this was just one of my favorite lines from the film

Meme Thingy Tag

Thanks @i-likebigbooksandicannotlie for tagging me! :D This my first time being tagged in an about you on tumblr so yay <3 It was hard to narrow it down but my ten favorite things are…

1. Animals in general but particularly my lab/princess named Sally who is gazing at me adoringly as I type this making her hard to forget!

2. Books! (surprising I know, lol)

3. Disney, because really whats a better cause for happiness than the line “And they all lived happily ever after.” From the films themselves, to Disneyland, to moments like helping my Disney-loving friend spontaneously recreate the iconic scene from the little mermaid and getting soaked in the process, (despite not being the one in the picture!)

4. Friends and family <3

5. Christmas! Because it just makes everything seem a bit more magical, and theres nothing quite like curling up beside the fire with a book while everything outside is blanketed in snow.

6. Dance, Irish dance to be specific. I’ve been dancing for in or around the ten year mark now and it’s been an amazing experience but I’ve recently retired from competition after winning worlds to teach it instead!

7. Binge watching tv series and becoming overly invested in them, if said binge watching takes place while in pjs with chinese food then so much the better ;)

8. Writing, though I haven’t done much of it in a while but hopefully I’ll change that soon.

9. Hot showers and clean sheets.

10. Starry skies.

Oh god, ok I don’t know many people here yet as I’ve only set up this blog like a week ago but I tag @annalisejsullivan, @thebookwormadventurer and @ellensbookshelves if they would like to do it and anyone else who would like to. Enjoy! :)

Curious to read everyone else’s answers!

1. If your life could be a movie, which one would you pick?

I love movies from my childhood because I’m just super nostalgic so hands down Halloweentown. Not really the last movie where she went to college because I really hated that once.

2. Which filmmaker is your favourite and why? Least favourite?

Drake Doremus is my favorite screenwriter/director. I love every single one of his films. He’s what got me into the indie genre and actually made me want to pursue screenwriting. Check him out definitely, his most well known film is Like Crazy. 

Least favorite is definitely Quentin Tarantino because he’s overrated, his story lines aren’t really my cup of tea, and his rampant use of violence. I’m not one for gore/blood and that’s what he’s known for soo

3. If you could make one book into a film, which one would you pick?

Well, a lot of books I think would make good movies already are movies. One that I definitely would love to make into a film would be the Red Pyramid series by Rick Riordan. I know it’s a book read by preteens (that’s when I first read it.) But they’re really interesting and it’d be a lot of fun to make them into films because of all the cool elements like magic, Egyptian gods, and other nerdy shit that the middle schooler in me loves.

4. If you could include one song in a soundtrack, which one would you pick?

Any Hozier song.

5. Favourite “bad movie”?

I don’t really know what qualifies as a “bad movie” but I mean everyone hated Suicide Squad but I personally loved it.

6. Favourite Oscar winner?

Because I’m slightly obsessed with this movie and it’s cinematography; Emmanuel Lubezki (best cinematograpy) for The Revenant. He was also cinematographer for some other movies I loved like y tu mama tambien, series of unfortunate events, and gravity.

7. Favourite movie cliche?

I’m lowkey a huge romance sap sooo unrequited love, the bad boy/good girl, etc, I secretly love all those annoying cliches. 

8. Least favourite movie cliche?

The person with the saddest story, who deserves to live, dies. I get attached to minor characters so they always mess with my feelings man :/

9. Which studio is your dream studio to work with?

I don’t really know of any production studios I like. I wouldn’t mind working with IFC the distribution company, they distributed a lot of films I liked.

10. Which studio would you personally fight?

Again, I don’t really know many studios or have any that I don’t like soo

11. Which director would you kill to work with? Cinematographer? Editor?

Drake Doremus (dir), Daniel Destin Cretton (dir) ,Emmanuel Lubezki(dop), and Joel West (composer)

12. What filmmaker most closely resembles your style of filmmaking?

Drake Doremus because of his obsession with romance. Like when I make movies they’re going to be similar to his because that’s what I like to write. And also Daniel Cretton because of his serious tone of movies and character development. He makes movies that aren’t super serious but the back stories of his characters are and they tie into the story really well. 

13. Describe your dream film. Pick any director, cinematographer, editor etc, use any book or story, chose your own songs, etc

Pretty much my answers for number 11. I write best about love so it’d be a very Drake Doremus-esque movie. I’d make it dramatic and dark kind of similar to the Revenant, you know? I’d want it to have some serious undertones but also comedy if that makes any sense?

Definitely filmed where I live so Rhode Island/Boston areas. I love love love Anton Yelchin (rip :/) so if I could have him as a holograph or something then I’d be happy.