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omg hEck i had this dream recently of Eremes making his own band and he started to play to a group of snails ??? he just got so excited that he managed to make a new song and he just wanted to share it???? after he gave them a band t-shirt and that was wild omg. im crying i can't believe i had a dream about your oc (tbh he is the cutest little thing!!!! i love )

this is honestly one of the Sweetest Messages i have ever received

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Hi there! I'm the person who mentioned cat!Victor looking like Nevsky Masquerade looking, and I just wanted to share - I've been to a cat cafe the other day, and there was this adorable black cat that kinda looked exactly like your cat!Yuuri?? But the best thing is, there was also a Nevsky Masquerade cat who just... followed him everywhere and looked after him and basically I stalked them the entire time bc it was too cute :DD Your AU is real! Kinda :D Sorry for not making much sense ^^'




  • [during yoshi's cookie]
  • arin: i'm sorry. did i mess everything up for you?
  • dan: whatd'ya mean? you'd never mess anything up for me.
  • arin: really?
  • dan: yeah, your friendship is a treasure.
  • arin: okay, now you're just being facetious.
  • dan: [sounding legitimately offended] no, it's a fucking treasure, arin.

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I keep thinking about jimon + jace's cheesy pick up lines(even though they're already dating) its the cutest I'm crying

i think the sweetest part about this is that jace normally doesn’t have to resort to silly pickup lines to actually pick up because as we saw on 2x07 jace is just naturally confident, beautiful and cool and smooth - except it all flies out the window the second he falls for simon because all he wants to do is make simon smile even if its at his own expense?? 

consider the following teeny scenario (although this concept deserves MUCH MORE):

  • friday nights are date nights and today’s just supposed to be curling up in bed together with Chinese take-out and watching the latest mission: impossible in jace’s laptop. simon’s exhausted though, and it’s all he can do to change into a different t-shirt and drag himself over to the institute. he ends up falling asleep which his cheek smushed against jace’s shoulder, body aching, and only jolts awake when his phone goes off. 
  • “sorry, sorry,” he says, fretting over the drool darkening jace’s shirt. “this is so uncool - i’m just, i think i got thrown against three different brick walls because that coven from connecticut just does not know how to play nice and i’ve zoomed across all five boroughs today including staten island which, let me tell you-”
  • jace does what he always does when simon gets like this: he leans in and presses kiss after kiss against simon’s mouth, swallowing up the panicked words until simon sighs and kisses him back, bones becoming liquid under jace’s hands. simon’s eyes are still closed when jace pulls away and says, “i thought your legs were hurting from running through my head all day, not running after some new england vampires.”
  • “next time i’ll stick to just your head,” says simon, voice rough with sleep and sweet with laughter. “pretty sure things turned out better for me in there.”

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Hey i read your antho thing and was wondering...Does Tony's head hair poof when hes startled? Does his bum wiggle before he pounces? Does he do the tongue blep? Does he glare at people while knocking their items off the bench daring them to try something? Does he have the cutest sneezes? I'm not sure if this has been asked but does he purr? What other sounds does he make? Sorry to bother you i just seen my cats do these things and wondered how much of them tony would do

Well! :D I never thought about this but now I am!

His hair does poof when he’s startled! Natasha likes to frighten him because his tail poofs up as well and his ears go flat and she thinks it’s hilarious. Tony doesn’t think it’s hilarious but he’s also frightened of her (not in like a bad way, but in a ‘she could do so much worse to me’ way) so he just puts up with it. It helps that Natasha likes to pat his fur back down, and that feels nice.

He doesn’t typically pounce on things because he’s an adult, but when he was little he’d always wiggle his little tushy before he pounced. It’s like the difference between a domestic and feral cat; domestics will wiggle their bums and swish their tails, while feral cats will stay perfectly still until they pounce. Once they grow up, cats take pouncing less like play. If Tony pounces on something outside of play, it is viciously, with the intent to do harm. (He typically doesn’t pounce much in play either though because the people he plays with do not appreciate him drawing blood so hard. And by people I mean Steve. Steve does not like his life flashing before his eyes before Tony rips his arm open.)

He does the tongue blep. Tony doing the tongue blep is everyone’s phone background. It’s funnier because it’s not like everyone caught him doing the tongue blep at the same time. These are all different bleps. (Cats do not groom themselves with their tongues but they will use a little spit to smooth down stubborn hair. Tony also sticks his tongue out when he’s thinking sometimes and that’s the cause for like half of his bleps.) The team always texts each other the newest picture of The Blep, partly because they’re little shits and partly because they think it’s adorable. (Tony is the only one with a picture of Pepper blepping though.)

It has been stated that Tony makes very aggressive eye-contact when he knocks people’s stuff off of counters. Sometimes he’ll walk up to people and smack stuff right out of their hands. He even knocks stuff out of Natasha’s hands. One time it was a glass of wine. He got mad at her for staining the carpet and left her sputtering in indignation because he was the one that made her drop the glass in the first place.

Tony went seven months before he accidentally sneezed in front of the team. Then he ran screaming from the room because everyone was squealing and wanted to hug him. Clint and Thor have decided that if a villain ever seems unbeatable, they just need to make Tony sneeze in front of them because the sound he makes is all that is good and pure in the world rolled into one adorable noise. (Steve has a video of Tony sneezing that only he and Bucky know about because Tony would make him delete it immediately. They watch the video on bad nights.)

He does purr! Everyone on the team gets super smug and proud when he drapes himself over them and begins to purr. Also it helps to relax whoever he’s draped over. If someone’s having a really bad day, JARVIS will ping him and he’ll go throw himself over them and purr. Tony also chirps and clicks when he’s upset, like cats when they see a bird on the other side of the window. (It’s very hard to take him seriously when he does that which just makes him click and chirp more.) The first few weeks the Avengers moved into the tower, he chirped and clicked a lot because he was not used to living with people, especially people that did not share his same instincts, and he didn’t know how else to express that he was upset. Cue literally everyone except Natasha and Thor being very confused about the noises he’s making. (”Natasha he’s… he’s clicking at me.” “Then get out of his seat, dumb ass.” “These are all his seats.”)

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GIRL I just moved and my hot neighbor's bedroom window is right across from mine & he saw me opening the window this morning and we talked for a few minutes out the window!! He wants to take me out for sodas tonight what should I wear I'm FREAKIN OUT (Sorry I had no one else to tell lmao)

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD this is honestly my dream…..wear a cute skirt/dress or high waisted jeans (my go-to always) w like a tie front blouse or a flowy top and tbh I think the cutest makeup look for dates (if u wear makeup) is blush and a subtle pink lipstick !! omg have so much fun

25, 32 Risace maybe? Mainly Ace being grumpy about being woken up

“Ace, wake up. Ace.” Ace woke to a hand hitting him. He turned his head to see who was hitting him. A bleary eyed Riskua met his gaze and with her voice raspy from sleep groaned out. “One of them’s missing. And it’s your turn.”

Ace groaned and flopped over flinging an arm over his eyes. “Why did we have to have kids?” He asked the world at large.

“Because kids are nice when they aren’t going missing from their beds, now go find them.” Riskua grumbled and kicked him so he rolled out of the bed.

Ace will deny that he flailed and squawked when he met the floor. He untangled his limbs and levered himself upright. He didn’t bother to get dressed as he really couldn’t be bothered to care that he was just in his boxers. He just pulled on his boots before going to track down his wayward offspring.

A quick peak in the kids’ room informed him that Rouge was the one who had disappeared tonight. Well at least he didn’t have to track down Eddy, weird things happened when Eddy decided to go adventuring on his own.

Ace left the belly of the Sunny and strode out onto the deck. And any hope of getting some help of which direction Rouge had gone died with finding a sleeping swordsman on ‘watch’. At least with Riskua using Observational Haki in her sleep to keep an eye on the kids Rouge wouldn’t have had the time to go very far. Ace focused on his own Observational Haki trying to locate his son only to find nothing. Why did Riskua teach the kids how to use Concealment? He was going to have to do this the old fashion way now.

Ace jumped down to the island they were docked at and started his search.

Two hours later he hauled a child protesting their adventure being cut short. They both where coated in mud and other things that he did not want to contemplate. Ace pushed Rouge into the bathroom and then sat down with a sigh. He raised his temperature and watched as the mud and god knows what else dried and started to flake off on him.

After he’d escorted Rouge back to his bed. He scraped off any dried mud from his person and fell back into bed. At least the next time the kids decided to have an adventure it would be Riskua’s turn to fetch them.

I’m sorry that I’m not a very good writer but I wanted an AU where the Risace children wander off enough that their mother just constantly keeps an eye on them via Observational Haki even in her sleep, and she and Ace take turns fetching them. I hope this is acceptable quality and that no one is too OC, I figured being sleepy and grumpy would explain and out of characterness.

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OKAY OKAY BUT Harry having a nightmare of the missus leaving him,like,without any explanation,just broke up with him and then she leaves,and he wakes up crying,and the missus wakes up and when he explains everything she thinks that's the cutest thing ever and he just tell her something like "I'm sorry I'm so emotional but the tough of you leaving ain't so easy for me"while he just hug her so tight,still crying on her shoulder sHIT

And he’s sobbing heavily. But he doesn’t want to sob like that. Because he knows the reason behind his tears and his uncontrollable sobs is silly and false and that the one who caused him heartache in his dream is really the one who’s tucked him up in her arms and cuddling closer to her body. Kissing his head and letting him cry into her chest, wetting her skin and curling up in her side, a leg thrown over hers as his fists gripped at the t-shirt of his that dressed her torso.

“Don’t wan’a cry,” he’d whisper, “I’m always emotional after 2 in the morning. You just have to know that the thought of you leaving me isn’t so easy. It hurts. I love you so much and it kills me to think that you could up and leave whenever you want to.”

“I mean,” she’d sigh and run her hand over his back, “we’re married. I’m only a couple of months pregnant. I think I’m a little too deep to leave you, Peaches.”

“You could though. It can happen. One day, you might see that being with me is something you didn’t really want. That having a baby with me isn’t something you planned on. That my life was so different to yours,” he’d cry, looking up at her with watery eyes and wet lips, his voice crackling, “I’m scared it’ll happen. I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t ever, ever lose me, baby. At all. I’m here to stay,” she’d coo, wiping his tears away and leaning down to kiss his forehead, “unless you want to get rid of me.” 

“Never.” xx

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Do you do SHINee? Could you do a bodyguard AU with them too like you did for BTS? If not I'm so sorry and please just disregard this!!

i usually don’t do shinee but my ult bias is onew so a lil special thing for u


  • is the only one with probably a license to be a bodyguard. as in like he took classes to be able to do this
  • is usually just a friendly dad. likes motivating the other bodyguards with pep-talks 
  • greets you every morning with the same phrase and it’s kinda weird kinda endearing ??? 
  • wears the all black suit, but his ID badge is yellow with pineapples drawn on it and it’s honestly like the cutest thing
  • insists that carrying you over small puddles of water is a must
  • thinks he looks cool with the sunglasses on and it’s true you’re like “onew, you look so serious and suave” and he’s like thank you…….but then does a corny smile in secret 
  • you caught him trying to calm down a crying child but he really didn’t know what to do like it was obvious he was getting nowhere
  • so you went over and scooped the kid up in your arms and just petted their hair and soothed them with your voice
  • and onew watches you with like complete enchantment because he’s like hOW did you DO THAt ………what is the magic trick
  • and you just giggle and you’re like there’s no magic!!!
  • and in that moment onew is pretty sure he’s meet the love of his life (you) and that hopefully in the future ………..this cute impromptu family is…….a real family


  • hums the james bond theme song in inappropriate situations 
  • winks at you whenever you ask him to do something and he’s like “you got it captain *wink wink wink* *finger guns* *failed attempt at backflip*”
  • the other guards are like sT O P being embarrassing but you love it honestly you applaud jonghyun for always having so much energy no matter what
  • bodyguards aren’t allowed to have piercings but jonghyun (if he did have one and let’s say for the sake of this au he does) would totally be like “im not taking out my eyebrow piercing. or another piercing on a part of my body none of you can see”
  • jonghyun turning around to look @ you “unless the boss wants to see-” key probably: “THEY DONT CALM DOWN”
  • switches his ear piece out with his headphones during long meetings or whatever and tries not to be obvious about it
  • but everyone can hear the usher playing at full volume jonghyun please
  • “can i finally have my own gun?” “no jonghyun.” “why not?” “we gave you a baton last time and you bedazzled it” “it was blingbl-” “NO. IT IS A WEAPON.”
  • you were up all night writing up documents for a big official treaty and jonghyun was your overnight guard and at some point it’s 4 am and you’re like i CANt… this anymore
  • and jonghyun appears with some tea and snacks or w/e and he’s like “i know what will help.”
  • and you’re like …….??? and jonghyun’s like “it’s my super secret super special talent show”
  • and he proceeds to literally….touch his elbow with his tongue. and that’s it. 
  • and you’re sitting there, tired out of your mind and there’s bodyguard jonghyun licking his elbow and yoU SWeaR ITS THE FUNNIEST THING
  • you laugh so HARd you fall off your chair and jonghyun rushes over worried but you’re just laughing as he holds you and soon enough he’s laughing too and you two are just being so loud the other guards come in like ???? but it’s just you two laughing and …….maybe after you’re literally sick of laughing you lean up and kiss jonghyun as a thank you for making you feel better and jonghyun may or may not does a victory dance


  • “you see this manicure? you see how nice my nails are? it’s because it makes it easier for me to CLAW OUT YOUR EYES YOU DIPSHIT GET AWAY FROM MY BOSS” 
  • is always the voice of reason, but also the voice of crippling criticism 
  • designer suit, designer shoes, designer gun if that’s possible idk but imagine
  • people underestimate his strength as a bodyguard, but rather than being strong physically key is really smart and always makes sure to have three-four back up plans if anything goes wrong. that and he has good aim so if anything he’ll pick up the nearest object and throw it at an attacker if necessary 
  • this once happened and the nearest object was taemin’s phone. you can imagine how that turned out
  • you and key have inside jokes about everyonE like EVERYONE because key gets all the gossip from all the other bodyguards and he’s just like “heY did you hear what the prime minister of france did, well let me tell-”
  • there was once a time where you were almost kidnapped for ransom and key was the only guard closes to you and for a second you doubted how safe you’d be with only him, but key literally shielded you with his body
  • and even though the other person was stronger, leaving key with a bruised face, key refused to move out of the way and all he did was turn and smile at you, bloodied lip and swollen eye and he promised he’d keep you safe
  • and luckily you were rescued before anything fatal happened but you had run to key who was being taken to the hospital and had cried and he’d only held your hand in his and told you that he didn’t regret anything
  • afterwords, when he returned with some bandages and stuff, you were like really worried and hovering over him all the time and he was laughing about it because you’re not the bodyguard, he is
  • but tbh he liked having all your attention to himself~ 


  • is famous for his suit pants always being too short because he’s so tall
  • “choi why can i see your ankles?” “sorry, i keep getting these pants tailored but……there still too shirt”
  • jonghyun voice: “gimme some of that height there brother”
  • is like slightly oblivious when it comes to anything because he gets enchanted by your presence 
  • like literally you guys will be going over a plan and you’ll take a sip of water or tuck your hair behind your ear and all of a sudden it’s like minho is fixated only on you and key has to literally snap his fingers in front of minho’s face to get him back to attention
  • always says the bodyguards should do a soccer match against one and other but literally no one else wants to and it gets minho all sad
  • is the only one who can probably aim a weapon the right way. is even better then onew who took classes smh
  • got a tramp stamp on his lower back that says flaming good looks with the hot wheels flames and no one lets him live it down
  • you found out at the annual christmas party where jonghyun got (a BIT) tipsy when he shouldn’t have and blurted it out to you
  • and minho, who was staying by your side that night, turned cherry red and was like jONGHYUN and you were like ohohohoh let me see that tattoo
  • and minho got even more red because he’s like,,,,,,it’s on my lower back,,,, and you’re like “oH……well if you ever want to show it to me~~”
  • and minho was like wait. what. you’re .flirting ……….with???? me????
  • and you just giggled and minho went into a trance for like a week because oh my god you flirted with him and it took onew literally coming up to you and telling you to please ask minho out otherwise minho would be stuck in that state of shock for literally The Rest of His Life


  • who even let him get this job 
  • none of the other bodyguards trust him enough to like let him have a solo duty like everyone is like @ each other don’t let the boss out of your sights……….or taemin
  • got his hands on someones gun once and onew was like “everyone on lock down code red someone catch that boy”
  • taemin didn’t get it though like aren’t cool bodyguards SUPPOSED to have guns why does no one trust him is it because he keeps waving the gun around????
  • tbh he doesn’t even need a weapon his sheer presence sometimes scares people away because he has this one smile. that like. looks /off/
  • like he’ll turn and look at someone, tilt his head, smile and just stare deep deep dEEP into their soul
  • and that person will feel like they’ve been dragged into hell itself so they wouldn’t even think twice of messing with taemin
  • which is funny because on the otherside he’s a big giggly kid who stops to pet every puppy he sees
  • you once said you were stressed and taemin was like “do some dance exercises with me to unwind” and you were like omg and the other bodyguards were like no taemin you can just ask our boss to dance with you
  • and taemin, who was going through his playlist to pick a song to dance with you to was like excuse me why not
  • he picked brittney spears’s toxic and ………..well…..
  • you ended up dancing, taemin ended up ontop of your desk dancing, jonhyun ended up singing into your stapler, key caught the whole thing on his phone, minho tried to make sure taemin didn’t step on any important documents, and onew considered writing a resignation letter
  • taemin once did end up alone with you, on accident really because you meet him off duty when you had snuck off to be alone and taemin recognized you instantly and you were like SHHH and he was like “????? oH you snuck out???” and you’re like oh my god
  • and taemin’s like don’t worry, here take this
  • and he like took off his hoodie to give to you and he was like “if you ever wanna go out just tell me ill distract the hyungs for you”
  • and you put his sweater on and it was cute you were like thank you taemin,,,even tho a bodyguard really shouldn’t conspire to let me do something like this
  • but taemin just took your hand in his and was like “let’s have some fun before the hyungs find out and literally try to kill me (—–:”
  • that was the first of many cute sneaking out dates 

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Hi! I just wanted to say that your art is so freaking beautiful and your jungkook's are the cutest things ever and just how the hell do you think of such adorable comics???? Because they make me smile and they're just the cutest things ever and I honest to god stare into the adorable pools of wonder that are your drawing of jk's eyes when I feel bad and for some reason they cheer me up. I'm fangirling so hard rn, sorry about that, but... yeah! Thanks for blessing my feed/life with your art!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH ZORIGOZIRGOIG TYSM!!!!!!!! and idk i just think about smt and I hope ppl will like it eozioihgoihg im happy that my draiwngs cheer u up!!!!

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Oh my goodness, I just saw that you were caught up!! I'm sorry!!! But could you do a HC where Newt just loves the smell of your hair or your perfume and he does the thing that puppies do when they want attention? (Ya know where they kinda gently nudge their head against you when you're not giving them enough attention, oh it's just the cutest!) I mean since he's not a puppy, he could be a little flirty?. Sorry I didn't know how to describe that, okay now I'm just rambling. Sorry!!!!

Haha don’t be sorry! This is so cute!

Master list

-Newt was currently laying in your lap, his eyes closed, and nose nuzzling into your stomach.
-“What are you doing?” You laughed.
-Newt just smiled into your shirt, looking up at you before sniffing.
-“Your perfume…it’s distracting.” Newt took in the scent, its sweet smell filling his senses and making him drift into a quiet calm.
-He adored your perfume, even when you weren’t around it somehow stuck in the air, making him miss you terribly.
-“Shall I stop wearing it then?”
-“Never…” Newt wrapped his arms around your torso, taking in a big waft of your perfume as you giggled.
-“Stop that, Newt.”
-But, the wizard wasn’t happy with the lack of attention, and he nuzzled deeper into your stomach, grabbing your wrist and placing it over his head so you could play with his hair like he always liked.
-You sighed at his antics, giving in to your love for him and running your fingers through his messy hair.
-Newt kept his head in your lap, nudging you gently with his nose whenever you stopped.
-“Newton Scamander, stop being so needy.”
-Newt just scoffed, his green eyes staring up at you before giving you a quick wink.

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