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Kiss me

Word count: 1040

Kai denies his feelings for you so Damon goes and flirts with you

You were at Mystic Grill with your friends, sitting at the bar, while Damon and Kai were playing some pool. Everytime you looked towards Damon and Kai, Kai was looking at you. You had some feelings for him, but you always pushed them down because you knew Kai would never feel the same so you tried to move on from him. Then once again, you turned around and Kai was again looking at you. You smiled at him and then turned back to your friends.

‘Why don’t you ask her out?’ Damon asked Kai, making him look at him befuddled.

'What are you talking about?’ Kai asked, acting like he doesn’t know what Damon was talking about. Everytime you looked at him, his heart skipped a beat. He was always looking at you with a soft, genuine look, but he was afraid to admit his feelings because he always thought you would reject him.

'Don’t play like you don’t know. I see the way you look at her. You like her.’ Damon said, holding the cue stick, waiting for Kai to make his move.

'That’s ridiculous. I don’t like her. Did you forget I’m not burdened by love. I don’t have time for that and feelings are hard so, no thank you.’ Kai said as he made his move.

'Yeah, because you look at everyone like you look at her.

'I do. It’s my.. my new look.’ Kai said, making Damon laugh out loud because of how much of a bad liar Kai was.

'Interesting.’ Damon muttered, shooting a glance towards you.

'What?’ Kai asked, unsure what Damon was thinking, but he knew what kinda person Damon was and he knew he was planning something. He always had something up his sleeve.

'Nothing, just, will you excuse me for a second?’ Damon trailed off as he placed the cue stick on the table and walked towards you, Kai following his every move.

'Hello girls!’ Damon said, smiling at you and your friends. You hugged him and kept your hand on his shoulder.

'What’s up? Where’s Kai?’ You asked as you looked around only to find him standing alone at the pool table, his gaze strongly focused on you or Damon. You weren’t really sure. You looked down before looking at Damon again, putting a smile on your face.

'Nothing, just. Girls, you don’t mind if I steal her for a minute or two, right?’ Damon asked, all of your friends shooking their heads no, even though half of your friends had a crush on Damon, which you always thought was ridiculous.

Kai kept looking at you and Damon, his blood started boiling when he saw Damon leaning in and whispering something on your ear, but it hurt him even more when you placed your hand on Damon’s neck and laughed at something he said, but the thing that sent him over the edge was when he saw Damon putting his hand on the outer side of your thigh as he started sliding it up until he reached your left butt cheek. He was beyond mad and it wasn’t just that. His heart was breaking when he saw Damon doing something he wanted to do. He wanted to hold you in his arms like that but he never got the chance and when he saw Damon flirting with you like that, he thought he lost you forever. Suddenly he broke the cue stick, making you and Damon look at him. Damon stepped back from you, allowing you to lock your eyes with Kai’s and when you started walking towards him, he stormed out of the grill.

'What was that?’ You asked Damon, hoping he would know what was up with Kai, but he just shook his head. He knew what was wrong with Kai and he knew why he had to come over and flirt with you. That was the only way Kai would show how much you mean to him.

'I’ll be right back.’ You muttered as you walked out of the grill only to find Kai sitting on the side walk, his hands on his head.

'Kai?’ You said quietly, Kai lifting his head up and look at you, but it didn’t last long. After a few seconds he looked down again, clearly wanting to avoid eye contact with you. You sat down next to him and placed your head on his shoulder.

'What happened Kai?’ You muttered, Kai rolling his eyes.

'Nothing.’ Kai snapped at you, making you lift your head up and frown, not understanding what was up with him because before you came to the Grill he was completely fine.

'Are you sure? Because it doesn’t look like it’s nothing.’

'Just stop, ok?’ Kai muttered. He stood up and took a few steps away from you, his back facing you. Something was wrong and it hurt you that you didn’t know what.

'Is it because of-’


'You didn’t even let me finish!’ You stood up and walked over to Kai, your bodies only a few inches away.

'Do you want me to tell you what’s wrong?’


Kai came closer, closing the gap between your bodies, your heart immediately started beating faster. You’ve never been this close to Kai, even though you wanted to be. He cupped your face and looked at your eyes, his hot breath on your face.

'It’s because I’m in love with you! I’ve always been and seeing Damon flirting with you like that and you enjoying it broke my heart because that should’ve been me. But don’t worry, I know you don’t feel the same so it’s ok.’ He lowered his hands and stepped back.

'Kai, I-’

'You don’t have to say anything.’

'Just stop talking.’ You said, throwing yourself into his arms as you kissed him deeply, finally feeling complete. Kai wrapped his arms around your body, returning the kiss. Your body was trembling from the feeling, your suppressed feelings coming to the surface.
Kai pulled away, pressing his forehead against yours, his blue eyes locked with yours.

'You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.’ Kai whispered, making you smile as you kissed him again, feeling as if there was no one around but you and Kai.

“Whoa, look at how huge the bear is!” A little boy shouted, pointing to the bear lazily walking to drink water.

“It’s fat!” Tae said to the child, standing next to him and pointing as well.

“Tae..” You said lowly so only he could hear, pulling him by his shirt away from the boy.

“(Y/N),” He pouted, “Why are you taking me away from the children?”

“Because to their parents, I’m sure it seems like something else. Just keep it to a minimum,” You sheepishly told him.

“How is it weird?” He whined, “I just wanna talk to them—it’s not like I’m gonna steal them.”

“Their parents have different ideas,” You gently took him away, “How would you react if a twenty year old man walked up to him and tried to talk to him?”

“Take my children away.” He said blankly looking in front of him, “Take them to you.”

“Me?” You pointed to yourself, holding his hand.

“Of course, (Y/N)! Why wouldn’t I take them to their mother?”

“More than one?” You scoffed, “Hm, I don’t know about that Tae.”

“It’s fine, jagi.” He smiled, “They’ll be two years, and seven months.”

“When do you want them?” You asked, swinging your arms back and forth.

“In about ten years,”

“Yah, you think we’ll be married by then?” You scratched your head.

“I won’t have a baby without being married to you—so yes.” He nodded proudly, “You’ll see; one day.”

“Don’t mess with me,” You pushed his shoulder.

“I’m not.” He put his arm around you, pulling you closer. “Even if it is a little over a year that we’ve been together, I can see it happening.”

“Why?” You looked up at him.

He cleared his throat, “W-Well, I always wanted to marry my first love and be with her forever.” He stated, getting a bit pale after. “I love you..”

You would joke around, saying I love you when you accidentally hurt each other while wrestling or something—but never serious. This was the first I love you.. “I love you, too.” You hugged him.


“Yes.” You nodded, smiling like an idiot at his baffled facial expression.

“So this means we’ll be together forever, get married, and have as many children as your body will let you!” He said loudly, making people turn around.

“Huh?” You furrowed your eyebrows, “As many as my body will let me?”

“Yeah!” He excitedly held you, “We’ll try for a baby all the time, and see if you get pregnant.”

“What do you mean by that?” You worriedly asked, being dragged to the map on a big board.

“That we’ll have sex without condoms, and I—you know—in you.” He cleaned up his language, seeing parents next to us with their children.

“Why are you so eager to have children?”

Tae was looking for something on the map, “Why do you ask so many questions?”

“Yah!” You punched his arm.

“Come on,” He intertwined your fingers together, taking you somewhere.

“Tae, I’m not sure if I want to end up with twenty kids.” You joked.

“Well, if your body wants~”

“Wow, look at the monkeys.” You said, watching them run around and swing on branches.

“Looks like you,” He poked your cheek.

“You look like that one then,” You pointed to the one running after the one he said you looked like with its arms up.

“Okay.” He began running exactly like it, going behind you and bumping you. You started blushing when people stared, “Lighten up,” He laughed, kissing your lips kindly. “Now, let’s continue out journey.” He announced, holding his finger up. You went through crowds, pulling Tae away from multiple toddlers—reminding him about your future children interacting with strangers. “Can’t I just ask?”

“If you really want to,” You shrugged.

“Excuse me,” He said to a young couple, pushing a stroller with an infant. “May I hug your son?” He pointed to the little boy balancing on the edge of some wood.

“Sure?” The woman said, confused on to why he would want to.

“Ah, thank you!” He bowed, running to the kid.

“I’m sorry..” You apologized for your boyfriend’s actions, “He really loves children.”

“I can see,” She giggled, watching the boy laugh at Tae’s expressions and jokes.

Your heart warmed up as you saw him make the boy laugh so easily, and make him instantly fall in love with him. “I’m a lion.” He touched his chest, “She’s a lioness.” He pointed at you, “We’re going to see them right now.”

Shaking your head, you crossed your arms against your chest smiling at your weirdo. “Should we head home?” The man asked the woman.

“I think we should. We’ve been here all day, and it’s getting darker and cooler.” She pulled a blanket over the baby, kissing her head lightly.

“May I see your baby?” You reluctantly asked, watching as she rubbed her eyes waking up from the kiss. The mother nodded, breathing a laugh as she watched you and Tae with her children. “Hi~” You cooed, making little noises as you jiggled her cheek. She responded with a gummy smile, and held your finger tightly.

“How old are they?” Tae asked, carrying the boy over to his father.

“My daughter is three months, and he’s three years.” The father answered, taking the boy from his arms.

“Cool! (Y/N)-ah, does she still smell new?” He asked, squatting down next to you. “She does!” He laughed, holding her hand. “Hello, I’m Tae~” He introduced himself, playing with her gently—making sure not to hurt her.

“She’s beautiful.” You complimented, wiggling your finger out of her grasp.

“I’m jealous..” Tae murmured, pinching her cheek. “Look at how adorable she is—like an angel. Why can’t we have a baby yet, (Y/N)?” He complained rather loudly.

“Thank you for the compliment,” The woman laughed lightly.

“You can always try to have one—that’s the best part.” The man winked at Tae as you two stood up.

Tae’s eyes filled with a devilish glare, “We’ve been married for a year now.” He said, holding your waist.

“Wow,” The woman whistled, “You two are so young.”

“We get that a lot—don’t we yeobo?”

“Why yes, we do.” You wrapped your arm around his waist as well playing on.

“Don’t you agree it’s about time we have one?” He asked the couple.

“If you two agree on it,”

“What do you say?” He looked down at you.

“Why not?” You slightly laughed.

“Well, we should head home now then.” Tae kidded, “You have a beautiful family, sir. Thank you for letting us be with your children,” He waved.

“Bye.” With that, they left.

“Why’d you do that?” You put your head on his chest.

“I wanted to be funny,” He shrugged, “Let’s go see the lions now.” He held your hand again, walking the path you were before the distraction of the family. Soon enough, you got to them and Tae ran. “Look, (Y/N)! They have a lion and a lioness!” You walked over calmly, watching him jump in excitement as they licked each other’s ears. “It looks like he’s really enjoying her cleaning out his ears,” He chuckled, watching the lion’s head tilt and his eyes close.

“She doesn’t mind doing it either,” You added, watching the lioness lick his ear slowly with her eyes closed as well.

“Wow, look at that.” He leaned in, eyes filled with childlike wonder. “He’s licking her ears now; they take care of each other—isn’t that odd? It’s like a human relationship,”

“I don’t lick your ears,”

“Why do you joke so much,” He laughed, poking your head. “I meant that they take care of each other.”

“I know, I just wanted to be funny.”

“Yah, jagi! They’re looking at us!” He said, his rectangular smile forming as he turned to you. “That means your my lioness—the queen.” He pulled you into a tight embrace as you continued watching them. They stared back, but the lioness put her head on the lion’s shoulder. “They know..” He whispered.

For @whotheeffisbucky & Sebastian Stan 

-Sebastian one bought you to a premiere of a film, where your feet got tired from heels. So, he carried you around.

-Making him laugh from behind the camera on interviews.

-Sitting in Sebastian’s lap, whilst he plays with your hair. 

-Both you and him do baking, especially pies. Although it sometimes goes a little wrong, you always end up with something good.

-Chilling out with Starbucks, because that’s what is done.

-Whenever you’re reading, Sebastian will rest his head on your shoulder and make you read out loud to him.

-Constantly reaching out for you in bed. He can’t get comfortable, unless you’re there. 

-Whenever you get up to get something, he makes ‘Grabby hands’ at you, until you will come back.

-He gets a little tearful whenever he has to leave you. 

-Introducing Sebastian to ‘The Great British Bake Off.’ He became completely obsessed with the show.

-Dancing around the room together, whilst music is playing. 

-The one time Sebastian forgot his keys, so he came and sat on your doorstep until you got back.

-Getting a polaroid camera, and placing a load of polaroids around the house.

-Chris Evans is around your house a lot, too. If Sebastian is away, he’s there to be your cuddle buddy.

-Buying you so many little presents, just to make you smile.

-Sebastian loves dressing up with you. When i say dressing up, you both dress in his costumes.

-Balancing you on his feet when he walks around, so he can always be hugging you.

-Sebastian will literally make any excuse, so he can hold your hand.

-Oh my god, watching Pride. He gets really teary whenever he does, and loves it as much as you.


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