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Damian: *is fighting with Bruce, threatens to quit* 

Jason: *starts laughing* 

Damian: What? 

Jason: Dude, nobody quits being Robin 

Damian: What? But didn’t you quit? 

Jason: No, stupid, I died 

Damian: Fine, then Grayson. He quit to become Nightwing 

Dick: Um, actually Bruce fired me 

Damian: What about Drake? 

Tim: Nope, Dick stole the title from me and gave it to you 

Damian: Oh. But didn’t you quit while Brown was Robin? 

Tim: My dad forced me to, so it doesn’t count 

Damian: *hmphs* Then Brown, at least? 

Steph: Sorry, I was fired too 

Damian: Fine. Then I’ll just be the first to quit! 

Jason: *laughs* Nah, sorry kid, not gonna happen. You’ll probably either get fired or killed again, and I’ve got fifty bucks on the line for the latter 

Damian: *pales* Father? 

Bruce: *has conveniently disappeared* 

BTS Reaction to Their S/O Being Shorter Than Them


He wouldn’t mind the obvious height difference between you both, he loved it actually. Him being really tall and you being really short just made things more fun for him. Having to help you to reach things from high places made him feel soft inside at how cute you were. He would designate that his job, him reaching things for you when you couldn’t.

“Need some help with that jagi?”

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Jin loved your height, he loved the contrast between both of your heights and found it quite interesting. He would joke around whenever you were walking somewhere together asking you silly questions like “How’s the weather down there?” and bursting into laughter after seeing your reaction, which was always just an eye roll. You didn’t mind his jokes but you also found it quite amusing sometimes because who could resist Jin’s contagious laugh?

“I hate you so much Jin”

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Yoongi wouldn’t really make a big deal about it, he respected you for your height and wouldn’t really tease you about it. But once in a while when he’s in a playful mood he would joke around calling you short-stack or short-cake just to get on your nerves. Even though you didn’t like your height very much you couldn’t help but hide the smile that appeared whenever he called you these nicknames which you found cute, but you wouldn’t let him know that of course

“Whatcha doing there shortcake?”

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He would be quite fascinated about your height to be quite honest. He would find it fascinating how you would use pretty much anything as a step stool to reach whatever you needed, whether it be a chair or a stack of books. He would just look at you with amazement and slowly shake his head whenever he saw you using the most ridiculous things to give you more height to reach higher up things, especially when it’s snacks were reaching for.

“You’re too cute for your own good”

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Him being short himself would make him feel over the moon to find someone that’s shorter than him, so be prepared for constant teasing. He would casually rest his elbow on your head even though he had to tiptoe a bit to do it, it still made him feel like he was the tallest person in the world,but this didn’t last long when you would remind him that everyone else it still taller than him and he will forever be short. He would frown at you and slowly remove his hand feeling defeated earning a accomplished smirk from you.

“Why do you gotta be so mean y/n” 

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He would think you were so adorable, with your height barely reaching his chest. He would tease you by standing at his normal height when you wanted a kiss knowing fully well you couldn’t reach him, he would giggle at your attempt at tiptoeing struggling to reach his lips. When your feet got tired you would huff and fold your arms annoyed that he wouldn’t even hold over not even a little bit for your convenience, but pouting didn’t help your case, he thought you were to cute to take serious as he burst into laughter at your contorted face. 

“I’m sorry y/n but your’e too cute to take seriously” 

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Jungkook secretly loved your height and wouldn’t wish you to be not even an inch taller, he would grow soft whenever he saw you struggling to reach something from the top shelf. Although he could just simply reach it himself, he liked to see your reaction and he liked the reward you would give him whenever he did this cute gesture instead. He would wrap his hands around your waist and give you a little boost just enough so you could reach whatever you wanted. You loved whenever he did this, giggling as he would stay there until you gave him a kiss for his gesture. 

“I’m waiting y/n”

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i really hope that there are no redemption arcs in the star wars sequel trilogy, period. they feel outdated; like, it fit the late ‘70s and early ‘80s in part because it was very fresh storytelling at the time (esp in genre fiction) and in part because of the culture of the era

but tfa was very updated for the late 2010s, even if the basic story arc was still the monomyth (which doesn’t prescribe redemption or forgiveness or w/e anyway so it’s not A Given Just Because It’s Star Wars)

what would be fresh and culturally relevant storytelling today would be accountability arcs

I’m totally open to Rey and Finn and Poe d fucking up and having to be accountable and fix their own mistakes. I’m totally open to Luke and Han and Leia being acknowledged to have made mistakes in creating the New Republic and the new Jedi and being held accountable to fix them. but the difference is… no one ever held Vader accountable. that’s why i don’t believe he was redeemed, too, bc he got the easy way out of his massive bad choices. he just did one semi-decent thing and immediately died. neither he nor palpatine was ever held accountable for what they did.

i think it’s time to leave the idea of absolution or redemption or forgiveness being some kind of inherent rights to feel as outdated as the rest of 1977’s cultural landscape. that shit has to be earned through hard fucking work on yourself and accountability. just saying you’re sorry and doing nothing to change your behavior bc you conveniently immediately die means nothing tbh

i want to see Kylo Ren’s punishments fit his crimes. i don’t want anyone to forgive him just because he asks for it. I’m about accountability arcs. i want him to have to truly, truly face what he’s done and i want his victims to have the latitude to choose not to forgive him, even if he does get held accountable by some higher authority I’m the story. his victims owe him nothing and never will.

our culture right now needs to make accountability the priority of the decade in fucking general. that includes in our stories. i don’t think you can really call any idea a significant part of a culture until it’s embedded in its stories.

Worth It

Summary: Cas has a hard time holding himself back from touching you sometimes, not that you mind. 
A/N: Hi everyone! I love you guys, and any and all feedback is appreciated! 
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Warnings: Dom!Cas, Rough Sex, Oral (Male Receiving; Face Fucking), Vaginal Fingering, Anal Fingering, Squirting, Hair Pulling, Spanking, Language, Sir!Kink, Daddy!Kink… I think that’s it.
Word Count: 1,937


Sometimes Castiel couldn’t control himself. You were well aware of this, and that’s why it was no surprise when he came up behind you as you stood in the kitchen, doing dishes at the sink.

He wrapped his arms around you and one slid up to your breast while the other slid down to your sex, “I want to see your legs spread wide open on the counter for me.” he said while his very obvious erection pressed into your backside.

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where Y/N is sick, and Harry is her favorite medicine.

As Harry opened the door to their shared apartment, he could feel the worry in his chest grow when the familiar body didn’t come running to him. He headed towards the living room, hoping you would be sitting there, safe and sound.

He found you, although that did little to calm his nerves as he noticed the little sushi roll you had wrapped herself in. He felt his heart grow with love as he looked down at the beautiful mess that he was proud to call his.

He knew that you had been feeling a little under the weather since the night before.

However, he had been assured by you that you would be fine and that he should go to work. He had left reluctantly, after making you promise to call him if anything was wrong.

The day had passed by smoothly with him calling you every once in a while to ensure that you were holding on good. That being said, the last couple of hours at the studio had become immensely busy and he hadn’t been able to contact you.

As much as he tried to come home early, he knew that he had to get the days’ work done. After finally wrapping it up and managing to get the next day off, he had gotten in the car and called you, wanting to know if he was meant to bring something home from the convenience store.

When you didn’t reply, he felt himself panicking.

After multiple calls to no avail, he took a quick trip to the store anyway, picking up a few things that he knew you would appreciate in case you had gotten sick. That included a large bar of chocolates, some medicines and a baby sized teddy bear. He drove home in a rush, trying to assure himself that you were okay.

Now as he looked at you, wrapped under a million blankets with the telly playing at a low volume, he was glad that he had, after all, been able to pay the quick visit to the store.

He didn’t fail to notice the tissue box placed near you, and the tissue that was weakly wrapped in your closed fist. He couldn’t help but smile at how adorable you looked wrapped up like that. He knelt down, pushing the light wisps of hair away from your face. He lowered the blankets so he could look at your face. He gazed with awe at the slightly red color adorning your cheeks. He often told you that your face became a mild shade of red whenever you became sick, which you always denied.

He softly whispered your name, as his hand went to cup your right cheek. He frowned when he felt how abnormally warm your skin was. His other hand went to your forehead, and he almost winced at the exceeding temperature.

Your eyes fluttered open as you sniffled your nose. Despite how adorable he found you whenever you did that, he was too worried for him to make a remark.

“Harry?” You whispered, your voice scratchy and raw because of the soreness of your throat.

“I’m here, pet. I’m here.”

Your hand went to grasp his, and he conveniently lifted it up for you, so you could have some comfort.

“When did you come home?” You asked, knowing that it wasn’t too long until he would tell you to stop talking because of the pain your throat was in.

“Just about now. You weren’t answering my calls so I got worried.” He replied, his thumb softly stroking your warm skin.

“I’m sorry, I fell asleep a couple of hours ago.” You responded, leaning in to his hold.

“It’s fine, love. Now, have you eaten anything?” He asked, realizing that he had to make sure that you had taken some food in before giving you the medicine.

He softly frowned as you shook your head. Deciding to save the scolding for later, he opted to taking you upstairs so you could rest while he made his special soup for you. You were about to swing your legs over the couch to get up when Harry quite conveniently hoisted you up in his arms. You let out a squeak as your arms went up to wrap around his neck.

“You do know that I can walk, right?” You questioned, while he carried you up the stairs to your shared bedroom with ease.

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t,” He replied, to which you giggled and snuggled your head in his chest.

He lay you down on the bed, pulling the covers over you.

“Stay here, okay? I’m going to bring you some soup.” He voiced.

“Mhmm, or you could just get into bed and cuddle with me until I’m okay?” You suggested, still in a sleepy daze.

He chuckled before leaning down to kiss your forehead,
“We can very well do that after you take some medicine, yeah? Now hush, rest your throat for a bit.”

You smiled cheekily and made a peace sign at him, to which he snickered and took as his cue to leave.

It took him about twenty minutes to prepare the soup and get the medicines for you, before climbing up the stairs to get to you. He brought the chocolates and teddy bear along too, knowing that you could use some cheering up.

As he entered the room, he could very well see how you ducked under the covers as soon as you saw him entering.

A silent laugh escaped him as he was reminded of your absolute hate towards medicines. Even in your childhood, you had opted to take liquid syrups as long as you possibly could, before your doctor had declared your 11-year old self too old for fruit-flavored syrups.

When you had told this to Harry, he had found it utterly adorable that the strong-willed and confident girl he knew was also the one who was scared of medicines.

It wasn’t until you became sick for the first time since dating that he realized how strong your dislike really was.

He had called your mother that night, who had advised him to give you something sweet afterwards, knowing you had a sweet tooth. Since then, Harry always bribed you with chocolates and kisses, and maybe, just maybe, medicines weren’t that bad anymore.

As he set the food tray on the table beside the bed, he settled down on the edge of the bed.

“Hmm, I wonder where my oh-so-beautiful girlfriend is.” He pretended to wander, making you giggle from under the covers.

“God knows,” you replied, your hold on the covers becoming loose.

“Sure,” he remarked, before poking your leg from over the covers.

You yelped and squirmed in response, making a smile etch onto his face.

“Why don’t you join me under here?” You offered,

“So that we can live under the covers for the rest of our lives?” He retorted.

You were going to reply, but instead you burst into a fit of coughs.

Harry could hear the painful breaths you were taking, causing him to take off the covers and helping you sit up. He softly rubbed your back, until your coughing came to a rest and you were able to breathe normally.

You went to lay down again before Harry stopped you.

“Nu-uh. You are going to have the soup I made for you, and then you are going to take your meds.”

You opened your mouth to protest, which Harry quickly stopped by giving you a peck on the lips, and placing a box of chocolates and a small teddy bear on your lap. Your mouth hung open in surprise, your eyes wide with awe.

“When did you get these?’ You exclaimed, cradling the small stuff toy to your chest.

“On my way home. I had a feeling this would happen.” He replied, while settling down beside you on the bed and pulling you to sit between his legs. You rested your head on his chest, looking up at him.

“Thank you.” You grinned, your eyes sparkling from the water that had gathered there after your coughing fit.

Harry felt his heart swell with adoration as he looked down at you. He kissed your forehead, which was still hot, making him remember the actual reason that the two of you were there.

“C’mon now, missy. We have to get some food in you.” He said, picking up the soup bowl and lifting up the spoon. He softly blew on it thrice, before lowering it to your level and telling you to open your mouth. He continued the safe routine, until the soup was finished and he sat it down on the tray.

You loved how he spoiled you whenever you were sick. Of course, he was always loving and gentle with you, but the treatment that you got when you weren’t feeling your best, that was your favorite. You snuggled into his chest, placing a kiss right where his heart was. His arms came to wrap around you, making you smile.

“I know what you’re trying to do. Being all cute and cuddly so I’ll forget about the meds.” Harry, who was of course well aware with you, spoke.

You giggled, lifting your head from his chest, looking up at him.

“Dammit, I was hoping you wouldn’t find out.”

“Not happening, poppet. Now, just take the tablet so we can get you feeling better, yeah?” He said, softly poking your nose.

“But Harry,” you started, and he raised his eyebrows, knowing you were going to say something extremely cheesy, “You take such good care of me, I already feel better. We don’t need no meds.”

Harry burst out laughing at that, making you grin as well.

“As cute as you are, princess, you’re still going to have to do it.”

You groaned, burying your face in his chest,

“It’s just one tablet, pet. Then we’re done with this. I’ll run you a nice bath and then we can cuddle, yeah? How does that sound?”

You reluctantly nodded, slowly lifting your head and sitting up a little. Harry picked up the tablet and glass of water and handed it to you. Unenthusiastically, you popped the pill in your mouth before drowning it with water. As you emptied the glass and handed it back to Harry, you had a sour expression on your face, but Harry was quick to clear that by placing a block of chocolate in your mouth immediately afterwards.

A smile crept up on your face at that, making Harry cheer.

“There we go. You’ll feel better in no time.” He grinned, pulling you back to sit in between his legs, with your head resting on his firm chest. He placed a kiss on the top of your hair, caressing it with his hand. As you looked up at him through watery eyes (due to the flu), and a cheesy smile, he felt like his heart would explode with the love he felt for you. He hugged you to him tightly, nuzzling his own head in your neck.

The two of you lay there for a while, before he suggested a bath for you. You accepted it on the condition of him going on with you. He happily obliged as you two got up and headed to the bathroom. Harry got the warm water running, while you stripped off your clothes. He popped in your favorite bath bomb and took off his own clothes.

Helping you in, he made sure that the water was just the right temperature. In the bath, he pampered you to the fullest, before wrapping you up in a fluffy white towel (which he had placed in front of the hot air fan so it’d warm up), and carrying you to bed.

You giggled while being in his arms, but didn’t dare to complain, knowing that he’d declare it as his job to make sure you got complete rest.

He got dressed himself, before helping you in a warm pair of pajamas and a t-shirt of his, which was far too big for you, but you loved how it swallowed you, making you look utterly adorable to him. He tucked you under the blankets, making sure you were warm and cozy, and then left to make you a cup of tea.

While he was gone, your eyes fell on the small teddy bear that Harry had bought for you. You snuggled it close to your chest, a sigh of pure contentment leaving your lips. You were more than thankful for Harry, it was the biggest comfort knowing that he was always there to take care of you, as you were for him.  

When Harry entered the room with two cups of the honey and ginger tea that his mum used to make him whenever he was sick, he noticed the gleam of happiness in your eye. As he settled down in the bed, pulling the blanket above the two of you, you cuddled closer to him. You lay your head on his shoulder, while his arm went to wrap around your small frame.

“Feeling better, love?” He asked, pulling you impossibly closer to him.

You hummed in response, the stuff toy still in your hands.

“Thank you for taking care of me. I don’t think I tell you enough how much I love and appreciate you.” You spoke, voice still a bit gruff because of your blocked nose and sore throat.

Harry turned on his left side to face you, making you look up at him.

“Always, love. You know I’ll always be here for you, no matter what. And if anything, I should be the one telling you this. You’re always so understanding and considerate of me and my career, I can never thank you enough for that.”

“I love you,” You whispered, before his lips captured yours in a warm kiss, and you were sure that by the time morning came, you’d be feeling a lot better. And even if you weren’t, you had no worries. Because you knew that Harry was willing to take care of you for today, tomorrow and forever.

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39 with namjoon? Thanks ❤

Make You Smile (Namjoon x Reader Angst + Fluff)

Prompt request: “Do that again.”

Summary: Namjoon comes home late from the studio and completely forgets about your date night. You plan on ignoring him, but he does his best to fix what he had broken. 

Word count: 844 words

Originally posted by bangthebae

Namjoon arrived home like he did every day–with a loud bang and the sound of something falling. The door swung open and ricocheted off the spring door stop, no doubt denting something. His work bag landed on the ground with a thud, and Namjoon discarded his shoes and jacket haphazardly before stepping over them.

“Y/N, I’m home!” he announced, padding heavily through the hallway. He spotted you sitting on the couch, your arms crossed and the corners of your mouth pulled downwards into a frown. “Y/N? Are you okay?”

You continued to ignore him, staring at the muted television instead. A movie was playing in the background–a movie you and Namjoon were supposed to watch together nearly four hours ago.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Namjoon asked, genuinely confused. His eyebrows scrunched together adorably, and if you weren’t so upset, you probably would have cooed. “If you don’t tell me, I won’t know.”

You just stared at the screen, waiting for Namjoon to follow your line of vision.

“Y/N…” Namjoon trailed off, going silent once he finally turned to look at the television. “Oh. Shit.”

“Mhm,” you hummed, still refusing to look at your boyfriend. You weren’t being petty–Namjoon had spent the past week almost entirely at his studio and came home late at night. He had promised one evening with you, and again, he had gotten lost in his work.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry,” Namjoon hurried to say, throwing himself onto the couch beside you. He grabbed your hands and tried to get your attention. “Please, just look at me.”

You shook your head, keeping your eyes downcast. You could feel tears beginning to form, and recognized that you were being a little ridiculous. Still, you couldn’t help but feel hurt that Namjoon could forget about you so easily.

“I really did mean to forget about our date night,” Namjoon tried to explain, squeezing your hands with his larger ones as he spoke. “You know how wrapped up in work I get. I can’t keep track of time. Right now it’s really busy, too. But if I can just get through these next few weeks, we’ll be able to spend much more time together.”

“It’s not about that, Namjoon,” you said finally, your voice wavering. When you turned to look at your boyfriend, his face fell at the sight of your eyes brimming with tears. “I get that you’re busy, and I’m okay with that. But don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t forget about me when it’s convenient.”

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” Namjoon whispered, bringing his hands up to cup your face and gently brushing away a few fallen tears with his thumbs. “Fuck, Y/N. I never forget about you–you’re always on my mind. You’re the reason I come home every night.”

“It doesn’t feel like that sometimes,” you replied quietly, your voice still weak.

“I know that now, and I’m sorry,” Namjoon repeated, sounding as pained as you were. “You’re the most important to me, and I never meant to take you for granted. I know I’m stupid and I make all these mistakes.”

“No matter what, I’ll always be here waiting for you,” you admitted, sniffling. “But it doesn’t hurt any less when I have to eat dinner alone, or when I go to sleep without you beside me. You don’t have to work less, but just let me know that you haven’t forgotten about me.”

“Y/N, I told you that I never forget about you. You’re my inspiration. Nearly every song I write is about you,” Namjoon said earnestly. “I’ll work less, I’ll come home earlier. I’ll do anything to make you feel better.”

“I’m not asking you to do that,” you sighed, shaking your head. “I know how much music means to you, and I’d never ask you to change that. But just text me, or try to spend some time with me when life gets busy.”

“Okay,” Namjoon agreed, his voice breaking. “I’m sorry that I made you feel like I forget about you. I never knew that you felt that way. I’m so sorry for taking you for granted, Y/N. I never thought I would.”

“I know,” you whispered, pressing your cheek against Namjoon’s wide palm. “I know you never meant to do that.”

“What can I do so that you’ll forgive me?” Namjoon asked, pressing a gentle kiss against your forehead. “What can I do to make you smile?”

“Do that again,” you mumbled, your eyelids flutter shut.

“This?” Namjoon questioned, leaning in to brush his lips against your temple. You nodded slightly, and Namjoon just chuckled. “You forgive me too easily.”

“Cause I love you,” you said simply.

“Yeah,” Namjoon breathed, a smile in his voice. “I understand, because I love you too.”

Namjoon peppered soft kisses all over your face–your forehead, your jaw, the tip of your nose, and finally, your lips. He whispered quiet declarations of love until a tiny smile tipped the corners of your lips upward.

- Girl in Luv

A shorter one tonight! I was feeling like writing some cutesy shit. I know this prompt is calling for smut…plus I keep seeing that gif of Rapmon adjusting his belt. But like…the smut!!! I don’t know if I can do it!!!! Anyway, thanks for requesting, and sorry this took so long to get to. I hope you all enjoyed! Happy reading 🤓

39 | babysitter!jimin

❝ things you forgot to say ❞

genre: fluff // words: 1.6K // a.n: happy bday jimjam ily

“Thank you so much for taking care of Sohee, Jimin-ssi.” You sigh tiredly, your weary form entering your warm abode with the slam of the door. You cringe slightly at the loud sound, but Jimin only smiles sympathetically back at you.

You’re sure he probably thinks you look like a mess. Your hair is windswept and falling out of its ponytail, your nose is red from the cold, and there is a small stain of coffee on your white shirt from earlier this morning. Who could blame you though? Midterm season has always made you its bitch, and this year is no exception.

“It’s no problem, Y/N-ssi. I understand how busy you and your parents are. It’s no big deal, really.” He shrugs, already extending his hands in a silent offer to take your backpack from off your shoulders.

You recoil from his touch, a blush invading your face the moment his fingertips brush your shoulders. “O-oh, it’s ok, Jimin-ssi. You’ve done enough.” You stammer, dropping your bag somewhere on the couch. Smooth, Y/N.

“I was just going to take your bag from you, Y/N. I doubt that’s too much work for me.” Jimin laughs cutely, which only worsens the redness on your face. Why did you parents have to hire the cutest boy in the fucking neighborhood to be your sister’s babysitter?

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Handy Dandy. [Connor Murphy Oneshot].

Title: Handy Dandy.
Pairing: Implied! - Connor Murphy x Reader.
Words: 1,593.
Fandom/Musical: Dear Evan Hansen.
Rating: T. (Language).

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Connor whispered aggressively, more to himself than to you. Though the words came out roughly you knew that they didn’t actually hold any hostility. Tucking back a piece of his hair behind his ear which simultaneously curled around his fingers as he did so, Connor found himself slightly bent over to analyze the extensive amount of nail polishes you actually owned. Funny enough though, he had only seen to wear maybe two of the colors and if he took his time, he could find the bottles because they’d had a lot less polish inside. Picking up a shade of yellow, that was honestly more leaning towards an ugly construction yellow and burned his eyes, he looked back at you.

Connor mumbled, “Really, (Name)? Dehydrated piss color?”

You held your hands up in defense and walked towards him with a gentle, “Sometimes I need the happy colors.”

Connor sat the bottle back where he picked it up from and laughed bitterly, “Happy color? Piss is not a happy color. A happy color is like… Like…” He scanned the polishes before picking up what he’d describe as a ‘cotton candy’ pink. “This.”

Snapping the bottle out of his hand, you chuckled and said, “I don’t think I’ve never worn this color before.” You raised your eyebrows, “Wanna try?” Waving the bottle in front of his face, he pushed your hand back with a small scowl before it slowly turned into a smile.

 “Fuck off.” He bent forward a bit, looking for a specific color. You couldn’t stop yourself from looking at him and the way that he moved. It was interesting, to say the least. Connor pushed people away, both figuratively and literally in instances where he feels that physically pushing someone is the best for his own safety. Even his own movements, as slightly graceful as they appeared, also pushed people away. He moved roughly but with a sense of hesitance behind every move of his muscles. A warning that getting too close would end terribly for both parties.

 Taking a deep breath in, Connor straightened up and picked up a small bottle of nail polish off of your dresser, the sound drawing you back to reality. “Why are there like twenty shades of black?” He asked you, tilting the bottle to the side so he could read what funky name the polish had, “I thought black was black, you know? What the fuck is…” He squinted at the small letters, “Envious Fury?”

Laughing, you plucked the bottle out of his hand and informed him gently, “Obviously, it’s the color of jealousy and anger, can’t you read?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that those emotions included goddamn glitter.” He took the bottle back out of your hands, letting his fingers linger upon yours for a moment too long before quickly drawing them back in. A technique he had learned to keep people away, to make them assume that he was really unobtainable emotionally.

 It wasn’t as if the two of you were friends and it sure as hell wasn’t as if Connor could actually spill his secrets to you, things that people assumed about him, but weren’t really true. You were just a convenience to him, or so he tried to convince himself constantly. A convenience friend, he would say. Not really friends all the time but friends when he got into fights with his parents and had nowhere else to go, or a friend when you were lost and couldn’t find your way out.

 Visits were becoming much more frequent, or so you noticed. Connor was sneaking over to your house more often, later in the evening. He’d even found a way into your bedroom without going through the front door and alerting your parents that you had someone over, and when first executed, it was painful to say that he ended up with a few rose thorns on his fingertips, palms and thighs from the rose bushes in the front of your parents yard.

He’d come over, sneak in, and the two of you would sit there. Nothing had to be said, and if you asked him what was wrong, more often than not, Connor would find himself building up the security wall around his personality and mind so you couldn’t pry your way inside. It wasn’t a matter of wanting to talk about anything with Connor, it was just a sense of some sort of stability. Someone who wouldn’t yell at him for doing bad, someone who wouldn’t get mad at him for not wanting to talk, and someone who could actually maybe, in one way or another, understand what he was going through even if it wasn’t spoken out-loud.

 Catching yourself staring at him once again, you plucked the bottle of black nail polish off your dresser, the one that Connor usually went after and sat down on your bed in an eager attempt to push back any sort of thoughts of an actual friendship. This happened every couple of weeks, or whenever the nail polish would fade from his nails. He quite liked the way it looked, and with his long fingers, you had to admit that he pulled off polish a lot better than most of the people you knew. “I want this one.” He said, holding up the glittering black nail polish.

 “Are you su-”

 “If I want to be a sparkling fucker, why not?” He shrugged his slender shoulders, sitting down on the bed across from you. The meager fact that your bed was only a twin size meant that there wasn’t much space between the two of you. Crossing your legs and laughing at his previous statement, Connor shimmed out of his usual grey jacket to reveal a darker grey t-shirt under that clung slightly to his slim frame. He handed you the bottle and held out his right hand without a word. Managing to balance the bottle on a library book you forgot to return god knows how many years ago, you cupped his fingers and began brushing the dark polish on.

 There was silence between the two of you as you brushed gentle onto his thumb and then pointer finger. Mid-way through his middle finger, he began speaking to you. The tone was the same, but the words were somewhat of a surprise and when you gazed up at his face, you found his eyes fixated on your expression rather than on the nail polish brush like they usually were, “I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you.” 

Connor swallowed softly, brushing back a few stray hairs on his forehead with his free hand, “I know, we’ve been doing this for like…” He thought, trying to vaguely guess, “I don’t know, three, four months now and you don’t have to do it but you do anyway.” He laughed to himself, “Not everyone would help a guy who threw a goddamn printer at a teacher when he was in the 2nd grade because he was having a fucking hissy fit.”

 “Being line leader was really important back then.” You dipped the brush back into the bottle, “I’d have been pissed too, having been denied the pleasure.”

 “I didn’t really want to be,” He explained, “It was just… “ Connor stopped talking for a moment and thought over his words. Why was he telling you this? “Everyone else had been line leader that year and I guess I felt… Left out. Like, how shitty sad is that? Such a sob fest.” He joked, but you could tell that it was running much deeper than that by how his voiced cracked near the end. 

You couldn’t find any words inside of your mind that would be a good reply to Connor actually telling you something personal, and so, you rested the brush back inside of the bottle and let go of his right hand, gesturing that you were ready for his left. He stared down at his fingers for a moment, admiring the luminescence that the glitter gave the black. It was like the stars, coating the dark sky with what one could see as hope. Hope, that out there, there’s someone or something that understands.

 “Whatever,” He clenched his jaw and lifted his left hand for you, “I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for… Not seeing me as a fuck up like everyone else does. For not saying, ‘there goes that psycho kid, Connor Murphy’ in the halls at school.”

 “They don’t see what I see.” You said to him, furrowing your eyebrows as you began painting his left hand. “They don’t see…” You couldn’t think of what to say, though there were indeed a million ideas running wild inside of your head. With your mouth agape, you had hope that perhaps words would just start flowing out instead of you having to force yourself to speak. “They don’t see this.” You gestured between the two of you with your free hand. “They don’t see you like this, they don’t see you as a human who you know, maybe has feelings like the rest of us do… Maybe, it’s just beyond their reach, maybe they refuse to see because then that would make you just like the rest of them and maybe they can’t handle that sort of truth.”

 Connor sat quietly in front of you for a few seconds, soaking up your words and the way that they spilled from your mouth. Almost as if you… You genuinely cared about what people thought about him.

 “Fuck, that’s some deep shit, (Name).”

holy bullpoop i hope that was good and i really hope that you guys like it! Reblogs and likes are appreciated! Lemme know what you think! -Em

Taken [Chapter 10]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15
Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Epilogue

The first time he came, he already caught your attention.

He was incredibly handsome, so it wasn’t strange that he made an impression on you and the rest of the employees. He always seemed to have a gentle smile on his face, and emits a calm and comforting aura. He always came around sundown, when the rays of the dying sun comes pouring in through the bakery windows. It always made him seem like he glowed warmly.

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This prompt was sent to me sooooo long ago by @legojacques. Thank you for your patience! I hope it was worth the wait!

Note: This is an AU where Bitty and Jack have a heart-to-heart after the events of epikegster, and then the rest of year 2 goes on to happen as it does in canon. Pre-relationship friendship, ftw! Also, ridiculous flight itinerary ftw lol

This was not how Bitty’s winter break was supposed to start. He never should have used that cheap airfare website. At the time he booked it, the Boston to Montréal, Montréal to Atlanta itinerary did not seem so bad. Weird, yes, but not bad.

Getting to travel the first leg of his trip with Jack did not hurt either. Bitty could not help but snicker as Jack struggled to hide his surprise at the cookies stashed in his carry-on. “Yes. I packed an entire batch of cookies for this flight. I know it’s only an hour and fifteen minutes, but… playing hockey burns a lot of calories, so we gotta eat lots of small meals.”

The employee raised an eyebrow. “Is a batch of chocolate chip cookies the best meal choice?”

“They’re not your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies–” Bitty stopped himself. “Actually, they are my MooMaw’s basic recipe, but with a healthier twist.”


“They have more protein.” Bitty grinned when Jack made a soft “hah” laugh. It was good to see him smile after the events of epikegster. This was shaping up to be a good day.

The day went south just as their flight was arriving up north. The pilot announced over the speaker that a storm was starting up, and that the landing would be rocky. Jack stared out Bitty’s window intently with a soft frown on his face. 

Bitty tried to keep his composure, but the first big jolt of turbulence elicited a quiet yelp from the back of his throat. “Sorry, so embarrassing…” He blushed and shyly looked over at Jack.

Jack was rigid and pressed as far back in his seat as possible, his eyes closed. He was taking slow, deep breaths, but his exhales were a bit shakey.

“Jack? Are you okay?”

“I'm fine,” Jack snapped before he could correct himself. “Sorry, just…”

“It’s okay.”

“Hey… Bittle?” Jack asked with his eyes still closed. 

“Yes, Jack?”

“Could you… No, nevermind. It’s stupid.”

(More beneath the cut)

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tony-ten  asked:

I have a lot of trouble drawing snouts/muzzles, any tips on how I can practice them? As well as how you start poses for your drawings, Im sorry for the bother! OTL

honestly I don’t really know how I do them exactly myself, I tend to just scribble and go, I erase and redraw most of the time too with poses, they’re the hardest to draw!! x__x
as for snouts and muzzles, here’s how I do it usually:

hopefully it helps somehow!! there are various way to draw snout/muzzles, mine might probably not be the most convenient way ><

We’ve got your back. (both twins x reader)

Request: “Can I have an Imagine where y/n is their little sister and she has an abusive boyfriend and the twins find out. Can u plz also include the rest of the dolan family in a way”

Word count: 1,405

Warnings: Abuse \ language \ violence

A/N: Hii! So this is definitely much different to anything I would be used to writing. Obviously, the theme of abuse and violence is a very sensitive topic so I tried my best to write this carefully. I also just wanted to let you all know that my ask and messages are always open if any of you ever need someone to talk to about anything!!

- Im also thinking about writing a part two for this so please let me know if you want me to write one!! Requests are open too so please don’t ever be afraid to ask. X 


Being the youngest of four siblings, you were constantly surrounded by friends growing up. Those friends being your partners in crime, Cameron, Ethan and Grayson. With the small age gap of only a year and a half between you and your two brothers and a little over three years with your sister, you were all inseparable. None of you was ever left lonely. You all had each other’s backs. So, when your three older family members moved out you felt more alone than ever.

Sitting on the rough carpet in your boyfriend’s bedroom, you examine your bracelet. You had gotten it as a gift for your 16th birthday from Cameron and the twins. It was silver with three charms hanging from it, they were the letters C, E and G. You were quickly snapped out of your thoughts when a rough hand tightly grasped around the wrist where your bracelet hung from.

“Don’t ignore me?” your boyfriend said as he pulled you to your feet by the wrist which he still had a strong grip on.

“ow, go easy you’re hurting me”. The words slipped from your mouth before you could stop them.

“what did you just say to me?”

“n-nothing I’m sorry”

 This was a regular occurrence between the both of you. He was way too rough with you and he knew it. The words he would spit at you when nobody was around, the way his hands would grip onto you too tightly far too often, him forcing you into situations you weren’t comfortable with, you both knew it was wrong but neither of you stopped it. What you had was nowhere near a relationship, it was more of a convenience. You didn’t feel happy with him, but at least you weren’t lonely.

 A few hours later you sat on the corner of your boyfriend’s bed, pulling your t-shirt that had been discarded a while earlier over your shoulders. Quietly stepping into the bathroom you’re met with your reflection. Your eyes are drawn to the dark oval shaped bruises on your hips, they were two weeks old. Then your sight shifted to just above your elbow where the imprints of a large hand print that wrapped around the perimeter of your arm. That happened about a month ago. You were out with your friends and your boyfriend when a boy approached you. Twenty minutes later you were being dragged by your upper arm into your boyfriend’s car, being accused of “flirting with the dickhead”.  The marks were older and had now turned a yellowish colour.  A shaky breath escaped your mouth as your vision blurred with the tears that were now welling in your eyes. How could you let this happen to yourself?

 You re-enter the cramped stuffy bedroom and quickly begin to collect your things when you heard the springs of the bed creak.

“where do you think you’re going?”

“Home. I’m going out with my dad today remember?” you mumble with your back turned to him so that he wouldn’t see your shaken state.

“no, you’re not”

That was it. Something inside of you just snapped there and then. You couldn’t stand being controlled anymore.

“YOURE NOT IN CHARGE OF MY FUCKING LIFE I’M GOING HOME WHETHER YOU WANT ME TO OR NOT!” the sudden outburst of anger took both of you by surprise, leaving the room in dead silence for a few seconds. He stood up from the bed, now towering over you. his breathing was heavy as he stared at you while your body felt as if it was glued to the ground. Suddenly you were hit with such a blunt force you’re knocked backwards off of your feet. You felt as if the right side of your cheekbone had just burst into flames, a burning sting that was travelling across your face.

 The silent room was interrupted by your phone buzzing on the floor a few feet from you. The caller id lit up showing “dad” on the screen. You slowly take the phone into your hands and slide your thumb over the screen.

“h-hello” you tried to make your voice sound strong but it came out hoarse.

“hi honey, where are you? you said you would be back almost three hours ago. Is everything alright?” his worried tone made your heart sink as you realise how much it would hurt him if he ever knew what had just happened.

“yeah dad everything fine, I just overslept I’ll be home in a few minutes” you explained, desperately trying to sound convincing.

 You scramble to your feet, and leave without saying a word to your boyfriend who was still staring you down as you shut the door behind you.

Entering your car, you take a deep breath and start the ignition. Your mind was racing but it was also completely blank as you tried to comprehend what he just did. You pull into your garden before you realise you were even home, not remembering the car journey at all. Your body felt like it was on autopilot, your legs were taking you where you needed to go but your mind was still 20 steps behind you.

Slamming your front door behind you, you step into your home. All of a sudden, the weight of three other bodies tackled you and you found yourself lying at the bottom of a pile of siblings.



What should have been the happiest moment in months, was now diluted with the thousands of other emotions that were surging through you right now. You were speechless. You stared at the three faces in front of you as you’re pulled upwards, one hand in Ethan’s the other in Grayson’s. As they steadied you Cameron pushed through the middle of your two brothers and placed her hands on your shoulders. They knew there was something up as you literally were struggling to look them straight in the eye. Never mind speak.

“Y/N what the fuck happened to your face?”  Cameron whispered to you as she stroked her thumb over the prominent reddening mark on your cheekbone. This earned a wince from you, the pain again being revived due to the pressure of her finger.

“And how did you get these marks on you wrist Y/N?” Ethan said as he lifted up your hand. He brought it closer to his face as your fingers shook in his palm. He noticed how much you were shaking and put his other hand over yours, trying to calm you down.

 “y/n-“ Grayson said as he placed his hand on your upper arm where your bruises were hidden under your clothes. You jumped at the unexpected rush of pain, which made Grayson furrow his eyebrows. Your three siblings looked from each other to you. Grayson slowly and softly lifted up the arm of your t-shirt, almost scared at what he was about to see on his baby sisters skin. The fabric reached your shoulder and the sight of the large yellow and brown hand print was revealed to them.  A few tears fell from Grayson’s eyes as he quickly dropped the clothing. In all your life you had only ever seen either of your brothers cry once or twice, so seeing him so distraught make your stomach turn.

 “I-I just-“ “he -he” - you stuttered trying to explain where the marks had come from.  Your body wouldn’t allow you to speak at all, you felt your legs cave in under you as you fell to the floor with Cameron grabbing you under your arms to support you.

“shhh” its okay, we’ve got you now don’t worry” she whispered in your ear. You sat on the floor with her for a few seconds before you realised that the two twins were gone.

“Cam. where are E and Gray gone??” you asked her only then to hear the sound of two car doors being slammed very forcefully.

“They’re gone to take care of it” Cameron said softly as she rubbed your hair still trying to calm you.

 You didn’t notice but, as soon as they heard you say “he” they knew. They knew exactly who you were talking about and what he had done to you. They were out the door as fast as lightning, ready to take care of their baby sister. They always had your back.

The problem of expectations, Keith edition.

Wanna watch me reach again? Here I go. 

This line really stuck out to me in season 4. After all this time claiming he’s not meant to be a leader, he inadvertently takes on that very position again with the rebel fighters at the pointy end of episode 6. So let me explain to you why his decision to join the BOM, while hasty, has a point. And the hastiness may actually BE the point. 

Shortened point: He panicked. 

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Mulan Starters:

“Punch him. It’s how men say hello.”

“Uh, I got a name. …And it’s a boy’s name, too.”

“Who knew you’d end up shaming him and disgracing your ancestors and losing all your friends…?”

“Hey, get out of there! You’re gonna make people sick!”

“Well, myself, I kinda like that corn chip smell.”

“I never want to see a naked man again.”

“I ain’t biting no more butts.”

“I was just washing, so now I’m clean, and I’m gonna go. Bye-bye!”

“Sorry you had to see that, but you know how it is when you get those, uh, manly urges, and you just gotta kill somethin’!”

“I’m travel-size for your convenience.”

“Why was I a fool in school for cutting gym?”

“If I were truly to be myself I would break my family’s heart.”

“Now I really wish that I knew how to swim!”

“You know, we have to work on your people skills.”

“Play nice with the other kids, unless, of course, one of the other kids wanna fight, then you have to kick the other kid’s butt.”

“Does this dress make me look fat?”

“Who spit in her bean curd?”

“They popped out of the snow like daisies!”

“You don’t belong here, [NAME]. Go home.”

“The only girl who’d love him is his mother.”

“Our little baby’s all grown up and saving China.”

Night Shift

Summary: Ong Seungwoo is a part-timer in your local convenience store who gets a little bit too involved in your life.

Genre: romance, fluff

  • you go home late everyday at around 10pm and pass the same convenience store on the way home
  • you eat a late dinner here often
  • you’ve tried almost all the brands of ramyeon and they have your favorite kind of bread
  • seungwoo works here as the part-time cashier and knows you’re a regular, but you never seem to notice him and you never talk
  • tbh it would be hard not to notice you bc there’s not a lot of customers at 10pm
  • and you look like you’re around his age so he’s curios about u
  • he just watches u eat at the table near the glass windows not in a creepy way or anything he just finds you cute
  • he knows that you always get junk food or instant dinners
  • one day the manager says to close down early
  • it’s a holiday the next day, and business at night in this area is slow anyway
  • seungwoo wants to argue at first, knowing that it’s one of those nights that you usually stop by late at night
  • so he keeps delaying closing the store by taking his time cleaning, recounting the cash in the register thrice, slowly, and stalling the delivery guys who came to deliver new stocks just before closing
  • in the end, he couldn’t delay the manager much longer and they lock up at around 10pm
  • –which is of course, right when you arrive
  • you ask seungwoo why they’re closed and he’s surprised because this is the first time you’ve talked to him and he gets a little flustered
  • he explains why and notices you look really disappointed
  • just then, your stomach chooses to conveniently grumble really loudly, and you’re absolutely devastated because you just embarrassed yourself in front of a stranger
  • but more importantly, you’re hungry, so you turn around to look for somewhere else to eat
  • seungwoo panics a bit and yells, “WAIT!” which kinda scares you but you turn to look at him anyway
  • he’s nervously scratching the back of his neck and mumbling something
  • “uh i notice you’re always eating like, unhealthy stuff from the convenience store and i know that sounds creepy but i’m not creepy at all i was just wondering if maybe you’d like to get dinner since you seem hungry and maybe you just need to eat something healthier but it’s totally okay if you don’t want to i mean freedom of choice and uhhhhh sorry i’m blabbering”
  • you find it cute and laugh, but you tell him you don’t have money
  • but he says he’ll treat you so you look at him like he’s an angel sent from heaven which btw he is and eagerly agree!!!!!!
  • he’s not rich too so you eat at a street food stall he knows downtown
  • but he’s hilarious and energetic, and has an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable, and he seems so carefree. you almost forgot where you were going because you were so caught up in your conversation
  • “if it weren’t for the food, i wouldn’t have come with a stalker like you. but food is my weakness,” you joke
  • “yo, i’m not a stalker, i just work there and you come in all the time!! i wouldn’t have invited you if i wasn’t worried for your health because you only eat convenience store meals”
  • “why do you work so late at night anyway?”
  • “I’m a trainee right now, and between school and practice, the night shift is the only shift that fits my schedule”
  • “must be tough” you say, but he shrugs. it’s for his dream, he says. to be a performer on stage. and so you ask him to perform for you right now, and he does but
  • his “performance” is singing REALLY LOUDLY in the middle of the street in front of the street food cart, and it’s almost midnight and the streets are empty but you’re screaming “ONG SEUNGWOO! I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!” and the street vendor is laughing and the drunk guys at the next table are cheering him on
  • after he calms down, he asks you why you’re always out so late alone and jokingly asks if you don’t have a boyfriend to spend time with
  • you tell him that your college classes end late at night but you can’t afford a dorm so you commute home every night, but by the time you get home everyone’s asleep so making yourself dinner would be too noisy, so convenience store meals it is
  • seungwoo looks really serious as you talk, but then you say “also no, I don’t have a boyfriend.” and he can’t hide his smile
  • he doesn’t ask you out but after that day you stay a little bit longer after eating at the convenience store
  • and sometimes he brings you healthier dinners, refusing to ring up your cup ramyeon and instant rice and making you real meals that he makes himself
  • granted sometimes they’re probably just as healthy as convenience store meals but it’s the thought that counts
  • and seungwoo insISTS on walking you home because it’s dark and late, but you insist that you can’t just sit there and wait until his shift is over, and that you can handle yourself and nothing’s happened in this neighborhood anyway
  • but one night as you’re happily walking out of campus you can’t help but feel someone watching you, but when you turn around, no one seems out of the ordinary
  • but as you get farther away from the more crowded area and head towards your quiet neighborhood, you know you hear footsteps following you, and you try not to get too paranoid and tell yourself they’re just going in the same direction
  • so you speed up but you hear the footsteps match your pace, and you’re terrified and feel like crying because after all that talk about being able to handle yourself, you don’t think you can take on anyone when faced with a real fight
  • but THANK GOD you’re getting closer to a familiar place–the convenience store, the only bright light in the empty street, like a lighthouse in a storm (dramatic i know)
  • so as soon as calmly as you can you walk up and wait for the automatic door to slide open and it feels too slow, but as soon as you can fit through the door you rush to the counter
  • seungwoo sees you looking panicked and asks what’s wrong, and you take a worried glance towards the glass window to see a big, buff guy in a gray hoodie and a bucket hat that covers his eyes about to enter the convenience store, and you look really panicked
  • but then the guy lifts his hat and waves at Seungwoo and he doesn’t look scary AT ALL?? he looks like a giant puppy???
  • “Oh, Niel! I don’t get off work for a while, so wait a bit, okay?”
  • “I-is this guy your friend?”
  • “Oh, hi! You must be Y/N! I heard all about you from seungw–” “SHUT UP, MAN”
  • seungwoo says, “this is Daniel, my best friend. he goes to the same college as you, maybe you know each other?”
  • you explain that you thought he was stalking you, but it turns out he was just going in the same direction as you
  • “well, Y/N, since seungwoo here is too busy to eat dinner with me, and he’s told me you eat dinner here, how about i eat dinner with you instead?”
  • you laugh and agree, and seungwoo looks really shocked and yells “don’t flirt in front of me”
  • daniel jokes, “okay, we’ll just flirt over there,” and turns to you and asks for your recommendations on the best ramyeon flavors. both of you go to the back to pick, and you see seungwoo’s ears go red
  • the two of you go to your usual spot and daniel just makes fun of seungwoo the whole time, making you laugh
  • but all seungwoo sees is that you’re having a good time, and he gets super jealous
  • finally, he’s had enough, and as soon as his shift is over he rushes over to the two of you and yell, “hey! store is closing! get up, the two of you! shoo shoo!”
  • “wow, i should complain about customer service” you poke seungwoo as you gather your stuff. as soon as you pick up your bag, he grabs it and carries it himself. “come on, Y/N, i’m taking you home”
  • you feel yourself blush as you demand “what? why?? all of a sudden?”
  • “you just had a stalker follow you here!!!”
  • “uHM that was DANIEL?????”
  • “ong, as your best friend, i’m offended,” daniel said. “also, what about our dinner plans??” seungwoo snapped, “hey, go away, you stalker! shoo!”
  • daniel just laughed at how jealous his friend was being, so he just agreed and waved goodbye
  • and you teased seungwoo about being jealous, but when he didn’t deny it, you got all shy and couldn’t look at him anymore
  • so walking back home was a little tense
  • but it was worse for seungwoo, because it was basically admitting he liked you but he was too scared to say it out loud. moreover, it was like you didn’t even react, so he thought it must be one-sided
  • as you walked, he was silently deciding whether to properly confess or to tell you to just forget about it
  • when you reached your house, seungwoo gave you your bag, and he was about to say something when you suddenly gave him a peck on the cheek
  • and he just froze in shock and touched the part on his cheek that you kissed
  • you just smiled and said “see you tomorrow!” before heading into the house
  • you look out the window to see seungwoo dancing like a lunatic in front of your gate with the goofiest smile in the world and you’re looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner
Soulmate!Au Park Jihoon

Part 1// Part 2

Small introduction, you are the well known “Red Matchmaker” of 101 High School. You have this special ability to see red strings and see who is meant to be with who.

It started with your best friend Daehwi crying in front of you first thing in the morning as you entered the classroom. It was about his date yesterday and how the girl wasn’t the one. You sighed before your stuff down on your seat, with Daehwi following waiting for you to pat his head as always and telling him it’s okay.
“So… y/n, can you please help me find my soulmate?”
He gave you his signature puppy look. You have grown resistance to it long ago, but it doesn’t hurt for him to try to convince you.
You look down at his right pinky which was placed on your desk and watch as the red string slowly comes into view as your eyes follow it to the other end of the string. There she was, Daehwi’s soulmate. None other than Bae Jinyoung’s sister.
“What a surprise-” You said as you smiled.

Your eyes glued to her left pinky, as Jinyoung’s sister looked at you in confusion. Daehwi seemed to finally get your message, as he followed your gaze and gasp when he saw her. He turned back at you, eyes widen.

You nodded, “Yes, really.”

You placed your hand on top of his. “I know you have been crushing on her since forever, that’s why you always hang out with Jinyoung.”

He blushed, “Okay, I’ll trust you on this.”

“Don’t worry, I have the strings to back me up.” You smiled as you motioned him to go to his soulmate.

It was in the beginning of the school year when you came home one day to your father on his knees, telling everyone that we were in a huge debt due to the family restaurant not working out. Thus you felt responsible to help pay off the debt, despite your dad’s protest. You worked in the nearby convenience store and had to come home near midnight every day. How are you even functioning? I don’t know. However, the day after you helped Daehwi find his one and only you were surprised to see a group of people surround your desk asking for help. You managed to glance at Daehwi who was with his soulmate as he gave you a thumbs up and a smile.

‘Okay, I suppose it won’t hurt to help people. Plus, it can be a source of income.’

And that’s how your business started, oh how wonderful.

“Hey y/n here’s the required payment.”

Park Jihoon, one of the popular guys at 101 High School. One rumor circulates him, that he’s the heir of a gangster family. Rumor - Confirmed. His family was the one that loaned your dad the money, thus meaning your family has to pay them back. Luckily, his family isn’t that bad and allows enough time for payment to be paid.
“Thanks, do you want to come in and have some tea?”

You and Jihoon actually became friends due to the continuous meetups. He just seemed to always be there. Once you were in charge of taking out the trash from the classroom and was making your way down the stairs when a basketball hit your head, making you lose balance. You were about to fall on your face until he saved you.
“Sorry about that, Guanlin and Seonho was passing the ball too hard.”

There was another time when you were walking to the convenience store to get something to drink on a hot day and you saw him walking out of the store.
“Oh hi!” You smiled as you walked towards him.
“Hey, what are you doing out on a such a humid day?” He asked as he returned your smile.
“Was about to get a drink.”
“Oh-” he opened the black plastic bag and pulled out a popsicle, “you can have this.”
You guys spent the rest of the day at the park eating ice cream and talking while watching the sunset before he offered to walk you home.

Let’s not forget that time when your friends planned to meet up at the dog cafe, but they canceled last minute. Resulting to you being by yourself surrounded by dogs. As much as you enjoyed being with dogs, you felt lonely and decided to call Jihoon hoping he could meet up with you so that he doesn’t have to go to your house later to collect the payment. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.
“Hey, Jihoon. I’m at the dog cafe near our school right now and I’m lonely, want to hang out?”
“Sure! I’ll be there soon!”

You could hear him running down his stairs. After 10 minutes, he arrived.
“Why are you laughing?” He asked as he sat down across from you.
You wiped off the tears from laughter before telling him, “Your shoes aren’t alike.”
“Oh- it’s cute tho??” Cue another round of laughter and later on reassuring him that his fashion sense is fine. Cough. itisprettycute

It’s safe to say, you have fallen head over heels for Park Jihoon.

One day at school Jihoon offered to buy you lunch and both of you decided to meet up at the rooftop.
“y/n, you know how you can see everyone’s red strings and who they are meant to be with?”
You nodded as you took a bite of rice.
He continued, “Have you ever seen mine?”
You paused. “Oh, I never have-”

He smiled, making your heart flutter and you could feel your cheeks turning red.

“Great! Because I think I’ve fallen for a girl.”
You hummed in response.
“But I don’t think she’s my soulmate.”
You took a sip of water.

“So can you help me connect my red string with hers?”

Silence. You see, there’s another feature of your ability other than seeing red strings. You’re also able to cut the strings with your fingers and reconnect them again by a simple knot.

You frowned. “I’m sorry, but who is this girl?”

His smile seemed to get bigger to the point where he was glowing. “She’s a beautiful, kind girl that also goes to this high school! She’s Kang Seyoung…”

Ohhh, Seyoung. Your childhood best friend who transferred to your school a couple months ago from the United States. You weren’t listening anymore like his voice just became muffled, as he continued to talk about Seyoung while holding up his pinky finger towards the sky. You looked at the red string and slowly followed it before your eyes handed on your own pinky finger.

Your heart dropped.

‘…but I’m your soulmate…’

Unedited. 1122 words. The slight angst that pinches your heart a little bit? 
Thank you for reading! 

When I Lost You - Part V - Jaehyun x Reader - Fuckboy HighSchool!AU

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI

thank you to everybody for waiting for this for so long, i love you <3

Word Count: 1093

Trigger Warnings: Offensive Language, Violence

Genre: Fuckboy HighSchool!AU, Angst

Jaehyun’s POV

He could read those words in your voice, and it killed him.

You could have said anything. Literally anything. How could three little words hurt so much?

You didn’t cuss him out. You didn’t insult him. You didn’t even say something that was supposed to be considered offensive.

But this? This hurt more than anything he’s ever felt before.

It hurt more than having his arm broken during basketball practice, and it hurt more than having both ankles sprained and trying to walk.

It hurt even more than that day in the hallway, when he had completely broken down.

Good for you.

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