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pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3


“Three years ago,” he said quietly, “I began to have these… dreams. At first they were glimpses, as if i were staring through someone else’s eyes. A crackling hearth in a dark home. A bale of hay in a barn. A warren of rabbits. The images were foggy, like looking through cloudy glass. They were brief — a flash here and there, every few months. I thought nothing of them, until one of the images was of a hand… This beautiful human hand. Holding a brush. Painting — flowers on a table.”

My heart stopped beating.

“At that time, I pushed a thought back. Of the night sky — of the image that brought me joy when I needed it most. Open night sky, stars, and the moon. I didn’t know if it was received, but I tried, anyway.”

neil kevin and jean all have a select day each month where they bitch about everything and get somewhat drunk together and play wii games and go drunk people shopping which means neil keeps sitting in the cart and grabbing doritos off the shelf, jean won’t stop putting dogs from the adoption center next door in with neil, and they have to stop kevin from buying the sugariest candy possible. they end the night by printing out pictures of riko and burning them with excessive amounts of gasoline while tlc’s “no scrubs” plays off of jean’s ipod. they deny it ever happening but it is a nice way to make sure they’re all healing after what riko did to them