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Right Yoongi : they dissed your faves wreck them

Left Yoongi : I can’t! I hate arguments and fan wars I’m not becoming a crazy fan stereotype-

Right: do it.

Left: K

I honestly wish I had someone to blame for this, but I don’t. I just…got inspired by the recent thicc Spring meme going about. So yeah…thicc Spring.

Clyde dressed him btw


football meme → [4/6] legends: lionel messi

if he is so good, how can you express that? the superlatives ran out ages ago. on these pages, swearing has been tried. or perhaps a s y m b o l, something to signify that we have gone beyond words now.”

  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: sagittarius, aquarius, aries, capricorn, leo, gemini
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: cancer, pisces, virgo, taurus, libra, scorpio
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: pisces, libra, cancer, sagittarius, taurus, aquarius
  • looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: gemini, leo, scorpio, capricorn, aries, taurus
  • could kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls: gemini, sagittarius, libra, cancer, aquarius, virgo, pisces
here have some 3rd year headcanons involving drinks
  • Mari’s a coffee person. She drinks coffee like it’s water, not just because she likes the taste but also because she needs the caffeine boost due to all her duties as a 3rd year, school director, school idol, Kanan’s stalker, and heiress to a multi billion dollar company
  • Kanan isn’t really a coffee person but people think that since she keeps stealing mouthfuls of coffee from Mari’s cup. The truth is that the coffee stealing is really Kanan’s attempt to make Mari drink less coffee 
  • Her excuse is that she likes how Mari makes her coffee and Mari doesn’t mind the coffee stealing anyway. Mari thinks it’s cute of Kanan to do so so she lets her
  • Only Dia knows the truth and tbh she’d join in the coffee stealing (because ohmygod Mari plea s e 6 or more cups a day is Not Healthy y r u like this???) if only she didn’t dislike the taste so much.
  • Dia and Kanan are tea people but Kanan has significantly lessened her tea intake due to the amount of caffeine she already gets from Mari’s coffee
  • Mari makes her coffee Strong but also with lots of sugar. Like she buys those expensive af coffee beans, brews them properly, then dumps several spoons worth of sugar at it
  • Dia took a sip once and was immediately Disgusted. Mari’s sad she didn’t manage to take a picture of Dia’s expression. It would have made such a great meme
  • Kanan just wants her taste buds back. But she also doesn’t want her gf to have a heartattack from all the coffee so here we are

rolling-blunder  asked:

1, 3, 13, & 25 for the writer asks! (Love your works btw!❤)

Thank you so much! <333

13. Hardest character to write

1. things that inspire you
Music tends to launch me off into big ideas very often. Also, looking at different genre, tonal, and stylistic overtones in film, literature, games, and then specific examples of those things themselves, of course. Speed Demons, Fallout AU, Tarzan… :P

3. name three favorite writers
I think this means fic writers – @ellessey-writes​, @someone-stole-my-shoes​, aosav on AO3

25. favorite line you’ve ever written
There were dangers, yes, like the cold dark, like getting lost, like having to face fear and desperate desire and many other emotions head on—and above all, learning that these things that made them a little more human were worth it in the end. 

(This is almost… impossible to answer, but overall, I think first of the ending lines of Hunger, because I loved how they echoed the beginning. Probably the very last three paragraphs are my favorites, but this line is the strongest out of them.)

More “asks for fic writers”!

Crossed out are answered already!

In my AP World History class, we had to make a poster reflecting on our year and giving tips to the students next year, and the project had to correlate with World History. So, I made the four horsemen of the apocalypse from Revelation as Christianity is one of the major religions we learn about in WHAP. Except instead of horsemen i used frog memes.

btw it’s inspired by this twitter post so pls dont think im a dirty idea thief thnks

did a chosen by meme inspired by @kitteh-2582 post. basically give someone 4+ “this or that” options and make a character based on the choices
for this guy: creek/river long/short flower/skull in/out
creek made him skinny, long gave him long hair, skull gave him a pale skintone+makeup inspo, and out made him male and. i just get dude vibes from him even tho he has a dress and stuff.
might name him kerambiroiro? i want him to have like kind of pushy african american parents like “study hard, go to church, become doctor like your mother” type
hes albino btw

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ship meme : widow/emily (ask inspired by your fic ofc ;) great one btw)

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

and answer:

  • Who is the most affectionate? Emily, but Amélie does show her affection in subtle ways. She’s very much an actions over words type.  
  • Big spoon/Little spoon? Often depends on who is going to bed first. Because Emily is a light sleeper she often appreciates being the little spoon, but now and then she’ll switch it up, especially if  Amélie has been having nightmares.
  • Most common argument? Amélie tends to be somewhat paranoid about schedules, patterns, and the like. Emily is very firm that she will not be a prisoner in her own life, and she will not act like she is afraid of the world.
  • Favorite non-sexual activity? Movie night on the couch.
  • Who is most likely to carry the other?  Amélie, usually with the help of a grappling hook.
  • Nicknames? …I am not answering this at the moment because it could spoil some upcoming things from Better Angels.
  • Who worries the most?  Amélie. With good reason, considering what Talon has done, and would do. 
  • Who tops? Emily is more the choreographer type of top,  Amélie a more…physical one. They often switch depending on what each of them needs.
  • Who initiates kisses? Emily, but  Amélie makes up for lost time.
  • Who wakes up first?  Amélie - she insists on making sure she’s prepared to cover her route to work. She’s usually up at least an hour before Emily wakes unless Emily’s sleep was disrupted - which does happen. 
  • Who says I love you first? Emily in a casual moment, but  Amélie in a direct declaration.

ive been soOO inactive and im SOO soRRY, im not gonna bs you guys by being like “school and family and blah blah blah” ive honestly just been tooo lazy to write anything. (BTWBTW I JUST SAW THAT THIS ISNT CREDS TO TWITTER ITS CREDS TO ANOTHER WRITTER HERE ON TUMBLR SO IF YOU ARE THE ORIGINAL PERSON WHO MADE THIS AND YOU WANT ME TO TAKE IT DOWN JUST MESSAGE ME AND I WILL)



                                                         Dance with Snow white

                      “Our lives may not fit together, but ohhh did our souls know how to dance…”
                                                                    K.Towne Jr.

Ok, I drew something and it actually turned out well.. what’s happening? D: 

Btw, I really wanted to make my own version of this amazing art meme inspired by this piece of art made by @prettysketch

This  is also dedicated to @duckiesteasmiles as a (belated) birthday gift!! Hope you like it dear!!! :D 

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get to know me (rp edition)

Inspired by the classic ‘get to know me’ memes, feel free to use and alter this format as much as you’d like – I’ll be tagging my daily responses to this (ambitiously named) challenge with ‘gtkmrp’, and since I’m genuinely curious to what other people will create, I encourage you to do the same. Feel free to make graphics, write drabbles, or even just bluntly explain your experience with each suggestion, and take this as your chance to shamelessly rant and rave about your unique experiences in the community.

   ●      [ 3 ]    of your all-time favorite muses.
   ●      [ 3 ]    of your retired or forgotten muses.
   ●      [ 5 ]    of the best characters you’ve played against.
   ●      [ 2 ]    of the first muses you can remember having.
   ●      [ 5 ]    of your best roleplay (group) experiences.
   ●      [ 3 ]    characters you haven’t gotten the chance to play.
   ●      [ 4 ]    of your favorite romantic ships.
   ●      [ 4 ]    of your favorite platonic ships.
   ●      [ 2 ]    of the pairings you just love to hate.
   ●      [ 1 ]    bad experience you’ve learned to laugh about. 
   ●      [ 5 ]    lovely people you’ve met through roleplaying. 
   ●      [ 3 ]    of the plots you’ll never forget about.           
   ●      [ 3 ]    of the plots you haven’t gotten the chance to do. 
   ●      [ 4 ]    of your favorite faceclaims to roleplay as. 
   ●      [ 4 ]    of the faceclaims you’re still waiting to play. 
   ●      [ 1 ]    roleplay-based something that you’re proud of.