this was just the cutest thing i'm sorry

so i finally watched shadowhunters and can we just!!!!!

  • maia and simon being the cutest frickin thing on this PLANET
  • luke is back and so is my reason to live
  • raphael making any kind of appearance = a win in my book
  • my poor girl izzy tho
  • i wanna punch aldertree in the throat so bad
  • also can we just talk about jace interrupting malec and aSKING TO STAY AT MAGNUS’S PLACE
  • speaking of malec……
  • malec
  • m a l e c
  • malec?????!!!!!!!!

and the PROMO i can’t believe jace and simon are going on a DATE i can’t believe jace is gonna give simon RELATIONSHIP ADVICE i can’t believe jimon is REAL ALSO i can’t believe malec are GOING TO BANG!!!!!!!! we’re so #blessed y’all

Ok, but consider: Future Selves episode

I just thought about this and I need to vent about it:

- Like, Ladybug and Chat Noir from the future (let’s say 10 years) to get help from the current Ladybug and Chat
- Mari and Adrien are still Chat and LB in this future
- In the future, something went wrong, like an akuma is causing major trouble and they get help from Fu to go back in time and they seek out their younger selves
- They are able to convince the present heroes to come with them to the future
- They form a plan and they each have their own respective duties to carry out and LB goes with LB and Chat goes with Chat
- Their younger selves start asking questions about their future. Both of them ask the same first question “do we have someone special?”
- They both respond “yes, I’m about to
get married” and then they tell them it’s their crime-fighting partner
- Present Chat is obviously over the moon, while LB is like “wtf?? What about Adrien?”
- Future LB decides to be a smartass and is like “oh, he’s in a happy, committed relationship. Don’t worry, it’s not with Chloe, but trust me, he’s fine. We’re still great friends, we talk and see each other on a regular basis”
- Present Chat asks if they know who’s behind the mask, and Future Chat is like “obviously but where’s the fun in telling you now?”
- They end up getting the job done, but present LB and Chat have to go back to their time
-Future LB and Chat end up kissing for like a second and the young heroes are both blushing furiously
- The last thing they tell them is “Don’t worry, everything turns out ok. We promise.”
- Once they get back, there is a little bit of an awkward scene between them and Chat wants to talk but starts stuttering
- LB starts giggling and says “Don’t stress kitty, a lot can happen in 10 years” and leaves without another word leaving a love-struck Chat alone on a rooftop

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i don't understand this pic with harry and this girl with purple panties with "harry" harry wanted to say us something about this? this is just his name on girl panties lol

absolutely no problem whatsoever, i can explain the whole thing.  the woman in the picture is chelsea handler, a comedian, and she is wearing a bikini with the name Harry written on the bottom half of the suit.  people in the USA (and elsewhere?) call that part of a swim suit the “bikini bottoms” or the “bathing suit bottoms” or just the “bottoms” etc.  so it is a visual pun with the message “harry bottoms”. or, that is the message in my opinion, anyway. 

so, draw your own conclusions on what that means.  



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AH! i love 'why is she wearing my hoodie'. I read it the first time you posted, then when you reposted it I AM STILL IN LOVE! that is the cutest thing I've ever read in my life! Could you maybe think of making it a series? Idk I just love it so much!

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‘’Why is she wearing my hoodie?’’


“ the lady host mentioned in Healer, there are a lot of intimate scenes with uri Young Shin, and she asked him ‘How does it feel’? So he explained things like - it has lots of skinships and kissing scenes, the most he has ever had, they worked really well together; later on they got to know each other more, and they started discussing how to do it so that it will look good on-screen. The lady host then asked, "So it means you are tired of (or fed up of) it?” Of course Wookie could not understand her, so he tilted his head *so cute* towards interpreter unni. Once he heard it he breaks into his JCW-brand of laugher, “AH~ HAHAHAHAHA!” and answered, “No, I’m not tired of it.”

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Hey!! Sorry this is so random, but I just wanted to let you know that I really really love your blog (even though I'm not that active lmao) and you seriously have the cutest art style ever!!! Also idk if this is coincidence or not, but I feel like the hyuroi fandom really started getting active once you started posting, so thank you so much for joining the fandom!!:D

It’s fine! Omg there are so many nice things to say thank you to! I’m so happy you sent this is in. This is probably the highlight of day, it’s making me so happy right now! I’m glad you like my blog, even though it’s just a mess of Maes and Hyuroi XD I’m so happy you like my art! (I’m like really self-conscious about my art) My style just changes so much, half the time it goes from place to place. Im really not sure if I did anything, maybe it was coincidence. If I did that would be pretty cool, not to be conceded, just that I could do something to a pretty big fandom like that. Just strange because I joined to be able to see Hyuroi so before I joined I didn’t know it slowed. It would be cool if I was the one who actually did give some people a little push, just to get back in the Hyuroi mood~ You don’t need to thank me XD so far Fma has consumed my soul. Thank you, and the other blogs like BleedingCoffee and Moistang, who actually welcomed me in a way.

((This post is making me so happy! I just can’t. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING THIS! ITS SO SWEET!))

I’m so sad.
i didn’t know const well but she was always so sweet to me and tagged me in nice things. we only spoke once but I’ll always remember it because she actually talked to me in German and it was the cutest thing. i wish we would have talked more than that and i wish i would have become her friend.
i remember her being so positive and just generally kind to everyone. She was one of the reasons why i love this fandom so much.
i can just hope she’s in a better place now ♡


Jemma Simmons + this hairstyle
              » “You are easily the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a thousand years.”


I cant breath, damn it  the fnaf world’s new update is just so.. amazing ;;w;; )
the character page is now like that, aww look at spring cute ughH I can see everyone’s character details there. And yeah, I got Spring Bonnie weeks ago ahaha XD

Thank you scott you did a really, really good job. and this is for free. thank you.