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8.13.17 // 2:30pm //guide to school organization

this one was requested by @boglarkat-studyblr, @catharticstudying and @nevermindigotnothin, so i hope you find this useful! i’ve definitely tried a bunch of different organization methods over my years of schooling, so i know a fair bit about it. this post will include my current organizational system and also some other ones i’ve tried/thought of and their pros and cons. hopefully there’s something in here for everyone! xoxo, m

ps. you do not have to be impeccably organized to be successful. studyblr kind of perpetuates this “i need to have everything planned perfectly and color coded and filed away in this super neat system”. not everybody works that way and not everybody needs that in order to achieve their goals. find what works for you.

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Once upon a time I actually thought these were real screenshots, and I had missed something in the final episode of DM. These were edited by someone some years ago, back when Yugioh fans roleplayed on Myspace, and used obnoxious font styles in MSN chat windows. Thought I’d share, because they’ve just been sitting in my folder, and they actually look pretty convincing.

A  sketchy thing I  did, its been  sitting in my folder  forever so I’m  just gonna leave it here. Might edit it later or maybe not. Anyway, thanks Stroud for the adventure even though you haven’t released the last book in australia yet! 

Back To You - Prologue

Jongin x you - CEO!AU
Genre: angst, romance, fluff (warning: cursing).

Treasure what you love, before it is gone forever. This might have been the toughest lesson Jongin ever had to learn in his life. If only he learned this lesson sooner.

10 years ago

“Was that the last box?” You asked as Jongin walked into the office all sweaty from moving boxes. But we don’t have money for movers, so no complaining.

“That was the last one.” His smile was sweet like honey, despite his tiredness.

You walked over to him and slipped your hands around his waist and held him tightly. He leaned forward and did the same thing, then pecked you on your hair. “We did it.”

You laughed. “I’m proud of you.” Your voice was muffled by his large chest.

“Don’t give me all the credit when you worked just as hard.” He released you and held you by the shoulders to look into your eyes. “And we’re going to make this business work, okay?”

You couldn’t keep your smile. He looked so passionate, so headstrong and so confident. “Okay.” You nodded.

Jongin’s hand slowly worked its way to your hand so he could entwine his fingers with yours. “And I swear that one day.. this..” He then moved it up to your face to make you look at the ring on your finger. “..will be exchanged for a big, luxurious and beautiful diamond, one that you deserve.”

Ever since you got engaged to Jongin until now after you’re married, he still talks about the ring he gave you, and how much he dislikes it. The day he proposed his words were: “I know this isn’t much, but I can’t wait any longer to get married to you. So… I promise to get you a nicer one once I get enough money. But can you just accept this for now?”

And you said yes.

“But I like this ring.” You smiled.

It was the best thing he could afford at the time. He has been trying to set up a startup even before you got engaged. It costs a lot of money and up until now, it hasn’t brought in any money in. Only now, after you helping him get funds he can finally do what he has been dreaming of: helping people.

You met Jongin in university while studying. He was the hot and geeky computer science guy, and you were a business major. He talked about setting up a startup. He came up with an algorithm that is able to detect whether a person is capable of self-harm by dialogue. If they are, authorities will be informed. You remember when he told you with this glimmer in his eyes: ‘It could save so many lives..’

“I want you to have better.” He cupped your face until cheeks were smushed together. “No… I want you to have the best!” He looked deeply into your eyes before whispering with a soft voice. “You gave up a lot for me and this business of mine… I have to repay you… my beautiful, smart, brave, cool and sexy wife.”

You hit his chest playfully. “Let’s just focus on your business first!” Then walked away with a sassy face.

“Come back here!” He laughed, chasing you through the new office. “Come here and accept my love!”

You threw your head back laughing. “Go away, cheeseball!”

His face fell dramatically. Jongin looks at you as if insulted. “Young lady! I think you need a spanking!”

Trying not to get caught you hid behind the sofa. Jongin on the other side gave you a smirk, confident he’ll catch you. He made a move, trying to trick you into running. Which you did. Before you could even get away from the sofa he had already climbed on it and caught you by the waist.

“Who did you call a cheeseball, eh?!” He tickled you, climbing over the sofa.

“Stop! Stop! Please!” You cried out.

He was too strong for you to break loose. “Only if you kiss me!”

“Okay, okay!” You grabbed his wrists and his attacks stopped. Then you pulled him in and gave him a peck.

“More.” He ordered.

So you leaned in again for another peck.

“A real kiss, baby.” He stared at your lips, then unconsciously licked his. You giggled at his neediness. This is how he would always do when together alone. In front of his friends he is always the alpha male, the guy who has his guard up, despite his charm. But with you there was no guard at all.

You felt needed.

“Egheam!” A loud cough stopped you before you could kiss your husband.

Jongin and you both turned your head to the source of the intruder. “Oh! Hey, Jongdae! Whatsup?” Jongin tried to hold his smile while releasing you before getting a lecture from Jongdae about appropriateness in offices. But Jongdae shouldn’t talk.

Everyone knows what kind of indecencies he has done in Junmyeon’s kitchen last year.

“I have the contracts you wanted ready, Jongin. I’ll leave them here.” He holds up a folder then proceeds to put it on a random table.

“Thanks, buddy.” Jongin smiles.

“I’ll be leaving then.” Jongdae waves and walks away. “Oh wait.” He walks back, fishes something out of his pocket and puts it down on the folder. “Just not in my office, okay?” He winks at you, then leaves - again.

“Asshole.” Jongin laughs.

I sit down on the sofa and I look around. This is going to be our office. Where we’ll have people working…

We worked on this startup for years.

His dream finally came true, he finally has his own company.

“It’s also yours, you know.” It seems like he knows what I’m thinking. "If it wasn’t for you, I’d never be here.“ 

Jongin always had a way of talking to you. You often think that he puts you on a pedestal, but you know that this is his way of loving you, treasuring you. “Yeah, you should be thankful for my help! I felt like I was drowning in paperwork!” You pout.

“And I will show my gratefulness tonight.” He winks and your insides feel like butterflies. “But in all seriousness, honey, I know we don’t have a lot of money but from this day on we’ll have it good.”

“As long as we’re together, I’m fine.”

Jongin kisses your head gently, “Silly, until death do us part, right?”

If only you could turn back time.

A/N: This was is surprise! What am I doing to myself, I haven’t even finished charming yet lol. I’m going to publish the first chapter of back to you soon! Tell me what you think! Also sorry for any grammar mistakes, I’ll correct it later!

Morgan Rielly - Part Ten

Shorter post but exciting things coming…. 

When I close my front door behind me I can’t help but lean back against it. My head hits the wooden frame with a soft thud and I close my eyes.

               It was nearly two in the morning already and I had walked over to Morgan’s at six.

               And I hadn’t even wanted to leave.

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A letter to Terry Pratchett

alright, how to do this. Since i was 12 my favorite author has always been Terry Pratchett. His Tiffany Aching series shaped who i am today, and i hold his writing above all other writing. i always fantasized about meeting him and telling him how much his writing meant to me and how grateful i was. And then he died the day before my 17th birthday. and god, i wept. i completely broke down. it took me a while to recover, and even longer to find the words, but i wrote him this letter, and i thought i’d put it by the terry pratchett memorial next time i came to london (i live in denmark), but by the time i came the memorial had been painted over. and so this letter has been sitting in my documents folder for a long time, and i feel like that iis wrong. i need to put it out there somewhere in the world - even if its just for closure. i watched the BBC documentary ‘back in black’ recently and i got the idea to publish the letter here, so i may live to regret this but here it comes; my badly written, far too long letter to a man who will never read it:

Dear Sir Terry Pratchett,

I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter. As things are, you’ll never read it, and even if you could, I don’t know if I’d dare give it to you. Or if I’d even dare approach you. You see (and you’ll probably disagree/dislike me for this/get miffed about this), you rank frighteningly high on my list of natural forces, my hierarchy of deities. You probably wouldn’t like that, rather a rising ape than a fallen angel, but that is how it is. I believe in a god, but you are closer to him in my accounts than you will ever be to me. Maybe that’s wrong, don’t put your heroes on pedestals and whatnot, but I don’t think I can stop it now. It’s just how it is. So I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter, or if anyone will ever read it, but I think I needed to do it. Get out all the things I will never get a chance to tell you. Very human, isn’t it?

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*.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ — ariana grande gif icons.

i know there’s a million ariana gif hunts out there but i made a lot of these gifs a while ago & since i’m no longer using them, i thought it’d be worthwhile to update & release them. otherwise they’d just be sitting in my folder going to waste !! so, by clicking here, you’ll be redirected to 250 275 gif icons of ariana grande. all of the gifs located in this hunt were made from scratch by yours truly, so please like and/or reblog if you find them useful. please don’t redistribute, repost or include any of the following gifs in another gif hunt. enjoy !!

Obsessed Part 1

A/N: Do you know how long this has been sitting in my drafts? I had to post it even if it was cringeworthy for me. My goodness I hope this is good. I’m sorry if it isn’t. I’m just now trying to commit to and improve my writing.

It was a bright and early Monday morning as you powerwalked your way to class already late for lecture. For some obnoxiously annoying reason you forgot to charge your phone last night resulting in you not having an alarm to wake you up in time for class. And here you are an hour late speeding up your powerwalk into a sprint, folder full of notes and mocha frappacino in hand. The same mocha frappacino that prevented you from being only thirty minutes late because you simply refuse to start any day without some source of caffeine.

The professor definitely is gonna have field day with me this time.

Your creative writing professor took pride in punctuality. She hated late students.

She hated you.

First impressions were everything and you had ended up being the only student late to her first lecture of the semester around a month ago. Thus resulting in you having to write an nice little essay for her about the importance of punctuality.

Don’t even ask about the word count.

College third years should know better,” she had said, “do you not want a career?

Bottom feeding, hag woman.

When you eventually break out into a full run, mid-blink you crash into something hard. You and what or whoever you crashed into, stumble apart and manage to not hit the ground. Your notes and precious mocha frappacino, not so lucky.

Oh my gosh!” you look up and notice that “something hard” is a very attractive, startled male with dark doe-like eyes and wind blown coffee colored hair atop his head. He was clutching a backpack, clad in a long sleeved shirt, ripped blue jeans, and a pair of tan boots. “I’m so sorry!” you apologize hands out in front of you in defense.

You reach down and quickly try to retrieve your notes, luckily your spilled frappacino didn’t get on it, but that didn’t stop dirt.


“I’m really sorry for running into you like that. I didn’t even see you come up..” you said as you stood back up, papers tightly held to your chest. 

The attractive doe-eyed stranger said nothing. He was just staring, mouth slightly open. Almost in awe.

“Ummm…are you okay…?” you say a bit flustered.


“Right, ” you say a bit uncomfortable as you look down at your watch and nearly flip. “Crap! I gotta go! Uh-sorry again! Bye!”.

As you raced away to make it to your lecture, you waved your hand back at the strange male although you faced forward, taking extra care to make sure you didn’t run into anymore strange people. Which is why you didn’t notice one of your notes falling away to the grass behind you.

As you continued to disappear, you didn’t notice the strange male walk over to the left behind paper.

You didn’t see him pick it up.

You didn’t hear him read your name of the paper in a low whisper.


“Yes!” you cheered throwing papers into the air in celebration, “I’m done bitches!”

Wednesday afternoon on campus and you had finished attending a good majority of your classes for the day. Since your night classes were but a couple to a few hours away, you were persistently working on a portion of an important assignment.

After three to four long agonizing days of anxiety, you had finally finished the written part of your project for one of your journalism-related classes you were taking this semester. Sure that was like only fifty-percent of the project completed, and there were more stressful parts of the project to work on, but so what?  To each their own.

Charming,” your best friend, Jimin commented, looking up from his cellphone at you in mock amusement, “But, don’t you have the presentation to work on still?”

Jimin, was currently sprawled out on your roommate’s bed, appearing to be patient whilst scrolling through his phone. Knowing him, he was probably extremely hungry by now. Thus explaining his dull mood. Jiminie ever so kindly accompanied you to your dorm during break, but that was probably because he wanted to bump into Suzy, your roommate, other best friend, and not-so-secret object of his affection. Not to mention she notoriously brought in lunch around this time.

You paused in the middle of your half-assed celebratory dance to frown at him. “Yeah, so? Don’t kill my joy.”

“Whatever,” he replied rolling onto his back immediately returning his attention back to the entertainment of his phone. “I don’t see why you’re celebrating over partially completed homework anyways. It’s sad really.”

You scoffed at him, picking up your now scattered work. “So easy to say when you’re an effortless medical student by day and a ballerina boy at night.”

Jimin turned on his side an glared at you. “You know I only do contemporary now as a warm up. I really wish that name would make its way to the grave. It’s been years.”

You snorted as you got up and made your way over to the table in front your bed to retrieve your phone ruffling Jimin's silver dyed hair when you passed him. He swatted at your hand immediately. “It’s been years, but you’re still ever so graceful, Ji-Ji!”

“Screw. You.”

Grinning to yourself, you picked your phone up, only for an Instagram notification to pop up.

@chim1013 liked a photo you were tagged in

Shit!” you heard Jimin mutter when you clicked the link in confusion.

You were about to make a comment when your attention was brought to the photo Jimin was apparently viewing from his feed. You didn’t recall being tagged in any photo recently.

When the picture came up, you recognized it as a photo on Suzy’s page from her family trip to Cancun from last summer.  You gasped and looked over at Jimin, who quickly met your gaze like a deer caught in the headlights. You needed confirmation, so before he could react you ran over and snatched his phone. 

Are you stalking Suzy’s Instagram page?!

“No-!” Jimin scrambled off of said person's bed and reached for his phone only for you to dodge, “I was on my feed and—dammit! Give it back Y/N!”

He nearly jumped at you, but you kept dodging his futile attempts to retrieve his phone. When you managed to get somewhat good distance away in the small dorm space, you were able to get a good look at the photo. Sure enough, it was the familiar photo of Suzy in front of some beach in a bikini with the caption, ’Missing my girls’ along with a series of emojis. You and a couple of other girls were tagged then. Jimin? Definitely not.

Jimin!“ you gasped again, laughing in disbelief, "This was from months ago!”

Give me my phone!”

“You perv!”

“Give it back!”

Jimin managed to tackle you onto your bed, where you both became a mass of fighting arms and limbs.

In the midst of the chaos, the dorm room opened.

“Ummm….should I come back later?”

Said chaos came to a halt, laughter and curses cut off simultaneously. Your roommate had come to the dorm to find you and Jimin in a very compromising position.

Suzy was currently standing in the doorway holding bags of food with an eyebrow raised and an amused expression to match.

Jimin, whose face was completely flushed, quickly released your no longer pinned down wrists and jumped off of you.

“I can explain!”

“Leave it to you two to have a party while I’m away,” Suzy sighed in a faux somber tone while pushing around her nachos. She occupied her bed along with her food, while you were sat in yours once again.

The three of you were currently eating the food Suzy brought in from a Mexican restaurant nearby the dorms. She got her usual nachos, quesadillas for you, and tacos for Jimin.

The taco eater, who was now sat in a chair between the beds with his phone back in his possession, sure enough was suckered into her shenanigans. It was always cute how flustered she made him.

“It wasn’t a party!” he quickly defended, almost choking on the taco he was eating, he then sent a pointed look your way,“Y/N just doesn’t have any boundaries in terms to privacy…”

You scoffed at him and pushed aside your already finished food. “What a hypocritical thing for a perv–”

“So Suzy! Speaking of parties-!” Jimin quickly cut you off, while you huffed in response.

He cleared his throat and quickly continued, “Uh… my friend Hoseok is having a party on Friday. Want to come? We can leave Y/N.”

Suzy giggled at Jimin’s antics, “How can I leave my number one wing woman?”

The beginnings of Jimin’s flirtatious smirk immediately dropped, “Wing woman?”

Usually whenever you and Sue went to parties and were ever in the mood for a different kind of fun, you would help each other out. It wasn’t a frequent thing. More like once in a blue moon. It had started out as a protection kind of thing to keep creeps away, but then it developed over time. If that makes any sense.

“Aw c’mon, Jiminie,” you said trying to rile him up, “haven’t you ever heard of the term ‘wingman’?”

Jiminy sent a deathly glare your way, “I am very much aware of the term, thank you. But why does Suzy need one?”

Suzy blushed and looked down at her hands,“Don’t make me say it, Jiminie…”

“Yeah, Jiminie,” you taunted, snickering when he raised his lip at you. “It’s obvious Sue wants to get it in…”

Y/N!” Suzy complained, while Jimin actually choked on his taco this time.

You nearly fell over your bed in laughter at their reactions.

Jimin and Suzy were so easy to mess with. You really wished they would just couple up already. But that was Suzy’s call and she had her reasons for being hell-bent on resisting.

“W-what?!” he said in disbelief trying to recover from his coughing fit, while Suzy’s face got even redder.

“Isn’t hooking up and booze normally the purpose of attending any college party?” you commented while sipping on a water bottle you retrieved from the dresser near your bed.

“Look who’s talking!” Jimin snapped at you, “You rarely ever go out and-” Jimin paused for a moment, then a devilish smile appeared on his childlike face.

It was an expression you didn’t like. You had seen that look many a time over the many years of friendship between you and the silver-haired devil.

You and Jimin had been friends practically since you both were old enough to walk. He was like the brother you never really wanted; and you meant that in a loving way. With the kind of brother-sister relationship you and Jimin had, every now and then he was notorious for ‘making you suffer’ for his benefit.

And since you were somewhat ‘cock blocking’ him from getting to his precious object of affection.

You had to be eliminated.

“Suzy,” he said grinning, “let’s not be selfish.”

Suzy frowned, the red beginning to disappear from her cheeks. “What do you mean?”

“It’s just that…” Jimin paused and sighed dramatically, “Y/N seems a bit—lonely these days.”

You stopped drinking your water to give him a look hoping his thoughts weren’t going where you thought they were. “Pardon?”

Jimin completely faced you smirking, “Hasn’t it been a while since you had any “fun”?”

Scoffing you rolled your eyes at Jimin and his games, “Did we not just go to a festival last week?”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. When was your last hookup?”

“None of your damn-”

Suzy gasped and pointed at you, “Oh my gosh! He’s right! I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen you with a guy! At least not since-”

You cut her off, “I don’t see why this is even a discussion! Can we not guys?”

“We can and we will!” said the silver headed devil, “Suzy we need to make it our mission to find Y/N some fun, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m in!”

“I’m not,” you deadpanned.

Jimin scoffed, “Your opinion will not be taken into consideration and it’s two against one.”

“This is stupid.”

“How? You were about to do the same for Suzy. We’re just trying to help you clear out the cobwebs-”

Jimin was cut off by the pillow you sent to his face.

“Come on Y/N!” your other traitorous friend whined, “It’ll be fun!”

You glared at Suzy, “Give me one good reason why I should go.”

Suzy turned to Jimin, who tossed the pillow back onto your bed with a sour look on his face. “Jiminie, aren’t you friends with Namjoon?”

“Suzy shut up.”

Jimin looked at her in confusion and replied, “Yeah, why-” then his eyes widened, “No way…”

This was the last thing you needed. You internally groaned. Suzy just had to imply to the silver-haired devil that you had some type of interest in one of his friends.

Kim Namjoon was one of the most popular guys on campus. He was intelligent gorgeous, and even produced music. You’ve tried many times to attempt conversation, but each time you’ve managed to look like a complete fool. Eventually, you gave up trying when your last attempt consisted of choking on the water you were drinking to ease your nerves and nearly spat up on the guy. He was totally cool about it. You? Completely mortified.

Another thing Namjoon was? A friend Jimin managed to gain when you two first entered college. They became practically brothers overtime. Thankfully you’d managed to keep your awkward interactions with Kim Namjoon away from Jimin. But now that Suzy somewhat let it slip that you possibly liked his friend? Well..

It was just the fuel he needed for whatever plans he was beginning to make.

Thankfully before the devil could speak, his phone rings and he picks up.

“Hello? Shit-! Sorry Kook! I’m on my way now,” Jimin says as he gathers his trash, “I’m like two minutes away!”

It was apparent that Jimin had to leave. You silently thanked Jesus.

“Who’s Kook?” Suzy piped up avoiding your glare.

After Jimin got rid of the remains of his food, he fixed her with a look of his own, “Someone irrelevant to you. And you–” he turned towards you and smirked, “we’ll talk later.”

You were about to snap at him when you remembered something, “Hey Sue have you checked your Instagram notifications lately?”

“Actually, no–”

And the dorm door slammed shut after Jimin’s speedy exit.

Wrong Number Pt. 8 // Fanfic

Modern AU // Nessian (+Inner Circle)

Cassian raises his hand to knock on Feyre’s door, when it opens all on it’s own. The redheaded girl jumped back in surprise. “You scared me!” she exclaims, with a fake whiny voice that makes Cassian cringe. “Do I know you?”

“I don’t think so, is this not Feyre Archeron’s apartment?” He asks, glancing at the apartment number again to double check. 

“It is, I am her neighbor Amara. I live-,” she points behind Cassian’s shoulder to the door behind him. “-right there.”

“That’s good to know?” Cassian says, not really caring what she had to say anymore. “But I am here for Feyre.” 

“Cas?” He turns down the hallway to see Feyre walking up with bags of groceries. “Amara? What are you doing in my apartment?” 

Cassian notices the slight panic in her eyes before it goes back to her normal piercing gaze. “I left my charger here last night and I know where you hide the spare key,” she winks, “I’ll leave you two to it,” she glides past Cassian and disappears into her apartment. 

“So what can I do for you?” Feyre asks. 

“Nevermind, I’ll talk to you soon,” Cassian replies, glancing at the door Amara had disappeared in before walking down the hallway. 

“Rhysand, I am glad you came so quickly,” Amarantha says, a wicked smirk on her face as she leans her elbows on her dark marbled desk and beckons him towards her. “I hear you’ve gotten a long well with the others.”

“I am not sure what your hearing but that’s definitely not whats happening,” Rhys comments, taking a seat in the chair across from her. She throws her head back as she laughs a little too loudly. “Is there a reason you called me here today?”

“I need you to tell me everything you know about your old partner Cassian,” she snarls, crossing her arms across her chest. “He’s ruining my plans.” 

“When exactly am I going to learn about these plans? When you offered me this position you told me I was going to be a partner,” he states. 

Her eyes narrow as she clicks her tongue. “I’ll tell you when you earn my trust, and you can earn my trust by telling me everything you know about Cassian.” 

“At least tell me why you need to know about him. I believe you also promised to leave my old friends out your trouble,” Rhys retorts. 

“I can’t help it if your friends intervene with my plans. If you must know so you will actually do what your told I am undercover and he seems to know who I am trying to get close too,” Amarantha explains.

“And who might that be?” Rhys asks. 

Amarantha rolls her eyes. “The girl I am trying to get close to’s father is a huge benefactor to my cause and he’s threatening to pull his funds. I’ve decided to give him a reason not to pull his funding.” 

Rhys shakes his head wandering how he allowed Tamlin to drag him into this. 

“Dad?” Nesta yells as she walks into her childhood home. She peeks her head into the kitchen and then the living room but now sign of him. “Dad, I called you twenty minutes ago and you said you were home!” 

When no one calls back she walks into her father’s study just to see it empty. She walks over to his desk and sits down on his chair, she was never allowed in here as a child and certainly not allowed to play with his chair. “I am Mr Archeron and I like to force my daughters into marriages,” she says in a manly voice as she waves her arms around but in the process she knocks over a folder. 

“Shoot, he’s going to kill me,” she exclaims, getting down quickly and shuffling the papers together. They seemed to be letters from him and a girl named Amarantha. 

Mr. Archeron, 

I don’t care how much in debt you are. I can make your life very difficult if you refuse me one more time. 


Nesta frowns as she folds the piece of paper up and slips it into her pocket. She quickly stacks the papers back together and sets them back on his desk and exits her father quickly. She was going to have to look into Amarantha more. 

I posted again, it truly is a miracle. How did you guys like having a Rhysand section? Should I continue adding character point of views?