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i’m just gonna say this and probably get shit for it but chris could’ve done what melissa did in that interview and vaguely answered the question abt karamel but like he didn’t. he encouraged the relationship. if he’s so woke i’m sure he knows it’s bad so… the man ain’t getting brownie points from me

Unpopular Opinion?

A big pet peeve of mine is when people get rid of their pets bc they’re going to have a baby. Your pet is your baby, and was your baby first. Its unfair to them to rip them away from their home because you want to have an actual child. It breaks my heart.
Whatever the problem is, there are so many alternatives before just getting rid of the pet altogether.
I dont care what the excuse is, I’ll never undrstand it. Its being an irresponsible pet owner. When you get a pet its your responsibility to give them a full, healthy, happy life until death.

Why do people feel the need to post ship hate in the tag? It’s like purposely trying to start a fight.

 I mean, it’s childish, don’t you think? 

No one’s asking you to ship it, so why can’t you just respect the fact that people do and people will respect the fact that you don’t? 

That’s just  common sense. 

People don’t have to ship the things I like and vice verse - let’s not make people feel bad about how they pair fictional characters. Okay? 

“People pretend too much

I’ve never met an one hundred percent honest person

I never will

I’m not even honest to myself

Why should others be to me?

I pretend too much

I hate it

But there’s not much I can do

I’m a different person with every different person

There is no real me

There is no such thing

As a “real me”

We pretend too much”



I just love this little blue ice fox! 😊💕

Choices Creates prompt 3 hosted this week by @choicesimaginesandmoredifferent doesn’t mean wrong. 

Furball was the first thing I thought of seeing this prompt. It just reminded me of the time where everyone met him and not everyone was sure about him especially Alistair who accerdently named him. (If you didn’t pick to name him yourself) but MC proved that its just a cute little innocent Furball 💕😊


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Excuse me. I would very much like to marry you. However I am not much, I'm kinda small and I can't really protect you. I'll try my very best though. So I was wondering how one would go about getting married to you? Even if we don't get married if you find someone you love then I'll be happy! Please take care.

oh !!

thank you vvv much!! oh–don’t worry !! i am vv small ! we can protect each other !

hfff and as to how one would go about marrying me ? y’gotta be my buddy, first !

(and goodness, you flatter me so !!! i hope you’re having a good day, wherever you are !)

William Nylander - First Games

arizonacoyotesgirl16: Hey can you do a William Nylander one for me where you two have a son name Noah and you go skating or you take Noah to his first leaf game either one if fine I love you imagines their a lot of fun to read

A/N: I’m so terrible at writing imagines with small children I am SO sorry this sucks and is so short. I’m also battling the worst cold ever rn so I have an excuse for why my writing is so bad!! Just imagine Willy’s son tho

Warning/s: None! 

Word count: 357

Song: I couldn’t think of one :(

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Detective Ludwig Beilschmidt 

((Lol just something random and an excuse to wear a suit. Actually I was inspired by @kisamesfacioplegia‘s 1920s Detective AU, because I love it and I’m always a slut for detective stuff I wanted to cosplay it. Yes I know the gun isn’t accurate for that time period but it was the only one i have. Obviously it’s fake, I’m not in America))

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JJ sucks. He had his moments. Time to see less and less of him, or not at all. I was admittedly sucked into the magic of ex mach tina except for the one glaring moment i.e. "you're almost a real person" that... what kind of a monster is going to defend that? If JJ is autistic then they just need to say it outright otherwise There. Is. No. Excuse! Meanwhile this magical exchange student comes into the show and it's a breath of fresh air! I want to see him return to be romantic with Tina!!

Yeah, I do feel like tina deserves better than Jaju, but everyone has a little piece of their heart stuck in the TinaXJJ. I really wanted tina and josh to become an item because he was like a perfect match for her, and I really do feel like maybe they’ll be steady later on, but for now tina is young and full of puberty. I agree with you, but honestly I ship TinaXJosh hard. But we all have a different opinions. And I’m really glad you gave me yours. 💙

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