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Back the fuck up. Where did you read that Natasha's character is queer? She didn't mention it in the IG post. God, I'm so here for that. Hopefully she learned from everything wrong with Carmilla S2 and whoever her love interest is, they're hot, have incredible chemistry, kiss with tongue and are the main focus of the series. Fans want/need/long/desire/are begging for lesbian rep onscreen. You give us another hot couple we can root for and the fanbase will seek it out

Her twitter.  

Tbh I only care if her LI is Elise but I’m still going to give it a chance bc my standards could not have gone any lower after H*H d:

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ok but think of the shenanigans dancer/gymnast Shiro would get up to in a game of Dodgeball. 'SHIRO S TOP' 'that's not how this works.' 'QUIT BEING SO EXTRA' 'I don't know what you're talking about :3c'

“Can we stop introducing Allura to sports?” Lance called, hands on his knees as he panted.  “This is the worst one yet.  This is school yard torture.  I object.  Geneva Conventions.  This has to fit in there somewhere.”

Shiro rolled his eyes and patted Lance on the back.  “It’s not that bad, and- oh, heads up.”  Before he even finished the sentence, a bouncy ball beaned Lance on the shoulder with a twang.

From the other side of the room, Pidge raised her arms triumphantly.  “Out!”

“I was resting!”  Lance objected, mouth falling open.  “You little cheater!”

Pidge only shrugged, picking up the ball as it rolled back over the line.  “You didn’t call time out.”

“It was kind of implied,” Hunk offered, and Pidge shot him a flat glare.  “What?  It was!”

Keith rolled his eyes.  “Out or in?” He asked Shiro.  “Before this becomes an argument.”

Considering, Shiro glanced at the other three, then at Lance’s pout.  “Out.  Sorry, Lance.  But you can switch over to the other side instead.”

Lance froze, mouth open mid-objection, then frowned.  “Then it’s all of us against you.”


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Somebody I Used To Know Back In The 80s...
Literally what it says on the tin: Gotye's contemporary classic "Somebody That I Used To Know" remixed so that it sounds like it's straight from the 80's. Basically the best thing you'll ever hear -- just play this in a continuous loop at my funeral, folks.