this was like the happiest scene


#whatever you do don’t think about this scene #don’t think about how much kissing isak actually meant to even #he wasn’t just happy because he was kissing a boy he liked #he was happy because he was finally kissing a boy he liked who liked him back #it was probably the happiest he’s been in a long time #he had to break the kiss. to make sure it was real. and it was. and he smiled so brightly #we thought that this kiss was really important to isak #but it was even more important to even #just don’t think about it


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #45. Peyton Sawyer & Jake Jagielski 

“Yes, losing your heart’s desire is tragic, but gaining your heart’s desire? That’s all you can hope for. This year I wished for love … to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted and if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy because I wouldn’t give it back for the world.”


The sweet Sophie Hunter/Cumberbatch in Friends and Crocodiles (2005)

A ton of skam related questions by @nnooorraa​ & @eksild


1. What was a skam moment that taught you something?
2. Who of skam would you like to switch places with and why?
3. What are 3 songs you think fit skam perfectly?
4. Which season is your favorite and why?
5. How did you find skam?
6. What is your favorite small moment?
7. Who of the actors is your favorite and why?
8. Whose house would you like to live in most?
9. Who do you hope will be the season 4 main and who do you think it will be in reality?
10. Do you even still believe there’s going to be a trailer?
11. Would you want to change anything about skam? If so what?
12. Do you think skam handles what it’s like to have a mental illness right?
13. What do you think about the music used in skam?
14. Did you discover any new artists/bands through skam?
15. Who of the cast would you like to meet most in real life?
16. If you met Julie Andem what would you say to her?
17. Do you know any series similar to skam?
18. Has your fashion changed because of skam?
19. Have you ever dreamed about skam? What happened?
20. Has skam inspired you in any way?
21. Would you want to go to Nissen? Why?
22. What is something about skam that drives you crazy?
23. What scene means the most to you and why?
24. Have you ever gotten a friend addicted to the show?
25. How would you describe skam to someone who hasn’t seen it?
26. What do you think is most unrealistic about skam?
27. What scene made you the happiest and why?
28. Has skam ever made you cry?
29. What will you do when Skam has finished?
30. Is Skam your favourite series?


31. Do you follow the characters on social media?
32. Who do you think is the strongest?
33. Who do you like most?
34. If you could be best friends with any character who would it be?
35. If you could dress like any character who would it be?
36. Which character is most like you and why?
37. What is your opinion on (character name)?
38. What do you think about the characters drinking/doing drugs?
39. Who do you think is the most under appreciated character of them all?
40. Which character is most like your best friend and why?


41. If you could date any character who would it be?
42. Who is your OTP?
43. What is your most favorite kissing scene?
44. Who is your NOTP?
45. Who would you like to see in a relationship together?
46. Do you think skam handles sexuality right?
47. What romantic moment made you cringe?
48. Who do you think has the most healthy relationship throughout the series?
49. Would you ever date (character name)?
50. Which relationship do you wish they had done differently?  

Boy & Girl Squad (pick a squad when you ask!)

51. Who is your favorite squad member and why?
52. Who are you most similar to in the squad?
53. What do you think is most important about the friendship of the squad?
54. What is your favorite squad moment?
55. What do you hate about the squad?
56. Which squad would you want to be in most?
57. Do you have your own squad?
58. Which squad would you want to see more of in the new season?
59. Which squad would you like to party most with?
60. What is your favourite friendship in the squad?


61. Who is your favorite person from Kollektivet and why?
62. Who are you most similar to in kollektivet?
63. Would you want to live at Kollektivet? Why?
64. Which kollektivet party did you want to attend most & why?
65. What is your most favorite thing about kollektivet?
66. Who would you want to switch rooms with?
67. Who would you want to share rooms with?
68. Who do you think would be the most annoying roommate?
69. Do you think you’d be a good roommate in kollektivet?
70. Would you like all the kollektivet parties or would you find them annoying?


71. What is your favorite thing about the fandom?
72. What is something you hate about the fandom?
73. What is your favorite fanfic or headcanon & why?
74. Who is your most favorite person in the fandom and why?
75. Have you ever made any fan art/fiction for the skam fandom?
76. Did you learn Norwegian for skam?
77. What is the most crazy fan theory you’ve heard so far?
78. What is your most favorite gifset?
79. Who would you like to read more fics/headcanons about?
80. What is a fandom related url you wish you had?

Not Soldiers Today

I’ve been thinking about the things we aren’t permitted to see.

What we learned in The Final Problem is that there is another Sherlock his harsh exterior has been protecting. Sherlock is most definitely not a high-functioning sociopath. He’s a deeply emotional, loving man who needs companionship and affection.

We see the secret Sherlock a couple of times in series 4: at the end of The Lying Detective when he holds John and tells him what he needs to hear (”Even you”), and, fleetingly, with John and Rosie in a snippet of a scene that can only be described as their happiest moment on record. Sherlock is so happy he looks out of character. We have never seen John grin like that before. 

But we don’t really get to see Sherlock and John behind closed doors again. And I’ve been thinking that. 

Sherlock has a secret self that is different than the persona he has been cultivating. How weird would it be to drop a mask like that? He can’t drop it entirely, can he? Certainly not while he’s solving crimes. That is who Sherlock is now. he can be gentler and kinder, but he’s still Sherlock. He’s still got to be that person.

The hat goes on and he becomes Sherlock Holmes for the world, the logic machine, the famous consulting detective, but at home, when the door is shut, does the secret Sherlock emerge? In The Final Problem,John says they are “soldiers today”. John is aware that they both put on a guise in public; Sherlock is the calculating genius, John is the hero. But there is a time when they stop being soldiers.

Maybe no one gets to see the secret part of Sherlock. Not the clients, not the police, not even us. But John has seen it. John knows that secret Sherlock well. Maybe only he ever will.

There has always been a Sherlock for the outside world, but finally Sherlock has an inside world in which he is not alone.

“So, Kuchiki-dono, where have you made our reservations tonight?”


DSM chapter 15 by @gunnerpalace

Happiest of (late) birthdays to Dux Gunnerpalace, from Nami and I! I’ve always wanted to draw the dinner scenes from DSM, because I’m a slut for high fashion, so here you are! I don’t know how close I got to what you were envisioning, but I hope you enjoy my take on their outfits. I had a ball designing Rukia’s gown, especially. Hope your day was filled with nothing but excellence, Dux! 

Unconcealed: Part 2

Unconcealed: Part 2

Word count: 7.3k

Genre: smut, angst

There will be and epilogue to this. Hope you enjoy, it does get a little angsty. I almost cried while writing one part, haha. 

(Gif not mine)

Part one

You and Taehyung had been secretly seeing each other for three months now. He would sneak into your apartment some nights and stay over, sometimes you’d go to his house and sneak in. Although Taehyung didn’t like the fact that you two were sneaking around but he had such strong feelings for you he did whatever you wanted with no second thought. He knew it was to hide from your roommate but he also thought this had something to do with the fact that you hadn’t been in a relationship since Will. He didn’t want to bring it up. He knew he should but he was so head over heels for you he didn’t want to ruin anything.

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A Father’s Fear

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 1,212
Warnings: Angst, unplanned pregnancy, talk of miscarriage

Part 3 of Last Chance

After the birth of your son, you both agreed he was it. One kid was enough for each of you, he filled your days with so much joy. And with Dean hunting, one child was a good number. He amazed you every time he would learn something new, his smile was contagious, and it didn’t take much to make him giggle up a storm.

The two of you went about life as if nothing would change. Every time you brought up getting married, the subject was either changed, or he’d give you some type of excuse. Slowly, you brought it up less and less, until you figured it would never happen. He asked just to keep you around, but never intended to actually marry you. It hurt, but you accepted it.

When your son was just about 3, you found out you were pregnant. You were crushed. You cried, and you felt like you’d throw up. Finally, half an hour after you saw that plus sign, you found Dean in the dining room. Your hand was shaking as you held out the test. “I’m pregnant.” You told him, the pain in your eyes.

It took him a moment to register what you had just told him- that he was going to be a father of two. Getting up, he pulled you close, burying his face in your neck. “We’ll be okay, baby.” He assured you. “We’ll have two kids, and we’ll put up with their stupid fights, and I hope to hell we have a little girl.”

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Ed’s reaction to Nygmobblepot Hugs

I’ve made gifs of all the Nygmobblepot hugs so far and I’ve noticed that they’re always filmed in a way that makes it clear that Oswald is overjoyed but Ed is much less enthusiastic. In fact, we usually see Oswald’s expression during the hugs for much longer than Ed’s. So I decided to look at Ed’s reactions during the hug scenes.

Here is Ed’s face during their first hug: 

To me, this looks like he’s disappointed that the situation didn’t go in the direction that he had expected. I think he was expecting Oswald to lean in for a kiss, but that’s just my interpretation. On the other hand, Oswald looks like the happiest man in the world.

Here’s Ed’s reaction to their second hug in 3x07:

This is after he misses his dinner with Oswald and comes home to find him on the phone with the GCPD. He looks surprised that Oswald was so concerned for his safety. Ed doesn’t really hug him back in this scene. 

Here’s the hug from 3x08:

This one is my favorite because it’s the only time we see Ed really looking happy while hugging Oswald. The first time I posted this screencap, a bunch of people asked me when this happened and it’s because we only see this for like a second. The focus is mostly on Oswald during the hug. And while I would LOVE to think that the beautiful expression on Ed’s face is due to the fact that he’s holding Oswald. When I pry my shipper goggles off I remember that he just got back from having sex with Isabella and he’s this happy because he believes that he can be with her without hurting her.

The hug at the morgue:

Here Ed’s expression is full of grief, which is totally understandable considering he just found out his girlfriend is dead.

The “remember that” hug:

This is when things get a lot darker for our ship. Ed’s expression is a mix of anger and sadness. While Oswald’s is pure relief and happiness (before the “remember that” line). I’m not even going to bother posting a pic of the hug from 3x14 because we all know what Ed’s feelings were in that moment. 

i really want to believe that Ed’s lack of enthusiasm during these hugs is down to his awkwardness or a lack of experience with friendship. But just for comparison, here is how he hugged Jim:

Oswald is much closer to Ed than Jim ever was. Yet I feel like this hug was more enthusiastic than the way Ed hugs Oswald. Which just … ????? confuses me ?????

HERE IS THE POINT OF THIS SILLY POST: When Ed and Oswald eventually mend their friendship/relationship, I’m going to need the tables to be turned during the hug. I want to see Ed’s face looking like he is having a religious experience. I want the focus to be more on him than Oswald during the hug and i want it to be clear that he feels it is a privilege to be hugging that gorgeous man.

Feel free to tell me if you disagree with any of my interpretations.

anonymous asked:

I'll admit I have very limited knowledge when it comes to romance. And still I want my story to revolve around a romance between a young couple. However I only have a vague idea of how the romance scenes should be written and I don't feel like the tv romance is often accurate. Any thoughts or ideas?

Writing Romance Scenes

There are a few things that I find really important when approaching romance scenes, especially because it’s in their nature to occasionally come across as a bit flowery or over-the-top. Here are the strategies I’ve found to be the most helpful:

  • Understand your character(s) — Knowing your characters on a deeper level is important for keeping them in character throughout the entirety of the story, and it becomes especially important when placing them in situations of great emotional (and sometimes physical) significance. Their respective motivations and behaviors affect the things they say and do, which in turn affects the things their partner says and does. Making sure that your characters’ actions and reactions stay true to their personality makes a big impact on the realism of your romantic scene.

  • Throw away the script — The problem with so many TV and movie scenes is that the actors are reading from a script and following stage directions in a way that’s been rehearsed and repeated until it’s perfect. Real people don’t say exactly the right thing at exactly the right time; they stumble over their words, they become self-conscious or embarrassed, and they sometimes throw caution to the wind and say that really dumb thing in the hopes it will be received well. Humans are often a bit clumsy by nature, and it’s good to strike a balance in order to make the aforementioned flowery, over-the-top lines and actions go down a bit easier.

    Pro-tip: Notice that I did say ‘balance’. Just like you don’t want the obvious tropes to overwhelm your scenes, you also don’t want the awkward moments to take center stage. People also don’t “umm” and stutter their way through every single sentence they say. Romance isn’t 100% Edward Cullen, but neither is it 100% Bella Swan, if you feel me.

  • Take in more media — As with any aspect of writing, the best way to familiarise yourself with a concept is to expose yourself to it as much as possible. Learn to recognise the more common tropes used in TV, movies, romance novels, and fanfictions and think about how you’d want to incorporate them within your story. Read romance and relationship advice forums to gain a better understanding of what to do/not to do and how your character might feel about a given approach. It’s good stuff, and the internet has all of it for ~free~

  • Don’t be afraid of words — If there’s anything I’ve learned about writing romance, it’s that euphemisms can really, really poison your writing. Nothing lessens the impact of an emotional moment by refusing to name it, in my opinion.

    I’m not just talking about specific euphemisms, I’m also referring to the sort of fade-to-black, conveniently-interrupted moments that keep the characters from speaking or thinking about topics that have the potential to be really important to their relationship and continued development.

    Let them think about marriage. Let them think about abuse. Let them think about sex, about breaking up, about their confused feelings, about what they’re absolutely sure of. Let them be afraid, and don’t deny their feelings with phrases that imply doubt shouldn’t and doesn’t occasionally exist even within the happiest of relationships.

    It’s important to write out of your comfort zones and challenge yourself a bit with things like this. I absolutely promise that your writing will be better for it.

I hope this helps! How you write a romance scene is ultimately going to depend a lot on your particular characters and style. I’m going to reach out to our lovely community here, as well— do any of you have examples of romance scenes that you find to be particularly well done? 

I wish you the best of luck, anon! Go forth and make darling romances!


anonymous asked:

Which is your favourite hug and why? 2x05, 2x16, 3x13, 4x13?

ooooooooh k this is a REALLY hard question to answer anon!!


3x13 and 4x13 were the most intimate, 2x05 was the happiest and most exciting to watch, since it was their first (imo) but of all of them, 2x16 had the best SCENE to go along with it .. hmm

If we look at the hugs alone (disregarding the rest of the scene) I guess my top two would have to be 2x05 and 4x13. 

I remember watching 2x05 and just the sheer joy and excitement of seeing them come together in that way. The music, the run, both of their reactions … it was just beautiful. It really felt like, I don’t want to say the start of Bellarke? But something about Bellamy and Clarke in that moment just felt new and incredible, it felt like they really made that shift from being co-leaders and best friends to the very, very real possibility that one day they might be more.  I can’t get over that hug and I probably never will. Definitely one of the best Bellarke moments of Season 2. 

No angst, just love.

But y’all know that I AM an angst hoe, after all, so that’s why I HAVE to put 4x13 right up there with 2x05. It’s a very different hug but it’s also happening when Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is in a very different place. It just perfectly shows how intimate these two are with each other now, and how much they love each other. I love the contrast between Bellamy being so shocked that Clarke was in his arms in 2x05 with Bellamy not even hesitating before wrapping his arms around her in 4x13 because he knows where their relationship stands now, and how much this girl means to him, and how much he means to her, which is just … a really huge step for Bellamy, you guys. Knowing that someone cares about him? Having that much confidence in his relationship with this girl that he can comfort her without feeling like he’s overstepping? 


They draw strength from each other.

It’s really beautiful, nonny. I’ll never recover.

anonymous asked:

idk if ur still taking fic requests but: kanej anastasia au (inej wants to find her family, we all know kaz is /only/ there for the money)

okay but this def calls for a multichaptered fic just bc i can’t smush everything into a oneshot bUT have some headcanons first (consider this a layout for the actual thing?? maybe??)
- inej’s a lost suli princess, obviously
- kaz as dimitri, jesper as vladimir, there’s a badass girl they meet on the train right before it break and she literally saves their asses and that, ofc, is nina
- matthias is bartok except he’s human /the Big Bad a.k.a rasputin is jarl brum (i considered pekka rollins but honestly?? jarl is way way more terrifying simply bc he’s an actual literal nazi fanatic and he has no remorse/ and matthias grows more and more unsure about his ~mission~ everyday
- inej: constantly trying to convince kaz he shouldn’t maybe,, deck people with his cane at the first minor inconvenience
inej: ? :)
kaz: [storms off]
jesper: ah yes young love
nina: jesper you’re young too
jesper: who me?? nah i have wylan in paris, i’m cool
- okay but imagine inej dancing to once upon a december except she doesn’t know HOW or why she knows it, she just does (that’s before she figured out her medallion was actually a music box)
- imagine kaz walking in on her twirling and she doesn’t notice him at first so he gets all red and then she sees him and it’s super awkward but inej smiles and makes everything better (it is a known fact that inej’s smile can make flowers grow)
- jarl brum sending his evil minions after her (also bc he has old hatred for nina and inej helped her escape that burning train)
- matthias tries to convince jarl brum to like,, chill the fuck out maybe but fails miserably
- kaz’s ptsd is still present bc it’s an essential part of his character (no matter what au this is), his background, his persona and so he can’t grab inej when she wakes up from that nightmare on the ship
- so he just tells her to pretend there’s a net, and he reminds her how much she hates nets and that she’s stronger than that so she climbs back up all on her own bc she’s inej mothereffin ghafa so eat a cactus jarl brum
- they get to paris and wylan’s like. blushing like an actual pepper (as wylan does) so jesper immediately seizes the opportunity and starts calling him little devil bc yknow red pepper hot yadda yadda yadda
- meanwhile nina actually acts like sophie and takes them out for waffles, shows them around paris, somehow gets in touch with the queen before wylan could even open the door
- KAZ SEEING INEJ!!!!!!!! IN THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ajksdjkask
- his fingers barely brush during the ballet scene at the theater but it’s like electricity (for both of them)
- kaz, who has spend so much time babbling about his precious kruge, the $$$$, the green goodies, just smiles at the happy reunion and retracts into the shadows
- the big battle has a lot of knife throwing on inej’s part and ofc kaz tries to talk jarl brum out of it and somehow persuade him to drop it
- then he tries to make a deal with him but that plan flops too
- and then inej plays it dirty and literally creeps up on jarl, giving him a good kick in the ass so the reliquary rolls out of his pocket and then it’s a stiletto death bitch bye bye
- kaz? dying? all inej had to do was whisper “kaz, KRUGE” and he was up and running, fresh as a cucumber
- inej’s parents see that her dream is to actually have her own ship and crew and help people who have to deal with assholes like jarl brum so they let her go and kaz goes with her under the pretext that he could get a lot of $$$$$ out of it
- last scene is matthias perched on a hotel’s balcony and suddenly nina appears (turns out she got the wrong room) and it’s the happiest ever after

BTS reaction to their SO admiring a live orchestra

requested by anon


He would love it that you are into classical live music, enjoying it much more when he is with you.

“I never knew it’s so relaxing and interesting! Thank you for showing me.”

Originally posted by hohbi


Even if it might not be Yoongi’s usual music scene, he would do anything to see those sparkles in your eyes.

“If you would look at me like that, I would be the happiest man on earth - scratch that, I already am.”

Originally posted by minsecretsoul


He would enjoy it with you, 100%. Sometimes he needs to feed his intellectual mind with something different, and what better way than to watch a live orchestra with his partner?

“Who knows, I might get some inspiration for some new songs.”

Originally posted by baebsaes


He would be so happy that you took him with you, because this sunshine here is always ready to experience something new, especially when it’s something you love.

“Ah~ thank you for taking me here, I enjoy it so much thanks to you!”

Originally posted by joeguk


During the whole concert he would’ve spent more time altogether staring at you, than the orchestra, but for him, you are far more interesting when you have that look of admiration in your eyes.

“Jagi, I’m really sorry that I didn’t pay attention to the musicians, but you’re the only entertainment I need.”

Originally posted by yoonmin


Tae would sometimes interrupt you to ask the name of the piece that’s being played or what instruments the musicians are playing, but when he sees you caught up in the concert he would simply admire your love for the orchestra.

“Ah, sorry, to interrupt again, can you tell me why that spark in your eyes makes me love you more?”

Originally posted by taehanstic-baby


He would try to understand your love for it and wouldn’t regret going with you when he notices the way you admire the orchestra playing, seemingly caught up in the way every musician was playing their instrument.

“I see now why you wanted to come here, though I can’t figure out the look in your pretty eyes.”

Originally posted by jeonsshi


anonymous asked:

Omg I am so bitter about this I've become that guy from the ds forums you know who I mean I need to take a chill pill lmao

a n o n lmaooo

Do you want some happy things to think about? Because I’ve got them.

20 things to be happy about today:

1. We should get previews today 😍

2. On Sunday, we’re gonna get a bunch of joint Ryan/Danny interviews (and there was definitely a picture of someone filming one, so… we may get a video…?)

3. On Monday, This Morning are gonna air their behind the scenes segment

4. We also get Danny’s pretty face and probably another preview clip on Loose Women

5. Liv is gonna be running around with a clipboard making sure the wedding goes to plan bc this is her family and she cares




9. This entire wedding is like… the ultimate Robert Sugden romantic gesture?????? And it’s going to be the happiest day of Aaron’s life?????


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anonymous asked:

Tim fic prompts: just let him be happy please. tim deserves all the happiness. If you want something specific, maybe him being the annoying little sibling that he is (he's the second youngest batkid and is a snarky little shit he's probably incredibly irritating no matter how 'mature' he's supposed to be okay) or getting into silly teenage shenanigans. Or bruce being like. a good dad and not ignoring him that would be nice. hugs. THIS WAS VERY LONG AND IM SORRY AND I LOVE YOUR FICS! Bye! :D

Okay I know this was supposed to just be a happy, silly, fluffy Tim fic. And I promise that’s all it was supposed to be especially the silly bit. But then the idea of Bruce thinking back on his happiest memories of/with Tim after he “died” hit me out of freakin’ nowhere and the end scene happened… I’m sorry, I don’t know why I can’t just write happy things :(

There is giggling coming from the kitchen. Bruce pauses to listen some more. Another peal of giggles. He frowns. Odd. Alfred doesn’t giggle. Damian certainly doesn’t giggle so publicly. And Dick isn’t due home for at least two more days. Proceeding with caution, he slides forward on polka-dot-sock clad feet and peaks around the doorframe.

Bruce blinks.

Blinks again.

Turns away to stare at the painting of a young girl with a dog watching him from the opposite wall. "Am I hallucinating?“ he wonders.

“You are if you’re talking to paintings,” Alfred intones from beside him and Bruce refuses to admit that he jumps. Just a little bit. Mostly on the inside. The butler raises an eyebrow, very pointedly not smiling at him as he offers, “Would you like some afternoon tea, sir?”

Bruce follows him into the kitchen, staring openly at where his daughter and second youngest son are still sitting on floor amid a settling cloud of flour. “Hey B!” Tim grins, tears of mirth cutting a path through the white powder dusting his cheeks. He shakes his head and more flour falls out of his hair. Cass is leaning against his side, still giggling uncontrollably as she slaps a hand against her brother’s chest, leaving a perfect flour handprint that only makes her laugh harder.

“What-” Bruce starts, then realises he has no idea how to start asking questions about such a ridiculous situation.

“Master Tim and Miss Cassandra were trying to bake cookies, sir,” Alfred explains with a completely straight face. His pants are dusted from ankle to knee in the same mess that’s coating his floor. White footprints show his path from the bench to the door and back again.

“B!” Tim exclaims a second time. He tries to stand but the slippery floor and Cass’s grip on his ankle make him topple forward, arms pinwheeling. The movement sends him stumbling into Bruce, who automatically wraps his arms around him in an awkward hug so that he doesn’t end up on the floor again.

“Yes, Tim?” he replies, unable to hide the smile playing around the corners of his mouth.

“I had an idea,” his second youngest tells him, rubbing his cheek against Bruce’s shoulder a little and grinning up at him, eyes bright and cheeks flushed red from laughing. Looking every inch his sixteen years of age.

“Oh?” Bruce prompts when Tim doesn’t continue.

His son nods, the action getting flour from his hair on Bruce’s neck and chin. “It was a very good idea.”

Bruce opens his mouth to ask what exactly this very good idea was when he hears a muffled giggle from behind him, the only warning he gets before Cass launches herself at his back. He stumbles a little under the added weight but manages to stay upright, Tim clinging to his front, Cass hanging off his back. Suddenly, he has a suspicion about what Tim’s idea was.

“Tim.” The teen blinks innocently up at him. “This was your idea, wasn’t it?”

Tim’s grin widens. “White’s a good colour on you, B,” he says seriously. “Really shows off the grey in your hair.”

Cass hums in amused agreement, ruffling Bruce’s hair to spread the fine powder through it. Bruce rolls his eyes but he can’t find it in himself to be exasperated or annoyed, not when his usually serious children are so gleeful.

 And a bonus scene for anyone who wants their heart shattered like mine was writing it

“Master Bruce?!”

Bruce doesn’t even realise he’s crying until Alfred’s alarmed voice has his head snapping up to stare at the butler through tear-blurred vision. He wipes at his eyes hastily, doing little to stop the tears streaking down his cheeks, only succeeding in smudging more flour across his face.

“I was just grabbing the cereal,” he begins, hating the way his voice cracks. “I knocked over the flour, I meant to clean it up, I just-” His breath catches and he has to stop and compose himself. 

Alfred is watching him with sad eyes, the pain etched into his wrinkled face making it clear that the scene had reminded him of the same thing it reminded Bruce of. He steps forward, skirts around the powder and its shattered ceramic container to wet a cloth. “Why don’t you clean yourself up?” he suggests, handing Bruce the cloth and gently pushing him toward a seat at the kitchen table. “I’ll deal with this mess.”

Bruce wipes the flour off his face and arm, dabbing at where it’s caught on his clothing, silent while Alfred gets a dustpan and brush and sweeps up the spilled flour. He’d done it last time as well, he remembers, sending them off to shower and change while he cleaned up. He doesn’t remember whether Cass and Tim ended up making the cookies or whether Alfred did it after they were banished from his kitchen, but he remembers eating them after they came back from patrol. Sitting at the Cave’s computer with Tim leaning over his shoulder, excitedly explaining how he’d put together the evidence to solve their latest case. 

He’d taken it for granted at the time, having Tim there, hadn’t even thanked him for his help, and now he’ll never get the chance.

Team Work (Alec x Reader)

A/N: Once again I haven’t seen this part of the show so I made it my own.

  Jace marched through the institute hallways as fast as he could, pushing anyone in his way out of it. With the news Jace received from Valentine hours before he didn’t know what to think. It changed his whole life around before and now it could do the same all over again. He wasn’t ready for it and needed advice from the only person he could trust. Alec was his parabatai also his brother he would truly understand. Stopping right in front of his bedroom door he took a breather then made his way inside.

“Oh I’m sorry” Jace said as he entered, seeing you and Alec laid down in bed. You two weren’t doing anything but talking about all of the events that seemed to be happening so much lately. It was started to take a toll on everyone and you guys were making sure you were both still okay.

“Don’t worry Jace” Alec told him as he sat up in the bed “We weren’t at anything”

“Not yet at least” You piped in with a smirk on your face. Alec slightly smacked your shoulder while rolling his eyes at you. Jace smiled at the interaction in front of them wishing he still had something like that.

“Go Jace what do you need?” Jace looked at you really wondering if he wanted you here to hear the news. You got the hit and went to stand to leave but Jace stopped you.

“No you can stay I’m just umm…” Jace mumble looking at everything in the room beside Alec and you.

“Jace you know you can tell us anything right?” You spoked in a soft tone. “Whatever you say now won’t leave this room” Jace finally looked back you two. Alec nodded his head in agreement showing Jace that everything was fine.

“Valentine told me some news earlier before I gave him to The Clave” Jace started to speak as he replay the scene over and over in his mind. “Clary and I ain’t sibling like we thought” You gasped and cut him off

“Isn’t that great Jace? You guys can finally get your happily ever after” Jace looked down at the ground sadly.

“What happened Jace?” Alec asked as he made his way over to him, laying a hand on his shoulder for comfort.

“I was going to tell her. Clary, I saw her kiss Simon and she looked so happy. The happiest I seen her since she got here, I knew I couldn’t ruined that moment for her. So I stay hidden out of sight and came here. Alec you always know the right thing to do so what should I?” Alec looked over at you sitting on his bed with a blank face he didn’t know to say for once. Alec felt this way before but couldn’t really form it into words for anyone to hear.

“Tell her” You said “It’s for the best, it doesn’t have to be in this very moment but it has to be soon. Holding on to that secret will only make everything worse Jace and none of us can handle much more”

“Listen to her Jace, she knows what to do” Alec backed you up. A smile came across Jace face and he truly look happy.

“Thank you guys, I’ll do later tonight. I serious don’t know what I would do without you two” Giving you guys a hug each, he made his way out of the room preparing himself for what was to come later. Alec walked over to you wrapping his hands around your waist as he spoke.

“I truly don’t know what I would do without you by my side sometimes” Alec laid his chin on top of your head. “Whenever I need help with something you are there and I love you for that”

“I love you too Alec” You mumble against his chest “Were a great team together” Alec laughed at your comment and agreed

“We really do but we can always use some more practice, don’t you think? A smirk now came across Alec face and you started to blush as he pulled you two towards the bathroom in his room. What could you say practice makes perfect.

carasauruswrex  asked:

Ms. Prophet, I have a serious Cockles question for you. So I was watching JaxCon 2017 footage of Jensen saying that "Destiel doesn't exist" in response to a fan asking about Dean's crush on Dr. Sexy and how come Destiel can't exist ect. The crowd boo'd her and cheered Jensen's answer. So Misha seems to not necessarily agree with Jensen as he is always playfully shipping Destiel. Maybe it's just heteronormativity, but do you think that Cockles could exist in a world where Destiel doesn't exist?

Okay well I think I can answer your question by first explaining something about the whole “Destiel does not exist” thing. Look back on any question that Jensen has ever been asked regarding the show and his interpretation of it— the question doesn’t even have to be about ships or anything even remotely “meta”, but Jensen will still only ever give very short, direct, not very in-depth answers. More often than not, he’ll start his responses with “Well as you saw [on the show] … ”  or  “Like it said in the episode … ” because for Jensen, what’s in the episode and what’s in the script is just the way it is. He doesn’t like to sit around and hypothesize or read between the lines. Everything he needs to know is printed right there in black and white. No where in any of the scripts has it said “Dean and Cas are dating” or “Dean is Cas’s boyfriend” or any variation of that (except for in the 200th episode, but then of course—the emphasis was that it was all just “fan fiction”). So to ask Jensen “Are Dean and Cas a romantic couple” of course he’ll say no, because the script has not told him as much.

Now, with that being said— as fans, we see the show as a whole. We don’t see words on a page, we see entire worlds spread out before us; therefore, our interpretations will be far different than that of the actors who don’t even film scenes in the intended sequential order. We have the luxary of interpreting sub-text and that’s what makes us all have such differing opinions on what we’ve seen. Lots of us see Dean and Cas’s journey together to be this epic, tortured saga—where two individuals are happiest while together, so it makes sense that it could possibly be romantic. Misha is the type of person who enjoys making those types of connections as well. He enjoys reading between the lines—he likes making assumptions and speaking on behalf of the character, far beyond what is ever written down on the pages. Since this is something he enjoys, then it’s no surprise that he can also see Destiel as a possibility, and not be as dismissive about it  as Jensen.

Now—all that’s not to say any one actor is right in their actions or any one is wrong; they’re both simply processing the show and its happenings in the ways that make the most sense to them.

So, all in all … yes, Cockles can exist in a world where Destiel might never actually come to be in a script, because Destiel, as well as any other sub-textual interpretation of the show, boils down to individual opinions. Jensen and Misha probably don’t see eye to eye on a bunch of things, but they are obviously still very close. The way they behave when they’re around each other is most likely the reason why their acting across from one another is so full of chemistry. What we see in the show as “Destiel” is thanks to their in-person connection; and thanks to that connection … we have been blessed with the overwhelming love and joy that is Cockles.

So, new video (x)

Will Sansa be in the crypt with Jon and Creepyfinger?

That wolf behind her looks like a Stark tomb, so maybe YEAH she will… I want her to be there with them so much.

Will Creepyfinger be alright after his meeting with Jon in the crypt?

To me this looks like the entry to the crypt in Bran scene in season 1, I’m so curious if this will be after the scene in the trailer or maybe there will be more scenes in the crypt… maybe after Bran will get to Winterfell.

The happiest scene in the new video is this one:


ok, I’m joking but what is he doing?

Is he clearing a few spiderwebs?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 2nd April, 2017.

This was by far the funniest, most enjoyable performance I’ve seen. I actually laughed more than I cried which is a first! There were a lot of young kids in the audience today who were so enthusiastically honest and loud with their reactions and the cast just seemed to feed off that energy. I loved it. It meant I pretty much made notes on everything though. Well, I say that. This is really 80% Scorpius and Albus, and 20% Draco and me crying over how much I don’t want Alex to leave. You have been warned.

This is a little under 10k+ words of theatre observations, with a few meta ramblings and silly headcanons (that no one should take seriously) thrown in. Have fuuun : )

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