this was in my queue and i forgot to post it sorry lol


long time no see, tumblr

firstly i want to apologise for being super inactive and relying almost completely on my queue. i’m not in a good place right now and need to take some time to get better. it’s in my nature to worry that i’m letting you down. maybe i am, but I need to for the moment.

unfortunately, because of this, procrastilate and the projects i’m working on are being slowed down (?) i am trying to be active but i just can’t guarantee anything

I’ve had a few questions about the study nuts recently and haven’t been able to reply so wanted to address it in this update post. 

  • yes, i am still accepting members but I am slow and I will get round to you i promise uspeohgosri sorry
  • literally everyone is welcome. i know in the original post it says studyblrs only but tbh as long as u are an ok human and care about studying and learning and stuff then that’s cool w me
  • also everyone so far in the network is lovely (maybe that helps who knows)
  • shout out to everyone in the network - ur gr8

also, have had a few asks about my phone case. it’s kind of complicated because I haven’t lunched it yet but basically it’ from my, yet to be announced, shop lol - more on that one day (hopefully definitely probably)

anyway, I’m really sorry for this messy post about nothing in particular. if you read this far, i’m very impressed. you deserve a hug. 

thank you for being patient and being lovely and accepting me as a horribly unreliable mess ily all

have a good day