this was just unbelievable tonight


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: Smut (public sex) and fluff warning<3

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“Theo,” You gasped, your hands finding their way to cover your gawked mouth. Theo drove you about an hour away from Beacon Hills; away from the madness. He blindfolded you as he guided you down a rocky pathway, you made numerous jokes about being led to your death which he would chuckle at. Once he told you to open your eyes, you eagerly tore the blindfold off your face and stared in shock at the view in front of you.

He drove you to a beach, somewhere you’ve been begging to go for so long. The moon was shining above you, with the stars swallowing it up as you caught a flicker of lights surrounding a blanket. You gazed up at Theo who nodded with an adoring smile on his face, you skipped along the rest of the pathway where you kicked off your shoes and let your toes finally melt into the sand. “Theo, this is…” You spun around in a circle, “Amazing.”

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I wish I could give Ariana a big hug right now I know she needs it.

this is just unbelievably tragic like people have lost their family and friends tonight and ariana is going to go the rest of her life thinking that she is the reason behind all these peoples’ deaths I don’t know what to do with myself but more importantly people went there tonight thinking they were going to have an amazing night and they aren’t going home? I just can’t even process this


seokjin/jin, bts, smut

your imagination drives you insane, because you need to know who the sexy blonde stranger is

a/n: i will never get over blonde jin, ever. :) amen for this change :) because i can now see a bad boy jin. :) bye traditional and sweet dark hair jin :)

word count: 3,505

Out of the billions of people in the world, only one person is able to catch your attention. You don’t know his name, but what you do know about this person is, he’s tall, born with handsome looks, has broad shoulders, and the dyed blonde which stains his probably previous black or brown hair, matches him perfectly well. The longer you stare at him, the more your imagination grew.

Your nails digging deep into those delicious broad shoulders of his, and clawing your nails down and leaving dark red marks. Your fingers running through those blonde strands, tugging at them once being fisted by the palms of both your hands as you mess that pretty cowlick hairstyle of his. You being pushed up against a locker, a wall, or anywhere as long as you’re the one stuck in between, and his fine arms hoisting your legs up to wrap around his waist.

The strength he must have for being that tall. The muscles he probably worked so hard for, as your eyes couldn’t help but gaze hungrily at his biceps from that teasing sleeveless shirt he has on. You just want to run over by his side and rip off that shirt, let alone have his skin exposed and become undone by having your bare top touching his. That would be enough to have you screaming out his name.

Sadly, you still don’t know it.

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I think we can all agree that Taylor was unbelievably flawless tonight, and her speeches were beautiful. I just feel so lucky to have you as a role model, Taylor. You have shown me what life is when you choose to be happy. Remember, if you need anything EVER, you’ve got a million loyal, loving fans on tumblr that are always here for you.


I need to take this moment and bring forth the fact that this lad from a middle class family has come an incredibly long way in a short span of 6 years..

He’s already an international pop star & winner of PGA 2016 Pro-Am championship..

He has helped raise a million dollars in couple of weeks for charity..

Tonight he debuted as an international footballer in the presence of legendary Pele the man himself..

Despite these great lifetime achievements, he remains the most humble & the most gentle person we know of..

I am pretty certain he’s going through unbelievable emotions tonight, wondering at what just happened, eyes wide with a huge smile!!

Bless him.

Turn the lights up, Ian. I want to see some awesome looking people.
The man with the black t-shirt, you’re the most positive person in here tonight, thank you. And you, in the silver bra next to him, you’re the best dancer in here tonight, thank you.
And for all of you other unbelievably, amazing-looking people in here tonight, we just want to really make you understand how fucking important this is to us, what we’re doing here tonight. What a way to go, huh?
You know, all of you here really created Swedish House Mafia. It was YOU that made this happen, and it’s only right that it’s YOU that finish it tonight.
So thank you so much.
We came, we raved and we loved you California.
—  Axwell’s speech to thank the fans - Swedish House Mafia, during their last set as SHM