this was hilarious okay omg

When Bae speaks ft. Rest of EXO v/s Park Baekhyun.

Edit: (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself from adding this cause just look at their hilarious faces omg I tried really hard not to okay)

Do Kyungsoo : UFO spotted

Kai : Are they feeding my dog on time? Is he sleeping well? Does he miss me like I do?

Suho : I’m done raising them so whateves

Chen : It’s called The Mannequin Challenge bitches

Minseok : WOAH THE SKY IS…….. BLUE?

Baekhyun : I’m listening honey. I love you.

Sehun : Just…….. why…….. Life?

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Can you do a fluffy Steve x Reader where the reader and Steve are married and they're trying to get their kid (baby boy Joseph James (Joey)) to say his first word and when he finally says it, it's like 'Murica or shield or cap or something hilarious? Maybe poptarts or Clint? XD

OMG THIS IS PERFECT okay so i tweaked his first word because i thought it would be cute asf 


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It was 9 in the evening, and oh boy, were you and Steve tired.

Joey was a babbling toddler, of course he would become restless sometimes! 


You didn’t know a child could be so energetic 3 hours after their bed time, a week in a row, almost at the age of 2. 

As yourself and Steve sat on the sofa of your apartment, you just watched Joey run around in circles, blond curly hair bouncing behind him as he giggled away. Steve had gotten a tiny bit fed up of your child not behaving.

“C’mon buddy, isn’t it your bed time?” Steve asked, and Joey babbled in response to his dad’s interrogation. “Should I try and wear him out, babe?”Steve mumbled with a smile. You nodded frantically in plea. 

Steve rolled onto the carpet and caught Joey by the tummy, lifting him into the air and pulling faces. 

“Who’s that? 1…2…3! It’s the tickle monster!”  You watched as your husband plopped your baby boy on the couch next to you and tickled his sides and beneath his chin. 

“Hear the trumpets hear the pipers! A hundred million angels singing!” You listened to Steve sing to Joey.

“Nooooow. Can you say ‘mama’?” Steve asked him, and Joey said nothing.

“Hm… Baby, can you say ‘daddy’?” Still nothing.

You heard Joey mumble something inaudible.

“What was that bubba? Did you say something?” You turned to look at your child sitting in Steve’s lap. 

“C’mon Jojo, what did ya say?” Steve tickled him again, sending the little boy into a giggling fit again. 

“Unca buck!!!” You heard his high pitched voice say. 

Uncle Buck. Uncle Bucky.

“Unca Buck!! Unca Buck-yee!!” 

You watched as Steve gaped it his son, then looked at you, then looked back at the little bundle of joy. 

You whipped your phone out and started recording, “Joey, baby, could you say that again! Uncle Bucky?” 

“Unca Buck-yee!” 

You laughed at his way of his way of words, and sent the video to Bucky.

You: Congrats, Buck, our son has said his first words. 

Bucky: Oh neat! Well, at least I now have a first in command!

You looked up from your phone to see Joey sparko in Steve’s arms. You placed a light kiss upon his curls, as your husband of 3 years set him down in his cot. As Steve walked out of the nursery, you weren’t there, so he assumed you went to the kitchen.

You came up from your crouched position behind the crouch and placed your hands over Steve’s eye, whispering a ‘boo!’

“Who knew our kid’s first word would be his uncle’s name,” You came to sit next to your lover, “I’m just glad it wasn’t ‘Cap!’ or ‘Shield!’” You giggled as Steve tapped your thigh, you placed a kiss to his lips.

“Not as bad as it being ‘doll’, he’d become a heart-breaker, next thing you know he’d be picking up ladies from the local park.”

You chuckled quietly as your love turned around to face you. 

“I’m glad I married you,” You confessed, “I wouldn’t be able to manage this little trouble maker without you, I love you.” 

“I love you too, Y/N.” 

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Oh my goodness, I saw this prompt on an account and I just have to see it put to use with the host club. Could you do an imagine where a girl who hangs out with the host club a lot and is basically a member curses a TON, so Tamaki gets the idea to start making her put money into a swear jar when she curses and gets the whole club to join in the effort? I think it would be hilarious. You're blog is completely awesome, btw!

omg okay you need to understand that this is literally me and I never stop swearing ever and we don’t have a swear jar but my dad - who swears like a fuckton - is always like “That’s not ladylike Katey stop that” and I’m like “I could literally give two shits” and he just makes a face it’s great

“You’ve gotta be shitting me.”


“Kyoya, I know you like money and all but this is seriously bullshit-”

“Jar, ___-chan!”

“Honey-sempai why are you so invested in this? What the hell is this shit, does the money help pay for Honey’s cake addiction?”


“Okay what the fuck, I’m not doing this Kaoru, you can’t make me!”

“Oh did you hear that Kaoru? Jar!”

“Okay assholes, I see what you’re doing Hikaru -”


Not you too, Mori-sempai! Has hell frozen over or something?”

“We’ll stop saying ‘jar’ when you stop swearing.”

“Haruhi, ‘hell’ isn’t even a real fucking swear, come on…

“I think the swear jar is a wonderful idea, my dear, that’s quite an unpleasant habit you have there!”

“You know what, you guys can go fuck yourselves.”


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Can I ask what the story behind beegachow is bc it looks hilarious

Omg okay, everyone asks me this at cons so I’m just gonna answer it all here in a post for everyone LOL. 

This all started because I was making washi tape with mightier and wanted to do a unique pokemon tape, which you all know now as the poobeyman tape. Before it was drawn though, it was a sketch on twitter

I was wondering if poorly drawn pokemon on washi tape was a good idea, and mightier/endy was basically like YES GOOD and we expanded on the joke of just poorly drawn creatures

WHEN SHE SAID BEEGACHOW I just DIED, and had to draw what it would have looked like if poobeyman starring “ashlee catchup” was real:

From there it just spiraled…

And then I posted it on tumblr and during my annual valentines event one of the options on the form for your fandom preferences was “BEEGACHOW”

Those who selected BEEGACHOW got a valentine that looks like this (in addition to their normal one)

Now I order my prints from catprint, and they always send me extras so I got a whole load of beegachows with no recipients, so i passed them out to friends at Katsucon (falls on valentines), this is where most of my friends started knowing beegachow including daniellesylvan who has since been beegachows #1 fan. By this point screaming BEEGACHOW and BEEGA BEEGA at each other started to be A Thing.

After Katsu I sort of tweeted about if i should make a beegachow charm since everyone at the con was like THIS IS AMAZING OMG. In progress here and comforting myself here.

In the end i got them made out of my own pocket because i thought it would just be a hilarious in joke among friends. I thought I could sell them for half price just to cover the cost of printing them basically since they looked.. so bad.. 

When they finally came I was already heading to Hawaii for Kawaii Kon, so it’s first days alive where in the Hawaiian sun :) 

(Photo courtesy c-dra on instagram)

So yea. Sold them at Kawaii. Sold out. Sold them at Anime Boston, Sold out again. I will restock a small amount for Fanime/AwesomeCon/A-kon I think? $5 fridays probalby! With a possible expansion of the line even maybe??(squartl anyone?)

Hopefully this has given everyone insight on 2015′s obviously elite top tier meme, Beegachow. Remember it’s name was thought up by mightier and not me lol.

May its name live forever, bless its dear heart. 


Hope he’s okay 😱

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So...what about Kara/Sara aka SuperCanary?


Sara has died already. She’s going to go after literally everything (and everyone) she wants. 

Sara Lance flirts with Supergirl the second they’re not in danger. THE SECOND, okay? Supergirl isn’t from her dimension, but Sara’s traipsed through time and death, one lousy dimension isn’t nearly enough to stop her.

Besides, Supergirl has a dimensional transporter now. 

And Supergirl is so cute when Sara teases her. Sara’s got a weak spot for the cute ones. And the badass ones. And the strong ones. And the soft ones. Okay, so Sara just really likes women okay?

But Supergirl, damn. 

Sara has never been happier to have her ass handed to her than when that alien in red and blue did so.

Sara dreams about it. 

It’s bad okay?

So, yeah, Sara doesn’t let the dimensions between them get in the way. 

She pops up all the time in Kara’s apartment. And Kara sees her and kind of freaks because no one is supposed to know that she’s Supergirl. 

And Sara Womanizer Lance lays into Kara like a fucking rhino (I should say Canary, but none of this is subtle). 

And Kara just really likes the attention and missed Sara and Sara’s strong and beautiful and Kara really admires her and gosh, Sara’s good at kissing

All in all, I think Sara is super aggressive but also super gentle? Like she drags Kara to bed but like, in a I-want-to-fuck-you-silly-but-also-make-you-breakfast-for-the-rest-of-your-life sort of way?


And like Sara’s romped around before, never with an alien, and she’s never gone down on a girl who shoots lasers from her eyes when she comes, but Sara’s down for a challenge. And man, when Kara gets going, Sara can really only just hold on and enjoy the ride.

Because there’s no one like Sara Lance to push Kara’s libido into overdrive. 

Also, they both really care for each other. Like Kara’s always there in battle, and she doesn’t need protection (especially against this human) but Sara still leaps in front of danger for Kara (and maybe that’s because she can’t stand the thought of this douche-bag touching Kara, but like, she looks badass doing it so???). 

But Sara just flirting with Kara non-stop. Like, all the bi jokes, all the, ‘hey girl, you lookin’ fly’ (while Kara’s flying because Sara’s HILARIOUS OKAY??). 

Omg, okay, I just really like Kara’s blush and Sara’s confidence, I think they make a great team 10/10 would sail that ship, damn. 

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you a headcanon I have about them. 

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On a lighter note, imagine what happened after the finale. Eun Tak is still a teen at this point and I'm just going to assume she has parents who care for her in this life. So then one day she'll have to bring her 1000 yo goblin boyfriend who is physically in his mid/late 30s home to her parents. Most awkward meet-the-parents ever. Poor Shin, hasn't he suffered enough lmao. ALSO, have you seen the news that TVN is going to release 2 special episodes of BTS and interviews and stuff? I'm so happy.

OMG haha that would be so fuckin hilarious xD Okay… headcanoning time (is that even a word? lmao) because you made my day with this!

  • Shin would totally be the type of guy who would come in a suit and tie and bring a huge ass expensive gift like a painting xD while Eun-Tak tells him to just be himself (but that’s it.. that is Shin being himself lmao)
  • While eating… Shin would casually use his powers to levitate the pepper shaker to him while her parents look in disbelief at what just happened and Eun-Tak gives him the death glare
  • Shin would switch between his historical and modern tone… especially when he asks her parents for MARRIAGE xD and Eun-Tak would shout in shock and say they’re just dating to look good in front of her parents (but silently low-key be all gushy and happy inside) 
  • And Eun-Tak’s parents would faint when Shin asks for permission for her to move in with him while he will take care of all of her education expenses. But Eun-Tak will most likely say “no” cause she loves her parents making Shin all sad and it immediately starts to rain outside their home xD 

Idk… these were the few ones that immediately popped up in my head lol… ahh… I just love these two together so much. And YES I’ve read of the special episodes and can’t wait to watch them… even if they end up being just recaps >.<

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text  || open
  • James: Hey, this is James. I really had a great time with you last night. I'm sorry if I seemed like I wasn't interested, or if I was an asshole. I haven't been on a first date in years.

Okay, now I’m gonna talk about Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

*inhales deeply*


*clears throat*

Okay, now that fangirl moment is over, let’s slow it down.

Thank you, Margot for not making Harley be one-dimensional. Because that was my worst fear. That she’d be a hot, yet ditzy idiot bimbo sex toy… and she is anything but that. She’s smart, she’s manipulative, she’s strong, she’s funny as hell and she’s crazy in the best possible way

Okay, so that scene where you see what Harley desires… I’m going to be controversial here, I loved it. Again, I’m not spoiling what she sees/desires but I think it makes sense. (also that line was fucking hilarious coz everyone’s so serious then Harley’s like “OMG!!” okay she doesn’t say that but you know what I mean)

She portrayed a lot of vulnerability with Harley Quinn and even though we didn’t see it (grr… cut scenes…) you can kind of tell that her relationship with her Puddin’ isn’t exactly perfect… just little things that she says and how she acts. It’s very subtle and it works.

Her voice was great. Her mannerisms were great. Margot Robbie is queen of everything and I love her portrayal of Harley Quinn. I can’t wait to see what she does next XD

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What's the poo story?

OMG okay, it was hilarious and basically the best bit. On the roundtable HR interview Timothy Spall just went way off topic like, yo i gotta tell y’all this story. Basically at his play at the National years ago, he had this scene where he’s basically lying in a fuck load of mud and water. And one day someone came up to him “You haven’t heard the latest, have you? Someone’s done a poo in the mud pool!” And Tim was like PARDON??? LOL. “Someone’s.. done a poo in the mud?? I LIE IN THAT EVERY NIGHT!” And he was just completely appalled and spoke to the NT stage door keeper or someone like that about it and she was like, “Oh i’m not shocked, we’ve had a phantom pooer here for years.” LOL!!! Everyone was;

He said he was so shocked to know all these amazing talented people were working there every night and “someone was dropping a log in there.” -cue a very loud Cumberlaugh- 

I was laughing tears because i have a couple of poo stories myself, and genuinely skanky stories, from my time working in retail, one similar to his actually, but it never ceases to make me laugh when i hear others’ poo stories and what people bloody well get up to (dirty dirty humans!!) Ethan was laughing the entire time, it really is so funny you need to watch it.

 If you click me here right now it’ll take you to the exact point of the video where Tim tells his amazing story.