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Her faith carried him with her.
He didn’t want to disturb the silence as they rested against each other, hurting and relaxed, listening to the hum of machinery and the distant billowing of fires. He stowed thoughts of old missions and thoughts of the future away; decided to focus on what he could see and hear and smell for the last moments of his life on Scarif.
When Cassian Andor died, he would be ready, and he would be content.

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RebelCaptain  -  One scene - “Welcome Home”.

“I’m not sure four of us is quite enough,” she said. Baze grunted dismissively and looked to Bodhi. “How many do we need?” “What are you talking about?” Jyn asked. Baze jutted a finger, pointing behind Jyn.

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Includes : Daddy kink, dd/lb, pet names, bit of a size kink, and a bj

Ps : Fun fact! I’m writing this in school ;) also super sorry for not writing a lot, I’m doing more roleplay than anything ugh it’s just addicting alSO IM SORRY FOR THIS BEING SO LONG AND SHITTY

🍑   Dan knew he acted childish at some points, but he wasn’t aware that he was a little until a year ago. He loved to color and watch cartoons and definitely loved pacifiers and sucking his thumb. So here he was, living as a little in secret. Why in secret? Well, mostly because of his flatmate, Phil. It wasn’t that he was against it, he just didn’t know how he’d react.

🍑   It was extremely hard to hide it. Whenever he got into littlespace, he would lock himself in his room and pretend to be ‘taking a nap’. Really, he was just watching Disney movies.

🍑   Today they were making a baking video in their new flat, and everyone knows how those turn out. He hadn’t gone into littlespace for a while, a couple of weeks honestly, and was very sleep deprived. When he got like that, he’d make sexual jokes and act hyper. Great.

🍑   Phil stirred the ingredients together, biting his lip hard and his brow furrowed in concentration. Dan found it adorable.

🍑   “Come on, you know you can stir that faster, daddy.” Dan blurted out with a laugh. Phil rolled his eyes and laughed along with him. They always joked around like this, but Phil insisted that they always cut it out of the videos. According to him there were children watching.

🍑   “Only for you, princess.” Phil chuckled. But Dan didn’t laugh like he usually did. Instead, his face turned a deep red and he quickly looked away, falling silent. He found himself quickly slipping just from the pet name. Oh, no. Before any of his worries from his regular mind even registered, he was gone.

🍑    “Dan?” Phil asked, his hand stirring the ingredients stopping. “Did I just take it too far? I’m sorry. I just thought that-”

🍑   Dan cut him off with a shake of his head. “Nuh…” He murmured, not looking at Phil anymore. He was speaking with a sort of lisp now. “Um… m-maybe you could call me princess more?” He asked quietly, his shoulders curling in. Somehow, he just looked smaller.

🍑   Phil slowly put the bowl down. He’d had suspicions about Dan being a little and he’d caught him sucking his thumb once or twice. But now he knew. “I’d love to, baby.” He stepped closer to him. “Do you want to keep filming or do you want to do something else?”

🍑   “Something… else, please.” He mumbled quietly, looking up at Phil through his lashes. At that, Phil stopped the camera. “Uppies?” Dan asked, making grabby hands up at him.

🍑   Phil chuckled softly. “Of course, pumpkin.” He lifted him up, placing him on his hip and walking out of the kitchen. “What something else would you like to do?”

🍑   Dan stuck his thumb in his mouth, letting out a long ‘um’. “Well, I-I was thinking maybe…” He looked away. 

🍑   “Do you want something else to suck on?” Phil asked, taking his thumb from his mouth.

🍑   In response to that, Dan nodded, only blushing harder. “Mhm…” He mumbled.

🍑   Phil smirked, walking to the lounge. “Good boy.” He hummed, sitting down on the couch. He wasn’t hard, though the thought of Dan’s lips around him was definitely getting him there.

🍑   The younger moved down between his legs, undoing his belt and jeans. He sat on his heels, humming softly as he pulled his jeans down to mid-thigh. Dan hooked his fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down before freezing. “Whoa…” He breathed. “So big…”

🍑   Phil chuckled softly, running a hand through Dan’s hair. “Think you can handle it?” He asked teasingly.

🍑   “Of course I can!” Dan scoffed, licking his lips. He started to stroke him, which brought out a low sigh from Phil. As he got harder, Dan licked a stripe up his shaft.

🍑   “Good boy…” Phil breathed, grabbing a fistful of Dan’s curly hair. “So good for daddy…”

🍑   Dan whimpered at that, starting to play with his tip. He listened to Phil’s quiet pants and groans before taking some of him in his mouth. Closing his lips around him, he bobbed his head slowly as he swirled his tongue around his cock. 

🍑   “Fuck…” Phil whispered, pulling Dan down lower by his hair. The younger let out whines, gripping onto his thighs and taking his time. He would go all the way down then come halfway off before going back down again, letting out quiet moans just from sucking him off.

🍑   After a few minutes, Phil let out a groan. “Close, baby…” He warned.

🍑   “Mhm…” Dan hummed around his cock, going faster until he came down his throat. Popping off, he swallowed all of it down, making a face.

🍑   Phil let out a sigh, running his fingers through Dan’s hair. “You’re such a good boy.” He smiled. “My good boy.”