Zen isn’t dressing with you, he is still constantly taking your picture and taking selfies.
  • He feels so giddy knowing that you like to cosplay because it feels like you two have a deep connection through the similar passions.

Jumin Han

  • When Jumin first sees you in a cosplay, he feels like he is cheating.
  • Because you are so attractive but that doesn’t look like the person he loves and cherishes?? It confuses him and he has to take a minute to process it.
  • Don’t get him wrong, he doesn’t hate it.
  • In fact, he finds it really interesting. You take time and effort into making these elaborate costumes and then go to cons with people that share the same passion. It’s neat!
  • He supports any hobby you do with all of his heart and cosplay just lands right in perfectly.
  • If you don’t want him to just flat out buy the costume, then he would supply you like crazy. Foam, metals, fabrics, sewing machines, you name it and it’s yours.
  • Sometimes he buys waay too much but anything for you ❤
  • He doesn’t know the characters you cosplay most of the time but he assumes they are really cool because you are really cool
  • Jumin would go to cons with you but he can’t cosplay for the life of him. The wigs are too much for him to handle, he gets uncomfortable with the costumes, etc.
  • He will settle for cat ears and seeing you all dressed up instead.
  • Jumin likes to take you to cons around the world so you can experience new things. However, sometimes he gets jealous seeing other people take pictures of you and has to excuse himself before spoiling the fun of things.

Jihyun Kim ( V )

  • He has taken photos for cosplayers before, so they are no mystery to him.
  • V loves cosplayers because they work so hard to develop a character they love and just knowing you are one of those people gives him such joy

  • If you want to cosplay with him, it’s a struggle. His costumes always end up uneven and odd looking since he doesn’t have experience making them himself.

  • He wouldn’t mind going to cons with you, but you guys might need to have breaks occasionally since it could be overwhelming

  • He doesn’t really know how to make the costumes or props, but if you ever need a camera guy then he is your go to.

  • The effort you put into this hobby does go blinded by this guy. He also takes picture of the costume in making. He loves to see the way you chew your lip while sewing fabrics together, it melts him.

Saeyoung Choi ( 707 )

  • After the reaction he gave, you had to ask if he was okay because he was so quiet while looking at you.
  • In reality, he was planning so many different cosplays to do with you. He was so excited and hyped he forgot to talk
  • If you think you won’t have a cosplay prepared in time, Defender of Justice is there to save the day!
  • Saeyoung loves to cosplay and seeing that you love to just excites him beyond the point of no return.
  • He once tried to do couple cosplays with Yoosung and that didn’t work out so well but now he has you!!
  • He doesn’t go out of the house often but when there is a con he is willing to go with you ( even if you didn’t actually know about it till the day of )
  • He loves to cosplay with you. You two mostly do famous pairing in animes or other fandoms. It makes everyone jealous.


  • They don’t get it when they see pictures of your cosplays. You will have to explain it to them in detail like a small child.
  • Vanderwood has been head deep in work with the agency so this sort of thing is new to them
  • When you first explain, they automatically think of Saeyoung crossdressing and it sends chills down their spine.
  • They are very practical so they don’t make costumes as detailed as you usually do. They sometimes get too frustrated with it and never complete them
  • If you two go to a con together, they are asking many questions. They don’t watch anime so they are unfamiliar with everything.
  • Vanderwood has been on their fair share of undercover missions with Saeyoung so they have a bunch of spare clothing and wigs you can have.
  • They still support you though. They may only wear a shirt with the character you are cosplaying but they will still help you put things together.
  • Don’t worry, they will catch on soon.

Oh, I guess you can’t expand ask pictures, so I’ll make this an actual post.

Anonymous:  Do you have any RWBY OCs of your own? I’ve seen you post some pictures of OCs but I’m pretty sure they were always either someone else’s or not related to RWBY

I made a team quite a while ago, and changed a couple things based on an idea someone mentioned after seeing them, but that’s pretty much it.

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Why would you recommend someone to watch the royal tutor?

There’s no easy answer, so I’ll try to be as coherent as possible (by the way, this is the post I made when I’d just started watching the series, so it’ll be fun to see how many things I can add). You should watch OKH if you like: 

  • comedies with a dash of drama: OKH has a wholesome sense of humor, either represented by the princes’ personalities, the main character’s dry wit, or the antics of the supporting cast. (On a personal note, I’m a huge fan of chibi drawings, and OKH makes good use of that.) It also has sentimental moments that aren’t overly sappy or heartbreaking, so it’s the type of anime you can watch that will definitely make your day better.

Originally posted by shit-i-gif

(^^^ actual image of me at a bookstore)

  • stories about teachers and students: as a teacher, I’m a big fan of Assassination Classroom because I like the way Koro-sensei treats his students and talks to them, but more importantly, how he listens to them. OKH’s Heine-sensei is pretty much a great teacher, not because he is so overpowered in his skills (he could be a shorter, redhead-version of Sakamoto desu ga?’s Sakamoto) but because his lessons go against the outdated idea that “learning is studying, and studying is reading.” None of that nonsense here.

Originally posted by aejumi

  • character development/gap moe: I chose to put these two in the same category because ultimately, it’s about the way characters are perceived. To put it simply, you start with otome-game archetypal, host-like princes, but boy you’re in for a surprise if you think it remains there. By chapter 3 you’ll probably have adopted at least one of these guys as your son (if not all of them).

Originally posted by amy-chickadee

  • the “feel” of period pieces: categories like ”period”, “historical”, or “royalty” are a bit tricky in anime, because there’s always a fantasy factor in anything that is especially foreign to Japan. (I could refer to Kuroshitsuji, Kyou Kara Maou, or Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu for references.) Granted, perhaps the richness of the backgrounds could have been better (the anime ran on a tight budget), but the general aesthetics is pleasant, and the music is a good companion to the scenes. It even makes the slice-of-life moments more enjoyable.

Originally posted by lunxsole

  • stories you want to know more about: the manga is still ongoing, whereas the anime finishes at 12 episodes. Many characters that haven’t been introduced, and some characters get more development in the manga. The ending of the anime has little to no connection to the way in which the manga is going; that, however, doesn’t make it less entertaining - on the contrary, I promise you it makes you want to read the manga even more. It’s got a rather interesting build-up, and enough intrigue to keep you wondering what will happen. So the anime is great in terms of being a “gateway” to the manga. (I’m an aural person, so listening to the voices of the characters also made the little I’ve read so far of the manga even more enjoyable.) 
  • a varied and talented cast: if you’re interested in seiyuu, this one gives you a chance to discover new gems as well as encountering old favorites. Outstanding newcomers include a few stage play veterans, like Heine’s VA (Ueda Keisuke - Yowapeda, K, Osomatsu-san’s Choromatsu, and now he’ll be Hetalia’s Japan), and Kai’s VA (Asato Yuuya - Hakkenden, Diabolik Lovers, Kurobasu, and the F6 version of Osomatsu-san’s Ichimatsu). Outstanding veterans include Aoi Shouta, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Eguchi Takuya, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Namikawa Daisuke, and uncredited names like Hiroki Takahashi (Dmitri), Katsuyuki Konishi (Owner), and Ono Daisuke (Eins).

“Honorable” mention: I’d point out the fan service/shipping moments, but you don’t get many of those. It’s really not that kind of anime. Though I do think that since they’re all really attractive, the ships can sail freely.

So all in all, I truly believe it’s an enjoyable series. I’d have liked to get more than 12 episodes, but sometimes that is enough. Definitely recommendable as it’s something light-hearted, viewer-friendly, and heart-warming.

Thanks for stopping by!

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i think i know why aizawa just dresses in that baggy black trashbag all the time because when he actually has to dress himself he dresses himself in the atrocious combination of a black blazer, pink sweatpants and tennis shoes

That’s why Mic picked out his wardrobe when he appeared in front of the media. Picked him out a nice suit, probably made him put on some moisturizer and bb cream…. maybe broke two or three combs when he tried to fix his hair. 

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It's kinda surprising how your asks can go from furry Yusuke to lesbian Ann, right? I mean it's entertaining and all though. Also I think Ann's costume design is a cool nod to a "cat burglar," someone who infiltrates a place by climbing or using acrobatics type stuff, which in all Palaces is done at some point.

That could be it honestly. But I think a lot of it was to get Ann in something ridiculously tight with a tail, like I love her but out of all the girls her design was made to be a little over-sexualised.

And thank god someone else thinks so, I’m always worried I interact a little too much, like it might detract from the quotes and stuff which is technically the point. But if it’s cool then it’s cool,

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I don't recall if you answered this before (I checked your asks here and other blogs as well), but I was wondering if you created Mercury's home from scratch or was it premade by someone else? If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd love to be able to download it!

The base house is this one, but I have since moved rooms around and made it bigger. 

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Okay um I don’t mean to start anything but like I am very annoyed by the post you reblogged. Please keep it to yourself. You don’t need to attack people-and we all know who you’re talking about. don’t be passive aggressive okay narnia fandom??

I find this whole situation so funny smh first of all I can be passive aggressive if I want to I’m real 95% of the time 
also good job copying and pasting your ask and sending it to my friends

anyway. I know the post you’re talking about (it is this one made by my friend @sheisthehighqueen) and I’m going to keep it short. She is not attacking anyone. She is not mentioning any names and/or URLs, she’s not setting anyone up to hate other people. She is just calling something/someone out.

And she has every right to do so. Don’t like it? Unfollow her, and everyone that reblogged that post. It’s very simple. 

Because you know what? People in the lgbt+ community and people of colour have every right to speak the fuck up about their rights and it grosses me out that we are still not accepted everywhere. It’s disgusting. We’ve been oppressed for god knows how long so let us fucking speak our minds if we want to. We’re not tolerating crap any longer, so suck it up and unfollow me if you want to. The people that know me know that I’m a good person who tries their best to be respectful and almost always is but I have a fucking limit and this is it.

Me: *publishes a one shot I’ve had laying around for two years that was the origin of a fic a lot of people have come to love. publishes a one shot that people have asked about. publishes a one shot that primarily focuses on about 3 hours of a story that literally spans decades. publishes a one shot where i specifically state that CL co-lead and are in a happy healthy marriage. publishes a one shot that shows a mother and son being close. publishes a one shot where in the notes ive made it explicitly clear is a one shot*

Someone: “Uhm this creepy and this family is sick. Why are you so obsessed? Why can’t you write what *I* want you to write?”

This made me laugh out loud cuz some of y'all will find a way to twist and complain about *literally* anything.


hi I made wirt pride flag icons bc I’m fuckin trash :)) and since I now know how to make icons I’ll probably make more with other characters because I’m in a shitton of fandoms but anyway,, rb or © me if you’re using these k thanks byE

also shoot me a msg or send an ask if you want one with another flag or just a plain color bg alright coolio

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At the risk of sounding horrifically stupid could someone please explain what this Keith Big Bang thing is?

No worries anon, it’s always better to ask if you don’t know what something is than stay clueless. Asking is never bad and we are always happy to help^^

A Big Bang in general is a fandom thing where artists and writers collaborate to create a fic with art. Writers sign up, plot out their fics that usually have a relatively high word count (hence the “big”) and submit an excerpt + a short summary. These will then be made accessible for the artists that signed up and they can “claim” one or multiple fics they want to work on. After that, the mods of the bang will match up artists and writers who will work together. 

Each Big Bang has different requirements/rules though. For some the minimum word count is 15k words, for others it’s 50k. For some the minimum pieces of art are 2 finished pieces, for other’s it’s 1 for each 5k words. Sometimes artists have to claim up to 15 works, sometimes it’s only 5. (Though in the end, they only work on one of these fics of course :P) There is also something called a Reverse Big Bang, where artists submit sketches of their work first and writers are the ones that claim some works.

Anyway, the Keith Big Bang would be a Big Bang specifically centered around ya boy Keith. All fics works feature him as the main character and depending on the Bang, ships might be allowed or might not (always check the rules before signing up). Currently, there exists a blog for a Keith Big Bang ( @keithbigbang) but the official promo post that should have been out in May hasn’t been posted yet. The rules page isn’t set up yet either and sign ups were supposed to start late June, so we’re waiting for the mods to get back to us about what happened to the Bang^^

- mod: happykeith

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hey, sorry 2 ask, but r u an aro/ace exclusionist or inclusionist? i saw smth abt u & ace discourse & how ur talkin abt it, & im confused cuz i dont understand wht happened,, again, sorry 2 ask!! im jus tryna avoid ace exclusion stuff

ah okay i am for the inclusion of people under the asexual umbrella to the lgbt+ community as I am asexual myself. I made icons of the ace and aro flags and edited “my existence is not sensitive content” on it because i was taking requests. a lot of people didn’t like it, with good reason and proceeded to send hate, saying that the aroace community was taking a problem that the lgbt community had and stole it. they kept saying that aces aren’t lgbt and i didn’t respond to any of it. i didn’t and don’t want to promote hate so responding to them would have been doing the opposite. I waited it it out and then someone sent an ask saying to apologize so i did. my apology i now realize has some pretty confusing wording in it so i’ll go over it again. in the apology I said that i was in the wrong and shouldn’t have posted them in the first place but i have since changed my mind. i do believe that aces belong in the lgbt community so therefore, deserved a post about being censored by tumblr’s “safe mode.” (in quotes because quite frankly, it’s hardly safe at all) I did ask for no hate or discourse but people obviously ignored that. i know that some people disagree with me and that is okay but that gives them no right to send hate when i blatantly said that i want nothing to do with it. i believe both sides could have handled it better and i apologize for not doing better (but hey, this was a learning experience!) i am no longer taking requests for icons because i don’t feel comfortable with it anymore and i feel like that should be respected.

so tldr: i made icons in protest of tumblr’s new safe mode and i made a set for aroace people and people didn’t like it and sent hate.

i feel like ranting because the whole universe never fails to disappoint me. i posted a picture on instagram that had a drawing of naked woman on it, flaunting her body. the message behind the picture stated that being outwardly sexual has nothing to do with respect. i only posted that picture because someone i know made fun of another beautiful woman who posted a picture of herself in lingerie. she thought it was disgusting that she put her body out like that but i saw it as self expression. i can’t be the only one who thinks a woman can do whatever they want with their body whether it be kylie jenner or a random person who lived in texas and thinks their body is beautiful. anyway, i digress, once i posted said picture i got a comment from my cousin, if you will, that asked me to delete it because it was weird. i said no because it’s just art with a powerful message which is what i’m all about. he proceeded to say that the woman’s bush was not art and i can’t imagine how he will deal with the natural aspects of a woman’s body when he’s older. it sucks to know that many guys think the same way and with out body positivity girls will continue to think that men don’t want them in their natural form. i happened to get two more comments that agreed with my cousin and they both were from girls. it’s so disheartening to see women tear other women down for not stepping up to their standard EVEN IF IT IS JUST A DRAWING BECAUSE I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. i don’t know if i’m overreacting because i know not everyone is as open minded as me and everyone is entitled to their own opinions but still? i need the internets help on this one UGH