this was just one of my favorite lines from the film

Galavant Appreciation Week: Day 2: Favorite Episode(s)

Comedy Gold

This episode would have to be my fave for several reasons starting with the opening number (disclaimer: gifs are not mine). “Togetherness” is one of my favorite songs from season one.

 I love how it showcases the passage of time on the show and informs the audience that our terrific trio have been together for quite some time now and they’re starting to get on each other’s last nerve. 

The way this sequence is seamlessly edited together and gives each character a chance to shine clearly demonstrates why Galavant has to be a limited series as opposed to a full-length series. Can you imagine just how long it must have taken them to film and edit this one number alone? *BOOM*…that was the sound of my mind being blown just in case that wasn’t clear. 

This number is also the first time we get a clear glimpse into Galavant’s changing feelings for Isabella. The line, “Like I’m kind of sort of always thinking about her” directly parallels with what Gal said about Madalena and how she’s the first thing he thinks of in the morning and the last thing he thinks of in the eve…guess times are changing aren’t they, Gal?

In addition to the flawless opening number, we have an amazing guest star in Hugh Bonneville. Now I’ll be honest, this is the only thing I’ve seen him in so far (Downton Abbey’s on my long list of shows to watch, but with his guest appearance on the show he bumped it up the list by several spots), but I just found his character to be utterly hilarious and completely delightful. He reminds me of Robert De Niro’s character in Stardust. Also, his interactions with his bumbling gang of pirates who “sell a line of homemade organic desserts” and are self-professed “lords of the sea”, are great, like when he tells that one pirate he’s on a time out and when he tells his men they’ll always be maggots.

Comedy Gold also provided an unusual and welcome team-up in the form of King Richard and the jester. King Richard was finally let in on the very open secret about Madalena and the jester in the previous episode and now, because he’s King Richard, instead of deciding to kill the jester, he makes him give him comedy lessons. He doesn’t let Steve (the jester) completely off the hook though, this delightful jackass gets his kicks by threatening Steve with a rubber sword and scary the hell out of him so that he’s actually shaking in his boots. 

The comedy lesson culminates in a great scene where Steve actually feels sorry for Richard and tells the chef to give him a pie to throw in someone’s face. King Richard tosses the pie in Gareth’s face and is thrilled when he gets a genuine laugh out of Madalena…Gareth, on the other hand, well, he’s less than impressed.

Moreover, what I love about this episode is that it clearly sets up Isabella and Galavant as the couple to root for. We got hints of it in Joust Friends with Isabella’s appreciation for Gal’s hot bod, Isabella jumping on top of Gal to congratulate him for winning, and Gal and Izzy singing “Maybe You’re not the Worst Thing Ever” but this episode just cements Gal and Izzy as the show’s main couple. In “Togetherness”, we see that Gal and Izzy have been getting into each other’s personal space quite a bit. When Izzy washes her undergarments, Gal actually picks them up and stares at them in a daze….most likely imagining what it would be like to see Izzy in them. 

Gal also sings about how he thinks about her all the time and Sid complains about how they both ignore him (because they spend so much time flirting with each other). 

When they get captured by the pirates, they bicker like a married couple

and then when Peter the Pillager keeps calling Izzy a mouth breather, Gal rushes to her defense and says he can’t fall asleep anymore until she starts snoring…which makes one wonder, what was Gal planning on doing if/when he “rescued” Madalena? 

During the "Togetherness Reprise”, they also sing about how “Together [they’re] not bad” and Sid says “My god, just get a room you two.” Usually when other characters in the story start to comment on a couple and how they should be together, that tends to mean that the couple is MFEO. 

Oh and of course we have Gal saving some trail mix and giving it to Izzy with “raisins intact” and Izzy trying to tell Gal that she’s leading him into a trap. Naturally Gal didn’t hear any of it but he tells her he’s going to work on listening to her…baby boy is so in denial about what will happen if he gets back together with Maddie it isn’t even funny. When will he get the chance to work on listening to her? 

At this point he’s so accustomed to her and being around her that he hasn’t stopped to think about what it will be like when they’ve completed their mission and they part ways (as was the original plan).

  So yeah, a terrific opening number, fantastic guest stars, an unlikely team-up and all the amazing Galabella development we get in this episode make it my fave season one episode.


From Avengers Annual #14 by Roger Stern, John Byrne, Kyle Baker, John Workman, Christie Scheele, and Mark Gruenwald.

This is a really enjoyable space adventure with great art by the perhaps unlikely combo of Kyle Baker finishing Byrne’s pencils. I like this line-up of Avengers. Seems like there is ample opportunity for amusing interactions, especially with Starfox hanging around. I love that one of his powers is that he can just make baddies incredibly enamored with him. He’s got to be Starlord’s dad in the GOTG films, right? Seems like a character Gunn would have tons of fun with.

Stern uses the skrulls to great effect here. There are skrulls that looks like Bogart, skrulls with evil mustaches, and skrulls in funky Doctor Doom masks. I was a little lost with some of their back story, but that’s my only complaint about this one.

I think it’s my overall favorite among the Avengers comics I’ve been sampling this month and, apart from the rest of the short Bendis/Romita Jr. series, it’s the only era of the team’s history I really feel compelled to explore further. Too bad Byrne and Baker didn’t illustrate more of Stern’s run though.

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Number 5?

Ah okay this will be a challenge to pick which sibling XD I come from a family of six kids.

I’ll do five facts about my little sister the-girl-who-cant-eat since we’re really close C:

  1.  My sister is a artist. (she’s really good, and I’m not just saying this because we’re related)
  2.  she surprisingly loves stuff more on the horror side of things, like Attack on Titan, and Another.
  3.  she has a illness where she…can’t eat…its called gastroparesis, how she gets proper nutrition is TPN through a broviac line in to her heart.
  4.  one of her all time favorite things is Peter Pan, especially the 2003 live action film.
  5.  Her favorite animals are pigs, seriously she adores them! C:

okay, thanks for sending this!!! 


20 / #52FILMS

The Third Man, Directed by Carol Reed

What Stood Out?

The last shot of this film was actually one of my favorite moments, it was such a simple, bold, restrained decision to hold the shot on Alida Valli walking towards and then past Joseph Cotten. Still, overall, the film was full of brilliant moments, and I felt like, unlike other noir films I’ve seen (that make every attempt to be hyper-cool from line to line), this film felt mature and subtle in its style. 

The world of Vienna after the war, the strange mix of memorable characters, the complicated relationships between old friends, it all made for an unique and charismatic experience. I hope to see this film one day on the big screen, I think that would be something else. 

And that look that Orson Welles gives Cotton when he knows it’s over, accepting that perhaps this isn’t a bad way to go, considering. I just loved every minute of this story. 

What stood out the most to you?

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aurora boo nemo and merida

Aurora: Story of your first kiss

My first kiss was pretty anticlimactic. My boyfriend and I were watching a movie, well, more like I was trying to show him one of my favorite films and he was more interested in me, and mid sentence he just leans over and pecks my lips before leaning away and blushing like an idiot. It took me about a minute to realize what had happened.

Boo: A childhood hero

This one took a minute, but probably my uncle Jack. He was just so awesome to me as a kid, and in my teenage years he would always let me come over and spend the night if I needed time away from the parents.

Nemo: Your bravest moment.

There’s a fine line between brave and stupid, and I have done a lot that’s straddled the line. First thing that comes to mind is running outside barefoot while our truck was on fire to get the dogs out of the kennel nearby, but looking back that was also extremely stupid because flaming flying glass??

Meridia: What are you most passionate about?

All the things!! But really I’m really passionate about animation and art. I’m also kind of emotional over writing and story telling and characters because stories need to be told, and art needs to be made, and it needs to be done right.  


Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, a be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. – Roman 12:9-12

In this incredible short film, a husband struggles to figure out how best to love his wife, who just found out she has a degenerative eye condition, and will eventually lose her sight completely. His incredible strength and patience is such a testimony to how we are able to love beyond our capacity when Christ is our cornerstone. My favorite line from the film is when the husband says, “She will never know all the things I do for her, and I don’t need her to know. That’s how I love her.” This is such an amazing portrayal of how the love between a husband and wife finds ways to serve and cherish one another, even when it seems impossible.