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I've never asked for a request before or given suggestions for people to write but I've been so impressed with your writing that I'd just thought I'd ask if you'd ever consider writing some sappy happy blurbs about the boys anytime soon? I know I'm not alone in wanting some cute fun stories & I am very confident in your skills so just thought I'd mention it!! You're a fantastic human who deserves every but of success you get! Don't stop what ha doing! Just wanted u to know I appreciate you!

sappy happy blurbs????? what about sappy happy christmas blurbs even though im a few days late?

like imagine waking up on christmas day to ashton and he’s kissing your neck and he’s all blissful because he’s home and he’d be all like ‘merry christmas, baby,’ and he’d be kissing all over your face until you finally opened your eyes and kissed him on the lips. and he’d be such a chirpy dude that he would instantly put a smile on your face. but you’d both be a bit lazy because once you were all cuddly together you wouldn’t be bothered to get outta bed. so then out of nowhere he’d peck your nose and question, 'share a shower with meeee?’ and omfg when you were under the water he would say something stupid like, 'so did santa come and give you a bigger ass overnight because damn.’ and you’d have to slap him across the arm and say, 'excuse me, fuckboy,’ but he’d come back like, 'did you say fuck me, boy? because tbh i’m down for making love on christmas morning if you are.’ and afterward he would be really hungry so he would force you to go and sneakily steal some of the lunch food before it was served lol

and LUKE would be so adorable all day. Like, for some reason he would treat it a bit like your birthday or something/? like he would really want it to be a special christmas and he’d keep doing nice shit like constantly ask, 'you alright sweetheart?’ 'want me to get you another drink?’ and bc you’d be with his fam there’d be a lot of 'you comfortable baby?’ But omg during the present opening time he woould be so super nervous and you’d be like wtf mate and you’d have to be the one asking him if he was ok. And then when it’d be time for him to give his pressie to you, he’d be so uncertain and he’d keep rambling on while you were opening it like 'now if you don’t like it babe, then i can take it back, okay? i just thought that maybe you’d like it because i thought it looked good and as soon as i saw it i thought of you but i mean you’re on my mind all the time so that doesn’t really count’ and it’d end up being some expensive as hell necklace or something and you’d wanna die bc you only got him something cheap like a photo album full of pics and when he opened you’d have to be like, 'so i didn’t realise we were going expensive but, i mean, i can buy you something else tomorrow-’ and he’d interrupt and smother you with a kiss and say, 'nononono babe this is so thoughtful, seriously, 100x better than my gift, i need something like this when i can’t see you on tour. I should’ve thought of this for you. god, i love how smart you are, babe.’

but calum would go above n beyond with his present bc he’d get you something nice and then he would also later give u something even nicer ;) ;) ;) ;) ((there’d be like lingerie in a vs box when you got into your bedroom)) but i think he’d do this thing around his family where he would dodge all questions about himself and revert them to you. like, some relative would ask how his touring has been and he’d say, ‘yeah great thank you, but my girlfriend has been doing this university course which i’m sure has been more exciting.’ and you’d be like ??thefuck?? but you’d also think he’s so cute for constantly showing you off. and there would be this thing he would do where he’d always pull you onto his lap and he’d do it when all the fam were sitting around chatting together and bc there would be christmas music playing somewhere in the background, he would start humming it in your ear and then when mariah came on he’d sing it really soft to you so noone else could hear and he’d be all like 'all i want for christmas is you’ and he’d poke your side and when you looked at him he’d be all cheeky grinning and ugh cuteness

oh and think about christmas day with michael and his fam because he’d be kinda fidgety and bored all day but you would be being super polite and conversing with his relatives around the dinner table. and irritated michael would eventually grab your hand and pull you into the kitchen away from everybody and just give you a massive bear hug and you’d be all like, 'michael???’ and he would just grumble and be like, 'can we just go and hang out together honey, please?’ and you’d have to say no even though he’d put his hand on your cheek and start drawing circles with his thumb and then he’d do the puppy dog face and start rubbing his other hand between your ribs and hips and, 'pretty please run away from here with me, babe, c'mon,’ and you’d just sigh like, 'we need to socialise, michael. I’ll make it up to you later.’ So then for the rest of the night you’d have to deal with him getting all touchy on your thigh underneath the table and he’d be whispering in your ear, 'how are you gonna repay me for all this wasted time?’ and 'i hope it involves you taking this cute dress off’

but more importantly, all of them would prob make sure they crossed paths with you under mistletoe at least once every ten mins throughout the day