this was kind of a weird interview


Yeah, I did have to kiss Finn [Wolfhard, who plays Mike]. At the end of the day, it’s only acting, and it’s something you have to do, and I would do anything for the show. I cut my hair, I kissed Finn. It was definitely strange. It was, like, my first kiss, so it was kind of weird. But then, like, when I’d done it, I thought, “Wow. It makes sense for the storyline.”

Millie Bobby Brown by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine, 2016

Daisy Ridley on the Reylo phenomenon

Interviewer: I’ve got to imagine people will occasionally ask you something about Rey’s parents, since that’s such an essential Star Wars mystery. What else do you get asked, when they do ask?
Daisy Ridley: Well, the big thing on social media is Reylo [fan art featuring romantic coupling of Rey and Kylo Ren]. I think people are interested in the romance of it, and if anything romantic is going to happen. So yeah I’d say parents first and then that.
Interviewer: So what are your feelings on Reylo?
Daisy Ridley: It’s kind of amazing to me, because it’s young people that have been talking about it. It’s weird, when I was on social media — and I still do follow the Instagram stuff, if anyone’s reading this, I do follow it — but these 12-, 13-year-old girls and boys are having these really interesting conversations about abuse and manipulation and chemistry and connection. So it’s actually kind of eye-opening. I don’t think at that age I would’ve thought so deeply about something like that. So to see kids have conversations like that I think is really cool, regardless of where it ends up it’s the conversation that’s really interesting.

- Daisy Ridley interview (Daisy Ridley on Putting Her Force Behind ‘Eagle Huntress,’ Funemployment, and the ’Reylo’ Phenomenon), November 3rd 2016.

You always see actors saying “yeah, for [role X] I had to practice [skill Y] for like six hours a day” in interviews. I kind of want to go full meta and make a movie about a prolific actor saving the day when a disaster arises where all the weird-ass hyperspecialised skills she’s picked up for various roles coincidentally turn out to be relevant.


Requested: Hi! First of all I just want to say that I absolutely love your writing. Could you maybe do one where you have a bad habit of popping your knuckles all the time and Shawn says it’s bad for you so he just holds your hands any time you start to do it? I know it’s kind of weird but I think it would be cute.



You’re seated next to Shawn in the car on the way to one of his interviews. You’re just coming along to be with him and to support him while he does some press. You’re staring out the window watching the trees rush by in a blur, and you absentmindedly start popping your knuckles. It’s just something you do whenever you don’t really know what to do with your hands. It’s a bad habit, you know because so many people have told you that, including Shawn. He thinks it’s going to hurt you, if not now then in the future.

You don’t even realize that you had been popping your knuckles until you feel Shawns large hand on top of both of yours. He pulls one hand away from the other, intertwining your fingers. Now you can’t pop your knuckles because one hand is in Shawn’s and you need both to pop your knuckles. You have a feeling that he knows that. You glance over at him, and he simply says, “It’s not good for you.” Before bringing your hand that he’s holding up to his and lightly kissing each of your knuckles.

Jealous much - Request

Requested by @carleyspn:  Hi I was wondering if you do a Dean Winchester one, like Dean is interviewing a girl for a case, the reader & Dean are dating, the reader thinks she’s into him & becomes very clingy,like wrapping her arm around his arm & etc. Thank you :)

Summary: (Y/N) and Dean are interrogating a girl during a case and the girl gets too flirty with Dean, which makes (Y/N) get super jealous and do all kinds of weird stuff to claim her place as Dean’s girlfriend.

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 951

Warnings: Language, perhaps.

A/N: I’m the most jealous person there is, so this was a piece of cake. Enjoy!

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It wasn’t hard to notice how the girl’s eyes wandered Dean’s body from head to toe when he got into the interrogation room, or how she bit her lip afterwards and squirmed on her seat. Less to say, how her eyes wouldn’t leave the man for the slightest second, or the soft voice she used to reply to his questions.

“So, where were you the night Montgomery got killed?” Dean asked, using his professional voice.

“I was at Queen’s bar…” She replied as her fingers traced circles over the table, “I like to be there… Especially on Friday’s at eight…”

Dean looked up at her tiredly. His eyebrows were close to his green eyes, framing his dominant expression and causing the girl’s insides to tickle. “At Queen’s bar, huh?” The girl nodded, “The last place Montgomery was seen at.”

The girl, who at first had decided to hide the truth, was far too overwhelmed by Dean’s presence to even care anymore. Hell, she was so distracted with Dean she didn’t even notice (Y/N) – Detective Moriarty, as she had introduced herself – glaring at her.

Of course, (Y/N) couldn’t really blame her. She had drooled over Dean as he got suited up in front of her back at the motel room they were staying at. The soft white shirt he was wearing combined with the dark green tie and his new charcoal-black coat had done things to her, and they were certainly doing things to the girl in front of him.

“I suppose… I didn’t really saw him.” The girl lied, trying to focus back on her story rather than fantasizing over those plump lips tracing her every inch of skin.

Dean leaned back on his chair and crossed his arms over his chest, and even with the multiple layers of clothing, both women could see how his muscles tensed under the fabric. He sighed and licked his lips, and the girl mimicked him unconsciously – and that was the cherry on top.

(Y/N) couldn’t control her jealousy. Yes, she was a professional and she was used to play the distant cop while Dean interrogated people, but that was too much for her to bear and so she walked confidently closer to the man, standing right behind him and putting her hands over his shoulders; which she squeezed lightly seconds after.

The girl seemed to notice, and although she gave (Y/N) a scared look, she continued to flirt with Dean. Of course, it wasn’t as cynical as it had been, but she was still doing it and it got to (Y/N)’s nerves faster than a knife would stab her.

“What was your relationship with Montgomery?” Dean asked, unable not to react to his girlfriend’s sudden touch. (Y/N) noticed this and started massaging his shoulders discreetly.

“We were just friends.” The girl stated.

“Friends with benefits would be the right word. Wouldn’t it?” Dean lifted an eyebrow.

“I- I suppose, yeah.” The breathed out, “But I called it quits.”

“Why would that be?”

“He was just an immature guy… I need a real man by my side.” Her voice lowered an octave at that last sentence, which made (Y/N) squeeze Dean’s shoulder’s harshly – and ignore when he flinched – before she took the seat next to him and wrapped her arm with his.

“Funny.” Dean chuckled cruelly, “Because Martha – your best friend – claims that you are the one that got dumped.”

The girl shuddered at the statement, looking angry for a split second before her eyes turned into seductive mode. “Detective, I know what you are thinking.”

“Do you?” Dean inquired and the girl nodded slowly.

“I promise I’m not the bad one here…” Her fingers started approaching Dean’s hands, which were set over the metal table, “If you got to know me better you’d understand.”

Dean removed his hands, placing one over his lap and the other over (Y/N)’s knee protectively. “I think I know enough, thank you.”

The girl leaned closer, “Do you really think so, Detective?” she flirted.

“I do, have a good day, Miss.” He insisted and, before the girl could complain, (Y/N) gave her the deadliest death glare there has ever been given and that was more than enough to get the girl out of the room.

“What a skank.” (Y/N) muttered as the door closed behind the suspect.

“I actually thought she was nice.” Dean joked, knowing how his girlfriend really felt.

(Y/N) gave him a dumbfounded look, making him laugh. “Jealous much?”

“Me? Jealous?” She let out a huff, “Never, she’s got anything on me.”

“Right and that’s why you broke your part and got all clingy.” Dean chuckled and (Y/N)’s cheeks blushed.

“She was all over you!” She complained.

“Correction: You were all over me, and I’m not complaining.” Dean replied with a flirty smile.

“I needed to let her know who she was dealing with.” (Y/N) tried to defend herself.

“No need to explain,” Dean said, “I like it when you’re jealous.”

“Whatever, can we please kill her on our way to the witch?” (Y/N) whined.

“Actually, I think she’s the witch.” Dean stated.

“How so?”

“She kind of unbuttoned her shirt a little while you were giving your back on us and I saw this tattoo that…”

“THAT BITCH UNBOTTONED HER GODDAMN SHIRT?!” She roared, “That’s it! I’ll go stab her right now.”

Dean chuckled at his girlfriend’s behaviour and forced her to sit back down – she was ready to get out and kill the witch already – cupping her cheeks to keep her still. “Patience, sweetheart.”

“Don’t you dare to talk about patience, Winchester.” Dean smiled warmly at her and left a heated kiss on her lips.

“Let me rephrase: I love it when you’re jealous.”

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It was a weird time. The people who were managing us were whispering in our ears and trying to turn us against each other and it became like a feuding family. In the end, I think John had some tough breaks. He used to say, ‘Everyone is on the McCartney bandwagon.’ He wrote ‘I’m Just A Jealous Guy’ and he said that the song was about me. So I think it was just some kind of jealousy. I had to try and forgive John because I sort of knew where he was coming from. I knew that he was trying to get rid of the Beatles in order to say to Yoko, ‘Look, I’ve even given that up for you. I’m ready to devote myself to you and to the avant-garde.’ I don’t know if it’s true. One thing I’m really glad about is that I didn’t answer him back. It’s very difficult to do that when someone is attacking you. But I would have felt sick as a dog now if I had.
—  Paul McCartney, interview w/ Diane de Dubovay for Playgirl. (February, 1985)

“Sometimes in porno films he’d see a woman with a pentagram on her body, and that would excite him. It was her, that kind of woman – a follower of Satan, of what was evil – that interested and turned him on. She would be someone he could trust; she would be someone who’d understand his needs and not think he was strange, weird or bizarre.”

- Philip Carlo on Richard Ramirez

Richard Harmon Set Interview Rundown!
  • “everything has kind of gone to crap”
  • Richard giggled and said he “not sure if I can mention specific story lines yet”
  • “Every time Jaha is around Murphy, he kind of.. ruins his life”
  • Jaha is “just a weird guy”
  • Everyone’s true colors, when all the chips are on the table” when asked about what side Murphy will take in the part 2 apocolypse 
  • Richard said he doesn’t really see a way for them to get around the impending doom
  • Richard said, “Murphy has been a survivor” 
  • Brought up how Murphy keeps fighting because he doesn’t want to die
  • In season 4, his view point won’t really change especially “because he has something to live for - Emori”
  • Now more than ever, Murphy is “finding his place” in the 100 community
  • Richard replied to a mention of him and Nadia working together this season, “I’ve gotten to know Nadia this year not saying it’s because we’re working together -stop trying to trip me up on that!” 
  • He smiled this whole interview
  • “It’s The 100, we all cross paths then go our separate ways”
  • “A relationship strained through the adversity of knowing the world is coming to an end” about his relationship with Emori
  • Emori and Richard are “two outsiders” and they “really care” for each other
  • Richard took a second to mention how amazing Luisa is and that she’s one of his favorite teammates to work with
  • Richard said, “he trusts the mirror - himself - more than anything”
  • But Murphy is learning to trust and 
  • Richard said, “don’t get it twisted, he’ll still do, he’ll ditch them the second he can if it means his own survival - um, which maybe isn’t the best quality to have in a friend”
  • “At the beginning of season 4, between the two [Bellamy + Murphy] of them, is probably the best it’s been since the beginning of the show. Maybe not that they like each other, a little, bit of respect has blossomed between the two of them”
  • Richard said that episode one is “great”
  • He then shared that “episode 6 is probably my favorite we’ve done so far for Murphy, it’s really great - it really gets *can’t hear this* who he is as a person - great character episode”
  • They just finished filming episode 8 when this interview was done
  • Episode 8 is another great episode for Murphy
  • He said that The 100 is like “an anthology show” because the show is a different show from season 1 to now
  • Murphy knows “a lot of stuff, about a lot of different things” then chuckled
  • Richard said that if Murphy is on your side, there’s “no one he’d fighter harder for”


working with Troye Sivan


Georgia: “We wrote one good song and a couple of really weird ones…the good song is the one that he used…”

Caleb: “It was cool…it kind of just came from a beat that I wrote on the plane when we were coming over…”

Georgia: “It was our first experience of producing a track by ourselves, you know…like usually we work with a producer, not a songwriter, so it was just us two and Troye that wrote the whole song, and produced it all…”

Georgia: “We did this intimate, slightly acoustic performance in LA and he came to that with his backpack on and stuff and he was adorable…”

Caleb: “It was like…how old are you?! That’s not fair!”

Georgia: “He looks young for his age…but he’s very wise for his age and he’s an amazing songwriter and lyric writer…”

Caleb: “He’s a lot more mature than me, that’s for sure.”

• talk show interview

nonnie requested: This might be a weird request if you can’t do it I respect that. Can you write for grant where the reader is apart of another show and people love her character in real life her and grant are dating but they don’t see each other too often and in an interview he’s asked about her and he talks about how proud he is of her and how he watches her show all the time

A/N: I wouldn’t say that this is a weird request at all doll, I’ve had weirder ones In my past. I hope you don’t mind that your part of the show called Once Upon A Time since it was the first one I thought of. ‘Cause I don’t know what kind of shows that Grant watches so just imagine he does. It’s more like a talk show since I was watching Jimmy Fallon before writing this. I hope you enjoy it! And requests are open including Grant Gustin ones this week!

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                         » Relationship(s): Grant Gustin/Reader « 

Grant smiled as he was waiting for his cue to enter on stage on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for the upcoming season of CW’s The Flash. He heard Jimmy introducing him as the camera man gave him the cue to go on as he waved to cheering audience, sitting down on the chair next to the talk show’s desk. ”And here he is, the one and only Grant Gustin. How are doing today?” Jimmy asked the very basic question before giving more about The Flash and what to expect towards the upcoming season.

“Now we are understanding you are dating actress Y/N L/N from Once Upon A Time correct?” He asked as the crowd cheered, you played on that show and everyone seemed to love your character of The Little Mermaid (or whatever character you’d like). You didn’t get to spend much time with your boyfriend due to conflicts but you two managed to work it together somehow. Grant smiled at hearing your name and nodded, “Yeah, Y/N is simply amazing at her character. I might be gushing a bit but it’s true, it still blows my mind that she can play at being you know, the character we all know and love.”  He says.

“Now are you a fan of the show Grant? I know when I interviewed Y/N a couple months back, she said she was a fan of yours.” Jimmy asks, “You know, I wasn’t really sure if I would but I gave it a try and now I make sure I watch every episode to see if Y/N is there ‘cause I’m so proud at how she’s come into the acting industry with me. I miss her though a lot but we keep making it work with Skype and texting.” Grant says and boy, he did he miss his Y/N even with video chat.

“You two must have a lot of trust and effort to keep your game strong right? That’s impressive.” As the two talked more about you and OUAT for a bit. Grant may have not known at the time but you were in your trailer watching the talk show with a smile. Yeah, Grant your boyfriend or known as many by The Flash or Sebastian Smythe was a big gushing sap dork of a boyfriend.

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OKAY this might be weird but it feels like so far in the interviews the va cast has been kind of like, reflecting their characters' personalities? Jeremy sort of teasing the fans, Bex being snarky, Josh peacefully yet assertively saying "hey what you're doing isn't right, calm down". They are literally the paladins

that A+ casting 

the signs as band members
  • aries: plays guitar a little bit too passionately, breaks 2 strings and their collarbone but it was totally worth it
  • taurus: probably plays the cowbell
  • gemini: plays every instrument so if someone is really sick they can play anything. but usually just goes for the tambourine
  • cancer: the backup singer everyone likes more than the lead
  • leo: the lead singer everyone likes less than the backups but is actually pretty cool. most likely on meth
  • virgo: "we need more synth"
  • libra: that chill bass player who says nothing in interviews but every once in a while makes a really weird tweet
  • scorpio: shreds the fUCK outta those guitar solos without messing up their perfectly styled hair. what kind of hairspray do you use
  • saggitarius: crazy ass drummer, probably 100% stoned all the time
  • capricorn: that angsty songwriter who thinks everything they say is really deep and profound but it's actually pretentious
  • aquarius: has a really weird but cool voice and flawless eyeliner
  • pisces: writes really sad songs that make everyone cry. the baby of the band, wrote a song about world war 2 once

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Will you translation Febri March? I realize Kubo said something amazing about Love, the rings and soulmate in her interview.

Yes, I’ve been working on it for a few days. Unfortunately I’ve been kind of braindead recently when coming home so it’s progressing really slowly, but I only have 2 pages left and tomorrow is Saturday, so on Saturday at the latest I’m sure I’ll be able to post it. I’ve spotted a translation where some words were translated in kind of a weird way (like 王道 as “the right thing” even though it means “mainstream/orthodox/typical”…?) so I’m not sure how it’s spreading around, but I think it’s an interview that gives an interesting insight on how the story was created.

“Ten years from now I’ll be 30, so I’ll maybe have one baby, I’ll have out my second album and a couple of concept EPs, and my real honest music will be saved up for the big albums.

Oh I do see myself settling down, getting married and having kids, but when I think about a family life in the future there’s rarely a man involved which is kind of weird.

I think I’d be a good mum, well, I hope so. I hope I won’t be a shit mum. When I have kids I want to have loads of them, at least five. I’ll always work from home and have a studio in my house.

I imagine I’m recording downstairs in my basement and the kids come down looking for their mummy then they’ll pretend to sing into the microphone and it’ll be cute.”

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Request: Smut. RamiXreader. You can choose the situation, or use the suggestion: You're a journalist working an event with Rami. He's goofy and charming, and he invites you back to his hotel room. He becomes very dom and controls the situation. Hair pulling, ass slapping, all the good stuff. Afterwards he's kind and caring.

I like the way you think! Probably some typos in here but I’ll fix them soon enough! Here’s hoping it lives up to any and all expectations!

Word Count: 3,080

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There’s a huge fanbase surrounding Beca and Chloe from Pitch Perfect as a couple.

KENDRICK: Yes. I love it, I love it!

What are your thoughts on that?

KENDRICK: I love it! I couldn’t be more excited about it. In the first movie when we were doing the scenes I was like, ‘This is entering sketchy town and I love it, that’s where I live, that’s my home, is in sketchy town’ Then we just kind of leaned into it and in the second one—I don’t know, it’s a weird combination in the second one where there’s moments where you’re like, ‘Oh, come on! That’s a perfect opportunity for a BeChloe moment’ and then there’s stuff where like, ‘Oh, that’s gonna blow those chicks’ minds’ Because some chick are really into it and I’m like, ‘Dope! I love it!’ the fanfiction and all of it.

Are you reading the fanfiction?

KENDRICK: I’m not gonna lie to you, I tried to read one fanfiction because I was like, ‘I have to know’ and I was… maybe I chose the wrong fanfiction to read, but it was so slow. I was expecting it to be like, ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe they’re writing this crazy shit about me and Brittany [Snow]’ but there was a lot of exposition and I was like, ‘This isn’t a [Charles] Dickens novel’ so I gave up on it after that. It’s probably for the best, I probably shouldn’t be reading that.

So basically fans should know that they need to tweet you the ones with the heavy sex, the ones that go really fast, that jump into it.

KENDRICK: Your words, not mine!

Right, just…

KENDRICK: What are you doing to me, what are you doing? Well, it’s weird because in this one there’s also the weird thing where I can’t stop complimenting the commissar, but then the way they edited some of the stuff with Hailee [Steinfeld] I was like, ‘Dude, why does it look like I wanna bone this chick?’ We filmed a perfectly normal scene—unlike the Beca and Chloe scenes in the first movie which were always borderline—Hailee and I filmed this perfectly normal scene and they cut it together with these lingering looks and I was like, ‘Why does it look like I wanna bone this chick?’ First of all, we already got my potential lesbian storyline with Chloe so I feel disloyal, and secondly, Hailee is 17! So I’m a creep.

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Do you think season 2 will cover both pregnancies? Cause that interview says it only goes to 1963 (and Edward was born in '64), but it seems a bit weird to have a new actress have their last baby...

A great question and a great point as well!

I love this blog so much because seriously you all think of all the things I never do!

The short answer is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ???

This season they just kind of fast forwarded through the children but I’m pretty sure they won’t do that through these. I think it may be impossible not to show the Queen pregnant at some time. And I agree I don’t think it would be right for the baby to be born to “another Elizabeth”.

But it may not be relevant because season three might start well after the children. So it may not be an issue. Meaning it may not be covered at all.

So, honestly, I am also interested to find out!

If anyone has thoughts or info on this please comment and I will share!


Rami Malek photographed by Eric Ray Davidson for The Hollywood Reporter

In the breakdowns, I’d always just look for someone quirky or weird — that’s what I’m going to go in for, surely. I resented it for a while, and then I thought, “This is something to be proud of, that you can be that kind of outsider in anything.” But at first I was like, “Here we go again.”