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rucas meme ♥ [1/8] quotes 

“hey jexica, my name is lucas friar! i have to choose between two girls. and i thought that i liked them both, but what i really love is that you want to ride unicorns while eating cotton candy and collecting falling stars. i think you would fit in with our group of friends but please don’t tell them i invited you.”


Happy Birthday, Kouhei!!!

Congratulations to Shiota for turning 27!
I was late in noticing my own birthday, but I’m pretty about that. lol

Being with this company every single day uses up so much of concentration, it almost doesn’t matter that it’s already my birthday.  That’s how fulfilling it is!  First off, tomorrow is our Miyagi opening night, so I’m going to give it my all to really embellish the first show of my spectacular 27th year!!

A single rose.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud


Ogawa Chise or Waku Okuda, that is the question

Heeey people~ 

While I am still waiting to be sent the “No Color Baby” typesetting. Here we post a short story of Waku Okuda, only five pages. But wooooow, the style surprises a lot (mostly because it looks like Ogawa style). It’s called: 

Because he’s cute even if he’s an idiot
(Baka Demo Kawaii Hito Dakara) バカでもかわいいひとだから 5P

Thank you @namasuki for the translation (always helping) thanks !!!
And Nini & Ash for proofreading those little details that nobody realizes (even me) It’s good to have help to improve what you do!

I wish the story were longer. Has many ways to continue the story. But still, it’s too cute!

andrew minyard and neil josten are going to be together forever.. like this is #confirmed by the author herself. they have an apartment and careers and cats together, and they’re in a stable and healthy relationship and they will never ever consider leaving each other because, like nora said, they are nothing without each other. they come to understand that they love each other and that they mean more to each other than anything else in the world. and they are not cold with each other. they watch the ball drop together in nyc. neil is on a quest to bring home the best brand of hot chocolate. they go on road trips and make out on the hood of their car in the middle of the night…

til death do us part