this was!

has anyone noticed that this (Markiplier TV, 2017)

and this (Full House, 1987)

is similar in fashion?

along with this

and this

there’s even a doggo in Full House as well

and mark purposely made a old-fashioned kinda VHS feel for the Markiplier TV one, along with similar font to the old sitcom

this is a fun easter egg(?)

(this probably isnt important, and @markiplier has probably talked about it somewhere, but still, interesting thing lol)

kaguneko  asked:

Top 5 kiinks bich ❤

Ooooh really now😏?

Mine basically involve Eruri because I am not an interesting person lol This is pretty lame 😂😂

So here, top 5 Eruri kinks:

1. Handcuffs

2. Bottom Erwin

3. Daddy kink

4. Orgasm denial

5. Canon Divergence/ Titan!win 👌


I also really like cat shirts and suspenders 😉💕

It bothers me to see how many people are saying stuff like “I thought Bill Nye was supposed to be the science guy, he’s buying into this SJW cuck libtard stuff! Science says there are only two genders!” in response to Bill Nye covering gender and sexuality on Bill Nye Saves the World.

…Like, did they even listen to what he said? Have they read any peer-reviewed literature about the subject? Is their understanding of “gender” limited to a middle school understanding of X and Y chromosomes? Bill Nye addressed chromosomes, hormones, genitalia and secondary sex characteristics when talking about how some of us don’t fit into the male/female sex dichotomy, and brought up psychology and neuroscience when talking about gender and its difference from sex, and also sexuality. The actual science of sex, gender and sexuality across the animal kingdom and across human behaviour is far more interesting than “lol nope science says there are only two genders.” 

It honestly makes me angry when people say “lol I thought this was about science” whenever a scientist says something about topics like gender, sexuality, climate change or evolution that annoys someone. You can’t just pretend science is on your side when your understanding of science is based on a grade school textbook.

Also, why is it only gender people seem to have a problem with? Yeah, basic school textbooks will talk about XX and XY chromosomes and the male and female reproductive system, but they’ll also talk about how humans have five fingers on each hand and how the eye works when everyone knows some humans are born with six fingers on each hand or born blind. Textbooks will talk about how our body metabolises fats, but nobody would say “lol no sorry science says otherwise” at someone (like one of my secondary school classmates) who had a rare disorder who couldn’t metabolise fats. We accept that sweeping statements about human biology are generalisations. Sure, there are limits - no humans have wings or feathers, that would go against science - but we all accept some level of human diversity outside the basic-level textbooks - diversity that’s described well in the advanced medical textbooks. So why is it people only apply this logic to gender and not other differences in human biology?

I think part of it could be the backlash against postmodern nonsense which suggests everything is opinion and science is no more objective than art, which is a blatantly anti-science attitude. But the idea that sex, gender and sexuality aren’t totally binary isn’t just postmodern gender theory, it’s actual science with empirical evidence to back it up. 

the US killed 3 million koreans, destroyed ¾ths of the arable land, levelled entire cities in the north, held phony american elections that put a series of military dictators in power in the south, destroyed local organizers for people’s power, mass executed and banned anyone sympathetic to socialism or the north, and maintains a neocolonial military presence in the south but u expect me to think theyre looking out for korea’s best interests? lol

145th King Karl Fritz and Paradis’ History

745 - 100 years ago, Karl Fritz who grew tired of endless wars and slavery dreamt a dream of the perfect order and peace and thought if his nation wouldn’t have existed world would be a better place. He and Tybur family conspire to their empire that’s about to collapse and made this conspiracy look like it was thanks to Tybur family and Helos, the man so-suppose-to-kill The Devil of All Earth but actually a holllow statue that never existed.

So Eldia Empire falls, King Fritz takes as many Eldians as he could to Paradis Island. There he turns some of them to Wall Titans and brainwashes the rest. He gives Marleyan families authorities and sets a puppet Fritz Family while he acts like he is a another aristocrat and changes his name to Reiss. He also says that it is forbidden to wonder the outside world and go beyond the Walls, unless you’re a Survey Corps member. Survey Corps was a way to remind Walled People that outside world is a dangerous place you’ll get eaten if you go outside.

Ackerman Family and East Sea Clan members rebel against King and his ideologies and by doing so, their elimination begins. Head of Ackerman family offers his head to bring peace but it doesn’t help. With the fear of royal family, they do not pass any knowledge to their children fearing they might be a target too.

80 years pass while the Founding Titan changes hand but because of King Fritz’s vow to renounce war, none of the inheritors of Founding Titan could explain the truth of the lie they live in nor free their people from Titans. 

825 - Local school teacher Smith is smart enough to not to buy King’s bed time story about how the Walls they live behind are Paradise and tells this to his son. this blows his son Erwin’s mind away and he wants to tell this to his friends, his neighbours and local Military Police. Papa Smith goes missing, this causes a big trauma and an obsession in Erwin’s mind.

830 - Serial killer Kenny Ackerman listens his Grandpa’s story about the actual history and tracks the King down in intention to kill that person that’s stronger than him. With the help of one of aristocrats, he finds the recent king, Uri Reiss, and tries to murder him. He fails but Uri spares his life and Kenny choses him as his liege. Kenny becomes royal family’s #1 protector and hitman, Ackerman family were spared from the elimination order that has been chasing them over 80 years and Kenny finds his sister’s son, Levi, in the Underground City and takes care of him till a certain age he knows how to protect himself. After being sure of that, he leaves Levi on his own because you gotta throw a bird out of the nest if you want it to fly.

835 - Keith Shadis, a member of Survey Corps and future commander, finds a man named Grisha Jaeger outside of the Walls. Grisha lies by saying he doesn’t remember anything but his name. Keith takes Grisha to the tavern Carla is working, then gets cocblocked by Grisha. Eren Jaeger is born.

842 - Uri tells Kenny that the world will be soon perished and he wants to enjoy his Paradise, repeating King Karl’s words to Kenny. Frieda becomes next Queen of The Walls and the owner of Founding Titan.

844 - Levi Ackerman joines Survey Corps thanks to pressure of Erwin Smith. Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman murders Mikasa’s three kidnappers. Mikasa choses Eren as her liege.

845 - Fall of Wall Maria. Grisha Jaeger stoles the Founding Titan from Frieda Reiss by devouring her and murders rest of Reiss / Fritz family. He then passes his powers to his son, Eren. Historia Reiss’ mother gets slaughtered in front of her eyes by Kenny Ackerman, she was forced to change her name to Krista Lenz.

846 - Walled Government announces a retake mission for Wall Maria. %20 of population dies. 

847 - RBA are looking for Founding Titan inside the Walls, they discover that the government is ruled by a puppet family and decide to join the Military. Kenny Ackerman creates Anti-Personal squad.

848 - Ilse Langnar meets with a Titan that can speak. Titan salutes her and says “Ymir-sama” before losing it’s control and devouring her. Annie Leonhardt begins to give Eren hand-to-hand combat lessons.

849 - Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoe find Ilse’s journal.

850 - Trost and beyond.


Old OC doodles from last year ♥
Received some asks about my ocs ((it’s so flattering to see ppl interested in my characters even though they’re not really developed yet eeee)) ;;; so I thought I’d upload them here :D I made most of them when I was 13 years old so they’re really special to meeee (especially the orange-haired boy AAAA my babyyy) ♥