this was literally the highlight of my day omfg

ravenclawinthemaking  asked:

🌟 don't have a favorite organ tbh but my favorite song these days is calling you by highlight :D (this is for the blograte)

ohh i listened to it and it’s nice! i didn’t realize it was by highlight at first and thought it was just called “calling you by highlight” omfg lol

url: wot | basic but you make it work | radicallll dude | how’d you get that??!! | your url is my sexuality | dm me for a url trade ;)

icon: don’t understand | not my style but still snazzy | wow i love | as awesome as you are :D | GIVE | literally in the top 10 icons i’ve ever laid eyes upon

mobile theme: what the darn | cool beans | ohh that’s pretty | y e s | cries i wish mine was as nice as yours | i will never leave your blog

desktop theme: default | awesome sauce | that is nice indeed | how much time did you spend on this don’t lie to me | i needed this in my life thank you | i’m adding this to my bookmarks bar

original content: none | not my cup of tea but still fantastic! | hmm rebloggable | your posts need to meet my queue | thank you for blessing me with this | can i just be you tbh

overall: appendix | kidney | lungs | brain | HEART

following: no, but i still <3 you | am now!! | yESS | it would physically pain me if i weren’t

comments: (1) omg is that you in your icon? absolutely gorgeous omg! (2) your desktop theme is sooo pretty wow! that is the best green i’ve ever seen with my own two eyes, and that FONT oMG (3) your url is super unique wowow!! definitely the most unique hp themed one i’ve seen :D

ps. omg your dream is stanford too?!! 

want a blograte?