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Daniel Johnston Tier List


An Idiot’s End, I Save Cigarette Butts, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances, Desperate Man Blues, Hey Joe, No More Pushing Joe Around, Some Things Last a Long Time, Don’t Play Cards With Satan, Fish, Tuna Ketchup, Crazy Love, Grievances, True Love Will Find You in the End, I Had Lost My Mind, Sorry Entertainer

Top Tier

Spirit World Rising, Walking the Cow, Urge, Living Life, Devil Town, Running Water, Danny Don’t Rap, Speeding Motorcycle, Hate Song, Go, Theme From Respect, I’ll Do Anything But Break Dance For Ya Darling, Story of an Artist, Man Obsessed, Never Relaxed, Funeral Girl, Ain’t No Woman Gonna’ Make A George Jones Out Of Me

Good Tier

Big Business Monkey, Wild West Virginia, Funeral Home,  Dream Scream, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Held the Hand, Life in Vain, Casper the Holy Ghost, Tears Stupid Tears, A Lonely Song, The Sun Shines Down on Me, Laurie, Fighting With Myself, True Grief

Mid Tier


Low Tier


Shit Tier