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so i saw IT in the movie theater back when it first came out, and i watched it again tonight with my family cos we rented it. and i remember how jack was kinda getting inspiration from IT to maybe incorporate into Anti’s storyline.

So I was thinking.

In “Say Goodbye,” Anti was able to get Jack by cutting his throat with a knife. And jack had mentioned in the past how one of his fears was being stabbed with a knife.

With “Always Watching,” we didnt see jack die on screen here. But the screen blacked out and anti took over once the “normal” recording of jack was corrupting and interupted by him. Thus, in a way, corresponding with jack’s fear of “found footage” type stuff. 

In “Kill Jacksepticeye,” Schneep was the one Anti was really hammering after. and the screen blacked out in glitches once Schneep failed at saving Jack.

So, would it be safe to say that maybe Anti doesnt necessarily “win” (take over/corrupt/evilize?/etc) by killing the person. but rather, kinda like pennywise, through making their worst fears a reality?

Because we saw in Schneep’s power hour video how upset he got at A) losing his doctor license, and moreso B) not being able to save Peter. and Peter was just his silly accountant, imagine how traumatized schneep was when he found his best friend on friggin Halloween. 

So it makes sense as well, as to why schneep was able to stop Anti from making him choke on his headphone cables. Because Schneeplestein’s worst fear wouldnt be himself dying, like jack. It’d be him trying his absolute hardest to be a real-enough doctor to save Jack, but still ending up killing and failing him. And thus, Schneep might’ve never been actually killed and is still alive, somewhere. But when we do see him next time, he’ll be just as far away from saving as Jack is right now….

So tl;dr (kinda)- Anti wouldn’t necessarily waste precious time and resources to kill every ego, he’d just have to play on whatever fears/weaknesses they have in order to manipulate them like puppets. Like maybe Chase is already a goner cos he was losing Stacy and the Kids. or…actually idk what the other egos’ fears would be, but you get the picture.

(tagging @fear-is-nameless cos i mentioned to them about me keeping mental theory notes while watching the movie today lol)

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Can you please write more about middle aged Andreil in the future? Ik you have your own awesome ideas but you gave me a glimpse of their middle aged domesticity and now I cannot be sated. If you don't write more that's v cool I'll just be happy with what you already wrote. I love ur AFTG contributions! <3

ahhh thank you this is so sweet!!! somewhere i have the start of a fic where they get married (and another one that’s maybe 15 years after canon) but the only thing i’ve finished is 2.5k words that are only about 8.3% what you’re looking for

tldr: through weird and unexplained magicks andrew ends up in the future. much pining ensues.

Andrew wakes up.

The first thing he notices is the body next to him, and it’s a panicked instinct that he’s carefully nurtured over the past five years that responds.

He fights. His hands seek to simultaneously shove the other person away and hurt them so they won’t come back, which means that he’s unforgivably clumsy. There’s a sharp beat in his chest and fear in his veins and a horrible blur between what Andrew thought he had left behind and the present. It’s light outside, thin sunlight trickling through the blinds, but the edges of Andrew’s vision are tinged dark and all he can see is every one of his nightmares coming to life.

“Andrew, Andrew,” someone says, and he isn’t fighting back, isn’t doing anything to protect himself from the way Andrew twists his hands into his shirt collar and presses against his throat. “It’s me. You’re okay.”

Recognition cuts through the blinding panic. Andrew knows this face and voice, and it isn’t from his shithole of a childhood. It’s almost funny that after months of imagining Neil laid out on his bed this would happen, and Andrew would laugh except -

The next thing he notices is that his mind is clear. There’s none of the fogginess from his meds, the pull on the corners of his mouth and constant high as the chemicals in his brain try to convince him to feel something he doesn’t. There isn’t even the faint buzz he gets from pushing his yesterday-night dose earlier, and it’s startling and relieving and terrifying all at once.

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Do you think a lot about the kind of man you are? I don’t know if I would put it that way but I certainly think about how to be better and how I came to be how I am and the circumstances around me. I think it’s healthy to have an element of self-awareness and understand how you’re perceived by others.


More Good Omens drawings I did during the last two days ^^

featuring Adam and Dog, Anathema, and Aziraphale and Crowley taking a look at the books Adam put into the shop ^7^ 

I hope you like it ^3^

ever since percy had that line in trials of apollo like, ‘my mom just forgave me for disappearing last year’ or whatever like…I’ve just really wanted an angsty percy-coming-home-and-adjusting fic where sally just has a complicated reaction to the whole thing. like obviously the tearful hugging reunion we deserve but like….after that. after the initial shock and euphoria that he’s still alive. he’s having a hard time readjusting because of his ptsd and sally’s having a hard time readjusting because she’s having a human, complicated reaction where she doesn’t exactly blame him for what happened but she feels an undefinable anger in general and it’s hard for them to get through to each other for a while. paul’s caught in the middle. like. idk I think about that line a lot???? it’s a storyline i’d definitely love to see explored more. 

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Why are you freaking out so much about Marcus not being on the list? We know he survives.

Okay, my concern is more about how Marcus Kane survived and what that decision is going to do to him long-term. Here is the list:

Now, we know that Clarke, Bellamy, and Raven were on the original list but did not end up using those spots. Octavia’s spot might be in play if she’s not being counted as Skaikru since she’s a new leader… but she had to count on some kru’s list so I’m going to go ahead and assume that her spot on this list isn’t up for grabs. So, that means that there are only three spots that someone can fill. Niylah got one of them, thanks to Octavia. Miller got one of them.

That leaves only one spot left. The spot that Marcus Kane took. I’m not saying it was wrong of him or anything. There is no judgement coming from me. But the fact is that there was one available spot and Marcus Kane filled it.

He was not on Clarke’s original list for a reason that Clarke Griffin probably debated over heavily. Clarke’s list prioritized young women who could have children and people with specialized skills. Kane fits into neither of those groups, apparently. If he did, he would have been on this list right next to Thelonious Jaha. And Kane wouldn’t begrudge Clarke for leaving him off the list. He’s a logical man who would understand and not hold it against her.

But, he and Jaha went through and identified each individual person who wasn’t being spared from Praimfaya, all of whom were potential people that could have taken the last spot. And they chose Marcus over each of them.

Sure, it was a crazy day. Decisions had to be made quickly. Neither of them were happy with what they had to do. But I think the knowledge that Kane wasn’t on the original list is going to get to him over the six years in the bunker. I think remembering that he left his friend David Miller out of the bunker and saved himself instead is going to be something that haunts him. I think choosing to save himself is going to be the start of a new path for Marcus and I’m curious to see how much he has changed over six years.


I’ve been replaying the Kingdom Hearts series with a friend in order to be ready for KH3 this year. We’ve finished 1.5, CoM, Days, and 2.5 which means I’m officially caught up to where I left the series all those years ago.

The nostalgia has been deliciously overwhelming. So here’s my beautiful son of darkness. And a darker skinned version based on his Ansem form which I think would have been a nice touch to have kept when he returned to himself.

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on the topic of the "demons" n stuff, a) what do you think michael looks like under his human suit? lava monster? whatever lance is?? and b) how do the "demons" get their human suits anyways (like what designates them to be a certain age/gender/whatever, and also because of shawn's recent comments in the last episode that maybe something influences it?) also i think it's really hilarious that there are like 8 different hot dog departments oh my god

Oh my gosh, I have no idea what Michael looks like! He’s said that elbows are weird, right, so maybe he doesn’t have elbows? What else has he said about humans being weird that could help us figure out what he really looks like?

Maybe it’s the upper management that receives and distributes the suits from somewhere? Like Shawn, our favorite naughty bitch, chose his suit, but I don’t think Michael or the other demons in his project did since they kept voicing their distaste for their suits? 

But like, who makes the suits? How does a demon the size of Lance fit in a human suit? Why were human suits even created, since wouldn’t it torture humans more to see the demons as they are?

Do you think the people who work in the actual Good Place have human suits too? Like the one who appeared in Mindy’s welcome video

It’s so funny, they thought of eight ways to torture people that were different enough that they became entirely different departments?? That’s impressive

chxsing-stxrdust replied to your post “Here’s a “fun” criticism question: what is meant when a reviewer says…”

I feel that even if its an AU, the character should still hold the characteristics that make them that character. OOC is, to me, meaning they are no longer that character, theyre someone else. AU is not a pass to make a character different than who they are.

So for you and author could write an AU and keep the character in character? Would you use the ‘out of character / OOC’ comment on an in-world fic with poor characterization?

//Before heading offline – I leave you with a consideration.
    //A robot! Dexter AU.

greed-the-dorkalicious replied to your post: I run that blog that posts daily smiling Jotaro…

What really pisses me off though is when I reblog someone’s art and it STILL only gets like, 30 notes, meanwhile I can post the most poorly cropped 86x53 jpeg of Araki’s shittiest background drawings of Jotaro and it’ll get like 70 notes, like, really?? ://// And I’ve called my followers out on this but things haven’t improved much unfortunately

I’ve found it’s really hard to get most art past 30-40 notes in the jojo fandom for some reason, I think there’s just more of a crowd who wants memes and shitposts and not art unless it’s some massive and incredible painting 

for instance, the gorillaz fandom is a LOT smaller than jojo, but the fans have a tendency to focus more on art and fanart and will get a simple sketch anywhere from 80-200 notes in a very short time span

meanwhile the marvel fandom which is even more fucking massive than both of them will land art with absolutely no notes and most of the art that gets reblogged is reposted art from deviantart

and homestuck back in the day was HUGE probably bigger than the marvel fandom on this site and any drawing no matter how small would get at least 100 notes a pop, hell mediocre sketches of mine made it up into the thousands and even recently when i posted hs art it amassed over 200 notes despite the fandom dwindling

so I believe it’s a problem with the audience the art is being presented to, because some of these fandoms come from content that appeals to people who naturally appreciate art, and others come from content that appeals to people for the hahas or the stories and they may not have that same interest in art that others do

when one of your beautiful and wonderful mutuals makes beautiful and wonderful art and you reblog it to support them but almost none of your followers reblog it