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Outlander 03x06 A. Malcolm

It’s been a long, exhausting, and emotional few days and this episode is 90% responsible, haha. I’m going to have to go through this episode chronologically rather than thematically cause that’s the only way I’ve been able to process it so far. So get ready for Lenny’s unfiltered thoughts on the episode. (Note: This started getting really long so I was going to break it into two posts but I realized a new rule about Print Shop - it’s impossible to just stop partway through the episode and leave it unfinished; like the old Pringles commercials, once you pop the fun don’t stop).

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Freak Accident

Mingyu x Reader

Words: 801

Genre: Angst

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

The relationship you had with Mingyu was very special in many ways. Most people would call you inseparable, and you used to agree. Of course, you had complications like any couple, but you got over them so easily. It was like you never had problems.

You two were like the perfect couples on TV commercials. You didn’t lie to each other, and you didn’t keep things from one another. At least that’s what you had thought.

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anonymous asked:

Have you seen that Dove commercial in its entirety? I think you should. I didn't consider it racist. Watch what happens after the black lady "trasforms" into a white lady. Watch it and let me know what you think. I've always appreciated your sane opinion, specially in this site.

Oh yea tru the ad has a completely different context if you watch it whole. It was taken out of context by those two screenshots tbh. I’d have been surprised if a company like dove had made such an inconsiderate mistake tbh. I didn’t check to look up the whole thing. I found an interview on YouTube where the black model from the commercial speaks up for dove and defends the ad by saying she doesn’t find the ad problematic and in fact loved the concept of showing diversity of different skin tones.
The tumblr post made it look like the product was supposed to “clean” the black girl’s skin into a white skin, however it seems this was not the intention at all, since the ad also features Asian and Hispanic (?) models after that sequence. I hope I’m staying in my lane here but I gotta say I don’t find the ad offensive if it’s not wildly taken out of context by tumblr users (I suppose they wanted to make dove look bad on purpose, as the person who screenshotted it has likely seen the whole thing)

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I remember Alan Moore in the late 1980s telling me about a documentary he’d seen on TV about Jack the ripper. And then, over the course of the next few months, telling me about Jack the Ripper books he’d read. By the point where he was asking me to go and find rare and forgotten biographies of possible Ripper suspects at the British Museum, I though it quite possible that a Jack the Ripper comic would be in the offing. From Hell didn’t start with Alan going, “I wonder what I’ll write about today.” It started as an obsession. 

Trust your obsessions. This is one I learned more or less accidentally. People sometimes ask whether the research or the idea for the story comes first for me. And I tell them, normally the first thing that turns up is the obsession: for example, all of a sudden I notice that I’m reading nothing but English 17th century metaphysical verse. And I know it’ll show up somewhere—whether I’ll name a character after one of those poets, or use that time period, or use the poetry, I have no idea. But I know one day it’ll be there waiting for me.

You don’t always use your obsessions. Sometimes you stick them onto the compost heap in the back of your head, where the rot down, and attach to other things, and get half-forgotten, and will, one day, turn into something completely usable.

Go where your obsessions take you. Write the things you must. Draw the things you must. Your obsessions may not always take you to commercial places, or apparently commercial places. But trust them.

– From @neil-gaiman ’s speech given at the 1997 PRO/con in Oakland


Have you ever seen a commercial that will not calm the fuck down no matter what?

David and his doggo friend!!! (Thank you @maracamilkshake !!! <3)

You can also see my speedpainting here:

(I hope you’ll like it because it’s my first speedpainting…I also edited a few things in my drawing after the recording sorry for that! )

idk about you guys but I’ve been seeing that amazon prime commercial on TV a lot lately and every time I see it I think about that welcome to night vale proverb 

so I put the two together and it actually works pretty well???


“It’s A Guy Thing” commercial. Behind the scenes, 2008 | File this woman’s job under “best job in the world” (x)


Happy Birthday, Sophie Hunter! (March 16 1978)

Details about D.Va to Consider

So I realize that there are some things about Korean culture that people might not think of readily, so I wanted to offer a few fun thoughts and tidbits:

  • To recap, Hana Song aka D.Va is a teen World Starcraft Champion from the port city of Busan, famous for its beaches and Buddhist temples
  • At 19 years old, she is old enough drive, but the legal age is 18, so she wouldn’t have had a license for long. Oh, and personal anecdote: The Korean system makes it so that you can attain your driver’s license in three days if you really wanted to. So, I have a license, but I haven’t touched a car since I got the license… which I got in three days…
    • Also, within Korea, Busan is known for its aggressive taxi drivers / drivers in general, aha. I did a day trip with some friends the other day and it was gorgeous, the beach was stunning, but the bus ride was… a little nervewracking…
  • Being from Busan, D.Va should actually have the Busan dialect, which sounds very different from Seoul dialect. Even if she can switch comfortably between the two, if she was raised with the Busan one, it’s probably going to be her default. Here’s an example of the dialect, and here’s an example of D.Va’s Korean voice actress, who is from Busan herself, doing the inflection.
  • Korea has mandatory military service for its men for about two years, which you can fulfill between the ages of 18 and 25. So, unless Overwatch plans to change the system in their world, D.Va is working in a military with this in place.
  • Dunno what Overwatch is going to do with futuristic Busan, but in Korea, if you’re super famous, you’re going to end up on a lot of pizza, fried chicken, cosmetics, and or air conditioner commercials. Each of those are links, but if you want an example of how excessive Korea can get about one person, look at this Kim Yuna compilation. That’s not even all of them - just some of the ones from the year 2016. If D.Va is recognized as a national hero and an idol simultaneously, I wouldn’t be surprised by this kind of treatment.
    • Further, Korean idols are held to a high standard of moral character, as they are expected to be hardworking, positive role models for children and other youths.
    • But seriously, I could write an essay on how celebrity culture / marketing in Korea differs. Heck, I have, for school.

More under the cut since this is getting long:

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Mixc World

Victo Ngai

I was commissioned by Mixc World, a shopping center in Shenzhen China. to create a billboard image celebrating their launch in September 2017.

 Mixc World is a community comprises of a dozen buildings, hundreds of shops and restaurants and public areas including art installations and historical sites. The main inspiration of this piece was drawn from the Chinese name of Mixc World - “萬象天地”, which has the meaning of “a place with everything and all things” but can also be literally translated to “Elephant World”

 With this image, I want to create a whimsical carnival-like world that is filled with fun and curiosity. I like to sneak in visual signs for the viewers to figure out, clues which would allow people to connect dots into line, whether consciously or subconsciously. For example, we see the Cosmic Elephant presents a flower to the little girl. The interior of the flower corresponds to the cosmic pattern on the elephant, while the external stripes related to the stripes on the elephant, the girl’s skirt, the building, the clouds in the sky, and so on. We get a sense that everything is related and all is one, the flower being gifted opens up the possibility of the entire world, similar to the experience Mixc World is offering to its shoppers.