this was like my favourite scene


I swear these are the last screenshots I’ll post, but I just really want to talk about this scene. I’ve wanted to since the first time I saw it, but now I feel like I finally know what I want to say.

I cannot stress how much I absolutely loved this scene. It feels like this was the first glimpse of Adventurer!Donald we got.

He saw Dewey was in danger and looked around. In less than a second, as Dewey was jumping onto the bridge of lazer sensor things, he had a solution. And man, he went for it. Look at that awesome posing during this sequence. Donald wasn’t being played for a laugh at this moment- in fact, he was juxtaposed with Dewey, who wasn’t taking this seriously at all. Donald was the serious character in this scene. 

So this shows us a little bit of what Donald is capable of, and this scene is one of the reasons I was so, so disappointed in the more recent comic. I was hoping to see more of this from Donald, not… what we got. I’m hoping beyond hope that this Donald is what the show gives us when the time is right.

Donald is clearly able to think on his feet, which shows that he’s a bit more clever than his other animated iterations (if, you know, the way he tricked Scrooge into agreeing to take the boys for the day didn’t already clue you into that fact).
He’s also risking his own safety here- the way he’s holding that shield, if this wasn’t a cartoon his fingers would be burned. In fact, we see near the end of this sequence that his hands are burning.

He holds that shield there as long as he can, until the pressure builds up and the burning-hot shield knocks him aside.

If this weren’t a cartoon, Donald would be so injured right now.

The bottom line is this scene is probably my favourite from the entire show so far, and gives me high hopes for how DuckTales 2017 (the show, the comic’s already let me down) will treat Donald. I really, really hope to see more moments like this, where we can actually feel like he used to be an adventurer. Where we can actually think Webby’s words, “Donald Duck is one of the most daring adventurers of all time!” was truth and not just inflated fangirl dreaming.

Give me more Donald thinking on his feet and risking himself to save his family (which he did a surprising amount of times throughout the comics), give me a Donald who is confident and competent at least sometimes, give me a Donald who can be bad luck and clumsy and still have his adventurous BAMF moments like this, as small as they might be. We got some of it in Daytrip of Doom and House of the Lucky Gander, but in a more comedic fashion than this scene. This scene just… really caught my attention, and I hope for future scenes that do the same.

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my favourite character is el; i love the ocean, summer, sunflowers, reading, summer fruits like mangos and strawberries congrats on 7k btw! i love your blog and you totally deserve it💖 and this is such a sweet idea💞

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soft n calm, residing in a cottage type summer vibes for you, my dear ! 


The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.

This is probably one of my favourite scenes from the show. Ever. It tells us so much of the way the Diamonds interact with one another and how they interact with the gems around them. 

When BD is rearing towards Steven, Yellow Diamond knows exactly what’s coming. She knows she’s about to be hit with a wave of Blue’s sadness.

Her eyes widen and she leans but doesn’t get up because she knows she can’t outrun it (without looking like a fool at that). 

Instead, she braces herself so that she can maintain her composure even as the tears come out.

And she never tells BD to stop crying. She lets the latter keep at it. That says a lot about the YD we know, who is running ragged because she lets Blue mourn while she works to pick up the slack for Blue and Pink Diamond.

It’s interesting too that Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl aren’t caught unaware by the wave of Blue hitting them. Rather than express shock, they’re trying to maintain their composure as well. 

They’ve likely seen this before and have experienced it as well.

Blue Pearl more than Yellow, which might be why she can hold it together a little better.

Even the Zircons below don’t express surprise the way Steven did when BD’s tears first started coming out of his eyes. At the same time, they’ve sobered up and we’re left without the taunting and face-making from earlier in the episode. This means they’ve either heard rumours of or witnessed this in the past.

What I do want to point out is the reverberating sound that comes when Blue cries. That unique ding is probably what induced the crying and Lars is unaffected by it.

That must mean that Blue’s powers, and similar gem abilities work with the use of sound waves that affect other gems via their gemstones or light bodies. 


female awesome meme // (1/10) characters with the best growth - cordelia chase

“oh… and you’re welcome.”


2x01 // 2x09: who’s calling the shots (feat. a very satisfying hair evolution)


It cries in my heart 

 Like it rains in the town 

What is this languor 

That soaks to my heart?

“On the dark street of a foreign city, surrounded by the sound of the rain, he pressed his face into his hands and sobbed.” 

-Blackbird an amazing fic by @thetwoguineabook


Benedict touching/using his lips appreciation gif set <3

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent Van Gogh in “Van Gogh: Painted with words”

Things I loved in Thor: Ragnarok

- the fight scenes were extremely epic
- all the things said by Korg, he’s hilarious
- Loki’s expression when Odin called them “My sons”
- Thor always throws stuff at Loki to see if he was really there
- Bruce Banner cosplaying as Tony
- Get help!  “Classic”
- Steven fucking Strange
- Thor taking selfie with random girls
- Des and Troy
- Valkyrie walking off her ship like a badass but then falls because she’s drunk af
- That story about Loki transforming himself into a snake because he knew Thor loves snakes and then suddenly transforming back and stab him when they were like 8
- the sun’s getting real low
- but giant monster!
- *Hulk appears in the arena* Loki: “I have to get off this planet”
- strongest avenger
- Loki acting like a total diva when he says “Your saviour has arrived!”
- ‘i would hug you if you were here”
- “i’m here”

My favourite scene in Heir of Fire

The door opened. Rowan…. He sounded about halfway across the room when his footsteps halted. His breath caught, harsh enough that she looked over her shoulder…. “Who did that to you?”

Her back…. When he’d seen it, his heart had clean stopped….

That day early on he’d threatened to whip the girl, gods above….

She had barely grown into her woman’s body when they had hurt her like that. Why hadn’t she told him? Why hadn’t Maeve told him?

She was almost asleep again, teeth still chattering when her window groaned open in the breeze. She was too cold and sore to get up. There was a flutter of wings and a flash of light, and before she could roll over, he’d scooped her up, blanket and all…. he carried her up the two flights of stairs, down the hall, and then - A roaring fire, warm sheets, and a soft mattress. And a heavy quilt that was tucked in with surprising gentleness… “You’re staying with me from now on.”

This is probably one of my favourite scenes in the entire series ❤