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Characters: Baekhyun x You

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Series? : Yes

Requested : No

Summary: That night, you couldn’t go to sleep and ended up texting Baekhyun. He’s way too cute and flirty to handle. Then he calls you out of nowhere…

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You laid there, with your eyes tightly closed. You were 100% sure you would have a broken voice tomorrow morning. The amount of screaming you did today was unbelievable. But even after so much screaming and standing, you don’t seem to getting sleepy at any moment. 

Today, Baekhyun noticed you. Today, Baekhyun touched your hand. Today, Byun fucking Baekhyun made out with you backstage and it was the best 5 minutes in your 24 year life span. Everything suddenly hit you and you giggled continuously for like 2 minutes. 

You reached for your phone and scrolled through your contacts. Chuckling, you tapped on the contact that said “Your Bias”. However, right at this moment, your phome slipped out of your hands and landed on your face. 

The screen was now displaying that you just called Baekhyun. Of course, you panicked and immediately texted Baekhyun and apologized for calling him at 1 am in the morning. 

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b.a.p zelo x dog walker au
  • ok so imagine this
  • youre walking down the street tryna get to your mailbox or sth and you got your keys in your hand
  • chillin
  • throwing and catching your keys cause ur Cool Shit™
  • then you drop them
  • go to pick them up but when you look back up you come face to face with this tiny little ball of FLUFF with eyes
  • no thats not junhong just wait
  • you follow the lil pup’s leash up to the hand of his owner
  • then your eyes make their way up from the hand to the face and wow
    that was a long look how tall is this guy
  • you finally stand up cause u realize u’ve been staring at this random guy from the ground w his dog smelling your face
  • and wow why is he still so tall
  • “sry!!! sry sry sry im sorry omg he’s just a pup did he bite u???”
  • the big pup picks up the lil pup and holds him close
  • meanwhile ur still in shock cause wow Cute Tall Boy
  • but also why does Cute Tall Boy have such a smol pup something doesnt add up
  • hes still asking if youre ok and finally ur like “I LOVE DOGS DONT WORRY” but like a lot more excited than u should be bc its not just the dog that u like wink wonk ;);););)
  • u kinda gesture to the lil pup and the big pup nods and hes like “yeye pet him!!!! careful tho he bites omg”
  • you start petting the lil pup and he nibbles your hand a bit but it just tickles and u kinda giggle
  • you look up at Cute Tall Boy and oh man he’s staring r i g h t a t m e
  • Cute Tall Boy becomes Nervous Tall Boy and looks everywhere he can except you
  • i mean u saw him lookin @ u so ur basically doing the exact same thing now
  • you do that cheesy thing where u both look at each other from like the cORNERS OF UR EYES
  • he kinda giggles and ur like alright sold
  • u realize that u have basically learned nothing abt each other in this span of 3 minutes of admiring lil pup (and big pup) so you finally ask “whats his name”
  • he responds “junhong” and ur like “omg thats cute hi junhong”
  • then Cute Tall Boy responds “hi” and then realizes what have i done
  • you look up at him all confused bc theres no way in hell ur looking d o w n
  • “omg dont worry!!!!!! both cute names!!!!! hi mochii!!!” u start petting lil pup mochii
  • then u look up again and cause ur so good with the boyz
  • “hi junhong” hold out ur hand like its a business meeting “nice to meet you I’m _____”
  • Nervous Tall Junhong shakes your hand and smiles the most innocent and awkward smile you’ve ever seen
  • u realize that ur keys are still in your other hand and ur like “oh ya mailbox”
  • junhong speaks up right as you start to inch around him eXTREMELY SLOWLY cause u know this boy needs time to prepare himself to SPEAK
  • “wait you live around here??”
  • “ye”
  • “me too”
  • and the rest is history sry this was so gross omg follow 4 more fluff

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Puppy Love (pt 2)

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Jungkook x Reader

Genre: so much fluff –seriously it’s almost disgusting-

Word count: 3,9 K

Part 1

broken English alert

When you unlock the door to your apartment that evening the first thing you hear is the sound of light footsteps coming toward you. Next, you see his bunny teeth and eye smile running in your direction. After that a pair of strong arms wraps around you encaging you in a tight lock and he nuzzles his head close to your neck. Lastly, you hear his sugar coated voice whispers tender innocent words in your left ear.  

“Y/N~ I missed you so much”

His tone is so soft and pure it makes your heart cringe. You hold your breath for a moment trying to act as collected as possible. You have been thinking about this situation all day but you haven’t found a solution. Last night your little puppy, Kookie, decided he didn’t want to be a fluffy, cuddly little dog anymore and turned into this super-cute-super-hot guy. Wow what a dream-like situation don’t you think? NO. Absolutely not. Not for a socially awkward, cynical and overly sarcastic girl like you. Moreover your limited experience -ok almost nonexistent- with guys doesn’t help you at all. You remember how your jindo dog used to run towards you to greet you anytime you came home and how heart-warming it felt to have someone waiting and welcoming you. But now, oh god, now is all different. Now your cute puppy is an overly excited mischievous grow up man who behaves like some kind of domestic animal. Fantastic. -What the hell is wrong with the universe? why is he being so clingy now?-. You took pity on him and let him stay in your house, but well, what else could you do? He is alone and seems so naïve you just couldn’t throw him out. And so you have been thinking all day about how to solve this big giant mess that has arrived unexpectedly in your life but you didn’t come to a conclusion. And so here you are struggling to balance yourself as this giant baby clings into you.

“YA let me go!!” You quickly wriggle away from him and run to the kitchen trying to escape the awkward situation and more importantly hide your reddening face.  

“Are you hungry? I went grocery shopping, but I didn’t know what you like so…”

“Everything is fine by me” he says strolling closely behind you.

“OK sit down, I’II fix you something”  As you approach the counter you hope he would stay still for a moment and let you catch your breath while you cook something. You actually start to calm  down as you prepare all the ingredients. That’s until you feel two hands sneaking around your waist.  

“W-what are you doing?!” You panic, your cheeks turning a deep shade of red once again. His touch is as light as a feather as he gently  hold you flush against his solid body, his nose touching your nape.

“I was lonely here all day. I want to stay close to you” he admits with no shame. You stand frozen in place, arms halfway up gripping a carrot in one hand and a knife in the other. -Ok this is hella embarrassing- His hands are gently pressed on your sides tracing random patterns on your shirt and your chest feels like exploding from all the intimacy you have been experiencing in the span of 10 minutes.

“I-I can’t cook like this! Just sit down for a minute” you manage to say still holding your breath with your mind doing the cartwheels.

He whines cutely making you shiver uncomfortably but then obediently goes to sit down on your tiny sofa. You stand there still  for a whole minute, desperately trying to breath normally again.  –Is he freakin serious? OMG I’m going to have an heart attack-

You start cooking some curry but you just can’t avoid the feeling of being observed. Turning around to grab some ingredients you catch Kookie –ok this still sounds weird- staring at you from the sofa a with his best puppy eyes.  You turn around sighing loudly  –If he keeps it up he is going to burn two hole in my back-

“Watch some tv if you want… You can turn it on can’t you?” you say trying to find a way to distract him.

“Ya only because I was a dog that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything! I’ve watched you long enough to learn these kind of basic stuff” he remarks with an hint of annoyance in his voice. You giggle shaking your head. Once the dinner was ready you bring two plates to the small table in the living room. Kookie-dog-or-whatever claps excitedly and his face light up when he sees the food. Although your cooking skills are not so great he looks utterly delighted and eats all greedily.

“You need a name” you say out of nowhere.

“Why? I already have one”  -Yeah right, Kookie. Good luck trying to survive with such a ridiculous name- You need a name to identify him and Kookie is way to intimate and makes you feel a bit uncomfortable.

“You need a human name, something less cute and more normal…. Something like, something like Jungkook, maybe?”

You look at him as he repeats the new name a few times and nods  “Uhm I like that!” Jungkook smiles happily at you.

“So what are you going to do from now on?” you ask him while you get up to start washing the dishes.

“I don’t really know…” he answers lazily shifting his gaze from you to the TV “I think I need to know more about human behaviour to adapt to this form… do you need help, noona?” You almost chock on air and let a plate slip from your hands when THAT word leave his lips. What. The. Hell.  You turn around slowly furrowing your eyebrows.

“Ya when did you learn that?”

He turns to stare at you his adorable deer like eyes wide opened  “Uhm… what? Noona? Isn’t it how I am supposed to call a girl older than me?”

“Y-yes but…” and then it hit you “wait how old are you?”

Jungkook starches the back of his neck and stares blankly into space “In human age… I guess I am around 20” –Damn he is really younger than you- you narrow your eyes and clench your jaw. Well, perfect not only you are stuck with this insanely attractive guy but he is also younger than you: a little teasing brat. You keep on washing the dishes your hands trembling slightly and your heart thumping loudly.

“Why? Does it bother you noona?” you squeal and almost jump when his breath tickles the nape of your neck. –wait what wa… why is he always doing this? Urgh stay away you little brat!-  the way THAT word casually slip out of his mouth with all the intimacy and affection attached to the term makes you so embarrassed. Jungkook turns from a shy nervous wreck to a confident smirking little shit in a moment which is really confusing. It is incredible how you still don’t know anything about this boy –well you didn’t have much time to talk- but his actions and his words affect you so much.  Even the slight contact makes you shiver, every word tumbling out is beautiful lips makes you cringe. You still can’t classified this type of attraction which makes you want to punch in the face and then cuddle him five seconds after. Jungkook sure is a handful.

“G-go take a shower if you don’t have anything else to do!” you hiss hitting him lightly in the stomach with your elbow.

“Uhm but I don’t really know how to do it~” you sighed loudly and -if possible- blush ever more.

“Urgh it-it’s easy just turn up the water and use my shampoo for your hair and grab a random towel…” you stammer a feeling of embarrassment washing over you like lava flow, not daring to  turn around and face his

“Just joking! I’ve seen you enough time to know what to do~” he sings teasingly and you can almost feel the grin on his face.

“OH MY GOD GO AWAY” you shriek face completely red and turn around to smack him right in his chest keeping your eyes fixed on the ground. –why does he have to remind me he saw me naked MULTIPLE TIMES and teasing the hell out of me!-

Jungkook only chuckles amused by your action as he moves towards the bathroom mumbling something about you being too sensitive.    

You are putting the last dishes in the cupboard when your imagination starts to run wild. Your breath hitches when some kind of particular thoughts floods your mind. At first it was just the imagine of Jungkook trying to understand the difference between shampoo and conditioner or trying to turn the shower on, which made you giggle under your breath. But then, oh well, you can’t  help picturing him slipping off your brother’s shirt with his strong arm revealing his delicious milky collarbone and probably strong and define muscles and droplets of water running down from his wet hair to his broad shoulder. God he was well built you have seen it -and felt it- with your own eyes and then… –WHATTHEHELLWHATTHEHELL STOP STOP DON’T THINK ABOUT THAT!-  You clear you throat and shake your head trying to get those thoughts out of your mind –oh no my innocence is lost forever I don’t even know him what am I thinking about I am gonna cry- It’s not that you have never been intimate with a guy before but sure you have never been so close with someone as handsome and Jungkook or someone who loves putting you on edge so much.

You are sitting on the sofa trying to discipline your mind not to wander where it shouldn’t when Jungkook comes out of the bathroom and plops down beside you and shake his head splashing water all over the place.

“Ya stop! Dry your hair!”

“I did” he replies shrugging his shoulders. Rolling your eyes you get up to search for the hairdryer.

“Here it is. You have to use this” you explain standing in front of him and handing him the hairdryer.

“Do it for me” He asks smiling like a fool “Come on noona please” he whines cutely.

You stare at him cringing yet again at the new epithet he has chosen for you, but eventually sit down next to him as he turns around to face you.  You try unsuccessfully to avoid staring at his face which is way too close to you for your liking, the refreshing smell of your lemon shampoo hitting your nostrils. Running your fingers through his silky hair you feel a weird tingle in your chest but you decide to ignore it settling instead to admire his features. He really is beautiful. His skin looks soft and smooth, his lips plump and delicate and his eyes, although closed now, are usually so warm it’s hard for you to keep up with them. It’s that kind of beauty that you can’t help being jealous about but you can’t hate because it’s just too adorable.

“I-I’ll make up something and ask my mom to send me some of my older brother’s clothes tomorrow… he is taller than you but his clothes should fit you” you say trying to make small talks and lighten the uneasiness in your heart

“Thank you noona” Jungkook sings softly a faint smirk forming on his delicate lips.

When it comes the time to go to sleep you find yourself once again frustrated because of the new situation. Jungkook is so tall that he can’t fit in the sofa for sure, but then where? Maybe he should just turn into dog and then sleep on the sofa… certainly not in the same bed with you! The thought of him, even though not in his human form lying with you… no no it can’t work.  

“Argh where do I put you?” You complain out loud, more to yourself than to him.

“Why? Can’t I sleep on the bed with you?” he asks looking at you innocently. Your eyes grew twice their size as you stare at him dumbfounded.

“A-are you crazy? Like that? Absolutely not” you argue gulping –Why are my hands sweating so much? Girl get e grip of yourself!-

“Why? I have been sleeping with you all this time. And I want to stay like this and adapt to my human form” Jungkook argues. He has a point there.

“Well it was different! You where a tiny little dog until yesterday, how are we suppose to fit in my bed now that you are a like this?” –and how am I suppose to feel if you sleep beside me?!!-  

He lazily rubs one of his eyes and then cutely says “Like this” Without any warning he wraps his long arms around you and lift you up effortlessly. You land with your stomach on shoulder and his hands tightly secured around you waist and legs to keep you in place. You let out a shriek and protest kicking your legs in the air like a whining child. Laughing at you little tantrum Jungkook keeps walking until he reaches your bedroom and finally lays you down on the bed. He lays next to you, your back against his chest, his arm tightly secured around your waist keeping you impossibly close to his body.

“Jungkook what-what…!?”  

“Just sleep” he whispers lowly against the shell of your ear. You shiver under his touch and you swear your heart has never beaten so fast in your life and it feels like there are actual pelicans in your stomach. Doing the cartwheels. You lay still for a moment thinking about how to get out of this unbearable situation but unable to concentrate due to Jungkook close proximity; you breath is erratic and your body temperature incredibly high. The way this boy toys around with your emotions is incredible. He has got you wrapped around his delicate long fingers. He is an annoying cocky brat disguised as an innocent lamb, but at the same time he makes it impossible for you to get angry with him because of  his adorable eyes and cute antics. -Is it possible to live with this constant heartthrob? Jungkook is going to be the death of me, for sure-

After what seems like hours you hear his light snores and feel his body relax against yours. You don’t dare to speak nor to move because even though It’s hard for you to admit it -because of your prideful and independent nature- but soon you began to feel safe in his arms. His rhythmical breath against your neck gradually calms you down and lulls you gently. And soon enough you are drifting off to dreamland.

Morning comes too soon as always. Feeling particularly relaxed and refreshed you stretch your arms letting out a satisfied groan. Shifting in your bed you feel a void beside you and your eyes immediately shoot open; you are sure you fell asleep with Jungkook beside you the night before, but now he is gone. Suddenly you hear some light snores the sounds is subtle but it’s near you; looking around you find that somehow during the night Jungkook has slid down the bed, falling on the floor. And there he is, still sleeping in a ridiculous position  with is mouth half opened. You look at him blinking your eyes a few times and then start to laugh uncontrollably. The noise wakes Jungkook up and you can see his eyes fluttering open as he gaze at you and ruffles is already messy hair and making you laugh even more.  

“Yah” his husky, deep morning voice halts you and shut you up.

“Sorry that was priceless” You comment as he lift himself up to a sitting position and rubs his eyes with both hands. He then move his gaze to stare at you intently, a small pout on his rosy lips.

“It wouldn’t have happened if a certain someone didn’t kick me around last night” You blush a little at his remark and cover your mouth to muffle a giggle. You know you have some bad sleeping habits and the presence of a young man in your bed certainly didn’t help to keep you calm. “Sorry” you say chuckling and reaching out to comb his messy hair with your hand. He smiles delighted and leans into your touch closing his eyes.

“You are forgiven”  A low purr leaves his throat and it makes you blush uncontrollably. –Woah I guess he is till somehow a dog… Assdfhkashd he is so cute-  you find yourself fangirling over the boy for the umpteenth time and immediately clear your throat and  drop your hand.

“ok ok you can’t just worthlessly stay here all day! I don’t have class today… we should go out!” you propose.

“Let’s do that!” he says all excited, smiling widely, and you ask yourself if you are going to survive at this overwhelming feelings that keeps growing insides you.

“WAW I love ice cream” Jungkook says looking at the giant ice cream you have just bought for him – after he insisted, whining like a little child- . The weather is really nice today, the sun is warm and the park is full of people enjoying some fresh air.

Sitting on the little veranda in front of the ice cream parlour you notice a recruitment notice. “You know they are looking for new staff here… maybe you should apply! It might be a good starting point, you know, to ‘adapt’ as you said” You immediately suggest. Jungkook looks around a little uncertain but in a flash his expression turns determined and he jumps on his feet.

“That’s not a bad idea at all! I’ll go for it!” and with that said he goes straight into the shop flaunting his most adorable bunny smile.

You chuckle at his usual excitement and watch him from afar. Two minutes later he is back with a huge grin on his face .

“She said I can come tomorrow to give it a try and then she will decide” He announces proudly. You stretch your head to look inside the shop when you notice two young girl giggling behind the counter, one of them bluntly staring toward Jungkook direction. You snort and show your best sarcastic smile. Of course they would be enchanted by his him. Handsome, cute and charming but shy enough to pass off as innocent –Wait what? Can you like stop thinking about him for five seconds for Christ sake?-

“Congratulation” you say nonetheless, because you can see how genuinely happy he is about it.

“I’m glad I’ll have something to do during the day! I feel lonely to stay at home without you all the time”

“Hey I’m a student you know? I’m busy” you argue trying to sound annoyed.

But nothing seems to affect Jungkook as he stares at you with his puppy eyes and as always catch you off guards with his words “It doesn’t matter. You are here now” he says the usual foolish grin on his lips. You blush a little at his comment and avoid his gaze biting down hard on your tongue –come on Y/N! he is just a tease why does he get you so bothered?!-

“Come on let’s go take a walk !” he exclaims out of nowhere –oh my god he never stops-

The park is one of your favourite place to relax and, when the weather is nice, to sit on a bench reading a book; you used to walk your little puppy here often. But now that he is human it feels totally of weird; not in a bad way, just different. Having a handsome guy walking beside you makes you feel nervous; you notice how all those girls  stares at him with flirty eyes and how even guys seem to check him out. On the other hand Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice. He is too occupied  looking around and making weird enthusiastic noises pointing at a tree, a butterfly a cute doge passing by and so on –Woah he really is a little kid after all- you mumble to yourself but can’t help giggling at his carefreness.

“Y/N-ah long time no see!” A male voice calls you from behind you. Turning around you see Jin, one of your sunbaenim at the University, walking towards you. Jin is a couple of years older then you and although you don’t hang out often you still consider him a good friend.

“Oppa! I’m so happy to see you”

With a huge smile on his face he hugs you tightly “I’ve missed you little one! I’ve barely seen you around!”

“Yeah I know… I have some project to finish and I actually spend most of my time in the library. I have turned into a complete nerd” you says giggling softly. Jin nods understandingly before turning his attention to the boy next to you.

“Uhm sorry, this is..?”

“Oh he is…”

“Jungkook! I’m Y/N guardian”

You slowly turn toward Jungkook, your eyes wide opened and your lips pressed in a thin line. Sorry what?

“O-oh… is that so? nice to meet you!” You notice Jin confused expression, his eyebrows knitted together,  but you are unable to react before he hurriedly speaks “Well, sorry but I’m in a hurry. I’ll text you and I’ll treat you something next time Y/N-ah, bye!” and with a wink he leaves.

“What. Was. THAT?” you say crossing your arms glaring at Jungkook

“What?” his innocent look sometimes just get on your nerves –the nerve of this boy!-

“Since when are you my ‘guardian’? What the hell does that even mean?!” you ask stomping your feet on the ground and pushing lightly against his chest

“Technically I still am your guard dog… I can’t bark at suspicious people in this form, but I’m taking my duties seriously!”He answer with a serious expression straightening his back confidently. You run a hand through your hair in utter disbelief  –Oh gosh what the hell is he talking about! this boy sure has an attitude!-

“Hey Private Ryan, I’m not a little child! Besides Jin oppa is my friend not some random psycho! Now he is going  to think I am weird!” the words slip out of your mouth more harsh then you intended them to be. Jungkook frowns staring at you intensely for a moment. Then without warning he forcefully grab your hand, intertwines his fingers with yours and starts walking forward.

“Yah what exactly do you think you are doing?!” your heart skips a beat and your cheeks turn as red as a tomato upon feeling the smooth skin of his hand engulfing yours.  

“You used to walk me around on a leash all the time, if we don’t do this I might get lost! Be responsible!” He says turning around just to send a mischievous smirk your way–innocent my ass!-

Jungkook keeps walking tugging you along gently. You glare at his back but you can’t restrain a smile. Even though this boy keeps putting you into such embarrassing and nerve-wracking situations  you can’t help feeling an unfamiliar warmth growing inside you. You have never felt so attached to someone  in such little time and it both scares you and excite you. All you know is that having Jungkook around makes you feel incredibly at ease and refreshed. He has turned your uneventful life into a emotionally wrecking rollercoaster and, honestly, you love it. You have no idea what is going to happen from now on, nor you want to know. What matters now is that you are here, walking together, side by side, holding onto his warm and comforting hand and enjoying every seconds of it.

A.N.So here I am! Thank you so much fo all the love on the first part. I just need more fluff in my life beause I am tired of suffering haha  so I hope you like this! As always comments are appreciated or just small talks -I am socially awkawrd but I am relaly sociable yeah I know it’s confusing- 

Anyway the real question here is… part 3 yay or nay? Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestion!

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sorry this is one of my favourite gif it just makes me smile so yeah  even tho it makes no sense to put it in here enjoy it bye


I see a lot of posts about Rick Riordan saying “Omg, why does he keep writing books?” and some of those posts are in jest but some of them are serious and it’s just like… if you’re done reading his books, then just stop?? No one is forcing you to read these books. In fact, stay away. More copies for the rest of us.

But seriously, some of y'all get real bitter over the most ridiculous things. I hope Rick releases an 800 page novel spanning every minute of Percy Jackson’s Tuesday. I will snap that shit up.  

Hello everyone! I totally did not expect the notes on my last post! Thanks! Anyways here is my fan-account:

Thursday July 23, 2015

So I was working at Sixflags Great America near the exit. I was looking at the guests that walked past me and smiled. Suddenly, a really good looking Asian guy walks by and then he looks around and meets up with a girl. He caught my interest because he looked so handsome and when I first saw him I thought that he looked like V.

I kept secretly stealing glances at them and was thinking “boy, he seriously looks like V, but that makes no sense. Plus he is sooooooo skinny and short”. I am 5′ 3“ and he seemed like he was only a couple inches taller than me (for some reason I thought that V would be reallllly tall). So I kept thinking to myself that he cant possibly be V and he just looks like him. I observed what he was wearing (a yellow hat, blue unbuttoned shirt with a shirt inside, and light blue jeans with the ripped fashion style) and I thought that V dresses like that. But I still did not think that this gorgeous look-alike was V.

He sits down on a bench right next to my stall with the girl. So I had the perfect angle to side view him. He was doing something on his phone. He took off his hat for a minute, and I must say that his hair was GORGEOUS! He also had a earring on his ear (which reminded me of V as well). Then another guy came and sat down next to them and started talking to the girl. (this all happened in the span of 3-4 minutes).

After about five minutes, he gets up and sits down on the bench in thats almost exactly in front of me and asks the girl to take pictures. He is doing a bunch of poses with the carousel in the background. Then he did a double v sign pose and I was like omg that is classic V. But im still not convinced. Then the two go back and sit on the bench next to my stall.

Im trying to think of reasons why V would be here (if that was actually him) and then I had an A-HA moment. BTS is performing in Rosemont tomorrow (Friday)! So they are here in Chicago today! Then I started freaking out (internally cause I was working). And i kept thinking to myself I gotta make sure that that is actually him. So I worked up my courage to go walk over and ask him.

So I went over (I was standing and he was sitting down) and said “excuse me”. He looked up at me (and I died a little inside) and said “yes”. I asked him “do you know what kpop is” and he said “yea”. And then I asked him “has anyone ever told you that you look like a kpop star called V from BTS” and he said “yea”. And then I started flipping out (again internally) and asked him “are you V from BTS” and he said “no” but I could tell that he was lying. Then my voice got really excited and I almost yelled to him “OMG you are V” and then the girl sitting next to him started laughing. (I think they were surprised I knew and spotted him). (btw his voice is pretty deep and soooo nice to listen to)

So then, I asked him if I could get his signature and he said “yes” but I dont think he understood me because I asked him if he had a pen and did the signing gesture and he said “oh no, no sign” and I was like “ok. can we take a picture” and he made a X with his hands and said “sorry no pictures” and I said “thats okay” so then I started walking away and said “bye” but then I remembered that I had to tell him something and turned around and almost screamed to him “by the way, you my favorite in BTS” and he gave me two thumbs up and a smile and I completely died and was smiling like a goof ball. They were there for another good 10 min ( I think they were waiting for a ride) and then they left (V, the woman and the man).

So yeah, thats it. I got REALLLY lucky and I thank God for this moment cause I was really depressed before cause I was supposed to hang out with my friends but then I had to work. So anyways, V is beautiful, really skinny, suprisingly short, can understand english fairly well, had a nice voice, and is realllly sweet! #blessed

sorry its so long! If you have any questions, just send me an ask! Thanks! :)