this was in my drafts for like 5 days what

The Ripper

This is going to be a short story based off of Mishima’s Thief concept art! it’s been in my drafts for months now along with an akechi one rip Yes, it’s going to take place in London during the Ripper era, and a guest appearance is included so I hope you like it! Consider it one of my gifts for 2000 followers!

WARNING: mentions of death and slight gore ahead. Please read at your own discretion.

The still of the night was as deafening as ever; the only sound penetrating the frosty air of London’s East End being the clacking of a fine leather heel reverberating off the narrow walls of a cobblestone valley. Fortunately, Mishima had remembered to roam the streets while equipped with an umbrella, as the unpredictable bouts of London rain demanded, and he steadily trudged toward his destination, oblivious to all but his thoughts as he tipped his formal panama hat with a gloved hand, a nervous habit he developed over the course of his time in the Whitechapel district.

Lately he had preoccupied himself with investigating a series of homicides, the victims being moonlighters and the perpetrator remaining unknown; although, the rather gloating notes left at each of the crime scenes were signed with the alias ‘Ripper’. Mishima was but a mere intelligence analyst and medical intern, but his mediocre status didn’t deter him from inquiring into this atrocity that plagued the nighttime streets. He had already discerned that the culprit retained a fair amount of knowledge pertaining to anatomy, as the bodies of the victims were discovered with an organ removed from their bodies in a fashion that no one but an expert could accomplish; although, his deductions failed to narrow the possibilities too substantially. The perpetrator could easily be a doctor, surgeon, butcher, nurse, biologist, or even a professor specializing in the previous fields mentioned.

Therefore, the only rational conclusion was to wander the general area of the murders; despite knowing he was in no such danger, Mishima couldn’t quell the uneasy knots tangling his stomach as he made his way to his base. He had prolonged his search enough for the night and was fully set to retire home when a most peculiar form entered his peripheral line of sight. 

Although the shadow was clad in a trench coat and top hat, Mishima shuddered from the repugnant aura it was emitting. A feeble echo in his mind encouraged him to pursue it, and thus he did, stealthily blending with the darkness of the walls with barely audible footsteps. The only noise that could betray him was the heart pounding against his chest, begging for an escape as anxiety gnawed at it like a ruthless predator.

Where the hell are you going…? Mishima thought, not entirely knowing what it was he was anticipating as he tailed the suspicious individual through the endless alleyways for what seemed like an eternity, the night air as silent and crisp as ever. 

Right at the moment he was about to retreat out of embarrassment for stalking an innocent wanderer, the form broke out into an abrupt sprint, dashing madly into a nearby alleyway as Mishima hastily followed suit, the two winding themselves further into the maze known as London.

Mishima was riding their coattails now, yet he only grasped air when he extended his hand toward the suspect as they sharply turned the corner, into another alley. However, the suspect had blindly charged into a dead end, wildly seeking a way out of their predicament as Mishima slowly closed in on them.

A goading chuckle penetrated the silence, and Mishima flung his sturdy umbrella over his shoulder, his opposing hand propped on his hip. “I’ve cornered you at last, Ripper.”

The shadowy figure desperately flitted their gaze around their surroundings, but to no avail; the only escape was through the glaring opponent anterior to them.

“Heh, all out of tricks? That makes it easier for me. You’re going to pay for what you did to those innocent people, and I’ll start by tearing out that filthy heart of yours.”

The suspect looked as though they were contemplating the method to retreat past Mishima, and although their voice was heavily muffled by their scarf, the vile arrogance that dripped from it was as distinct as the pallid moon in the star-strewn sky. “You’ll never catch me.”

Mishima narrowed his slate eyes at the taunting demon in front of him. “Oh, I don’t know about that. You can run…” 

An electric blue flame promptly flickered and lapped around Mishima’s feet, his clothes flapping slightly from the luminescent gusts of energy. “But there’s one thing you can’t do, and I’m assuming you already know what that is.” His steady footsteps toward his target imprinted the pavement with dancing cyan flame, and the culprit retreated at the same excruciating pace, gradually backing into the cold impact of a brick wall. Mishima was mere paces away from them, slowly descending his umbrella to point the barrel-like tip directly at the Ripper. 

A tip of his hat concealed his eyes, and all that could been seen of his face was the pearly whites of his teeth as his lips furled into the smirk of a sadistic predator. “Hyde.” The Ripper shielded their face with their arms due to the sudden outburst of cerulean flame; the sheer force would have sent them plummeting to ground had a wall not supported them from behind. 

When the Ripper lowered their arms, they beheld a most bewildering sight; there Mishima stood shrouded in his peculiar cobalt inferno that generated no heat with his hat now ignited, a demon hovering behind him with a grin as sinister as its user. The Ripper could only gasp and cower against the barrier behind them; what match were they, a flimsy mortal, against a menacing abomination from the very depths of hell itself?

“You’re mine,” Mishima declared, cocking his onyx umbrella; the Ripper suddenly comprehended the reason for the shape of the tip: it was the barrel of a gun. “A corrupt heart like yours can’t be allowed to beat any longer.”

“Halt right - h-huh?!” An authoritative voice pierced the tense atmosphere like a silver arrow, and when Mishima looked round he discovered a local law enforcer, likely on night patrol. “A-are you… the Ripper?!”

Mishima’s steely orbs widened underneath the brim of his hat as the flames dancing around him vanished. “You’ve got it wrong, this guy is-”

The person Mishima spoke of darted past him and the officer, merging with the shadows of the night, leaving behind the faint echo of triumphant laughter.

“Damn it!” Mishima spat, frustration swallowing his cadence as the true Ripper successfully fled the vicinity. The officer was currently beckoning his comrades, excitedly shouting about ensnaring the Ripper. “You’ve got the wrong guy!” Mishima iterated, this time in a more panicked tone as he was the one backed against the wall. The officers were hastily closing in on him, and he compressed against the wall with such frantic desperation that he was certain he would have ruptured his spine, had it not been for the metallic chain that clinked and fell before his cloaked eyes. 

I recognize this… he mused, immediately tugging at the steel upon recognition. Silky ebony feathers enveloped Mishima, and the sensation of his feet departing from the stone pavement hitched the breath in his throat as butterflies swarmed in his stomach. A few seconds had passed before he was firmly placed on a rooftop, the wings as dark as night dissipating into an azure blaze, revealing a masked face.

“It’s about time you showed up. I thought they were going to throw me in slammers, or worse,” Mishima complained halfheartedly; he truly was grateful despite his inflection.

“Yeah, can’t imagine being in jail,” his savior countered sarcastically, rubbing the nape of his fabric-covered neck.


“Haha, it’s all right. You should be more worried about yourself; it seems you’ve adopted quite the reputation… Ripper.”

Mishima sighed in exasperation as he adjusted his hat. “That’s not my code name!”

The masked man elevated a gloved hand to his mouth and chuckled, a playful smirk teasing his lips. “Don’t take it out on the messenger.” 

His face sobered considerably upon scrutinizing Mishima’s countenance, anxiety and despondence now structuring his sickly face. “If it’s any consolation, we all know you would never commit such revolting crimes, and we’re going to stand by you regardless of what obstacles we face. All right… Jekyll?”

The lines of worry on Mishima’s face subsided as he commented, “Your perspicacity scares me sometimes, Joker.”

The infamous leader of the Phantom Thieves smiled, a twinkle of mischief spawning in his inky irises, befitting that of a trickster. “No, you’re just easy to read. Come on, the others are waiting at the hideout.”

Joker flicked his crimson hand to gesture their retreat, and Mishima nodded in response, nimbly leaping across rooftops alongside his role model. “I feel a bit guilty for dragging the others into this investigation on a hunch.” It was true; Mishima’s instincts pestered him earlier that night, as though a part of him somehow knew the Ripper would attempt to strike again. He urged the Phantom Thieves to scour the streets for any sign of suspicious activity; alas, it was all for naught, as Mishima had been convicted of being the very same person he was striving to incriminate.

The leader shook his head. “Don’t apologize; your hunch was correct yet again, and you even managed to corner the culprit this time.”

Mishima’s eyes fell downward, silently observing the passageways and civilians that became blurred from his speed. “Yeah, but…”

“Jekyll, it’s a relief to have someone as reliable as you with us. You’re doing a great job as a Phantom Thief.”

Mishima was caught off guard upon receiving such an earnest gaze, and somehow his burdens felt significantly lighter, thereby confirming what he surmised all along: the Thieves couldn’t have possibly elected a more admirable candidate as their leader. Mishima nodded once more, proud to call himself one of their own, in addition to being their cherished friend. 

“Yeah. Thanks, Joker.”

i feel like mornings with calum would be so cozy and serene tbh like he’d be the type to set the alarm 20 mins before you actually had to get up just so he’d have extra time to hold you in his arms and mutteringly tell you about his plans for the day and you’d just lay there cuddled into his chest with a soft smile gracing your lips bc this is what home felt like and it was the best feeling ever

i’ve been talking to @second-rate-senpai about our cinnamon roll sons (phichit & yuuri) being gentle with each other and as soft boyfriends and here’s what we came up with:

  • at first it was just yuuri waking up from nightmares and phichit crawling into his bed to comfort him. 
  • but then it happens so often, it becomes a thing and they just sleep on the same bed together.
  • when they’re competing or at camp or whatever, they just book one room with a giant bed.
  • people are like ???? why are they sleeping in the same bed if they’re not dating?
  • what is no homo? phichit and yuuri don’t give a fuck.
  • phichit looking after yuuri in general even though yuuri is older than him.
  • constantly encouraging yuuri to do the things he wants to do but always respecting his boundaries.
  • phichit being all soft and smiley when people ask him about yuuri and is always so damn proud of him.
  • posting pictures of yuuri on his instagram (almost every 3rd photo is yuuri) and sometimes the caption is just ♡♡♡♡♡♡ !!!
  • fucking fight me if you don’t think he didn’t claim the title of “yuuri katsuki fan #1″ or something similar. 
  • (his instagram is very close to being a fan account dedicated to yuuri)
  • but yuuri looks after phichit as well.
  • phichit is usually a ray of sunshine but he is actually a bucketful of insecurities and is super harsh on himself.
  • spending more time on the ice rink than yuuri to perfect his routine. he films himself and gets frustrated and angry at himself easily.
  • yuuri coming to collect phichit when it gets too late and sits next to phichit in the change room to calm him down.
  • yuuri insisting that they talk about it before they go to bed.
  • but also giving him space when he feels like phichit needs it.
  • bringing home take out because they usually cook together but sometimes yuuri would make phichit katsudon or something to try cheer him up.
  • yuuri frowning when phichit says he’s fine even though they both know it’s a lie and yuuri tells their coach to shut the fuck up and let phichit have a day off.
  • the first time phichit arrives at detriot yuuri notices that he’s really homesick and makes him katsudon because katsudon is what yuuri eats when he’s homesick.
bts as tumblr text posts
  • taehyung: *picks up dog’s left paw* no wedding ring? interesting.
  • jungkook: yes hello 911 i’m being forced into adulthood and i don’t like it send help.
  • seokjin: I hate when I smile at a stranger and they don’t smile back I’m doing this for you fucker.
  • yoongi: “It’s been a long week,” I say in the middle of the day on Monday.
  • namjoon: I think i am subconsciously trying to ruin my own life.
  • jimin: *reads really cute line in a fanfic* *has to take a five minute break*
  • hoseok: *me every time i go swimming* what if I was a mermaid
Making a Navigation Page

hi there, y'all! so I’ve recently gotten a few messages/ asks about how to set up a navigation page so i thought i’d make a post about it in case anyone else needs it? but yeah hope this helps :)

note: im basic at html, like i know my way around to tweak the code & edit it.. but i won’t be able to help anyone with super major coding stuff lols xD

1. go to edit theme then scroll down till you see this & click it.

2. it will then take you here. click on the text that says standard layout & select custom layout.

3. copy paste your desired code for your navigation page into the area provided.

4. change the settings in the code to suit your needs. usually instructions will be given in the code itself. 

5. then edit the place where it says ‘/url/’ to what you’d like the link to be.
You can also give a link to the page by adding a link & then enabling it to show the link.

6. then click update preview & then save.

here are some crazy amazing theme/ page makers who have great navi (& other) pages, check em out if you’re interested:

@alydae , @odeysseus , @sorrism , @pohroro , @neonbikethemes , @acuite

hope this helps y'all! do shoot me an ask if you have any (amateurish) html questions lol 😅 have a great day!


A couple of days ago, was telling my dear friend @erikamariapell how I had this in my drafts - and today seemed like a good day to actually post it.

My current aesthetic is Bughead Soulmates Fic.

I need there to be a million of them. I’ve read like 5 and I’m hooked. HOOKED!

I don’t care if it’s their name or initials or the first thing they speak to one another tattooed on them. Or bumps and bruises turning the other person colours. Or only seeing in black and white until they meet (oooh what if Bughead always could see colour since they met as children!?) 

Or a timer built into their arm to indicate when they’ll meet their true love (like “Timer” the super cute film - if you haven’t seen it you should! And then write me a Bughead!Timer fic! lol.) but yeah. 

Any kind of Soulmate Fic would make me happy today. 

Fic writers - do a girl a solid. *pupydog eyes*

Write it or Rec it. I’m easy. Just tag me so I can actually read it. lol.

Projectormom Five-and-Ten Fic commissions

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been very active lately due to a busy schedule. But my schedule just got a lot less busy thanks to losing my job. Every little bit helps, so in light of this latest financial crisis, I’m opening up FIC COMMISSIONS!

- You send me a message or off-anon ask with a “5” or “10”, an SU pairing, and if desired, a broad fic genre such as “fluff,” “angst,” “hurt/comfort,” etc. (I can discuss specific prompts if you like, but I prefer broad, simply because I’m a character-driven writer and writing to a specific scenario is actually harder for me than coming up with it as I go along).
- I will respond with my PayPal link and an estimated time you’ll get the fic!

- $5: A short drabble between 500 and 800 words that takes about half an hour to initially draft.
- $10: A longer piece between 1000 and 1300 words that takes about an hour to initially draft.
- I’ll post your fic within 5 days (I’ll let you know if for any reason it will take longer) and @ you in the post.
- Clients who add a tip will receive BONUS CONTENT, which may be meta, a playlist, a sketch of their pairing, or some other extra look at the process/the story.


- Positive/fluffy interpretations of YD/yellow pearl, BD/blue pearl, or Jasper/Lapis.

- Any adult/child ship, wish I didn’t even have to say this

- Pearl, Garnet, Ruby or Sapphire shipped with men (it just squicks me)

- Unrequited or unhealthy pearlrose or rupphire (same)


Thanks, and let me know if you have questions! Reblogs are appreciated!


the wolf among us + colours:  episode 5  →  cry wolf

i don’t know… it seems like no matter what i do, it’s just not enough for her. or anyone. i just— i go out there and i do my job. i put my life on the line, i get shot at! i do what has to be done, for them! but at the end of the day i’m still the bad guy.

Last Week in Fanfiction

And here is List #5! These are captain swan fics that were written or updated between 7/2-7/8. If you know of any I’ve missed please let me know, and I know I say that every week, but I was a bit under the weather the last week and half and migraines/headaches kept me away from tumblr. I got absolutly no reading done during that time and have 20 stories saved in my drafts waiting to be read which I’m finding overwhelming at this point…anyway what I’m trying to say is I really scrambled to pull this together and probably missed a lot. Happy reading and don’t forget to like, comment and/or reblog! Show your writers some love ❤️


#FindEmmaSwanAFriend  ch.8  by @blessed-but-distressed

Casualties  ch.11  by @poetic-justice-96

Perfect Fit  ch.18  by @hooklineandswan

Princes and Princess  ch.2  by @artandteaandstuff

The Promised Storm  ch.1  by @polarbearmorgan

All in a Days Work  ch.2  ch.3  by @victorias-tales

A Helping Hand  ch.5  by @hookedonapirate

Out of the Frying Pan  ch.23  ch.24  by @welllpthisishappening

To the End of the World  ch.3  by @optomisticgirl

Aquatinted With the Night  ch.12  ch.13  by @caprelloidea

Stealing Secrets  ch.11  by @itsalostgirlthing

Coming Home to You  ch.9  by @phiralovesloki

Through to the End  ch.6  by @whisperofgrace

Sleeping Arrangements  ch.3  by @technicallysizzlingcloud

Arranged  ch.1  by @a-fictional-life

Let’s Go Steal a One Time Thing  ch.5  by @asthewheelwills

The Rose and the Thorn  ch.8  by @qqueenofhades

Recognition  ch.1  ch.2  by @fandomflail

A Cold Awakening  ch.12  by @swanderful1

One Shots 

Get Back on the Horse (That Bucked You)  by @initiala

Dads Against Daughters Dating  by @distant-rose

Sins of the Father  by @distant-rose

Red Sky at Morning  by @slow-smiles

Updated draft doc links for Tales of IX AU!

I call it the big damn ff9 au for a reason, y’all. It’s a good chunk scenes and a small-but-significant chunk talking and allllllllll some fun shit. There’s exactly one scene in part 5 that I spat out like half an hour ago that has no point, but those scenes are the best tbh.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

anonymous asked:

What are the tumblr limits?

There’s a queue limit of 300, daily post limit of 250, you can only make 5 sideblogs a day, I believe you’re limited to 100 original photo posts a day, there’s a technical tag limit of 20 (if you make any more than that you won’t be able to find it in your /tagged/ page)

Oh and I just learned there is no draft limit

There’s also no like limit, but when I first hit 100k liked posts, the counter glitched out and was stuck at 99,999 but eventually caught up

I’m pretty sure there’s an original video limit as well but that’s just what I remember off the top of my head

Writing Update: NaNoWriMo Day 5

Project: Sentinel (3rd draft/rewrite of book 2)
Word count/time for the day: About 2 ½ hours and about 3318 words. (1890 of story, 1428 outlining/brainstorming background and character arcs.)

The first thing I did yesterday was sort out Firedrake’s background and story arc. Four years into writing these characters and I still didn’t know what exactly Dray’s life had been like! (It doesn’t help that Dray’s secretive about this.) I think I finally worked this out and it gave me ideas on what to do with Dray’s story arc in this book. Once this was done, I started the next chapter, which worked out because it’s a Dray chapter.

This definitely feels like a crappy first draft, but it’s already starting to feel like the story it should be. I’m hoping this is a good sign. After three tries before this, I just want this to finally be the right story!

Dork status: 
This chapter is going to be a blast once I start to edit because it’s where Sol and Dray start fake dating. I can definitely see comedic potential there! I also introduced Sapphire who’s a character I’ve been itching to write for a while!

Favorite line/excerpt of the day:

The light shining through the doorway into the darkened tunnel revealed a woman dressed in an eye-catching monochrome. Her neatly coiled hair wound around the top of her head was bright blue. Her floor-length gown shimmered with blue sequins. The paint that lined her eyes, cheeks, and lips was blue. For the first time meeting another carny, Firedrake felt under-dressed. Well, at the moment they were hardly dressed due to their scales ripping through anything they wore, but normally this would have been a cause to want to outdo her. Oh, who was Firedrake kidding. They wanted to outdo her regardless.

Blythe coughed to hide what Firedrake knew would be laughter at the ensemble. When the woman extended a gloved hand- also blue- Blythe took it with a smirk. “Sapphire, I presume?”

The woman who could only possibly be called Sapphire winked at Blythe. “What gave it away?”

(After I read this to my husband, he queued up “Blue” by Eiffel65. Well timed, love.)

Day 5

What did I learn?

Today was actually a bunch of classes where I didn’t learn very much new material, but instead of going to World History like usual we went to the library and got to listen to veterans talk about their experience in the military- being drafted, where they served, how they served (in combat or somehow else). It was a pretty cool experience, I’ve gotta say :)

Meet the parents (Michael)

pairing: michael x reader

word count: 1,292

requested! omfgsdkaf this made me laugh so hard when it was requested idek why ok

requests are always open loves xx and even if you don’t have a request, come talk to me!! always up for interacting with humans behind a computer screen :)))

Michael’s POV
I sat across the room from Y/N, watching as she called her mom to talk about when it’d be best for her to introduce me to them. She looked so nervous as she brought the phone up to her ear, scowling at me playfully waiting for her mom to pick up. I just laughed to myself, mouthing ‘put it on speaker’ to her. Rolling her eyes, she reluctantly removed the phone from her ear, holding it in front of her and hitting the speaker button. 

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Her mom immediately asked in a concerned tone.

“A daughter can’t call her dear mother every once in a while just to chat?” She asked, in a lowkey sarcastic tone. 

“Yes, but you aren’t like most daughters. You only call when you want or need something.” She argued.

“This time it’s neither of those things…remember when I mentioned me getting a new boyfriend a while ago?” 

“I do.”

“Well, he wants to meet you. So, if you’re not too busy sometime this week could you have us over for–”

“ABSOLUTELY” Her mom screeched, making Y/N and I burst out into quiet giggles at her enthusiasm. “This is going to be so fun, Y/N! You met a guy in college, I’m so proud!”

I scoffed, leaning back on the couch and waiting for Y/N’s answer. “That’s the thing, we didn’t meet in college.”

“Oh, a friend of a friend or something like that?”

“I guess you could say that.”

“What school does he go to?”

Y/N rubbed the back of her neck. “He isn’t in school..”

“Isn’t in school? Please tell me he has a job..” Her mom said, her voice dropping and overall less excited about the news of her daughter dating a new guy–me.

“He does, he’s just kind of in a band.” 

“A band?” Her mom asked incredulously. “Since when have you been into musicians?”

“Since I met him.” She said, shooting me a quick wink. “His band’s called 5 Seconds of Summer, and I swear to you he’s a lot sweeter than you think.”

“Are you saying I won’t like him?”

“That’s up to you, Mom. But he really wants to meet you and Dad.”

The line was quiet for a moment. “Come by on Friday, 7 work for you?” 

“Perfect.” Y/N said, letting out a relieved sigh. Probably since her mom didn’t ask about me any further. 

They quickly said their goodbyes and Y/N plopped herself on the couch next to me, resting her head on my shoulder. “I’m sorry if they don’t like you, but this could either be the best night of your life or the worst.”

“You make them seem like they’re going to want to kill me or something.”

“You never know with my parents.” She teased.

I let a light chuckle fall from my lips, and I sighed. I really want to meet them, but now that I heard how…disappointed her mom sounded when she told her I wasn’t in college and was in a band instead, it scared me a little. They could hate me, and hate that I was with their daughter. That’d make me feel awful. Hopefully it goes better than Y/N’s making it out to be.

Your POV
“What do we think?” Michael asked, stepping out of the bathroom with his arms held out, showing off his look. His hair was combed, the stubble that usually covered his jaw was now shaved, he wore a black button down and black jeans, with black boots instead of his usual converse. And his eyebrow piercing and earrings were taken out.

I shook my head. “I don’t like it. That is not you, Michael, and you know it.”

“I know, but at least your parents will like me somewhat more if I cleaned myself up some.” He said, shrugging his shoulders some. 

“I don’t want my parents to like that guy that you just made yourself into.” I said, gesturing towards his appearance. “I want them to like you for who you really are: the pierced, tattooed rocker you are. Now, go put your piercings back in, throw on a band tee and that new leather jacket you were telling me all about and–hang on one second, come here.” He walked over to me cautiously and I reached up, ruffling his hair some and making it look messy like it usually is. “Okay, it’s a little better, you can make it look good; I suck at doing hair.”

He laughed, rolling his eyes and retreating back into the bathroom to go change. 

10 minutes later and we were on our way to my parents house, Michael’s hand resting on my thigh and nervously rubbing his dumb across my bare leg. I looked up at him. “You ready?” 

He shook his head. “Of course not.”

“Me too.” I sighed, staring at my old house as it came into view. 

We slowly walked up to the house hand in hand, and before he rang the doorbell, I quickly faced him. “Just so you know, my dad is very intuitive and about 7 foot tall so if you try any funny business trying to tease me or anything, he’ll know. Plus if your hand goes anywhere near my thigh while we’re eating, I’m going to get extremely horny and being horny in front of my parents is a lot worse than it sounds, got it?”

He laughed, his lips parting for a single second before he lightly pressed a kiss to my neck. “As long as I get to do whatever I want after we leave.”

“Of course.”

No more than 4 seconds after he rang the doorbell, my mom answered, bright eyes and glorious smile staring right at us. “Y/N! Michael! So nice to see you two.” She said, pulling me into a tight hug.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Y/L/N.” Michael said whilst hugging my mom.

“And you,” She said, stepping aside to let both of us in the house.

Michael looked around some curiously admiring the interior, waiting for my dad to show up. When he came around the corner and saw Michael, I could tell he was a little shocked. “Michael,” He stated, catching the blonde’s attention.

“Hello sir,” He said, wiping his hands on his pants and walking up to my dad, shaking his hand. “It’s great to finally meet you.”

“Finally, yes.” He said, locking eyes with me. “It’s a wonder it’s taken our Y/N months to finally bring you over for a visit.”

“Michael’s busy a lot of the time, Dad. He just recently got off tour and is on a little break.” You quickly explained.

He turned to Michael. “Touring for your band?” He asked.

“Yes sir, we’ve been touring since March or so.” He said, shrugging.

“That must be an incredible experience.”

“Oh, it is.”

“And you play guitar, correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“You must be a fan of Slash, then.” He said, gesturing towards Michael’s Guns n Roses t-shirt.

He looked down and nodded. “Huge fan. What about you?”

“I love them.” My dad smiled, patting him on the back. “Come on, let’s go into the dining room. You want a drink? Beer? Maybe a little Maker’s Mark on the rocks…”

“That’d be great, sir.”

I watched as the two of them walked off, and it truly shocked me how well my dad and Michael got along. My mom walked up behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder. “I think Dad likes him.”

You nodded and smiled to yourself, thankful for it. “I think so too.” 

Not another lengthy post, oh no

I’ve been meaning to do this.. It goes over several topics because I have been internalizing all of these and I realized that it wasn’t a good thing because I practically screamed at my classmate on the first day back to school for like 5 minutes straight and this is all just making me mad. Alice in Wonderland mad.

This is actually the edited and shortened version of what has been sitting in my drafts for a long time now. yes shortened.

First of all, I’m not speaking for anyone as I do not know how exactly the others in the fandom are feeling or thinking about pertaining to recent events. 

And secondly, the following topics may or may not be related to each other. I’m horrible at sequencing things when I’m not on my laptop or if it’s not being written on paper. 

I’ve wanted to do this a lot of times, but I didn’t have the courage to because a lot of people who write these posts, or have written them before, have gotten rather negative reactions. But a friend of mine had encouraged me, so here goes what contains probably 96% of what people have been posting (yay something to add to the party haha) ((I’m not funny I know))

I’m just going to give a quick summary of where I stand: 

Do I ship Kaylor? Yes. Please respect that and those who do too. Do I ship Tayvin/Talvin? No. Please respect that too and those who share the same opinion. 

Why do I not ship Tayvin/Talvin? Is it something against him? Do I HATE him? WHY? Is it because he’s a HE? 

Well, first of all, I don’t exactly HATE him as that is a very strong word I only reserve for people who have directly wronged me in a way that can NEVER be taken back or be amended. Which means I don’t use the word lightly. Although I do dislike him. Again, please respect that. It’s not being a hater to dislike someone. We all have different opinions and standards and, frankly, I dislike people who have wronged so much people in so much ways I can’t even, for the life of me, contemplate why people do such things. If it were playful jokes, they were distasteful and just plain wrong. It’s been done in the past, but has he apologized? Also, no it is not because he is, in fact, a HE. Even if Karlie wasn’t a girl, I’d still ship Kaylor. I’m not going to go over about why I think so because I have done this too many times and I’m 92% sure the people who visit my blog are getting bored and annoyed. 

Do I still ship Kaylor? 

My only creative answer to that is a question; Is water still wet? 

Am I a Calvin hater? I have no creative response for this, but no. I just dislike him. 

Do I really believe that this whole thing is a sham or a PR stunt? 

I’m going to give everyone included the benefit of the doubt. So no. Not fully, but there had been and there still is too much circumstantial evidence to just ignore the thought. I’m not on anyone’s side with this, but I AM going to follow my gut. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong. As simple as that. Don’t fight me on this. 

Now that that’s over with, on to the next topic. 

The annihilation of Kaylor shippers

Did y'all really have to push all the Kaylor shippers off rainbow road Mario Kart style? As if the shade that the “like” hadn’t been as bad as a turtle shell to the head already. You HAD to make sure we were all double dead. It wasn’t even a mercy kill. It was more like one shot on each limb slowly inching your way towards the heart. But that’s the thing. You didn’t shoot the main thing that had been keeping us alive this whole time. Barely breathing, but alive. This isn’t about a ship anymore. We’ve become family. The Princess may not want to have anything to do with us (which I find saddening, to say the least, if it indeed proves to be true) but we have become such a tight unit running on solar power. Hurt one of us, it will burn. Not us, you. 

I’m not inviting you to test our strength though. Don’t pick up a goldfish out of water just to see how long it takes until it dies. We’re humans too. We’re not THAT strong. Let’s be realistic here. 

Next on my less than well thought out list; Taylor. 

Now I kind of get the gist of your actions, although I am not, in any way, in the position to say that I understand why you do what you do. But please clear this all up. We just need to understand why you do the things you do. I’m not asking for a 15,000 word essay explaining every single thing. We just need an upfront opinion of yours on what’s happening so we could put this all to rest. Likes are not, in any way, valid statements to show/tell us how you feel about the situations that are unfolding. We need something that comes from your thoughts, written with your own words. You could just tell us to tone it down, you know? But you didn’t. So that’s not going to stop people who are posting things that seem to make you uncomfortable. 

Hmm, what if they don’t stop even if you ask? Well there is always the option of just ignoring them. As simple as that. They aren’t wearing neon signs saying LOOK!! AT!! THIS BLOG!! READ EVERYTHING!! c'mon. There is a use for that unfollow button. It’s not just there for aesthetic reasons. 

Let me ask you this; would you sit beside a person who is chewing loudly and slurping like a vacuum cleaner and then tell him or her to stop what they’re doing and eat “properly” or would you just let the woman/man be and mind your own business? I mean, there are other unoccupied seats in the room. And you could sit beside people who eat their food in peace or whatever you deem more comfortable so why sit with the loud eater that would irritate you? 

Tell me, why. 

Also, is all this really worth it? Is alienating an already minuscule portion of your fan base really worth whatever is going on behind the scenes? Has everything that had happened have an actual purpose in a bigger scheme of things? 

People’s feelings are being tugged on by opposing sides right now and it’s exhausting. PEOPLE’S FEELINGS. FEELINGS. I had so much more to say on this topic, but I’ve moved on. I don’t want to have to rehash all those emotions again. 

Taylor, please. We need answers. I’m asking politely. I’m not pressuring you to give us that. But hey, I might as well try asking so I could say that I really tried. 

Moving on; Kaylor/ Karlie/ Speculations/ Miscellaneous ramblings of a teenage girl

Best friends. Normal American Girls. Yup. Honestly, it’s not that I don’t believe you guys. I do. I do believe you’re just normal American girls who are the BEST of friends. But that doesn’t mean I also think you’re soul mates. Who ever made the rule that soul mates had to be partners or lovers? If friendships can be romantic, friends CAN be soul mates. Seriously, with the way you two are acting together, it’s just as clear as a glass. Even when the glass breaks, it’s still clear. 

Now why bother with all the hiding. Why not just SAY like actually SAY you and Karlie aren’t together and just carry on with whatever you two normally do? It’s just a little suspicious. That’s all. Because most people would just shake it off and act the same. Although I do understand that everyone’s essentially not the same. It’s just all really, for a lack of a better word, useless. 

If it’s about work and time differences, that’s understandable. But you both had had so much opportunities. So much free time. Maybe you wanted to spend time with other friends, alright then. Just don’t make it look like Karlie never even existed EVEN THOUGH she was there before, during, AND after your (Taylor’s) image became more respected by people then fell to pieces again. 

I don’t know if Karlie is all good with everything that has been happening. Or if she’s even in cahoots with whatever’s going on. And I won’t say what I would do if I were in her shoes because I have no idea what it’s like to be in her shoes nor do I know what EXACTLY is going on behind the scenes, but we’ve had so much evidence that gave us theories. Theories a lot of people disagree with. I’m not saying these theories are 100% true either. But unless we get an honest and clear reply to all our questions and clarity on what is happening, the speculation is just going to continue. Until. Questions. Are. Answered. 

Some things I just want to put out there in no specific order 

We won’t know if Karlie is uncomfortable unless she tells us herself. With her own words. 

We won’t know Tayvin/Talvin is a PR stunt unless we work in that department and actually know what in the world is going on. 

We won’t know what Taylor is actually thinking or feeling unless we are animated talking emotions who live inside her brain. 

We won’t know whether Karlie/Taylor are straight or not unless they explicitly tell us. 

We’re not telling other people to stop shipping what they want to ship. So are we going to stop shipping Kaylor? No. 

Am I going to go to an opposing ship’s blog to send an anonymous message that wouldn’t affect me AT ALL in 10 years or so? 

That’s just really idiotic, really. It’s not paying your bills, nor is it making you any younger. 

That is all. Okay, most of it anyway.

This post is horribly sequenced but I just kept jotting down things. I didn’t even have to think. It’s just all floating around my brain and I needed to let it out before I start to drag people I know in real life because my mind is unstable due to the millions of different emotions pertaining to different events that have been happening. 

I hope that the read wasn’t stressful. I have missed a few points, feel free to add. 

Have a good day/afternoon/night everyone 😁☀️

Important Self-Advocacy Tips for Medical Patients!

The most important thing you can do as a patient, whether you have a chronic or acute illness, is self-advocate. I’ve learned this lesson in life; it is one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned, and it didn’t happen overnight. As persons of color, we are plagued by health-related disparities, and, not only are we less likely to seek medical attention, but we are also less likely to SELF-ADVOCATE! Here’s to sharing some of the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Read the reviews. If Dr. X graduated at the top of her class from Harvard Med, but just about all the reviewers can vouch that she has a terrible attitude, is disorganized, or is chronically late without reason or remorse, Dr X shouldn’t be getting a visit from you. #ByeFelicia! Hospitals have a directory of physicians that they can refer you to, and you’re really better off starting here anyway.

2. Think of your patient-doctor interactions as dates. If he/she is arrogant, toss ‘em. Interrupts you while your speaking and doesn’t let you continue? Toss ‘em. If there is no dialogue because your physician has chosen your 15-minute slot to completely drown you in his/her Grey’s Anatomy-meets-Shakespearean soliloquy. Toss ‘em, toss ‘em, toss 'em. Because in a relationship, you expect mutual respect and turn-taking. Finally, if your physician lacks the basic skills for human social interaction, pray to God the MCATs have been reformatted and…toss 'em.

3. When in doubt, check it out. If you’ve made it to the casket, it’s too late.

4. Is this physician an accurate representation of the exceptional service they claim to provide? I once visited a dermatologist who wore a full face of makeup and blemishes. She pushed a million services in my face. Biology is biology, but what can you do for me if you can’t do it for yourself? Not my co-pay!

5. Always draft a list of questions you may have PRIOR to your visit. Many physicians, especially older physicians, have what I call a “revolving door practice”. This means that they’re trying to see as many patients as possible in a day and get them in and out the door like a revolving door. You ever wonder why your physician always ask you if you have any questions as they are closing your file and getting up to usher you out the door? Right. Incorporate your questions into the visit and make sure they all get answered.

6. If you are not familiar with medical jargon, ask your physician to explain everything to you at a level that makes you comfortable and also facilitates your understanding of the information.

7. Know the names of all of your medications, the mechanism of action (how it works), some information about potentially-threatening drug interactions, and the dosage. Share this information with each new physician. If you are allergic to any medications, that should almost be the first thing that comes out of your mouth. Your physician should take care to avoid prescribing any medications within that class or with similar MOA or ingredients. Have an emergency contact card with this information that you carry with you at all times. If you go down, God forbid they give you something your body will not respond well too.

8. No one knows your body better than you do. If something feels out of place, tell your physician - no matter how silly it sounds; describe the exact sensation, how long ago you began experiencing symptoms, and any changes in frequency and severity. If your physician is being dismissive, (toss 'em and) seek a second opinion. Serious illnesses are too often overlooked and misdiagnosed.

9. You do not have to consent to services if you don’t want to for whatever reason (religious and cultural). Or if you feel like the treatments are unnecessary. Or if the details of treatment were not explained to you. Additionally, there is a different between treating the symptoms of an illness and treating the cause of an illness.

10. If you are a student who needs accommodations in class and for testing, seek them out early in the semester. If you know that you’re illness seriously impacts your academic performance, “put your pride aside” and seek the help of a special student services counselor. If you’re paying for school, you might as well get as much out of it as you can to help you be as successful as you can be.

11. Understand your healthcare plan. What is covered? What isn’t? What physicians are in network and out of network with your plan? What are the out of network fees associated with certain services? Can you file a claim for that service?


anonymous asked:

Can I hear five random facts about Emilia?

High Res

  1. Her full name is Emilia Madeleine Peralta. “Emilia” for Laura’s mother & “Madeleine” from Alex’s side of the family. Tris tried calling her Maddie several times but she didn’t seem to like it… the moment she mentioned her name for the first time, she instantly turned to see her. “Oh, you like that one better… it’s my favorite too” – Tris.
  2. When she was 5, Emilia accidentally deleted one of Aaron’s unpublished drafts from his computer while under the care of a nanny. Moments later, Tris entered the study and realized what happened. She immediately fired the nanny and asked Alex if he could recover the file. Half of the book was recovered but Aaron didn’t mind. “I back up everything” (getting a pendrive from a drawer) – Aaron. From that day, Tris & Alex decided to ask Ellie if she would like to take care of Em like she did when she was a newborn.
  3. Emilia likes a boy from school, but she’s too shy to say hi. One time, they both arrived at the same time to the lockers. He said “hi” but when she was about to smile back Em, sneezed. “He laughed at me Ela (Elena)… ugh, I’m not even going to try again”
  4. Excellent calligraphy, but pretty bad with numbers.
  5. During breaks, she & her friends like to hangout on the school’s green house. There’s a small pot filled with dirt that holds a special secret. Tucked inside a plastic bag, a journal remains unseen from everybody but them. One random day of the week, one of them takes it home and writes about something interesting that happened during that time. Once the page is done, the girl has to fold it and place a tape on one side so that the rest don’t read anything that has been written. Once the year is over, they’ll pick a day and read the full journal out loud. “idk, it was Sandy’s idea. We should totally do it”- Elena.

Thanks for asking!

All edits, originals: Dress, balloons, Plushie.

With the end of 2014 rapidly approaching, I’ve been thinking about the upcoming year a lot and what I want to accomplish in it. 2014 was an incredible year for me for so many reasons and I’m thankful for each and every one. I want 2015 to be just as good, or even better, so for the first time in my life I’ve decided to set myself goals or resolutions for the new year. I know it’s a bit early but I’m going to start preparing now in hopes to have them completed or at least set into motion by the end of 2015. It’s a short list but I’ve set some big goals.

- Learn to box/another form of fighting.
- Begin to seriously plot/write the firat draft of a novel idea that I’ve been obsessing over in my head for the last 5 years.
- Finish a least 2 cosplays.
- Visit 2-3 places I’ve never been.

And of course there are the life goals, like donating to charity more, helping people, being a better person with every passing day. But goals like that obviously have no deadline, I strive to meet those with each day. As we all should! What about you? Do any of you have goals and resolutions for the new year that you’d like to share?