this was just so cute i needed to gif it

Monster Kid: Just call him Picasso! [Long Gif]

We need to nurture his love for creativity so he can bloom into the wonderful artist he’s already set out to become! >:3

Also! I managed to break out of me creative slump with this! :D! I’ve got so many new ideas now! >Uiwuehrwebgskjdng<

Expect to see more soon! (I hope this long gif does not break on me >.>; )


Imagine: You and Derek go to choose your puppy.
Y/n: “Derek they’re so cute! And fluffy! Just like you babe”

Derek: *sighs and smiles at the sight of you on the floor covered in puppies* “Are you ready to choose one now Y/n?”

Y/n: “I can’t choose just one Derek! I want, no need them all!”

Derek: “You don’t need them all.”

Y/n: *gives Derek puppy dog eyes"

Derek: “I know you want them all but for now just choose one, we can always get more later, okay?”

Y/n: “Okay, thank you. I love you Derek”

Derek: “I love you too Y/n”

Harry sucked his bottom lip in between his teeth as he sunk lower into the couch, keeping his eyes locked on the screen of his phone. His heart raced in his chest as he watched the speech bubble appear, indicating that you were texting back. He wasn’t particularly sure how it started, but you and him were in the middle of a very hot and heavy conversation. (Let’s just say there were some cheeky pictures involved.) 

Fuck me.” Harry muttered to himself as a picture of you popped up, dressed in a cute little lingerie set just for him. Complete with a little bow and garters.. He’d chop off an arm for the opportunity to be alone with you even for a minute. It’d be another week or so before he saw you again, what with his busy schedule and all that.. But he missed you terribly, and even more now. 

“Need t’ borrow yer phone, ‘ve got a strange mark on my chest and I’m pretty sure I’m dying.” Before he knew it, Niall had snatched Harry’s phone right out of his hands, Harry’s eyes widening before he finally reacted. 

“No, give it back! Use your own phone!” Harry snapped, paranoid that Niall would see something that definitely wasn’t meant for his eyes. “Or your laptop! Or use my laptop!” 

“Phone’s too far away, my laptop’s dead, and Liam’s using your laptop.” Niall hummed, typing something into Safari before he began humming to himself. “No need t’ be so jumpy, it’s not like yer hidin’ anyt’ing.” 

“Fine.. Jus’.. Please, hurry up.” Harry muttered, glancing over at the screen to see Niall typing away at an achingly slow pace. 

“Whoops, typo.” Niall murmured, deleting his entire sentence before starting over. Harry, at this point, was praying to all of the gods above, and also praying that you wouldn’t send anything in this very moment. “A’right, I’m done. Turns out I’m not going t’ die.” Niall laughed, handing Harry’s phone back and jolting slightly when Harry grabbed it back almost immediately. He raised an eyebrow as Harry began typing something with a tiny smirk on his face before he decided to speak up. “Oh, by t’e way!” 


“Ya might wanna take care of yer situation down t’ere.” 


gif isn’t mine!

*Dresses up like Dr. Frankenstein* 

“IT’S ALIVE!!!!! Mwhahahaha!” 

*Lightning flashes*


Hi there! Happy Valentines Day!!!! I made a thingy! 

Animated GIF Stony smooches for everyone! *throws them like candy* :D


Steve is about to go on a week long SHIELD mission and he needs his goodbye kiss from his hubby! <3</p>


Would you believe me if I told you I was drawing this cuteness when watching a horror movie? lol 

I think I have other things I need to do but I’m in no condition to live right now, so I made tiny finn cakes instead. <3
Finn cakes make me happy.

First real animation! instead of just rotating a single drawing like the peridootle
Also feel free to use! (credit?!! idk my signature is kinda really fkn huge there…– link! to me??!)

Individual frames if you’re interseted or something idk….

I just love this little moment. The way he playfully walks around her and turns back to look at her. I find it so cute and kind of sexy. I think Felicity thinks it’s sexy too. ;) 

These two are so adorable. There are so many layers of “personality” to these two characters on their own. And when you put them together the chemistry is just off the charts.