this was in my drafts for at least 4 months


This will be a few months long hiatus but I will check my dash and follow your stories and interact with my chars from time to time… just no more posts from me… well actually I have 3 drafted posts since March and I need to make at least 4 more so I can tell this little story (ofc it’s about my reds…I have no idea when I’m going to finish that). Now I need to focus on uni and only that…

Ive been sitting on this new ref in my drafts for at least two months, waiting to find the drive to do the last 3gido ask, but i really dont have the mojo right now. Im hoping being able to draw his “new look” in asks will make me more eager to do asks.

enjoy this messy looking troll who probably hasnt brushed his hair since last year (Ha) 


psych as a political thriller
⟼ shawn spencer, once a hot-shot prosecutor, runs for office after being persuaded by his closest allies. the campaign runs smoothly enough; it’s his tenure in office that begins to get dangerous. confronted with death threats and conventions working against his decisions, shawn delves into a world of smooth-talking criminals and finds he’s in more trouble than he anticipated.

Nothing like waking yourself up at 5:30 AM on a Monday (work day~) and proceeding to draft a fairly large chunk of a well scene analysis in your head…

I sort of think it was a nightmare, though (I was still half-asleep).  Some of the points I was “writing” about were things that just stress me out on occasion (or that I haven’t worked out/through yet)… regarding dialogue and character motivation and?  It’s stuff I’ve been storing up for months and months.

Drafting posts at weird hours is not uncommon for me.  Like, I know that’s how (at least) 90% of the stuff on my writing page got done…

[ETA] (4/5/17) I’ve started to write a post for real.

gzbae  (You’re in luck, this has been in my drafts for weeks) Guaranteed to make you smile: Watch at least 5

gd crazy   BB screaming   BB toy   BB performing lies   BB uv syndrome TOP workout   Daesung FO   GD idiot   BB’s epic medley   GRI GTOP   Cute GD   BB pranks GD   BB shouting Korea 1, 2, 3, 4   Taeyang scolded  Seungri falls   Daesung covers girl group dances   BB dance parody   BB lollipop dance practice   BB for istation   waking up BB   BB NG   BB eversense TOP belly dancing BB stage fail