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I just finished my first draft. I didn't edit during it and just wrote, so it's pretty shitty, but editting while I write doesn't work for me. I've heard people saying that it's good to take a break from the story at least for a month to get a perspective and start editting after that break. I know how I will progress with that but I have no idea what to do with that month or two. Start working on another thing? What do you do?

Hm, let’s see…

1. Revamp my website.

2. Stockpile vlogs/blogs.

3. Marketing.

4. Research publishing.

5. Outline the sequel.

6. Start the sequel.

7. Scout cover artists.

8. Scout editors.

9. Create a newsletter.

10. Plan giveaways.

Those are the first options that came to mind. 

IB Survival Guide: PART ONE

As someone who’s been through the IB program and finished with horrible mental and physical health, here are some tips and tricks so that you guys don’t end up like me :)

Disclaimer: subject specific tips vary for SL/HL students, go to the bottom of the post to see what HLs and SLs I took


  • Please please start your IAs early! Split it out across multiple days! Honestly each section takes around 30 minutes for IAs
  • Even if it’s the worst rough copy in the history of the planet, get all your words on there, THEN start editing, formatting, and adding pictures. Trust me, this is much less stressful and your final copy will probably be much cleaner
  • Science IAs- START YOUR EXPERIMENTS EARLY get as many trials as you can in!
  • Be sure to talk to your teachers about ideas for your papers beforehand!
  • Geography/English/French IAs- start early for these too. If you’re like me and you have “oh shit” moments when you suddenly get really good ideas half way through your work and have to restart, starting early for these is a good idea. Especially for geo, writing the IA is relatively easy, spreading it out over 4-5 days works well.
  • Peer editing is always a good idea, people may catch things you didn’t


  • CHOOSE A TOPIC YOU LIKE- Interest plays a big part in how well you do, choosing a topic I was interested in made me not mind spending so much time on my EE
  • Choosing a topic you don’t like may increase your chance of leaving it to the last minute
  • START YOUR EEs EARLY and have at least 3 drafts. I split mine up over the course of 4 months, and came out with an A on my Geography EE.
  • Like the IAs, do one section a day, for example, start with introduction, then methodology, etc. etc.
  • I highly suggest doing a geo EE because even if you don’t have results you’re okay, you just have to explain why there was no correlation
  • Geo EE protips: have lots of pretty handdrawn maps, you can have an ok data analysis and still get a good grade, have good methodology, 
  • discuss your EE with your supervisor often, make sure you udnerstand what you’re studying


  • Oh boy this is the scariest part of IB for any student
  • REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW as much as you can!
  • Study each subject for at least 5 days!
  • Seriously, doing practice exams helps you get used to IB’s way of asking you things and you have an idea of what to expect
  • Do the practice exams guys
  • Just do them
  • If your school has mock exams, study really hard for them so you get an idea of how you need to study for the actual examsLook back on mistakes you’ve made on tests/mocks
  • While studying, focus on your weak points, but don’t ignore your strong points– forgetting things is easy
  • Being refreshed and ready to go is important because youll be able to focus better and your brain will work better– I did this and it was good
  • If you’re allowed to take snacks into the exam, take snacks into the exam (but not loud snacks, gummies and stuff)
  • take water into the exam but don’t drink a lot of water– pee breaks are a waste of time
  • if you need to pee during an exam try to hold it in
  • just try to avoid having to pee
    • You can study for your English Lit and French A lang lit exams in like a day if you’re not too keen on getting above a 5. Be familiar with the material
    • Memorize 5-7 important quotes– preferable really short ones
    • Even if it’s not mandatory to memorize quotes, sticking quotes in is an asset
    • Spend 10-20 minutes planning your essay out, get your ideas down on a paper before writing your essay
    • Remember: quality over quantity, even if you have lots written down, it’s your ideas that get you most of the marks
    • Use highlighters, highlight important words, quotes, etc in the passages you’re given
    • annotate your passages
    • Have a colour coding system for your passages when you highlight, each colour should be an important point, but have 3-4 main important points, so 3-4 colours (this helps with planning as well)
    • If your prompt is like, discuss 2 OR MORE something something, discuss only 2, it’s easier, and you waste less time planning/writing, and you can have more ideas
    • Practice problems are good, on top of practice exams
    • Understand the material!!!!!!!!!!! Memorization is not understanding!!! IB asks a lot of questions that require application
    • If you suck at calculus, try to understand it better and don’t be like me and assume there isn’t going to be a lot of it.
    • Seriously study the calculus @all you SL students
    • Study the calculus
    • Yeah for this you need to memorize really well, see how well you know the material by going out on walks pointing at things and seeing how you can relate it to what you’ve earned
    • Study from multiple sources for geo, sometimes there are details that are missed
    • Memorize lots of case studies and stats!!!!!!!
    • memorize graphs and maps too, drawing them to support your points in your answers shows how well you understand the material


  • REVIEW OH MY GOD REVIEW E V E R Y T H I N G as much as possible throughout the year!!!!!!
  • Tips to force yourself to review:
    • Take shitty notes in class
    • This way you have to retake good notes– wow you’re going over material that was previously taught!
    • Make cheatsheets! Even if you don’t use them during tests, cheatsheets are a great way to have all your material on one page and ohmygod look at you you’re reviewing your notes again to condense them!
    • Flash cards work too
  • Find a way to enjoy writing notes–  for me, I like using fancy pens and highlighters, that way I looked forward to doing it
  • Find a study environment you like! A cafe, the library, the park, even a different part of the house
  • Changing your study environment can also help you focus– a change of scenery helps sometimes and you won’t get bored!
  • Talk to yourself
  • Seriously just explain concepts to yourself talk to yourself hearing yourself say it makes the info sink in better
  • Make really weird mnemonics idk it worked for me
  • Group studying can help for courses that need discussion in order to better understand concepts– Geo, English and French
  • Explaining things to people also helps
  • Do your homework kids– even if your teacher doesn’t check it, always find time to do your homework
  • Do things based on a level of priority
  • example: I have a test and a big project worth lts of marks due tomorrow (I would focus on the project, but still study for the test enough to have a good grasp of the material)
  • I know tests don’t count for IB but this is what your teacher bases your predicteds off of, so study hard for them kids. It is also a method of review
  • Most teachers understand how students can get extremely stressed out with the amount of work we get, if you need an extension for a non-IB related thing, you should be able to ~politely~ ask them
  • Time management is key, set up schedules for yourself
  • If you’re studying something you hate, go hard at it for a limited amount of time, then go and study for something you like, or take a brain break
  • seriously taking breaks while studying is good
  • Use apps like forest to keep you focused
  • reward systems are good too, I do it with chocolate (one piece everytime I finish a chapter)


  •  lol good luck
  • The essay and the presentation are tough– but you can do it.
  • The nice thing about TOK is it’s mostly a thought dump, so dump your thoughts before organizing them into an essay
  • Discuss TOK things with your friends a lot– you’ll understand better, trust me, you’ll also get good ideas for presentations and stuff!
  • Get an interesting topic for your TOK presentation ok
  • discussion is the best advice I can give you guys
  • TOK is a special course
  • be prepared to get very angry because all your thoughts will contradict each other
  • existential crises are fun

That should be about it for Part 1 really, this is mainly academics based, I might add to this as time goes on.

If you have questions!!!! I took Chem HL, Bio HL, Geo HL, English Lit SL, French A Lang Lit SL, and Math SL, and did my EE in Geo. I’m happy to help any young ones out :))

Good Luck all you IB Students! You guys are brave, you can do it :)


This will be a few months long hiatus but I will check my dash and follow your stories and interact with my chars from time to time… just no more posts from me… well actually I have 3 drafted posts since March and I need to make at least 4 more so I can tell this little story (ofc it’s about my reds…I have no idea when I’m going to finish that). Now I need to focus on uni and only that…

Ive been sitting on this new ref in my drafts for at least two months, waiting to find the drive to do the last 3gido ask, but i really dont have the mojo right now. Im hoping being able to draw his “new look” in asks will make me more eager to do asks.

enjoy this messy looking troll who probably hasnt brushed his hair since last year (Ha) 


psych as a political thriller
⟼ shawn spencer, once a hot-shot prosecutor, runs for office after being persuaded by his closest allies. the campaign runs smoothly enough; it’s his tenure in office that begins to get dangerous. confronted with death threats and conventions working against his decisions, shawn delves into a world of smooth-talking criminals and finds he’s in more trouble than he anticipated.

Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1. ANIMAL:  snake ( to absolutely no one’s surprise )
2. COLOR(S):  purple, violet, maroon, black
3. MONTH: november
4. SONG(s):  dig by: incubus , what’s wrong by: pvris , getting away with murder by: papa roach , in the end by: linkin park ( cries ) & ahhh there’s so many that remind me of him :^)
5. NUMBER: 6
6. DAY OR NIGHT:  day / early mornings
7. PLANT: nightshade ( because it’s purple & toxic… literally just pulled something out of my ass for this one )
8. SMELL: occasionally after battles––– faint hints of cyanide ( bitter almonds ) , and idk..forest? , burning wood/campfire , essence of his natsu
9. GEMSTONE: topaz?? ( is this related to his birth month or something ? idk. )
10. SEASON: autumn & winter
11. PLACE: the woods
12. FOOD:  poison …? and grapes.
13. ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: scorpio with virgo rising
14. ELEMENT(S): poison!
15. DRINK: liquified poison?! the blackest & most bitter cup of coffee possible, and the driest red wine

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gzbae  (You’re in luck, this has been in my drafts for weeks) Guaranteed to make you smile: Watch at least 5

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