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Garden of Love

Parts ONE, TWO, and THREE if you missed it!

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles.


Harry sees how upset you are and it hurts the hell out of him. To know he caused this.

The guilt was eating him alive, he never meant to make you feel or react this way. He walks even closer and this time you let him, too tired to fight back.

“This time I don’t care anymore. I don’t care what they say, wh-when you were preforming out there I’ve never felt so good. S’like I just wanted to see you sing forever,” Harry wipes your tears away from your face and the sensation is amazing. His hands were so soft and it felt so good to be comforted by him. “let me OK?”

You furrow your eyebrows and your eyes open, let him do what?

Before you could ask, you felt the softest pair of lips meeting yours. Teeth pulling on your bottom lip and for the first time in a long time, you acted with your heart and let him.

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I need to tell someone that I want to have sex, but not just sex like HOT SEX KINKY SEX HONESTLY FUCK ME UP SEX PLS I NEED IT BUT IM SUPPOSED TO BE A GOOD KID AND I HAVENT MASTURBATED SINCE AUGUST +BTS ISNT HELPING and I'm wayy too underaged for that good shit ok thanks ♥ -🍬

I could say all kinds of kinky shit to this but you’re underage so….

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Hey Henry how's your relationship with KD? You two are good friends,right? what do you think about him?,same question for you too KD?

Henry: King dice is an OK man, he just works for the devil. Plus him and Mugman look so well together.

King dice: Well, Henry is a worthy man when it comes to bendy’s well-being. A handsome, a good job, and a good heart. Just the kind of man bendy needs. 

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((ok but, night, I'm drawing way too many grim fanart and I'm sorta concerned you'd get annoyed if i go tag you on everything later lol. oh wait what, there's no too many for grim. anyway, thanks for always being sweet and kind, whether in the tags, brackets, or through grim. I'm sure we all agree that this kindness has greatly improved some of our bad days, or made good ones greater.))

(( listen i just saw your fanart you tagged the other day [my notifications for everything have been either nonexistent or a sudden incorrectly-timed tidal wave and i am reeling bc of it] and i’m grinning so much?? and also blushing. like a nerd. because i am so beyond excited to see any fanart of him that truthfully, i need to go peruse a thesaurus to come up with a wider variety of words to describe the throes of delight i am in at seeing any. XD ))

(( you are seriously so, so sweet, and far too kind - i’m just so happy that you like him, and that his words and my silly little notes and thoughts are something that brightens anyone’s day even in the slightest. my happiest moments on here 100% come from seeing little tags or notes or etc, anything, where i find out that somebody smiled or was touched in any way by it - really, that’s all i could ever hope for. <3 <3 ))

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You a Dragon Age fan? Because if you have played it, I'd love to commission you to write a fic for this ship I have when they're open again.

ok so like here’s the thing. i have only played dragon age 2. i was using a friend’s origin account. i played da2 and then was gonna start inquisition. i was like. just barely into inqui when my good laptop perished in a tragic accident involving a glass of milk. my little notebook rn cant run it. so i have still only played da2. i was gonna play origins eventually too but like. ya anyway i only have knowledge of one game so depending on what ship it is

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Hello! I love you fan theories about ACOTAR universe. After I've read ACOWAR, there were something bugging me. Do you think Rhys might have lost his powers? I mean, he died, right?! Wasn't supposed to have another High Lord crowned while he was dead? So... he doesn't have children, could that be Mor?. Or did he gave all his powers to reconstruct the Cauldron? I wanted to hear you opinion on that!

So ok, man. I never really looked too deeply into this because it was brushed over and appeared to make sense… but now… you have made me think… which is good… and i have no evidence, just ramblings, so hope that’s ok.

I just went and re-read ch 76-78 of ACOWAR  to re-familiarise myself with what happened.
I think to know how Rhys power worked I need to look at the cauldron.

I always viewed the Cauldron as being a containment vessel for the universe/void/nothing/everything/Thestuff that everything is made from.
Kind of like a bag of holding for the universe, the maker/mother/whoever so they can just pull out what they want if they know the right words.
So the cauldron holds the void and the mother uses the words to bring things forth.
Kinda an origin story thing.
So for existence you need something to contain everything and then someone to say let it be, make it so… yadda yadda, a good ol’ creation myth/story.

So if that’s the case I don’t think a “mere high lord” would be able to seal/fix the cauldron, unless all other high-lords were present. We know that all 7 are needed to bring someone back from death. they cannot do it on their own. 

It has been hinted at before that Rhysand is more than the other high lords (at the high lord meeting in ACOWAR explicitly). The reader is supposed to infer that this is because he is half Illyrian half high fae. But what if he is more than that?
I’m not sure what at this point in time, but @propshophannah has also been pondering if Rhysand is more than he appears to be. (There is a post with the quote from the high lords meeting here).
I’m going to throw out there… that maybe… he has something more. 
And by combining his power with Feyre’s they have enough original essence or whatever they need to seal the cauldron back up. 
Like the coming together of two halves to make a whole type of thing. I’ve mentioned that I have thought archeron ancestry links back to the night court before in my post on “speculation on the archeron mother”.

I’m getting a little off topic here, but I do think this is important.

When Feyre realised Rhysand was gone (around pg 666- haha), she tries to grab at the wisps of their mating bond. This is the only thing left of him. No high lord power. No other essence - Just the Mating bond. She is hysterical because that is all she can find.

I think Rhysand gave up his “other/extra/special/secret” power combined with Feyre’s to the cauldron and it wasn’t enough. Feyre wouldnt know any of this because he had his shields up until he died.
So he had to give all his power including his high lord power. 
Then because this power was split and the night court had a high lord and a high lady I think that if there was any remaining power then this power would have passed into Feyre not Mor or anyone else (but I don’t think he had any power left to give). 
He had spent it all - everything he had, and that’s why she could only pull Strands of the mating bond to her.
Rhysand was gone.
He has entered the void- shed his mortal self… shall we say- including anything that bonded him to that world in Prythian.

So during the time Rhysand was dead 💀 there was nothing left to pass on… no powers to give anyway, because we know Feyre didn’t feel anything. And from stories told of high lord power passing on to others - we know that other people notice or feel something too - an example would be when Rhysand and Tamlin both became high lords - realised what was happening and fled.

The real question should be where did his power come from once he came back from the void!

Amren has clearly spent all her power and in order to come back has had to essentially become less than what she was. She is now only high fae.
Rhysand came back and appeared to have given up nothing! 
He even says his power is all his own! So where did his power go when he died? and did it come back with him? or does he have some new power?
Is Rhys a Shell??? 
What is going on here?

This could be where ACOFAS is heading (and omg that would be so cool because I love this sort of stuff). It’s mentioned that Rhysand has some healing to do in the hints we have for ACOFAS and maybe it’s all to do with the time he has spent in the cauldron and what came back or didn’t come back.
I’m sure I’ve gone off on a tangent…….. I think I have more questions now too. 


Basically I don’t think Rhysand as a “high lord” would be able repair the cauldron on his own. 

If Rhysand is a close descendant to the mother then I think he would have some sway over the cauldron - but not without help (aka Feyre, another descendant from the mother). So that is one possibility. 

If he is only a high lord - then he would need the essence of the other high lords to fix it. We know that by themselves they cannot “remake” a human or high fae because it is beyond them. We need 7 to bring back Feyre, and 7 to bring back Rhys. I think this would make mending the cauldron beyond them also. And definitely beyond one or two highlords/ladys.

So Rhysand either way - must be more than just a high lord.


I think I have repeated myself. But Rhysand is definitely more than he appears. I hope I kind of answered a question? Maybe? Sorry if I haven’t. 

I’m now more concerned about how his power got back to him to be honest….

Its all a little suspicious - and something I didn’t really pay much attention to when I read it…but now…. I dont think we will have any answers until ACOFAS… but if anyone else has insight, feel free to jump in!

Thank you nonnie for this - it has been so fun trying to solve for you - maybe just give you more questions haha!
I love looking into this stuff - and sometimes I work best jumping from questions or things I need answers too. <3 <3 <3 

My ask box is always open. 


Hii! I’m the anon who asked if I could submit my tofficore drawing, well, here you go ahh. Can’t seem to draw Toffee in a similar way to cannon but oh well. I love your art so much, you inspired me to do this! I hope you draw more of these two. Sorry mine is a sketchy shit ahh. Anyway you’re one of the people who made me ship this so thanks for bringing me to lizard hell. It was my first time drawing anthro (and nsfw-ish?) so don’t be too harsh on me ;-; But yeah, you can publish this or not, up to you, just hope you like this haha, I have no friends who ship this so I wanted someone to share this with. Hugs!

YOOOOOO ok I love this????? Seriously this is well-done and I love the poses. And this is your first time drawing anthro style? HOLY SHIT REALLY REALLY GOOD. You’ve got all the core concepts down and I think Toff’s chest is my favorite, really well-drawn.

One of my favorite things is seeing new tofficore artists; we need as many people as possible lmao. Thank you for the kind words, I will be sure to post something Tofficore-related soon. :)

Jungkook: You should wear my jacket

Jimin: Why?

Jungkook: You look cold

Jimin: *suspiciously puts on oversized jacket*

Jungkook: *starts giggling*

Jimin: What?

Jungkook: *still giggling* You…look like a marshmallow.

Jimin: *pouts*

Jungkook: A cute marshmallow




A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

heith week day 6: colors
strange nature, to feel your tether… we could coexist - x

the fic i wrote (rated mature) 

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The first time I saw this I couldn’t stop laughing for a good half an hour.

someone!!!! please!!! watch the stars!!! with me!!!!! we could rest our heads against a blanket & just look up while holding hands & point out constellations & be star geeks together

Nothing’s more beautiful than Yuuri’s smile…

Get u a man who looks at you like Phichit looks at Yuuri…


The artist also appreciates if ship bashing can be kept out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.


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