this was just one of my favorite lines from the film

So loved-ice tagged me for my favorite character from 10 different fandoms!

Kingsman - Merlin because a) he’s scottish, which is my biggest heritage so that’s always exciting, b) he’s a tech guy and I always have a soft spot for those, and c) all of his scenes and lines were gr8 and by the end of the film I was just excited as heck whenever he showed up~

Hannibal - oh god this is hard. I waffle between Will and Alana most of the time and getting into why for each would just be too long. I’m feeling Alana rn

Star Trek TOS/Reboot - Bones, always Bones. He’s so grumpy but he cares and I live for those corny ‘dammit jim i’m a doctor not a ___’ moments. Plus that episode where he delivered the baby is one of my fav solely for the fact that it’s pretty focused on him i am weak

Star Trek DS9 - Kira, always Kira. I mean, all of the characters are so dear to me and I couldn’t choose who’s second, but I loved Kira, and her connection and passion to the station and Bajor ,and her little baseball moments with Sisko, and her friendship/romance with Odo, and her mirror counterpart, and pretty much everything about her really 

Pacific Rim - Raleigh. Mako’s really close, but idk he’s just so sweet and friendly and supportive to her while simultaneously being extremely in need of comfort himself and also badass and defiant and that’s just a great combination yo 

X-files - without a doubt, Scully. She was awesome and took no shit and also I’m like 90% I had a crush on her as a kid and that’s where my thing for redheads comes from

MCU - Probably Rhodey. I’m pretty waffle-y on this, too, because we’ve been getting a whole bunch of new characters lately

DC comics - (because until they get a few more movies in I can’t pick movie-wise) Superman, mostly because I was obsessed with Smallville, I’ve watched the old movies and show with my mom, and a friend and I joke that he’s batman and I’m superman so yep

Veronica Mars - so I was most def a Logan fangirl when this was on the air, but now I think I’d have to say Veronica tbh

Harry Potter - until I reread the books I’m going with Viktor Krum because I’m perpetually amused by how badly little 8yr old me was crushing on him

makeshiftwings30 said: Favorite movie ever? Favoritest game ever?

Favorite game is Final Fantasy Tactics, hands down. There are a lot of great games out there, and some that make a lot more sense on the first playthrough (though “Blame yourself or God” is a wonderful line), but FFT has the great package of style, graphics, difficulty, ease, familiarity, and uniqueness for me. All of that, without mention of the great art, characters, and MUSIC. I’d turn the game on just to get into a random fight and let Apoplexy play over my 3′ speakers.

Took me a bit to think about a movie; I was about to give up and throw out Mortal Kombat for being one of the only respectable video game films in existence. I’m gonna go with Special, though. It’s a 2006 film with Micheal Rapaport in which he gains superpowers from taking antidepressants. While some of the plot could be seen coming, I still remember it making me shed a manly tear at the climax, so there you go.

I honestly am unsure if A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, or Dr. Strangelove is the better Kubrick film; all of them are just absolutely fantastic in their own ways.

A Clockwork Orange, as I’ve mentioned before, has pretty much my favorite opening in film history, and it is a really unique sci-fi movie with a very compelling villainous lead in Alex DeLarge.

The Shining has pretty much the definitive Jack Nicholson performance aside from Batman and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It’s a very eerie and atmospheric movie, the whole film building up like a boiler that’s about to explode until that final half hour or so when everything goes crazy and Nicholson’s Jack Torrance goes bonkers.

Full Metal Jacket is a fantastic war film that in many ways is in two parts; first we have the iconic first half with R. Lee Ermey’s famous role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, and then comes the often ignored but equally amazing second half, which contains tons of quotable lines, awesome and violent sequences of war, and Adam Baldwin’s psychotic badass Animal Mother. Yet another reason I hate Cracked is because they have, on numerous occasions, shit on the latter half of the film, missing the film’s point by such a degree it’s mind-blowing.

And of course Dr. Strangelove… perhaps the most well-executed black comedy ever made. The performances, the choice to film in black-and-white, the characters, the dark humor, and of course that famous bomb-riding scene… and that’s not even getting into all the stories behind the filming, though to be honest every Kubrick film has those.

So yes, it’s very hard for me to really pick any Kubrick film I can definitively say is ‘the best’ or ‘my favorite,’ though at this moment I’d say Strangelove, with FMJ in a close second, A Clockwork Orange in third and The Shining in fourth, though obviously all are fantastic, ten out of ten films.

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged by loquaciouslyliterate

Hit me with your best literary pun?

I can’t, sorry I just suck at puns, I know it’s a shame.

Favorite closing line from a book?

I am haunted by humans (The Book Thief)

Favorite Disney film?


Favorite song lyric?

One two three close your eyes and count four I’m gonna hide behind bedroom door (Don’t Stop/Color on the Walls-Foster the People)

If you could bring one character back to life who would it be? (spoilers!)

There’s two! Will Herondale and Rudy

If you had to live in one fictional location where would it be?

The realm of The Thirteenth Child Trilogy.

From which author do you have the most books?

It’s a tie between Sarah J. Maas, Maggie Stiefvater, Cassandra Clare, and Kiera Cass although I like to think that I have the most from Maggie/Clare. Although it’s basically because they are series.

Describe your favorite book cover?

The Night Circus or the Out of the Easy hardback. I’m no good at describing.

Favorite villain/antagonist?

Tom Riddle or Prince John

Least favorite protagonist?

Eadllyn Schreave

Favorite descriptive passage?

It’s quite long..


You walk down a hallway papered in playing cards, row upon row of clubs and spades. Lanterns fashioned from additional cards hang above, swinging gently as you pass by.

A door at the end of the hall leads to a spiraling iron staircase.

The stairs go both up and down. You go up finding a trapdoor in the ceiling.

The room it opens into is full of feathers that flutter downward. When you walk through them, they fall like snow over the door in the floor, obscuring it from sight.

There are six identical doors. You choose one at random, trailing a few feathers with you.

The scent of pine is overwhelming as you enter the next room to find yourself in a forest full of evergreen trees. Only these trees are not green but bright and white, luminous in the darkness surrounding them.

They are difficult to navigate. As soon as you begin walking the walls are lost in shadows and branches.

There is a sound like a woman laughing nearby, or perhaps it is only the rustling of the trees as you push your way forward, searching for the next door, the next room.

You feel the warmth of breath on your neck, but when you turn there is no one there.

(Morgenstern 249-250).

My Questions:

Favorite time of day

When did you learn to read

Who taught you how to read

When was your climax of your reading career (or when did you really get into reading)

Favorite color

Cover or the synopsis

ebook or print

Favorite place to read

When traveling where do you keep your book (in a bag/suitcase/in hand etc)

How far away is your closest library

Grab the closest book next to you, what is the title?

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denim-diem asked:

22-34 :)

alright! thanks i’m so glad someone asked me one of these for once

22. Favorite Movie Musical:  tie between Phantom of the Opera or Oliver

23. Least Favorite Movie Musical: A Chorus Line. (Love the real production, movie sucked)

24. Fav Film Adaption for a play: My Fair Lady (orignally from the play Pygmalion)

25.  Least Fav Film Adaption of a play: Glass menagerie

26. Favorite Show You’ve Been In: Urinetown

27. Least Favorite Show You’ve Been In: Tie between leader of the pack and High School Musical

28.What Kind of Theatre Excites You: ALL. but especially musical theatre.

29. Favorite Warm-Up: the back scratching one 

30. How’d You Get Into Theatre?: I’ve just always loved it.

31. Who are your biggest theatre aspirations? Audra McDonald

32. What is your dream show?: A CHORUS LINE.

33. What is your dream role? Carlotta, Phantom of the Opera. (If i could sing that high)

34. What musical would like to see become a movie? Ragtime. I feel like it would say a lot socially since it’s about injustice that African-Americans go through. 

nessarose-charlebois asked:

Multiples of 6 :)

thanks babe :)

6: Last musical movie you saw?

into the woods

12: Favorite actress(es)?

lisa o’hare, lmk, sutton foster, kelli o’hara, laura benanti & osnes, stephanie j. block, julia murney, lauren worsham, etc.

18: Favorite musical number(s)?

oooooh, i love the wicked overture, one from a chorus line, i’ve decided to marry you obviously, play from finding neverland (i’m doing like big number type things) oh & morning glow from pippin is pretty rad too

24: Favorite film adaption of a play?

a streetcar named desire - vivien leigh version 

30: How did you get into theatre?

my grandma made us watch oklahoma since i was an infant & my mom played the chicago soundtrack on repeat so eventually it just happened!

36: Dream cast for _____?

i’d do wicked! elphaba - lmk, glinda - lisa o’hare, nessa - lauren worsham, madame morrible - carolee carmello (i only care about the girls)

42: Have you taken a theatre class?

sadly no!

48: Least favorite thing about theatre?

how cocky & obnoxious a lot of wannabe actors are my age. also how expensive it is

Nannoo by Lillikit

Lillikit is a South Korean shop that collaborates with artists from all over the world to create interesting art and designs. They were kind enough to send me some of their new Nannoo figures

Nannoo, a kitten flying to the sky, is the creation of  Lee Seung Min, an art director for films, animation and advertising from Seoul, South Korea.  Lee, along with her ten year old son, started the design of Nannoo with the simple shape of a ball.   

Nannoo is a small sphere about the size of your hand (hands may vary, it’s about the size of MY hand) with four legs, ears, a tail and an adorable cat design.  One of my favorite details is the design of the nose/mouth.  A line swoops in over the left eye curling around and joining a second line to create a smiling appearance.  Just looking at these little guys puts a smile on my face. Nannoo currently comes in five different colors, the Pastel Series, which are representative of the seasons.  Min and Lillikit have plans to release the Nannoo figures in many more fun and creative designs in the future as well as you can see below.  These toys will delight both children and adult collectors alike. 

To add Nanoos and lots of other interesting and beautiful artwork to your collection, visit 
+The Highest Fever