this was just a generally emotional set to make


HYYH was BTS’ pièce de résistance; the trilogy enabled many of us to take part in a discourse about redefining the definition of youth, and what it means to us. In a genre that’s been labeled soul-less, robotic, even saccharine, BTS helped break down those labels and set a new precedent of ingenuity and significance, showing the world that a generalizing term like “kpop” is a paltry word to define a group of musicians that have created something so meaningful and provoking.

What they have delivered, in just 3 short years, has transformed my music experience completely. I am so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to celebrate 2 anniversaries with BTS. Here’s to many more anniversaries, with Bangtan Sonyeondan.


Actors are not their characters. Characters have nothing to do with the actors portraying them. Neither the actor, nor the character belong to you. Both can mean a great deal to you, but just as you do not belong to any random individual who’s interest is piqued by you, they are not your property.

That said,
I am neither a professional football player, nor a pirate.
I’m especially not a pirate, because I play a privateer.
If your realizing that I’m a person, and not the exact same as a fictional character when I’m not on a stage or a set makes you uneasy, angry, confused, or generally mopey, that is not my problem. I hear oreos and ice cream aid in correcting emotional duress.