this was just... completly random

black-melodies  asked:

YOU IS CUTE ! I mean, you're really cute like wow ! I was brought here by your art and ended up scrolling your whole blog, because you are someone that's kind and adorable ! I just wanted to say that sorry, it's completly random haha. But your art is as cute as you are and I'm gonna stay ! <3 You makes me feel like I have to keep drawing ! we doesn't even know each other but thank you anyway (*´∀`*)

why are you guys showering me with compliments………this is so kind but i’m also……so flustered……. 

I can only encourage you to draw! it’s difficult but very rewarding!!! good luck friend <3

Left to right: Olive Thomas, her husband Jack Pickford, Charlotte Smith Pickford, Mary Pickford holding Mary (Gwynne) Rupp Pickford and Lottie Pickford (Gwynne’s mother). This rare photo was taken sometime in the first half of 1918 when Jack joined the Army.

[There is also someone behind Charlotte’s back holding an umbrella, it’s certainly a man, but I’m afraid I’m not able to tell who it is. The only person who comes to my mind might be Owen Moore, at the time Mary’s husband, but this person doesn’t look like him at all. If it’s not a completly random person it just might also be Alfred Rupp, at the time Lottie’s husband (as Lottie and little Mary are in this photo), but I’ve never seen a single picture of him so those are just my thoughts.]