this was in the very bottom of my drafts

neil agreeing to go on celebrity mean tweets once he goes pro and he’s reading some out and it’s shit like this:

“i have started a go-fund me to fly neil josten to antarctica and leave him there. still need five more dollars.”

”neil josten is one of the world’s most useless creations since the sloth”

“neil josten has such a big mouth on him i could replace my goalie racquet with him and no one would notice”

“@.neiljos10 what is red and blue all over and can’t score?”

and neil’s like haha so fu- oh shit are these all from andrew’s account??

the Netherlands gothic
  • you lost faith in your parents the same day you lost faith in Sinterklaas
  • someone kisses your cheeks right-left-right. You freeze, unsure of how to respond. You remain frozen in place until someone kisses your cheeks left-right-left again, releasing you from your curse
  • the Prime Minister passes you on his bike
  • you don’t have enough money on your OV-chip card. No one in your compartment has enough money on their OV-chip card. The conductor lets all of you get away with it “just this once”
  • in modern au fic, characters go to coffee shops for…… This still seems like an elaborate joke to you
  • the national anthem starts playing. Dutifully, you sing that you are of German blood and that you have always honoured the Spanish King
  • you know someone who saw the Prime Minister cycling by once
  • you either support Ajax or Feyenoord. It doesn’t matter if you like another club better, or don’t even watch European football at all. You must choose. You have to choose
  • 2 centimetre of snow falls. The entire country stops functioning
  • yes, you have a ‘bonuskaart’. Several, probably. You don’t remember where you left them. You borrow a ‘bonuskaart’ from the person in front of you. No ‘bonus’ applies to any of the products you are buying
  • all the Prime Minister does all day is cycling by unsuspecting citizens
  • everyone in the Netherlands speaks English very well. Yes, Dutch people’s English is certainly very good. Every Dutch person you overhear speaking to a tourist is an exception to this rule
  • you try to find your bike at Utrecht Centraal. You think you last parked it there, anyway. You’re reasonably sure you did. Unless one of your flatmates “““borrowed””” it? It could also be lying at the bottom of a canal. Perhaps it was stolen
  • “we have a word for that in Dutch too” you mutter under your breath when you see yet another ‘German has a word for everything’ post
  • the Prime Minister’s bike looks vaguely familiar…
Hogwarts Trap Aesthetic: 'Work' by Rihanna

• Slytherins:

• You know they would use this song to irritate the ever. Living. Fuck. Out of EVERYBODY.

• Daphne thinking she’s the shit inside her head and does the thing when you’re dancing while at the same time trying not to when she’s in potions and it just looks like she has a weird tick in her shoulders & hips

• and Snape watches her carefully, torn between thinking she’s having a seizure and that she’s dodging small pops from the bubbling surface of her potion

• Draco screeching it full blast in the shower as he shampoos his hair & substituting the words inbetween the with a convoluted version of the alphabet because he can’t make them out by ear

• Blaise mocking what he hears in the showers next to his & Draco getting him back by bellowing it & clapping in his ear at five o'clock on a Saturday morning,

• Springing it on unsuspecting Ravenclaws when they’re studying together when it gets too quiet

• thier Hufflepuff friends are scared to be around them because they are barmy and possesed and they already do enough work on thier own without being indicted into another work-a-holic cult they don’t need

• pranking the Gryffindors w/ enchanted self-writing quills that write nothing but the hook of the song when doing an assignment in Snape’s class

• Surrounding slacking housemates when they get behind on thier schoolwork as impromptu flash mob interventions approaching from all angles chanting quietly at 1st

• “…work, work, work, work, work, work…”

• and getting louder & louder


• and it’s always the kick in the arse they need everytime. 

• Obviously Pansy declares herself as Rihanna

• and Blaise being unanimously nominated to be Drake & accepts it with grace nevertheless

• and that’s the story of how he and Pansy started dating.

Alright, let’s get something out of the way.

This blog will come to an end one day. When? I don’t know.

But one day, I’ll probably won’t want to post anymore or I’ll be too busy to do so, or maybe I grew tired of it because it’s been almost two years already, maybe I grew tired of the hateful people/idiots like the anon below this, who don’t even get it.

I mean, it’s natural. Everything comes to an end. Are we there yet? No. Not even close, i’d say. Would I just stop posting all of a sudden without letting you guys know beforehand? No. Unless I died all of a sudden. 

Here’s the thing, I think most of you know that the imagines posted here aren’t really about Tom, Chris, Sebastian, or Jared, as individuals walking the earth. They’re about the actors and their work because, obviously, that’s all we know. We don’t know these guys, and I’m most comfortable when I write about their characters actually.

Furthermore, the stories posted are just stories, and all I’m doing is basically pretending like they’ve been cast to play these characters. Or sometimes I build a character I know they could play. So the plots aren’t fantasies of mine, they’re not dreams I have, it’s just FICTION I like to write.

I don’t have to explain myself but I’m slowly growing tired. Especially of the misconception. 

Fiction is not just a hobby for me, it’s why i went to college. But i am done talking about this and the things i should be doing, and the things that make me sad.

So when people come and judge this blog, I just laugh because they still don’t get it. And being accused of being a stalker, has just been the cherry on top.

Do you honestly believe I spend my days looking at these actors’ social media or trying to find out what they’re up to?

I work, and when I’m not working, I like to go out. In fact I’m barely keeping up with this page. 

Bottom line: I have a life. 

This blog isn’t my life, but it’s a very nice hobby.

I’ll usually be leaving 12 or 16 imagines in advance in my drafts before bed every few days, so i can go on my daily routine and just hit “post” from my phone whenever i get a chance. 

So, no. I don’t spend the whole day on this blog or STALKING actors i don’t even know. Give me a fucking break.

I was also accused of hiding behind anonymity.


I’m not hiding. A bunch of my followers are there with me on my personal blog, some even on Instagram. Hiding? Alright, put me in a room with Tom/Chris/Sebastian/Jared. I’ll look them in the eye and tell them what i’m doing here. If they got offended, i would stop.


Destruction Flag Otome Volume 3 Extras

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If you’re having trouble seeing the images on mobile (I’m having some issues trying to fix some weird problems on some devices), here they are hosted on imgur.

Volume 3: Afterword

Pages 396 - 397

Hello, my name is Satoru Yamaguchi.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for picking up this book.

This is the third volume of I Reincarnated Into an Otome Game as a Villainess with Only Destruction Flags… Originally, the series was meant to end at volume 2, but thanks to all of your support, I was able to release volume 3. Everyone, thank you so much.

In volume 3, I wrote about our protagonist Katarina’s new life after she successfully overcame all the destruction flags. New characters appeared as well. I hope you enjoyed it.

And I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Nami Hidaka-sama, who drew such beautiful, wonderful illustrations for not only this volume, but for the first two volumes as well.

Finally, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart my amazing editor who gave me so much advice when I was struggling with the first draft, along with everyone else who helped me bring this book to production. Everyone, thank you so very much.

Satoru Yamaguchi


That’s really it for Volume 3 now! It’s been a while since I did any cleaning or typesetting but I did my best with the manga and top image!

On a side note, the lines in the top image seem to be random lines from the volumes - the colours don’t necessarily correspond with different characters. Most of them are Katarina’s lines, I believe. 

anonymous asked:

how many asks do you get in a day, if you're estimating?? also i love your writing like you say you're not great at fluff or nsfw or stuff like that but you're an all around great writer and i hope you progress in the direction you want to

It varies on the day. I don’t exactly track - and some days are way more popular than others for asks, due to people’s schedules I would imagine. And if I’ve posted some prompts in response to an ask recently the number goes up. 

The minimum tends to be about 5 a day, but it doesn’t tend to go over 20. I currently have 358 asks to respond to for this blog, not including the ones I delete and copy paste into my drafts for prompt lists. I started counted those out of curiosity and there are currently over 100+ split between 27 prompt lists. I stopped counting at 100. 

(Sorry if you’ve been waiting for a long time. I get stuck occasionally and life happens etc. Also I don’t answer very neatly from the bottom of my inbox always. And thank you!)

thank you mass effect!!

hopefully this post won’t get. Too sappy. but I can’t make any promises 😂

i first played mass effect 3 years ago, not long after i left home for the first time and started uni. and not to be dramatic or anything, but it literally changed my life, i think. i often joke that “mass effect made me gay” but like….that’s not far from the truth as seeing a female shepard romance female characters really helped me work out personal stuff ! to this day i can still remember the point where it ‘clicked’ and i was like….shit NOW it all makes sense! and the fact that i owe that to a video game is very weird but honestly i wouldnt have it any other way!!

and these games, man. it made me FEEL THINGS for SO MANY CHARACTERS. i didnt think it would be possible to get emotional over a video game but i AM. im emotional writing this. 

i wish i had something well-thought and coherent to say about How Much i love mass effect but instead i made a compilation of snapchats i sent the night that i finished ME3 for the first time.

so anyway, from the very bottom of my heart i would like to thank bioware for giving us mass effect bc my life hasn’t been the same since 💜🚀

anonymous asked:

I wanna be a comic artist just like you do, but im bad at it. Can u give me advice plz?

Sure thing anon! I’m not entirely sure what specifically you want advice on for comics, because there is so much to it…

- I like to think of comics as the child of cartoons/illustrations and books. 

- Something that REALLY helped me with learning about comics and how to make them was Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics”. The book itself is a comic, lmao. McCloud explains tips and tricks he knows clearly and it’s easy to understand and practice. 

- Another thing is that when starting a comic, don’t wait until your art is “perfect” or whatever, because honestly, your art will never be perfect. Neither will mine, or anybody else’s, ever. So just dive into it now. Practice, practice, practice! Try to come up with a funny comic with just three panels. Do one that’s three pages long. Whatever the length, just practice. 

- When making comics, (of course you don’t have to do it this way, this is just the way I like to) I like to write down some ideas, organize them with characters and their back-stories, their personalities, and then creating a timeline of the story. Then fill in “holes” anywhere in the timeline/story, rearrange parts, etc. This step is the longest for me usually. It can last from a few months to a couple years. This is because it’s important to take your time and make sure this story will actual make sense. Your story is actually more important than the art! There are a lot of comics with bad art but fantastic stories! So take your time, let ideas come naturally, look at what some other comic artists do for their stories, but don’t copy their ideas. Next, make character designs and reference sheets. After that, create comic thumbnail pages, aka rough draft pages, or smaller versions of what your final would look like. Make sure the page has movement, flows nicely, and isn’t difficult to figure out what panel comes next. Remember that most people read left to right and top to bottom!!! This is a very important thing to keep in mind while laying out your panels. Alright, you have your story, characters, and panels ready. Now what? Now you can draw! Yay! When it comes to illustrations for comics, I like to think of each panel as a snapshot of a movie. I imagine a scene in my head, take a few “pictures” or “snapshots” of important lines and movement from the movie scene, and use those as comic panels. You don’t need to draw every blessed movement or whatever else like you do in animation, but just the important stuff in one or two panels per movement. 

This is all I can think of atm, I hope this was a bit helpful anon!


@todayintokyo, you reminded me of a great and powerful post that’s been languishing in my drafts: Conbini Sando of Taiwan. 

As you can see, all are very Fresh & Delicious, some are rich fonts of architectural innovation, and some are even sadder than their Japanese counterparts. (Don’t get me wrong, though; there are some great convenience store sandwich offerings out there.)

PS - Since you’re so very ‘eh’ about meat, I’m not sure whether I should say that the bottom middle sandwich filling is something called ‘pork floss’. Which is actually very tasty–just maybe not in conbini sando form. 

Trevor Collins Appreciation Post, the TCAP?

Yes, another one of these posts, hear me out.

We don’t have one on this blog yet and y'know since it’s an appreciation blog I figured there should probably be a appreciation post in the form of text, no?

- He’s tall, like, very tall, tall enough to tower over people, damn, when he’s standing next to his co-workers I’m just like, whoa.

- He’s the Supervising Producer for Achievement Hunter, which is amazing but damn he could have went other paths since he’s bloody smart, he got his degree in Aerospace Engineering iirc (tbf he did say one time, when was the last time NASA was funded, well along those lines so I guess that explains why he didn’t continue down that path?) regardless, I’m very glad he’s with Achievement Hunter, ‘cause, yea.

- Imma say it, he’s very attractive, like, wow??? I know most people will read this and be like, pfsh, he’s more than his looks, and look, I know he is! I’m simple just mentioning it, he’s very funny, his humour is great and well if he’s making me laugh over stupid things he’s doing something right, he brings a great presence to the room when he’s in videos, he’s one hell of a nerd and I love it, he has this smile that just kinda makes you happy… yknow?

- Feel like I should mention it, how does his hair just always stay… perfect.

- He should honestly be in more content, as of right now, he’s been in more and it’s wonderful, tbf he’s probably very busy and I can understand that.

I’m going to add my favourite gif to this post because I can. 

Me and Megan are clearly Trevor trash, that was a given. Okay, less rambling, I’ll put this at the bottom or something.

I love making gifs of him even if they’re not the best quality.

This post just became a mess, whoops

Literati Headcanon

The time has come. The book is finished. There’s only one thing left to do. It’s time to write out the acknowledgments.

Thanking her mom and her grandparents all came so easy. But when it comes to the person who pushed her in the right direction, the person who’s idea it was for her to even write this book, her mind goes completely blank. Nothing sounds good enough. She knows she wants to thank him. She knows the impact he’s had in her life. And yet, she just can’t find the perfect words to express her gratitude.

Perhaps it’s because she never had to say those words out loud before. She never had to verbally express how thankful she is for him. Come to think of it, she never got to thank him for giving her that wake up call outside the pub in New Haven, she never even told him how much of an influence he had on her decision to return to Yale, and especially now how he was the sole reason why this book is coming to life.

For the past few months, he’s been the one who spent countless nights with her at the Stars Hollow Gazette where they’ve been working tirelessly on the book together. Usually, they would just order in a ton of food and work in silence. It was crazy how the silence, as well as their witty banter and thoughtful conversations, all came so natural and felt so comfortable. As if they didn’t need words to know exactly what the other was thinking. But every now and then, she’d break the silences and demand they order Indian food, which would always cause a back-and-forth. It would drive him crazy and he’d threaten to burn the building down, but he let her do it anyway. Just thinking about that made her smile.

On that late afternoon Jess gets a short message from Rory “Can’t put pen to paper. Need a break. See you tomorrow.”

It’s already dark outside when Jess arrives at the Gazette and everybody has long gone home. He turns on the little desk lamp, picks up Rory’s note pad that was laying on her mac book and obscured the power button and starts the laptop. Just as he was putting her notepad out of the way, totally lost in thought, something on the handwritten draft caught his attention. He saw his name appearing at the bottom half, followed by a long paragraph that was all scribbled out. It looked like every time she would start a sentence, she would stop midway, and ended up crossing everything out. There was one sentence at the very end though that was very clear and very legible.
“I couldn’t have done it without you”.

anonymous asked:

Oh man I missed the tagging convo yesterday! The lack of tagging for DCBBs this year have been driving me insane too!! I have several saved in my drafts and I'm afraid to start reading because they're tagged explicit but don't specify top/bottom. It kind of pisses me off as both a writer and a reader. I feel like some authors don't tag because top/bottom doesn't matter to them so they don't think it should matter in their tags but it's just basic consideration to me ya know 😞

Yes. We‘ve talked about it again today I just find it - somehow - very fascinating how the topic of tagging is approached by different people (readers and writers alike)!

anonymous asked:

like the entire process

okay so if you’re looking for more ~artsy process~ type stuff have a stalk of my answered asks bc i’ve done a few detailed posts about that. as for the whole logistical process it varies depending on what i’m doing ? but generally i …

  • have an idea
  • find the materials i want to use
  • cut and stick and scribble and do whatever until it looks good
  • clean my scanner
  • scan it at 600dpi
  • clean my scanner again
  • edit it in photoshop (slightly change the levels and sometimes the colour)
  • save as a jpeg (make one copy less than 10mb for tumblr and then another super high quality if i’m posting it on society6)
  • if i want to post it on instagram at some point i’ll make a square version and email that to myself so i can get it on my phone
  • upload to tumblr, try and write a caption (the most difficult part) and save in my drafts
  • go through my drafts, write some hilarious and charming tags no one cares about (probably about bear grylls or cats), and add some new stuff to my queue (i have stuff in my queue from at least a year ago bc i keep making stuff i like more and pushing that to the bottom … awful)
  • (if it’s going on society6) head back to photoshop and try and fit the art on all the different products (not at all fun)
  • upload those to society6
  • make sure i save stuff to my external hard drive otherwise there could be very big regrets

if this isn’t the answer you were looking for hmu again i’m here all night watching parks and rec ! what’s new

How to make a stripey dress

A couple of people asked how I made this dress for my doll, so here’s the pattern.

It’s a bit rough and ready and needs a little tweaking, but it still should be easier than figuring it out yourself.

The actual pattern is here on my flickr. Download the original size version. It’s for A4 paper, so if you use different paper sizes there might be some cropping, hopefully just of blank space though. Don’t let your printer shrink to fit, or it might not fit your doll.

You need to cut 1 piece of number 1, and 2 each of pieces 2-6, but with the fabric folded in half, so you get mirror images. Cut 20 pieces for the skirt.

If you want to check that the skirt part will fit before making it, here’s how it should look when you’re done, you can print and cut this and try it on your doll (there’s no seam allowances on this pic, so bear that in mind). I am awful at sewing neatly, and with 20 pieces, mistakes are magnified, so I used this template to draw and cut the waistline after I’d sewed all the bits together.

Sadly there’s no easy way to check the bodice part, but I’ll tell you how to draft your own pattern for it at the end if your doll is a different shape to mine.

Okay, onto the sewing part.

The skirt is easy, just cut all the bits, and sew them in a slightly-bigger-than-a-semicircle shape. Press your seams as you go along. Once you’re sure the waist is the right size, sew along this edge slightly less than ¼" from the top.

For the bodice, this is how the pieces go together:

At least, I THINK that is how they go together. I MAY have got piece 6 mirrored in that pic, so hold it against your doll and check first, you may just need to switch ends with each piece to get it to sit right. Piece 6 is also way too big, more at the top than the bottom, but you can trim it right at the end before inserting the zip.

Press all seams open as you go. All seam allowances are ¼ inch.

Sew pieces 2 either side of 1, pin them starting FROM THE TOP, because I messed up the pattern and 1 is a little long. Once it’s joined to 2, you can trim away the excess.

Sew piece 4 to piece 5 for each side, starting joining from the bottom.

Sew pieces 3 to pieces 2, starting joining from the top.

Join what you have so far by sewing pieces 4 to the piece 2/3 seam, starting at the bottom.

Check it on your doll, see whether I got pieces 6 the right way round, and join them to either end as needed.

Fold over the top of the bodice and the bottom of the skirt ¼ inch, and sew into place.

Fold over the bottom of the bodice, and pin the skirt in place. Sew the bottom bodice seam and attach the skirt at the same time.

The dress should be coming together now, with just an open seam at the back. Sew the bottom inch of the seam together, then install a zip, checking before sewing just how much you need to cut off pieces 6 and how much you need to fold over the edges to get a good fit. Topstitch the zip.

I am very bad at installing zips, but cos the back will rarely get seen, i didn’t bother making a huge effort to redo it when i realised the bottom wasn’t very neat…hopefully yours will look better than this!

Next, sew on the trim. I hand sewed so I could be really careful about hiding my stitches within the trim and neatly cover the lines of sewing for the hems/waist join. I found that the centre of the top gaped a little on my girl, so I took a small tuck in it like this (awful pic, it’s nighttime here, sorry!) while I was sewing on the trim.

Aaaaand that’s it! you now have a dress! I said I’d show you how to draft the bodice pattern if your doll is a different shape than mine, but I lied…this post is getting a bit long, so I’ll do that in my next post!


The final product for the animated poster brief.

The bottom two were the first drafts of the poster but the falling banner was very distracting from the T-Rex, so I changed it to a wipe reveal in the final top image.

Overall I’m very satisfied with how it came out, even if I did have a bit of frustration getting all of the parts of the dinosaur to agree to the movements I was trying to make them do in flash.

The other effects were done in AfterEffects and imported into flash and I feel like my skills have definitely improved in that program even though it was just my second time using it.


& it has been a FREAKING amazing year. UNIQUE in every single && possible corner. Terrifying at first to approach a huge fandom such as Marvel, with many people who already know && adore && appreciate each other. It’s NEVER easy to be the ROOKIE, but I have no regrets. Due to this wonderful muse and many incredibly kind people, I made a whole bunch of new friends && I still admire the huge SUPPORT I witness on my dashboard frequently. all fandoms do come around with their issues && tiny little problems, but I’ll be honest here: personally, I feel very comfortable with y’all and it’s all thanks to YOU, yes, you!

and please don’t be sad if I might not mention you, but I am following && admiring && appreciating many people and I’ll be honest, I have been going through my ask box, my drafts, my queue and specific tags to TRY and remember EVERYONE, but I am only human, too.

so let me drive this point home: I appreciate YOU because it’s flattering that you took a minute of your time to read my babbling. I thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

I am looking forward to another INSPIRING year with all of you!






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