this was in my drafts and i kinda like it but its shit i no

I imagine GTA!Ray is emotionally attached to his purple hoodie and if you tell him to take it off he becomes the whinest and most annoying person on the planet.

Like i just picture jack just wanting to wash his hoodie (because really ray you’ve been wearing it for like two weeks and its covered in dirt and blood) And like all things in the Fake AH Crew that of course turns into an twenty minute argument between jack and ray (and really it’s not really an argument per say especially since it’s just jack saying “take it off” and ray simply replying “no” with his arms crossed over his chest) And of course jack comes up with a plan to get ray to take his hoodie off (because when it comes to crew cleanliness jack doesn’t stand for ray’s shit)

Really the plan is just to have ryan hold ray down while jack practically wrestles the goddamn hoodie off. Which of course leads to an upset and pouting ray who now refuses to talk to ryan and jack until he’s given his hoodie back. (not to mention the fact that he now refers to ryan as a “traitor” because ‘goddammit ryan you’re supposed to have my back, you asshole’) In the end ray gets his hoodie back two hours later (so yeah, he may have overreacted a little bit) but of course that doesn’t stop him from giving ryan and jack the infamous silent treatment. And of course he gets over it, until the cycle repeats next month.