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Christmas Eve


Harry was already up and dressing himself by the time my eyes opened to Christmas Eve.
Regardless of the fact I had woken in the middle of the night when I’d heard his gentle whimpers, it felt like I’d had a pretty solid sleep. Waking felt natural, welcomed and easy.
I watched as Harry buttoned up an extravagant, oversized blue shirt, flowers woven into the material, climbing up towards the top as though his head was the sun.

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Okay but I need to rant about how the fandom is being so unnecessary extra and mean with Liam and his single. I haven’t seen anyone making a project for the single. I have only see how people are ‘disappointed’ of the single, saying how bad it is, and rating the song with such low scores.

Liam has worked his ass off just as same as the other boys to have a single and to put it out there. He has worked hard, and he deserves the right recognition for that.

So y'all better stop with the double standards and support that guy who has gone through a lot in his life too. He deserves to be on the top of the charts just as Harry, Niall and Louis deserve. It makes me really fucking sad and disappointed that this fandom is making this to him.

Liam !!!! deserves !!!! better !!!!

“It’s been like… like something out of someone else’s life, these last few weeks with you…” -Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Page 646

Genderbent Harry and Ginny before the trio leave to take down Voldemort. I love the relationship these two have so much and I love the genderbent AU. You’ll definitely be seeing more of this AU from me! 

ilovevimtotodeath  asked:

O.K. i'll bite. Harry is a product of a karaoke talent show who so desperately wanted to be famous he happily signed his life away to cowell in order to do that, just like his fellow boybanders. 'Please make me famous! i'll do ANYTHING you say!'. Taylor built her career up from the bottom up via an indie country music label and touring a lot. SYCO spent months trying to get swift to beard because they knew it would break them in the US. They ONLY reason swift agreed is ...1/2

2/2 most of 1d’s sales/touring money come from the US, they only get that because of the swift co-sign. Swift only gave that because he happens to have green eyes, like her ex- Dianna. Justin B has way more talent and way better songs despite being a douche. She never liked him, ever.

….I’m gonna block you but before I do, I’d like to completely obliterate one specific point in this frankly ridiculous and appalling message.

“Taylor built her career up from the bottom up via an indie country music label and touring a lot.” False. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Scott Swift owns a private investment firm backed by Merrill fucking Lynch (2012 Annual Revenue of $13.8 Billion), The Swift Group. Scott and Andrea Swift also come from money, and are multimillonaires. Andrea moves her young daughter to Nashville because she sees a goldmine of opportunity. They struggle to land her a record deal though, even with all of Scott and Andrea’s powerful connections. Taylor sits in development deals for years until Scott and Andrea meet Scott Borchetta, who just so happens to be looking to start his own label after years with MCA Nashville and Universal. Buttttt he needs money. Well, Scott and Andrea have plenty of that. So they agree to finance his new label on one condition: you make our daughter’s ascent through the ranks your number one priority. And he did. Millions of dollars are poured into crafting Taylor’s image as the smart, sweet, creative, and AUTHENTIC girl next door. She doesn’t fit into country as a genre, so Scott B. essentially creates a new genre for her: Pop Country. 

Taylor is the product of good genes, rich parents, funneled money, kickass PR, and timing. There is absolutely nothing organic about her origins or her rise through country music and into pop music. She and Andrea have exploited connections, used people for gain, paid people a lot of money to either play the roles they need or shut up and go away, and just generally spent every waking moment meticulously and tirelessly making decision to positively advance the TS brand. 

The fact is, no one in that town is truly authentic. Everyone’s had to sell their soul to one person or another to get where they are now. So you can scream and bitch about Harry’s supposed work ethic, (five albums and four tours in five years, tours keep pace with Taylor’s, albums -including solo album- outdo her 2:1, six in seven years against Tay’s five albums in eight), and you can try and compare him to Justin fucking Bieber, when you’re comparing apples to oranges, but everyone gets their foot in the proverbial door in that town in different ways. Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and others are all multi-award winning artists with respect in the industry and they came up through TV talent shows. Some people use TV, some people use Disney, some people use their parents money… let’s not start that gravy train if we don’t REALLY wanna ride it, is what I’m saying. 

And of course Taylor never liked Harry. Why would she? They weren’t dating each other, they were a manufactured product of money hungry labels. But it wasn’t just HIS label that saw an opportunity to take advantage of. Taylor needed a boyfriend at the time and Harry suited perfectly. It’s archaic, it’s disgusting, but let’s not try to pretend like she hasn’t reaped MORE than her fair share as a result of early contract termination, shalllllllll we? Ok. Cool.


PS- Harry having green eyes in common with Dianna had nothing to do with the actual contract signing, bc…. just no. But it certainly didn’t hurt her album writing at all, now did it?!

anonymous asked:

hi princess, so, i'm demisexual (recently found that out, my life makes so much more sense now) and I look at Harry and Louis' love, and I'm so jealous, imagine finding your soulmate at the age of 16 and 18. I was such a stupid person when I was 16, and now at 18 I can't imagine feeling so much love for one person. It makes me cry at how much in love these two are. I have doubts sometimes, and then i just look at Louis looking at Harry or vice versa. I think all the antis need to believe in love

hello, darling. i’m so happy for you!! yes their love is so rare?? like finding each other at 16 and 18 is just so wild?? they’ve have been together for almost 7 years now and they’re just 23 and 25. they’re so lucky and i would be jealous if i wasn’t so happy for them. 

Snarry fic recs given to me by my lovely followers
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Sorry there are no links, just names. I’lll add links at a later time if I can. Those in bold are ones I have read and recommend personally out of this list. Feel free to keep giving me rec’s and I’ll add them to this!


Portrait of Styles

“Harry Styles is an important figure in my life, for reasons I won’t go into because they’re incredibly personal, but he’s an incredibly talented young man and I only hope for the best for him.

I was so surprised and happy that I finished this portrait and that I’m incredibly satisfied with the result. I haven’t drawn Harry in awhile, let alone completed the piece, so I’m incredibly happy to have had it completed.

My goal isn’t to draw him too get noticed, I just draw him because he’s my muse and I find comfort in drawing people - especially people important to me.

Thank you H.” 

My book signed by John Tiffany (“Anna! You’re a star”) and Jack Thorne (“So pleased you liked it x”). They were so lovely, and I realise this comes as no surprise, but they love Harry Potter so much. John gave me the best hug, and I can’t believe I was able to hold on to him and thank him for taking me back to Hogwarts.

I was tagged by @hamliet​ to name my favourite characters in 10 fandoms. 

So, here it goes:

Star Wars: Rey (those of you who’ve been on my blog, yes, Kylo Ren is the character I identify with the most but no, he’s not my favorite:P)

Harry Potter: Snape

Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor

The Terminator: Sarah Connor

Me Before You: Louisa Clark (again, I identify with Will Traynor but my heart is given to Lou. That’s not weird right? My favorites are the ones the guys I indentify with fall in love with.)

Hunger Games: Finnick Odair

Alice in Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat

Silver Linings Playbook: Tiffany Maxwel

Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen (here who I identify with and love coincide) 

I’ve ran out of fandoms, but this man shapped my mind and my life so I can’t not mention him: Aristotle. His ideas on women are moronic, but all in all he said some things so insightful they defy description. And he wrote the first “How to” writer’s manual, which I consult regularly. 

This was fun! I tag @psy-kylo-gy, @the-darkness-to-her-light and @sakurau121

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Cite the final line of five of your fics - your favourites, or the most recent ones.

“You’re so good at this,” Roxy murmurs, “you’re so good,” and Harry comes in his trousers shaking and gasping with Roxy’s fingers clenching and releasing in his hair, with her second orgasm slicking his lips and his thundering heart beating a syncopated rhythm with hers.

Arthur & Lancelot

He works Merlin’s fly buttons open, coaxes his trousers down just enough, leans in to suck deep drooling kisses to the head of his cock as he strokes it to life – and Merlin feels the motion of his smile when Eggsy hears his glasses connection chirp, hears Merlin’s quiet voice say, “Hello, Harry,” and, “Yes, he’s here with me now.”


He’s so close that his lip brushes Harry’s when he speaks - not a kiss, but the prologue to one - and Harry plunges his fingers back into the mess he’s made of Eggsy’s hair and answers that way instead of words: hauling him closer and holding him there while Eggsy fumbles with Harry’s cardigan buttons and kisses him back like it’s the end of the world.

Sunbeam Flaring

He tilts his face up and kisses him the way they used to kiss when they were young, when they were still learning each other, so that when Harry comes in Eggsy’s mouth he cries out loud into Merlin’s, as though there’s a thread or a chain or something much much stronger linking the three of them together there in the open bathroom doorway.


Merlin pours another whisky and sits back to enjoy the show.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Observations: 1) kissing and oral >>>> everything in the world 2) I kind of have this habit of stopping right in the middle of the action a lot of the time?? I don’t know why that is, I just stop whenever it feels right to and try not to overthink it too much. Instinct seems like a pretty good guide to anything. (Although someone please exorcise these ridiculously long sentences out of me because I can’t control them.)

The last one because that’s basically a summary of the whole series :P

anonymous asked:

I know who the original h anon is and we have been taking turns in sending you the asks. At first it was funny and then we felt it was our duty as you were so alone and miserable and the closest you could get to a boyfriend was an anon asker pretending to be Harry Styles. How sad. It was okay for us at first bc you seemed genuinely happy when you got an anon from us but then we realised you're an immature bitch who's obsessed with a man who doesn't know you exist and never will. Good evening.

Awesome. Well, you’re kind of the most horrible people on the face of the earth and I hope you get nothing good out of your miserable life by making me feel like a useless piece of shit by just having fun. You don’t fucking know me. Fuck you. You don’t deserve Harry or anyone. Fuck you. FUCK. YOU.

anonymous asked:

But we know that harry and nick are friends so why does it matter that they posted that pic? Like we know they hang out? Im honestly not trying to be rude I just dont get why are you mad? Cause hes friends with nick or?

No, I’m not mad that he is friends with Nick AT ALL, I find their friendship cute.

I’m not mad even. What I am calling out is that they are posting pictures of Harrys’ public life just for the sake of it. I’m upset because they are crying hack and theft, but they haven’t stoped this for more than a year that it’s been going on. To me, they are clearly attempting (and surprisingly succeding a little bit this time, for what I’ve seen on my dash) to show that Harry’s private life is exactly the same as his public. Why? I’d say because they are going to END IT, but I’ve been here before and that has never happened, so I truly don’t know why lol