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Something bitter is felt in the atmosphere… it’s hard to tell with such a smiling face.


Part 2 is here!

After a long wait, with the help of my buddy @sparksparta, I finally bring you the first part of the comic ‘Bendy in Disney!’ Thank you everyone for your support in this comic, I have been reading your tags and they really warmed my heart! <3

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Summary: Bucky and Steve will never let you know that they’re the heads of your booty’s fanclub.

Authors note: It was so hard to find old timey slang for butt. Like we have so many words now I was surprised lmao.

Warnings: None, Bucky and Steve appreciating that cake

  Your jeans only make it halfway up your thighs before they refuse to budge. You groan.

‘And this was my favorite pair too’

You sigh, before peeling off the jeans and rooting around in your dresser for something that you can wear. You never were the skinniest person, especially when it came to your hips and thighs. But then again you never were exactly bootylicious either. So when you became a SHEILD agent you thought your body would kinda slim down into a  svelte mass of lean, toned muscle like the other female agents.

 Boy were you wrong. 

You gained muscle, and a lot of it too. Every single inch of you had at least some definition and your thighs had bulked up considerably. As for your butt….You sneak a peek at it in the mirror ‘I swear it gets bigger every day’ . Since you had joined the Avengers last year and your training had gotten even more intense you swear your booty had doubled in size. Your body was very… in your face nowadays. Wanda kindly described you as ‘shapely’. You pull out a pair of denim shorts that have some slight stretch to them.

You look at yourself in the mirror sighing. ‘ If I get anymore shapely I’m gonna have to buy an entire new wardrobe.’ 

“Pal, why is ya oatmeal always so…” Steve makes a face “…Soggy?”

Bucky and Steve are sitting eating breakfast, at a table that’s situated slightly back and across from the kitchen, next to an open door. Bucky snorts.

“It’s oatmeal Steve, it’s supposed to be soggy.” Steve rolls his eyes but takes another bite of his oatmeal, making a mental note to make breakfast himself the next morning.

Bucky lets out a soft, low whistle. Steve turns his his head, slowly. He knows what that whistle means. He watches as you enter from the other side of the room, cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cabinets. Or rather he watches your ass cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cupboards. You Steve, and Bucky were pretty good friends. You had surprisingly befriended Bucky first, and then Steve. Bucky had been making a good recovery, but was still kind of shy, except around Steve and Sam, and then you. Your sense of humor and openness kind of disarmed him. The three of you would always hang out, watch movies, and talk about anything and everything. But the one thing that Bucky and Steve would never mention is that they both agreed that you by far had the best body they had ever seen. And they were low-key its fan club. The super soldier’s eyes track you as you gather your cup of tea and cheese danish in one hand and exit the room.

“Now ain’t that a beautiful sight to see in the morning?” Bucky says, smirking and sipping his coffee. 

“Yes,” Steve smirks back “As I always say,the lady is truly blessed.”

“Amen.” Bucky says raising his coffee mug. “I mean have you ever seen such beautiful gams on a dame?”

“No,”  Steve pushes back his bowl of soggy oatmeal and crosses his arms over his chest. A devious grin forms on his face. “But that’s not the only thing that’s beautiful.”

Bucky’s grin widens to epic shit eating proportions. “True, Y/N’s a bit broad in the beam, ain’t she?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

 Your voice coming from behind them nearly stops both super soldier’s hearts. They turn, mouths slack, to find you standing in the doorway behind their table, tea and cheese danish in one hand, the other perched on your hip.

“Ah-um-I-um” Steve splutters, unable to form words. Bucky, on the other hand, decides distraction is the best course of action.

“Y/N! Sugar, sweetheart, you look lovely today. How’s that cheese danish? I heard the weather’s going to be nice , maybe we should go to the park?” He exclaims, red slowly creeping up his neck until his whole face is scarlet. You silently look from Steve to Bucky. ‘Well if they’re not gonna spill, Google will’

You pull out your phone and look at it. “Well looks like I have somewhere to be so I’ll see you boys later.”

You turn, hearing twin goodbye’s being called out after you, with at least one voice cracking in the middle.

You retreat back your room and fire up your laptop. Bucky and Steve were always using obscure old timey slang that no one understood. ‘they better haven’t been throwing shade…’ you shake your head. It seemed like they were talking about something physical about you, and not in a bad way. You feel warm and kind of insecure at the same time. You couldn’t deny that the two super soldiers were very attractive.

You open google and type “gams meaning” into the search engine.




plural noun: gams

  1. a leg, especially in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg.

A giggle escapes your mouth. ‘oh my’ you think.

You type the next phrase into Google, and click on the phrase dictionary that comes up.

Broad in the beam


Having wide hips or buttocks

You stare at the screen for a moment and then  recall the overheard conversation. Your mouth falls open as you choke out a laugh ‘Oh my god’

Later that day you find Bucky,Steve and Sam sitting outside. You join them, and they all greet you, but you notice Bucky isn’t looking you in the eye and Steve’s ears are pink. Sam doesn’t seem to notice the tension and dives into a story about sweeping a girl off her feet in the local coffee shop.

“…then she gave me her number.”

“That’s great!” Steve says “You gonna take her out soon?”

“Yeah this weekend”

“That is great,” Bucky smiles “What does she look like?” he asks curiously.

“Man she had the cutest laugh, and those dimples…” Sam pauses, smiling to himself. “She had short dark hair, and was so curvy… damn.” Everyone chuckles a bit at this, and after the chuckles stop you pipe up.

“Curvy? Sam get with the times, you don’t call women curvy anymore, its called being broad in the beam.” You say and smirk at the two super soldiers. They promptly turn bright red, Bucky choking a little bit. Sam whips his head back and forth between the three of you.

“Am I missing something?” he asks.

 Steve clears his throat, holding out his hands imploringly.

“Y/n, sugar, listen. I can explain”

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RFA+V+Saeran accidentally hitting MC headcannons? I'm sorry if this triggers you or something but I'm curious how will they react!

( ̄▽ ̄) This got progressively more fun to write~~ It varies from fluff to comedy to slight angst lolol


RFA Accidentally Hits MC


  • He hadn’t meant to, he swears!!
  • He was just so excited about finally achieving a higher level than Seven on LOLOL that he’d carelessly thrown his headphones behind him and you just happened to be there!
  • When he turned around to tell you his good news, he noticed the newly-formed bump on your head.
  • Oblivious, he tilted his head in question. “Oh, how’d you get hurt, MC?”
  • You fired a glare at him, crossing your arms and stomping off, irritated by his carelessness. ‘I’m going to ignore him!’ you decided.
  • You held true to your word.
  • It wasn’t until days later (in which Yoosung spent whining for your attention) when he heard you complaining to Jaehee about what had happened, and how careless he was.
  • Finally learning his mistake, he slid to the floor, grasping at your leg while he stared up at you with tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry!!!” he wailed, feeling the guilt him hard. “I’ll do anything to make it up to youuuu” ;-;
  • Dammit, his puppy face was hard to resist.


  • He noticed you trying to sneak up on him by looking at your shadow on the floor, and he swiftly turned around so he could tease you that your plan failed but… but…
  • His long ponytail somehow whacked you in the face, leaving a pink mark on your cheek
  • “Owwie.” You rubbed your cheek with a slight frown.
  • He shrieks at the sin he’d just committed. I JUST HIT MY PRINCESS WHATDOIDOOHMYGODIDESERVETODIE
  • He rushed out an apology in a panic, “MC, I’m so sorry, oh my gosh, I’ll never do that agai-”
  • Low whistles came from their surroundings.
  • “Wow, what an awful boyfriend, did he hit her? Her cheek is pink… Poor girl…”
  • “Isn’t that the actor Zen? Didn’t know he was abusive to his girlfriend…”
  • Every comment only made him feel guiltier. He hadn’t meant to hurt you—he would never!
  • He placed his head in his hands, feeling horrible about himself. You noticed that tears were welling up in his eyes.
  • “Hey, it was just an accident… And it was only your hair. It’s okay Zen. I know you’d never hurt me,” you murmured gently, smiling brightly up at him as you brushed aside his bangs.
  • “M-maybe I shouldn’t stand so close to you anymore…” He shook his head, frantically backing away from you, not processing your words at all.
  • Well, you sure had fun explaining why Zen kept running away from you like a little kid at the RFA party. It only got worse when Seven joined in, “ARE WE PLAYING TAG?!? TAG, YOU’RE IT, MC!!!” and running off…


  • As usual, you were helping out at the coffeeshop, scurrying around behind the counter to get to the customers’ orders.
  • And like most days, it was busy.
  • As you were serving a customer at the cash register, Jaehee was rushing to finish someone else’s order, and in her hurry, she bumped into you. Hard.
  • The both of you crashed down, with her knee digging into your abdomen. You felt the wind knocked out of you, and you gasped for air, your eyes rolling to the back of your head from the pain.
  • “MC!” Jaehee shrieked, the guilt hitting her immediately. “MC, are you okay? Can you hear me?”
  • You were in too much pain to even realize she was talking. You closed your eyes as you rolled to your side, trying to tolerate it.
  • “Hey, take my order already!” someone demanded.
  • Jaehee slowly stood up, a fierce glare upon her face as she slammed her fist onto the countertop. “Your order? MC is hurt and all you can think about is your order? You think your order is more important?” she growled, glaring daggers in the inconsiderate customer’s direction.
  • The customer visibly gulped, shuddering from the intensity of Jaehee’s anger. “N-no, ma’am…”
  • Your girlfriend clicked her tongue. In an icy cold tone, she stated, “I’ve never had to ask this of a customer before. Get. Out.”
  • Ignoring the line of customers, Jaehee chose to tend to you first, carrying you princess style (remember this gal can fight) to the staffroom and checking the damage. Upon seeing the bruise, she winced, feeling another wave of guilt overwhelm her. You could see her silently mouthing yet another apology as she stared at it.
  • “It’ll heal. It was only an accident, Jaehee, don’t worry,” you soothed her, smiling gently. Albeit with a frown, she accepted it.
  • …Although, she made you take multiple days off after that, despite your protests.


  • He’d just gotten out of a 6 hour long meeting, feeling completely worn out. Nonetheless, it was over, so he could finally return to his office.
  • You’d asked to meet with him for lunch that day, patiently waiting for him to finish up.
  • But he had hardly taken a step into the office, and he received a call from another business partner. He flashed you an apologetic look before taking the call, walking to the far end of the room to talk quietly.
  • You didn’t mind, it was just a little more waiting. The call couldn’t possibly take that long, after all!
  • Or so you thought.
  • But over an hour had passed already, and his lunch break was almost over. Growing impatient, you walked up to your husband, reaching to hug him.
  • Noticing your actions, he swatted his hand dismissively, trying to tell you he was busy. Unfortunately, he was distracted, and he ended up smacking your face.
  • The moment his hand made contact with your face, his expression froze. In a split second, Jumin hung up on his call, setting aside his phone and rushing to your aid.
  • But you pushed him away.
  • He winced at the hurt expression on your face. You weren’t upset because he’d hit you, but that he had tried to dismiss you as if you were just another employee to him—as if you weren’t important. But you couldn’t say that out loud to him. Just because he had hurt your feelings, it didn’t mean you had to do the same to him.
  • You lowered your eyes, avoiding his worried gaze, and quietly walked out of his office. Jumin sank into his chair in despair, feeling awful about what he’d done. He knew how it felt to be cast aside for work. And he hated that you had to go through the same experience.
  • After finishing work that night, he returned home, still feeling ashamed of himself. You’d already turned off all the lights as if to say you weren’t waiting for him tonight. He hesitantly opened the door to your shared bedroom, where you were reading a book in bed.
  • Jumin held up a bouquet of purple hyacinths, nervously forcing a smile on his face. “I-I’m sorry about earlier today, MC…” he said quietly.
  • “You think flowers will make me forgive you?” you sighed, a frown tugging at your lips. “While I appreciate the sentiment, the flowers won’t win me over. I understand that you may have been stressed from work, but that doesn’t make me any less upset about it. Well, you should get some rest.”
  • He looked away, then suddenly grabbed your hand. “I… Will you let me explain myself, at least?”
  • Albeit surprised, you nodded calmly.
  • “The reason I’ve been working so hard lately… even today… it’s because I wanted to clear my schedule to spend time with you. I know you’ve been very patient with me all this time, and I’m really grateful for that. I just… kind of missed passing time with you, so I was planning to finish up next week’s work and then properly ask you out on a date… But I guess it really took a toll on me.” He sighed again. “I’m sorry.”
  • You wrapped your arms around him, a soft smile upon your face. “Then, make it up to me by staying with me all next week, okay?”
  • Although you wouldn’t see it, Jumin had an adorable grin on his face. ‘I love you so much.’


  • If you were wondering why Saeyoung was laughing at 6AM in the morning, it’s because he woke up to your face.
  • Now, he wakes up with you everyday, but it was the first time that you awoke with a nosebleed. He grinned cheekily, “I didn’t know I was that hot, babe.”
  • …to which, earned him a smack in the head.
  • “This is your fault, you idiot,” you grumbled, carefully getting out of bed.
  • He cocked his head in confusion, “Wait, really?”
  • “You whacked me with your arm. Again.”
  • Although he felt guilty for hurting you, he covered it up with another grin. “Just admit that you were nosebleeding because I’m hot, MC~”
  • Despite his words, he still led you to the bathroom and helped you clean up the blood. He took it upon himself to wash the blankets and bedsheets which had gained bloodstains, and even made breakfast for you that morning.
  • And it’d be over breakfast that he quietly apologized to you.
  • “Hey, uhm… I know I was kidding around earlier, but I’m really sorry about hitting you, MC…” he mumbled, a light blush spreading across his cheeks. He wasn’t used to being so sincere, but he knew he should apologize.
  • You merely flicked his forehead. “It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to. Besides, I’ve kicked you off the bed multiple times because you were taking up too much space.”
  • His head snapped up immediately, narrowing his eyes at you accusingly. “Wait what?! But you always told me that I rolled off by myself!!”
  •  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • “Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry”
  • He was chanting it over and over, his head on his knees, his entire body trembling. You tried to approach him, but he only flinched, backing away.
  • “N-no, stay away. I hurt you, oh my god, I hurt you,” he whispered, pain dripping in his voice. His eyes were wide with horror, and your heart clenched at the sight. He was scared. Scared of himself.
  • Now, what had caused this?
  • You’d sprung onto Saeran, declaring a pillow war, and the two of you had been smacking each other with your pillows, trying to get the upper hand over each other. But then he’d tripped over his own feet while he was swinging his pillow at you, and ended up smashing his elbow into you, knocking you to the ground.
  • You’d only scraped your knee from the fall, and it only bled a little, but the injury was enough to make Saeran freak out.
  • “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me,” you said in a gentle tone, trying to coax him. “You would never hurt me.”
  • “I d-d-don’t want to hurt a-a-anyone,” he stammered, still shuddering. “P-p-please believe me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, imsorryimsorryimsorryi-”
  • You took ahold of his trembling hands, kissing the fingertips. “I love you, Saeran. It was an accident. You didn’t have any other intentions. It’s okay. I’m okay. Look, it’s just a scratch.”
  • It took a few more moments to calm him down, but he eventually came to terms that it was only an accident, and that it wasn’t his fault. Still, though the incident was small and harmless, the fear that he could become abusive, just like his mother, began to haunt him since that day.


  • ‘Bzzzz…’
  • Jihyun frowned, turning his head to find the source of that annoying sound. Although he had recovered from his blindness, (thanks to Jumin finding the best doctors and funding the surgery), his ears were still sensitive to distant sounds.
  • Bzzzz…’ He walked out of the kitchen, noticing that the buzzing sound became louder. It must be closer now…
  • ‘BZZZ!!’ His eyes caught the culprit: a mosquito was flying around the house! He tried to slap the mosquito with both hands, failing miserably as it diligently flew away. Oh, it’s on, Mosquito.
  • Jihyun began running like a madman around the house, swatting at the pest and missing every time. And then, it chose to stay still. SLAP!
  • “Eeep!” you squealed, feeling a harsh impact on your butt. “W-what was that for, Jihyun?!”
  • He glanced up at you in surprise, taking in your pouting face.
  • “Ahh!! I’m so sorry, MC! I was so focused on killing the mosquito, I didn’t realize. I’m so sorry…” He was rambling in his apology, sounding almost panicked
  • You smirked, then grabbed him by the collar. “Hey. I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it, now, did I?” you whispered huskily into his ear. You watched as Jihyun’s ears turned pink from embarrassment.
  • (Meanwhile, Seven was listening from the monitor. He whistled lowly upon hearing your words. “Damn. Kinky,” he muttered. Too bad Jihyun had broken his bug, or else he would’ve loved to see what happened next.)
Imagine being in a secret relationship with Jensen, who is older than you, and your father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, walking in on the two of you doing it.

“Jens” you planned to say in a warning way but it only came out as a moan when the older man sucked on your neck “Jensen please.” you whined a little and you felt him grin as he bit down on your neck, making you throw your head back to actually give him more access.

“I’m right onto it, sweetheart.” he said with a small growl when you shifted, the fact that your legs were wrapped around his waist and your hips pressed flush to his already, didn’t help at all.

“N-no” it certainly was as weak as it could be with his arms and lips all over you “I don’t mean that Winchester.” you said with a small groan and he sighed heavily.

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Mimi, did you read the news about our boys recording for 22+ hours straight and sleeping for like only 2 hours? This is not ok. Their faces also look skinnier lately, I think. I'm so worried for them... I wish they could rest a little bit more.

Yes and I posted about it HERE

Yes they recorded for 23 hours, ARMY were standing the whole time given no time to rest (not even allowed to leave for the restroom) but they screamed so hard and sang along to EVERY song. BTS sang/danced each song +/- twice so they must be more than tired now knowing they have a festival tomorrow to attend and perform in. *sigh* the downside of a comeback are those crazy packed schedules. IM-

Originally posted by jiminiemini

I just want this to let people appreciate BTS and K-ARMYs hard work more. Behind every perfect, amazing performance uploaded to YouTube there are loads of hardships. 

Nice to see y'all are enjoying these time traveling shenanigans just as much as I am! (・ω・)ノ


He was assigned to you in the beginning, as a councilor of sorts. That was something he would never mind doing; he enjoyed helping anyone who wanted it.

However, something about you seemed different than others he had worked with.

Yes, you were frazzled- an expected response- but you accepted him, trusted him, at a much faster rate than he was used to.

It was……..refreshing?

Either way, you quickly became one of his favorite students and closest friends. His team of two suddenly became a group of three, and he was left with a confusing feeling, striking him silent in the most peculiar moments.

“You called me master?” Genji peaks around the open door leading out to a close grassy cliff side, perfect for meditation.

“Yes, do you have time to speak with me?” Zenyatta sits there, petting a stray cat in his lap, under the shade of a large tree.

“I do.” He settles next to his master, cross legged as always. “May I ask about what?”

“Of course,” he rests his hand on the back of the purring cat, “I wish to speak of my emotions. They have become more and more confusing as time passes.”

Genji nods in agreement. “I understand. I will do my best to help you master.” He folds his hands in his lap. If he was being honest, he didn’t feel anywhere near qualified to assist him.

“I am glad.” He hums, “Now where to begin?” He taps his chin. “Perhaps the warmth in my chest.”

“Warmth? Are you sure it is emotion causing it?”

“Yes. I had a doctor check it.” He sets his hand on his chest plate, “I believe it is caused by my body overworking itself due to unknown circumstances. It is a feeling akin to a fierce battle; though, one is not occurring at the time.”

“And, when does it happen?”

“During the normalities of my daily routine.” He lowers his hand and glances at it, “There are times as well were I cannot think, or am forgetful. Though, it is not happening now.”

“That is interesting. You still have no idea what the cause is?”

“No.” He sighs. “Do you have any suggestions, my student?”

“I am not sure. Human and Omnic emotions sometimes differ,” he pauses, “however, if you were human, I would think that you were either sick, or had a crush.”

“A crush?” It was more of a statement than a question. “Yes, that would make sense.”

“It would? But, on who?” Though he tried to hide it, his extreme curiosity coated his words.

“Hmm. Perhaps [y/n].” He begins to pet the cat again, and it lets out a contempt chirp. “Yes, as I think about it, I believe it is correct.” He beams at Genji. “Thank you.”

“It is no problem.”

Good friends, to Genji, were hard to come by. Sure, he had many acquaintances, but not many people above that.

It took maybe a day of knowing each other to move into friendship. He was ecstatic, to say the least, to find someone so fond of his presence, and who would also laugh at his lame jokes (to which he told a lot).

“High five!” You boast, and he complies, following it up with a fist bump. Childish, he knew, but he was allowed to be such. “Haha! Nice.”

“No fair!” Lúcio fakes a huff. “I’m not used to going on three! I panicked!”

“Okay, my turn.” You place your fist in your palm, determination in your eyes, “Me and you, death match.”

“I will not lose to you again!” He readies his stance, Angela counts down, and you both release your weapons.

“Paper beats rock, Genji wins.” She announces.

Lúcio knowingly sets his hand on your shoulder as your head falls. “Looks like we got cleaning duty.” You groan loudly and he nods solemnly, “Me too.”

“It’s best to get started now.” Angela starts, shooing the two of you out. “The storage room needs a lot of work.”

“We know,” you sigh and turn to leave, “c'mon Lúcio.”

As soon as the door shuts behind you, Genji begins his speed walk out, only to be stopped by Mercy’s expecting hum.

“You weren’t expecting to leave without giving me an update, now were you?” His shoulders droop, knowing he’s already lost.

“No, of course not Doctor Ziegler.” Curse his polite nature! He knew she only wanted to gossip, but he couldn’t find it in himself to be rude enough to lie in order then leave.

She clasps her hands excitedly and smiles wide. “So, any new developments?”

“No, nothing has changed.” Her smile disappears slightly.

“Still nothing?” He nods and she frowns, “Genji, I thought Saturday was the day!”

“It was.” He crossed his arms, pausing his thought, carefully choosing his words. “Until I accidentally spilled juice on them.”

She was struck with silence. “I- and how did that happen?”

He places his head into his hand, “I was……….showing off…….”

“Genji,” he hears her scolding him, “we talked about this!”

“Yes, I recall.” He runs his hand down his faceplate, “I was nervous and not thinking. I did apologize, but that may have made things worse.”

“Is that why there was broken glass on the floor?”


She let out a short sigh, “You do tend to make a big fuss around them.” Steam leaks from his shoulders and he turns his head away. She shakes her head, tapping her foot against the floor. “Maybe it would be easier if you didn’t try so hard. I’m afraid, at this rate, you might end up really hurting someone.”

He shifts on his feet and nods slightly. “You are right. I should try to handle this less forcibly.”

“Do you want me to brain storm ideas with you?” She offers.

He perks up a small bit, “It would be most appreciated.”

It was no secret that you were immediately shy upon meeting the cowboy. But there was something else about you, something……..odd.

Maybe that wasn’t the best way to put it- yet he didn’t know what else it would be. So, his curiosity drove him to you. He needed to know what it was.

Now, believe it or not, Jesse was a smart man; and when feelings started to occur, he immediately started to distance himself, only to realize that he was in too deep.

For him, a fling was something he could handle. Real romance? Haha! No.

“Hey! Mr. Jesse, any chance I could talk with you?” Oh, it was that Lúcio kid. What could he want to talk about? They weren’t exactly friends; more like acquaintances.

“Sure, I guess?” He shoves his hand into his pocket, and uses the other one to scratch his beard. “‘Bout what, exactly?”

“[y/n]-” Why you? What about you would he want to talk about? Oh. Oh god! The jig is up, he knows; he’s gonna tell you! Abort, ABORT.

“You doin’ okay over there, buddy?” Lúcio sways slightly on his heels, “You’re getting a little pale.”

He coughs in his hand to rid himself of nerves. “Yeah, just dehydrated, I reckon.” His body feels a bit more clunky, “I didn’t quite catch what you said there before.”

Moment of truth. He knew this day was coming, but did he prepare for it? No.

“If you say so…” He wasn’t entirely convinced; it was written all over his eyes.

He distantly remember you telling him that Lúcio was incredible at reading people, and that wasn’t helping him calm down one bit.

“I was just asking what you thought I should get for their birthday?”


Well, doesn’t he just feel like an idiot.

“I’m sure whatever’s fine.” He wanted this conversation to end so that he could go to his room and scold himself for getting so worked up over nothing.

“Are you sure your okay? Nothing’s up?” There was a pause, not long enough for him to respond. “Is it about [y/n]?”


“It is!” He exclaims, pointing. Man, he was good at reading people.

“No, it’s not!” Jesse crosses his arm, glancing around the room. He’d rather not talk about this in a public place.

“I promise I won’t tell no body!” This boy was getting excited. He shuffles over to him and jokingly jabs his side with his elbow. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll be my present to them, huh?”

“Now that’s just ridic-”

“Oh my god. I was just joking! I didn’t know that you actually liked them!” How much more excited could this kid get?

“Look, I don’t really want to talk about it.” He lifts his hat off his head, runs his fingers through his hair, and places it back on his head. “Not here, anyway.” He gestures to the open, and thankfully empty, lounge.

“Oh yeah, got it!” The Dj whispers at him with a wink. “I’m totally willing to help you out, dude!”

“I….. just might take you up on that offer.”


“Not if you keep shouting!”



I really like writing Lúcio……. Can you tell?

(I’m also really tired, so please excuse my mistakes ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ)

Early Morning Drive

A cute, flirty little Jax x Reader at four in the mornnnnnn.

Originally posted by ch-est-er

You sit in the corner of the clubhouse, trying to ignore the blaring music and giggling women enough to finish off your work. You’d promised Gemma that the accounts for TM would be sorted by tomorrow, and you didn’t want to let her down, especially since you’d only had the job for a couple months.

The unmistakable sound of smacking lips makes you clench your fist, the other hand holding the pen squeezing so hard the plastic begins to bend, the nib digging painfully into your palm.

Slamming your notebook shut, you grab your bottle of water, almost sending a croweater flying as you barge your way out of your seat. Fortunately, nobody notices as you force your way past clouds of smoke and tangled bodies, until your foot finds the start of the ladder.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you reach the top of the roof, inhaling the uncontaminated air and appreciating the silence, the dull thud of music and distance police sirens being quiet enough for you to deal with.

Many minutes later, you drop the pen upon the pages, smiling in accomplishment. You check your phone, the time displaying just past four am, the hours having slipped away from you whilst shifting through the piles and piles of bank statements and receipts, the information now stacked neatly upon your pages.

You slip down the metal ladder softly, not wanting to wake whoever was releasing the animalistic snores that were currently filling your ears. With expert skill, you manage to locate your bag underneath the mess of empty beer bottles and naked bodies, slinging the strap over your shoulder before tiptoeing towards the double doors, soundlessly moving between them and out onto the parking lot.

“You’re late tonight.”

You jump at the intrusion of company, your heart thumping desperately inside of your chest. “Is this the walk of shame?”

You roll your eyes, smiling slightly, before making your way over to the male, leaning against the pillar in front of him. “I hope my hair wouldn’t look this good if I was doing the walk of shame.”

Jax grins in response, his nimble fingers tapping delicately on his cigarette, the ash falling away onto the concrete. “Depends on who’s bed you were leaving.”

“How about yours?” you hum bravely, enjoying the raise of his eyebrows, the shock in his expression evident. His eyes drink you in as they dance down your body, burning lust heavy in their gaze.

“That can be arranged.” You blush furiously, feeling out of your depth, wishing you hadn’t made the stupid joke in the first place. You clear your throat, turning your eyes to the side, your legs shaking with anxiousness.

You turn back to his alluring stare, the humour sitting on his lips causing you to relax, something you always found yourself doing around him. “You off home?”

You nod in response, crossing your arms as you watch him crush the stub of nicotine under his foot, the action so simple yet even that makes your heart clench. “Fancy a ride?”

The teasing in his tone let’s you know the innuendo is purposeful, you shaking your head as your lips curve upwards, unable to control your responses around the charming biker.

“Thank you for the offer, but I’ll be fine, honestly.” you respond, the words slipping from your lips only ringing half true. “No point in making you go out of your way.”

“What if I told you I wanted to?” he challenges, the playfulness gone from his face, replaced by a serious yet welcoming expression. The intensity in his eyes is almost too much as you search for words, your vocabulary a bustle of jumbled letters when under his spell.

“Really?” you ask quietly, your voice unstable as you fumble with your bag strap, trying to seem less nervous than you truly feel.

“I’d be honoured.” he confirms, his pearly whites making an appearance as he grins at you. A hot flush rushes up your body as you bite the inside of your lip, unable to control the flapping of butterflies within your stomach.

“I’d like that.” He swipes his tongue across his lower lip at your words, seemingly pleased at your response. “Lead the way.”

He does as you say, your footsteps following just behind his as you make your way over to his Harley, your arm slipping through the other strap of your back pack, ensuring it’s not going to fly off during transit.

“You ever been on a bike before?” he asks, no judgement in his tone, just curiosity.

“Nah. Always wanted to, though.” you admit, running your fingers along the metal machine. “Seems exhilarating.”

“Well,” Jax starts, fitting a helmet gently onto your head, his fingers brushing against your skin as he clips it shut. “I hope it lives up to expectations.”

“I’m sure it will.” you whisper to yourself, admiring the way his arms flex as he starts the engine, the bike roaring to life under his touch.

“Hop on.” You do as directed, mounting the bike rather well considering its your first experience, though your fingertips hesitate, not knowing where to grab onto. “Around my waist, darlin’. Don’t be shy, now.”

You’re glad he can’t see you as your cheeks turn scarlet, your arms wrapping around his torso, his chiseled stomach resting underneath your touch.

After you’re holding on properly, Jax double checks with you one more time before zipping out of the lot, a slight squeal leaving your lips as you tighten your grip around him. The wind rushes through your hair as he guides you through the empty roads, the street lamps accompanied by the early morning sky creating a beautiful glow upon Charming.

No matter how loud the engine rumbles, or how fast it seems to go, you know you couldn’t feel more safe than you do right now, and part of you wishes you could stay this way forever.

You feel yourself deflate as you approach the familiar street, Jax pulling smoothly to a stop outside of your house. Trying to hide the disappointment in your face, you hop off the bike, Jax killing the engine before kicking out its stand.

“Thank you.” you say, his fingers brushing yours as you pass him your helmet, your other hand attempting to smooth down the stray tendrils upon your head. “I see why you love your bike so much.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” he smirks, his confidence shining through. “Maybe we could make it a regular thing.”

You freeze, not expecting those words to leave his lips in the slightest. Your shock must be evident, a chuckle leaving his lips as he reaches out to you, sweeping a loose lock of hair behind your ear. “See you tomorrow, darlin’. Sweet dreams.”

Just like that, he’s gone, speeding down the sleeping street, leaving you a mess of nerves and excitement in his wake.

A/N - I’m backkkk!!! So so so so sorryyyyyy I’ve been gone for what feels like forever. I lost my inspiration, then my phone deleted everything and I just never got around to getting the app back on my phone. But I wrote this this morning, within maybe an hour or so, so I’m hoping this is the start of getting back into it! I really hope you guys liked this, thank you for all the continued support while I’ve been gone, it truly means the world to me ❤

Colors Showing

Upon meeting Hwang Minhyun, the CEO of vampire-run company Empire, you’re intimidated by his cold nature and enormous levels of success. As the only human working at Empire, you’re bound to get yourself in a few sticky situations, but you’d never guessed that you’d be falling for your boss.

  • for anon who requested vampire!minhyun
  • in the same universe as moonstone
  • warnings for drinking blood

“Ah, no, no, no, no,” you groaned, bouncing on the balls of your feet, periodically glancing at your watch as though it would make time slow. “Today’s the worst day for this to happen.”

You were currently on the bus in morning traffic, and your job interview for the biggest shot in your life was in 10 minutes. You were half an hour away.

The bus inched slowly through the thick traffic, drawing closer and closer to your destination. By the time you were able to finally extract yourself from the crowd on the bus, you were ten minutes late to your interview. When you raced onto the elevator of the huge skyscraper that housed Empire and Co, you were fifteen minutes late. By the time you dashed to the receptionist desk, hair messy and breathing hard, you were twenty minutes late to your job interview for salesperson at Empire and Co, one of the largest corporations in the world.

“Name?” The receptionist asked, not even looking up as her perfectly manicured nails tapped away on the keyboard.

“(y/n) (y/l/n),” you said breathlessly, doing your best to smooth down your suit jacket.

The receptionist looked up sharply, nose wrinkled as she made eye contact with you. Her eyes turned a slight tinted red, as she handed you a visitor badge, her cold, elegant fingers brushing against yours.

You did your best to ignore her stare as you made your way to the conference room where the interviews were being held, pushing the door open tentatively.

“Who is it?” A male voice asked sharply, and you stumbled inside, straightening up quickly as you scanned the room. There were five males in total, four of them sitting in folding chairs, and the fifth standing in front of them. His presence was commanding, and you’d recognize those sharp cheekbones and piercing eyes anywhere—Hwang Minhyun.

“I’m (y/n), one of the applicants,” you managed to stammer out, hurrying inside to take the final seat at the back of the conference room.

“You’re late,” Minhyun drawled, eyes pinning you down as though you were a lowly bug.

“It won’t happen again,” you rushed to say, half-bowing from your seat. One of the other applicants turned in his seat and faced you, scoffing. His crimson irises made your blood run cold as you realized just what kind of situation you’d gotten yourself into. Empire was known for being an almost exclusively vampire-run corporation. You were one of the few humans brave enough to even apply for a job there, and it was honestly a miracle that you’d secured an interview at all.

“Now, as I was explaining,” Minhyun began pacing back and forth in front of the room, hands clasped behind his back, “we’re looking to expand our market. We need a salesperson who thinks quickly on their feet, is innovative, and a problem-solver.” You perked up at that—those were definitely words that you’d used on your resume. “This interview will be conducted in two segments. The first half will be the group interview—obviously, I’ll be asking you all questions. Feel free to answer them if you feel comfortable, and if you do not, I won’t pressure you. The second half will be a more hands-on project. I’ll be giving each of you an information packet, and will expect a detailed report on it. You’ll be giving those to me at the end of this interview.”

You nodded to yourself—you could totally do this. All it would take is a little concentration and hard work.

“So, first question,” Minhyun said with an eerily charming smile, eyes darting down to the paper in front of him. “What strengths do you possess that will benefit this company?”

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Soup Bowls || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

Word Count: 1.3k

Genre: Fluff

Being friends with seven guys was sometimes a hassle. Especially when said seven guys acted like slobs ninety percent of the time and you had to take care of the as if they were children. It didn’t help that you were trying to obtain your degree in college at the same time that all of the guys just decided to have a ginormous mid life crisis together.

College was already hard enough, but having seven children on your hands made it even harder. There was one specifically, out of the seven, who seemed to take it easy on you, and not expect as much. And for that you would be forever grateful to Jeon Jungkook.

You had been friends with the seven of them since you were in high school, meeting them all through Jungkook. When you were in high school, Jungkook was your best friend. The two of you would spend all of your time together and the boys always said that if they needed to find one of you they would just look for the other. Jungkook and you were connected at the hip, and you did everything with each other.

Even at the final end of the school dance, the two of you went together and danced because you didn’t want to go with anybody else. You weren’t sure what happened after that though. It seemed that after that night, Jungkook seemed to hang out with you less and less. During the summer, you spent most of your time with the guys before you had to start college and they had to go back.

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Four Times | Baron Corbin

Title: Four Times (I should’ve told him I loved him)

Pairing: Baron Corbin/ Reader

Summary: I want all that is not mine. I want him but we’re not right.

Word Count: 4,670

Warning: I don’t really think this needs a warning! (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

Tags@calwitch | @rebelfleur22 | @xfirespritex | @blondekel77 | @abschaffer2 | @alexahood21 | @taryndibiase | @isawthesights | @swedish-strong-style | @wrasslin-rollins | @megnog | @kitkat8 | @ellothelongwaydown | @wwesensualfanficsPlease let me know if I missed anyone or if you would like to be added to the tag list.

Originally posted by baellinswithstyles

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anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario where Todorokis having a huge metal breakdown over the pressure of his father and his s/o is trying to calm him down? Bonus points if the s/o had a rough childhood too.

The thing about insecurity is that you can’t control it, and as many times as Todoroki has tried to manipulate the feelings inside of him, they never seem to go away. He wishes they would be as easy to handle as his quirk, but the mind was more powerful than the body, and even if he was strong, the self doubt in his mind had manifested.

He couldn’t let anyone find him like this. Just twenty feet away in the living room, twenty people sat. Twenty people who thought he was strong; seen him be strong. If anyone, even his own girlfriend, were to find him huddled up behind his bed with a face soaked with tears, he didn’t know how he would handle it. He was normally composed with these things, silently rage about them inside while keeping a straight face.Although today, today was just too much. Someone mentioned his father in class, he didn’t remember, maybe Mineta or Kaminari, and he just couldn’t take it anymore. The only people who realized that he was about to blow were All Might, Midoriya and __. They were keeping their distance, and although he was glad those who knew about his struggle were giving him his space, all he really wanted right now was a hug. The room was cold and the involuntary frost creeping up his right leg made him colder. He was a sobbing, heaving, shivering mess on the floor, and he couldn’t stand it.

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Novocaine-Chapter 11

Summary: Breakfast and a Bucky Pov

Pairings: Bucky x reader, Dean x reader

Warnings: a little angst? no major warnings.

Word Count:1148

Bucky Pov:

He watches you move around the kitchen chatting with the Winchesters and Steve, the latter talking animatedly with Dean about monsters and things that go bump in the night. The jealousy boils underneath his skin, has a tight fist around his heart, and sours his gut with rage.

He was angry. Very angry.

You seemed to know exactly how Dean took his eggs. How crispy he liked his bacon. You place a cup of coffee in front of him, the blinding adoration shining in Dean’s eyes as he looks at you makes Bucky’s stomach turn. He clenches his fists as Dean lightly skims his fingers across your hip bone as you move away to serve breakfast, and you blush prettily, tiny goose bumps erupting over your skin at the touch.

He stares as you pile Dean’s plate with eggs, bacon, golden hash browns and, inexplicably, a piece of cherry pie you seemed to have magicked out of thin air. You take a seat next to Dean and without prompting you pass him the hot sauce while Dean picks the mushrooms off your plate knowing full well how much you hated the fungi.

Bucky feels like he’s about to implode. His skin crawls with your proximity to the intruder. All his hair standing on end as your arms brush.

Sam sits on your left, smacking his lips in appreciation and ruffling your bed hair affectionately.

It was too natural, too right, too comfortable the way you fit them. Like you belonged with them. Like they were the family you’d been missing.

It brought to mind family breakfasts long past, Excursions to coney island with Steve, days laying in the part dreaming of a future so big and bright it was hard to now imagine he’d ever been that innocent.

He hated it. He wanted you next to him, blushing coyly every time he smiled at you, sighing contently when he put his arms around you. You were supposed to be his, cooking him breakfast, joking with him, seeking comfort from him.  He ground his teeth against the tirade brewing, venomous words which had gotten him into this situation in the first place.


Your melodious voice snaps him out of his thoughts, his eyes going straight to you. The sweet smile on your face has dread settling in his stomach. The arm Dean places around your shoulders, however, reignites the hate he feels for the green eyed hunter.

“I need a few weeks off. I don’t have any missions coming up, and I could do with a change of scenery,” you say, cocking your head to the side.

Steve looks down at his plate, pushing a bit of egg around. “You gonna tell me why, doll?” he asks softly.

To Bucky’s annoyance you look at Dean for permission, who nods once.

“A friend, the angel you sort of met, he’s in trouble. I need to help find him before he gets hurt,” you answer simply.

Steve raises his eyes to meet yours. “Are you coming back?” he asks, and your smile slips off your face.

You look at Dean again who squeezes your shoulder gently. “I don’t know,” you reply, and Steve closes his eyes tightly, nodding his head.

Bucky’s anger turns to ice. His instincts scream for him to drag you to safety, to get you away from them, them who were taking you, dragging you, further and further away from him. Before he can stop himself he growls, “No.”

Four heads snap in his direction, your face curiously blank of emotion. “I don’t remember asking you,” you reply emotionlessly.

Bucky ignores the twinge in his chest. “It’s too dangerous,” he replies forcefully, rising from his chair and staring you down.

Dean begins to stand, but is cut off when you place a delicate hand on his forearm. “I think you and I need to have a conversation,” you state, motioning for him to follow you into the living room.

The glare Dean sends his way would melt lesser mortals, but Bucky only smirks cockily, following you down the hall.

Your POV.

Stepping into the lounge you whirl on Bucky. “Don’t say anything, don’t talk back. I don’t want to hear what you have to say! You will listen and that’s it. Got it?” you snap.

The surprise on Bucky’s face clearly shows he was expecting a completely different reaction.

“I am leaving, to help my friends, with or without Steve’s permission. You have no say in the matter. You gave up that right when you started toying with my feelings for you.” Bucky opens his mouth to speak but you cut him off, “No! You have no right, Bucky! You act like I’m yours, like I’m property, try and dictate who I see and where I go!” you bark out, hands on your hips

The sadness in Bucky’s eyes softens your anger marginally.

“This isn’t healthy, Bucky. It’s toxic. We need space from each other to figure out what we want. What we need,” you say gently. “I know this is partially my fault. I don’t know when it all turned to shit, but I can’t keep doing this with you. It’s exhausting, emotionally draining, and it’s not helping anyone.”

Bucky is staying silent, his shoulders set in defeat.

“I’m going to go help my friends. Don’t try and stop me,” moving past him to reenter the kitchen, you’re stopped in your tracks as Bucky’s soft voice reaches you.

“He’s not just a friend is he?”

Your mind comes to a screeching halt, your fists clench at your sides, and you turn to look at him over your shoulder, making sure he sees the devastation in your eyes. “No, he isn’t. He never was.”


After breakfast you hurry to your bedroom, packing as lightly as you can. Guns and knives take up most of the space in your bags. You only had ten minutes to get as much together as you could before having to leave. It was a long drive to the next town where you had tracked Cas to a small motel on the outskirts.

Throwing the last t-shirt into your bag, you zip it closed, dragging it behind you on your way to the elevator. You had said your goodbyes to the team earlier. You weren’t going to be gone for more than a week you were sure. Taking the elevator to the lobby, you stride confidently out of the building admiring the sleek Impala on the curb. You shut Baby’s trunk, having put your suitcase in the back, and slide into car looking expectantly between the two brothers.

Dean smirks, Sam smiles widely.

“Lets kill some evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell!” Dean says as starts Baby, the roar of the engine vibrating underneath you.

Resting your head back on the seat, you smile at the ceiling. Finally, you were free.

Tags: under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

wonhui threesome please! thank you!

while I’m not sure what this exactly is, if you wanted a threesome where it’s strictly Y/N at the “center” of it, it can always be re-requested when we’re taking requests, and I’ll gladly write it. thanks to a sweet anon for an idea for this, hope you guys like it!  💕 (= yes this includes some wonhui too)

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,458 words

You were sitting on your couch, a cereal bowl in your hands, and slowly moved your eyes from Wonwoo to Jun and back to Wonwoo. Jun’s eyes were glued on a book, and you could easily guess that he was studying for his finals, while Wonwoo was enjoying a novel on the couch, his feet on top of your crossed legs.

The dark circles around Jun’s eyes had gotten more prominent with each passing day for the past week at least, and it made you worried - you and Wonwoo both. All three of you lived together and had gotten fairly close in many ways during the year and a half you had shared the four-room apartment, so it was only natural that as Jun lost his usual energy and cheerfulness, you grew concerned.

“Jun,” you called, lowering your hands so that your arms were resting on Wonwoos legs, and got a hum from Jun, although he didn’t lift his face from the book. You pouted a little. “Do you have plans tonight?”

Wonwoo continued focusing on his book, but he was listening to you and Jun intently, his eyebrows rising when Jun muttered. “Not really. My next exam is on Monday so I’m planning on taking the night off.”

You nodded slowly, knowing that he had an important exam that afternoon, and with an idea forming in your mind, you chirped. “Mind if Wonwoo and I plan something nice for all of us?”

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Whenever You Need

Bucky X Reader

Request: @nowayitzaarya Hi, I have a request :) can you make an imagine where the reader is going through a hardship and Bucky as the s/o comforting the reader? And they end up cuddling and cute stf? Lol hope that’s not too much to ask for. And if you do plan on making this come true, tag me if you want. Thanks xx 

Summary: You’re having a hard time and Bucky decides to help you. Teeth-rotting fluff. Warnings: Nudity (you take a shower, so yeah).

Words: 1883.

A/N: Thank you for the request, dear! I hope you like it :3 Requests are open. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it! Feeback is appreciated :3


You tossed yourself on the couch and sighed. You dipped your head and covered your face with your hands, taking a shaky breath, trying to keep the tears from falling.

Then you remembered Bucky wasn’t home, he was away on a mission. You could cry without him seeing.

It wasn’t that you didn’t him to see you weak or anything. It was that, after all he had been through, he deserved happiness. He was only ever happy as long as you were happy, so when you cried he felt like he had failed. And the reason you were crying had absolutely nothing to do with him.

So, knowing you were alone, you just the salty water fall from your eyes. 

It didn’t take long - not a minute actually - for you to hear steps coming from the corridor toward the living room. 


You knew the voice. 

All you managed to do was bury yourself deeper into the cushions, your hands still covering your face.

The steps came closer.

”[Y/n],“ Bucky whispered, "What can I do, baby doll?”

One thing Bucky always did was give you space when you needed. He wouldn’t force or ask an explanation until he felt utterly necessary, usually he’d wait for you to open up with him, no matter the subject. He was glad these were actions as well when the situation was reversed and he had to gather his thoughts from the guilt and pain he felt because of his Winter Soldier’s day’s deed.

He touched your knee. His voice was strained when he talked. “[Y/n], please, let me help.”

You took a deep, shaky breath, but didn’t open your eyes. Your voice quivered. 

“Bucky, I-”

But you didn’t finish. Instead, your tears and sobs attacked and your throat closed up.

His strong arms wrapped around you and he pulled you to his embrace. With your head buried in the crook of his neck and your arms around him, he stood you, lifting you, and set you down on his lap when he sat on the couch.

He changed his arms so his cool arm was around your back and his warm one was around your legs, which you had pulled up to your chest. As you were perpendicular to him, you leaned to the side to rest against his chest, your arms clinging to him. His lips placed kisses in your hair and forehead, because those were the places he could reach when your head was on his shoulder. 

You lost track of time before your tears ceased and your sobs followed suit. 

Once you calmed down, he asked, “What about a hot bath?”

You nodded, but didn’t move. 

He rubbed your back and moved his other hand so it was placed under your knees. He got up from the couch after kissing your cheek and carried you bridal style to the bathroom, where he placed on the marble counter as he turned the faucet. Hot water started pouring into the tub and he added a liquid to make bubbles. Bucky stood in front of you and arched an eyebrow. You raised your arms and he got the message. He pulled your shirt up and out of you then the same with your other clothes. His hands roamed sweetly around your skin, an adoration tone to his touches and looks. 

Bucky lifted you bridal style once again and set you on the tub, keeping your hair out of the water, he had plans for those. He stopped the water from pouring any longer and you closed your eyes, enjoying the hot water on your skin.

You opened them when you felt Bucky’s hand on your hair, first carding his fingers gently through it then sanctioning in two large parts. Bucky was lowly humming an old song as he on the ground, behind your head.

The light was out by then, the illumination coming from the several candles Bucky had scattered around the room. He used a brush to untangle your hair, he knew how much you loved it when he did that, and then pinned it with a hairband in a loose bun. 

Bucky placed a folded towel behind your head and upper neck and gently pushed your shoulders, telling you to lay down. 

Bucky kissed your forehead and murmured, “I’ll be right back.”

You closed your eyes and wait as he left the bathroom. Soon calm music comes from the living room and you smile.

The hot water relaxes all of your muscles and the soft music clears your thoughts.

Bucky came back with a tray full of food, setting the tray down on a stool and sitting on the ground next to the tub, his back propped up by the porcelain.

“Chocolate fondue?”

You chuckled lowly at this. If Steve heard this, he’d get the wrong idea of the situation. Bucky seemed to get what you thought, because he laughed as well.


He dipped your favorite fruit on the melted chocolate and brought it to your mouth.

“Hum, this is great, Buck,” you said.

The chocolate was warm and just the way you liked it, while the fruit was fresh and sweet.

“Wanda taught me.”

“She does know how to cook,” you smiled. Wanda was one of your favorite people in the world.

Bucky kept feeding you with fondue and some wine, talking about the team and series. You laughed at his stories, but the first time you did it, Bucky was beaming. He smiled at you, fondly and adorable. “There it is,” he murmured, cupping your cheek, “Your beautiful smile.”

You blushed and looked at your hands, resting on your lap.

Bucky gently pushed your chin up and focused his steel eyes to yours for a second. He leaned down and fit his soft lips to yours. The kiss was calm though intense, Bucky tried to display all his emotions to you at that moment: love, care, admiration… And you smiled into the kiss. His tongue skimmed your bottom lip, asking for permission, which you didn’t hesitate to concede. His tongue slid onto your mouth and your own met his, in an intense yet peaceful dance.

When you broke apart, the both of you gasping for air, it was only enough for you to touch your foreheads together, eyes still closed.

When it finished, he took the tray away and poured more hot water in the tub.

Bucky reached for the soap and started rubbing your skin with it. First were your feet. He held the bottom of your foot with both hands and his hands went to the top, kneading the muscles. He made his way down, applying more pressure as he neared the sole. He repeated the movement a few times on each feet, using his thumbs to move in circles at the heels. His hands went up to your ankles, massaging around the ankle bone from both sides.

The lavender soap helped his task, its sweet smell relaxing you.

His hands climbed up to your knees as his soapy hands massage all your muscles. He continued his work up your hips, your stomach, your arms, kissing your hands, and your face, using a towel so nothing would fall into your eyes.

Then he stood behind you, still out of the tub while you looked over to shoulder.

Bucky got the hairband out of your hair and let it fall in waves around you. He used a bowl to wet your strands and his fingers massaged your scalp, making you close your eyes from the insanely good sensation.

Once your hair was washed and conditioned, he squeezed it so most of the water would leave it. He moved your hair away before his fingers touched the back of your neck.

Bucky worked along your neck and upper back muscles. His long fingers did light and long strokes on its length first, then his fingertips starting warming up your muscles. Then he places his palms on your shoulders and his thumbs kneaded your shoulder blades. He moved so his thumb was on one side of spine and the other four were the other side, and gliding his hand up and down your neck, relieving the pressure.

Bucky tilted your head a bit to the right, exposing the left side of neck more. He used his usually-cold-but-now-warm-due-to-your-skin hand to slide from top to bottom of your neck as his right hand stabilized your shoulder. He repeated the process on the other side. Lastly, he put his hand on the front of your shoulder and started kneading the muscles in your shoulder blades.

He applied focused pressure at any tension knots.

His hands travelled down to your middle and lower back, where he rubbed your muscles with patience and calm, getting rid of any sore spots.

Once finished, he kept his hands on your shoulders, lightly rubbing your skin there.

“I think I’m good now,” you told him, peeking over your shoulder to smile at him.

He leaned in and kissed your cheek. Bucky grabbed a fluffy, big towel and offered his hand to help you up without falling. 

He wrapped the towel around you and used another, smaller one to hold your hair with a pin.

“My sister used to do this,” he chuckled, “Is it okay?”

You felt a lump in your throat again that night, but this time the reason for it was a happy one. It was Bucky.

So you nodded, smiling a bit.

Bucky kissed your lips.

He ran the bigger towel through your skin, drying every inch, then he lifted you up again and carried you to the bedroom.

He got his red Henley - which he knew you loved in him and loved to wear it - and your favorite pajama bottoms, along with underwear.

The clothes were comfortable and soft, exactly what you needed.

He got the towel off your hair and made you sit on the bed, him right behind you with a brush in hands. He had all the care and patience in the world with him as he detangled every knot from your hair, squeezing it with another small towel. By the time he finished, you had your eyes closed in pleasure and your hair almost dry.

He then drew the cover back and you both got in, Bucky changing into more comfortable before dimming the lights and joining you. He laid by your side and you don’t know who leaned in first, but your lips met in a soft kiss. 

Bucky pulled you into his chest and circled his strong arms around you. 

“Not that I don’t like you here or anything, but,” you quietly said, “How are you here?”

His hand rubbed your back and pulled you closer to him. “Mission was completed before expected. We only got back two hours ago and I wanted to surprise you.”

“Oh. Was everyone alright?”

He smiled. “Yeah, we were all okay.”


“Now, are you alright?”

His eyes showed concern and love.

“Thanks to you, I am,” you smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him.

You laid your head on his chest again and Bucky kissed your forehead.

“Sweet dreams, my love.”

“Night, Bucky.”

You were out the second you closed your eyes, Bucky’s heartbeat inducing you to sleep.

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Out of Gas

Rafael Casal x Reader

Note: This was inspired by the time that Rafa and Daveed ran out of gas on the freeway. This is my first Rafa fic so let’s hope it turns out well and I’m actually pretty proud of this one for a change. Shout out to @ourforgottenboleros for proofreading this for me, thank you Becca!! 

Warnings: nothing it’s just fluff

Word Count: 2,650

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Tonight is the night everything is supposed to change. After six years working hard at your job, going above and beyond your duties, your company has finally offered you a promotion. Tonight, the company is putting on an event, and you are the guest of honor. The whole event was to formally offer you the promotion and to celebrate the achievements you’ve made at the company.

Everything in your life feels like it’s falling into place as you sit in the passenger seat, with your supportive boyfriend Rafael driving you to the event. Until the car starts slowing down. Rafa pulls the car over to the side of the road and comes to a stop.

“What just happened?” You ask.

“I ah, think we just ran out of gas” he says with a laugh. “I can’t believe this happened again” he mumbles shaking his head.

“What are we gonna do? We’re still an hour away from this party we need to get there!” You exclaim, panic already setting in.

“Babe relax we’ll get there” he says, placing a hand on your knee.

Relax? How am I supposed to relax? I need to get to that party we’ll never make it now. You think to yourself, crossing your arms over your chest.

“No we won’t! We are stuck in the middle of a quiet road, at night, with no gas and…” you pull your phone out, groaning when you read the no signal sign at the top. “And no cell phone reception!”

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Secret admirer!Hoseok

Part 9

Scenario [calling]:

[A/N]: Sorry for being so so late, but I’ll have exams on the 19th October, and I have to learn with all of my strength x.x Please, cheer for me, sunshines!! But anyway, I brought the new part to you! It’s a bit longer than the others, but from now on they’ll consist of a lot of scenarios! I hope you don’t mind it and that you’ll enjoy it and the ones in the future, too!
Ps.: the sentences written with bold italic are texts!

You were about to tell him to wait for you a bit until you prepared yourself mentally, but immediately the calling screen popped up and you began to panic. You wanted him to cheer up and feel better with all of your heart, but you were a bit afraid inside. Maybe you talked to him in person before, but as Hoseok and not as your ‘secret’ admirer. It was weird; as a student, you weren’t nervous when it came to interact with him; he was kind and easy-going with everyone. But as the guy who admires you… it was different. Probably it was because you began to be interested in him way before you find out who he is and you didn’t want to mess up things. You shook your head to brush aside your thoughts and with pressing the green button, you picked up your phone. You were shaking a bit, but taking a deep breath you opened your mouth to speak:

“Hi!” your voice sounded more confident as you expected. All you could hear was a muffled squealing noise. “Hope, are you okay?”

‘Yeah, I’m totally okay. I’m just trying to hold back myself~’

You giggled as you saw his message.

“Why do you have to hold yourself back?”

‘Because I’m so happy that I can hear your voice!! 😊’

“I’m glad you are! It was my aim; to cheer you up!” you said smiling.

‘I’m always happy when I’m talking with you, that’s the only thing you shouldn’t doubt’

To his sentence, you felt warmth inside your chest. It was so pleasant. You were about to answer, but a new message immediately popped up on your screen:

‘Anyway, thank you sunshine! ☀☀’ you read it with a frown.

“For what?”

‘For everything in fact, but now I’m talking about the waffles you sent me with Namjoon today. They were delicious, and yummy! 😍’

“Oh, that! You have to eat properly and a lot, so I was just making sure you do so. But I’ll bring you anytime you ask for it, if it makes you happy!”

‘Bring me tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and each day, because I feel myself closer to you when I eat them~~’

“Well, I’ll bring you a three-course meal next time!” you laughed out as you imagined the scene. You heard him giggle which made your tummy clench.

‘Right! 😁’

‘By the way, you owe me an answer’

“What answer?” you began to think, but you just couldn’t remember.

‘You didn’t answer my question last time; would you go on a date with me?’

“What a stubborn man!” a big sigh left your lips.

‘If you answer, you can ask me anything~’

“And if I don’t want to?” you tried to avoid the embarrassing topic, but it seemed like he was confident.

‘I’m sure you do 😉’

“Ahhh, alright! Yes, I would go on a date with you to get to know you better and finally spend time with you in real life.” you said it trying to be nonchalant but you just couldn’t resist the cheerful tone of your voice. You waited for him to text, but he didn’t. “Hey, Hope! I can hear you grinning!”


‘Ps.: I’m grinning like an idiot’

You laughed out again as you read his messages, and still; his giggle was just so adorable.

“Okay, my turn!” you cleared your throat to get his attention. “Hope!”

‘Yes, sunshine? ☀☀’

“Why are you feeling down?” the words left your mouth before you could realize it. No sound can be heard from the other side, even the soft tapping of his fingers on the screen. You gulped. “Hope, is it a problem, if I ask it?”


‘It’s just… stupid. Nothing at all, really’

“It’s definitely not ‘stupid’ or ‘nothing’ if it makes you sad” you talked quietly and calmly. You could hear him sigh than the little tapping noises afterwards.

‘I feel like, I’m bad at what I’m doing. With every practice I see my flaws, that my whole body doesn’t do what I want it to. I’m just so clumsy, it’s messed up!’

“Hope, what are you talking about, you’re amazing!” you exclaimed in surprise. You barely could believe what he’s thinking about himself.

“You haven’t ever seen me practicing” his voice sounded deep and muffled, like when a person speak under a thick material. Maybe it wasn’t meant to you, but you heard it.

“Well, I…” you started, then stopped. He doesn’t know that you know who he is. He doesn’t know that you were the one lurking him in the warehouse. You looked at the certain green, creased sticky note you pinned on your wall next to the other ones. ‘I saw you in my dream, Sunshine~’ it said. You sighed out slowly. “…I’m sure you’re amazing, Hope! I’m sure, because you’re working so hard, and you practice with love. I appreciate your effort, but overworking yourself makes things worse. It doesn’t help at all. Please, Hope… rest a bit.” your voice cracked at the end.

‘Sunshine… I can’t’

“You can, Ho…pe” you stopped a bit as you almost called him by his real name. You were so worried, only his giggle snapped you back into real life.

‘Lol, what was that? Did you forget my name? 😆’

“Haha, very no fun, Hope” you rolled your eyes, but can’t help but smiled.


“What okay?”

‘Okay, I’ll rest few days’

“Really?” you cheered up as you read his message.

‘Yes, but I’ll practice a bit tomorrow. I already planned it~’

“You promise?” your voice sounded relieved.

‘I do, but only if you promise me something in exchange!’


‘That you’ll go on a date with me on Friday.’

You were shocked. You read the sentence repeatedly, and couldn’t even believe that he asked you out. It took a few seconds to understand what he wrote, and you immediately answered:

“Sure!” maybe with more excitement than you expected to. “I mean… why not”

‘You’re cute *giggles* 😊’

“I can hear you giggle, you don’t have to write it down”

‘Oh yes, I forgot you have the superpower to hear even the things that don’t make any sound’

“Stop making fun of me!” your lips formed into a pout.

“I wasn’t. You’re really cute” his voice can be heard again from the other side. It wasn’t muffled anymore.

“Aren’t you afraid of I’ll recognize you by your voice?”

‘It doesn’t matter anymore. We’ll go on a date on Friday~~~~!!!’

A big smile spread across your face as you read with amusement how happy he was about it.

“Yeah, we will!” you nodded in agreement. You were also excited, and you couldn’t wait for it to come, but unfortunately it meant four more days.


He started a new topic as you grinned at the screen of your phone. With his cheerful and kind personality, or even when he felt down; you adored him. He was so bright, you even questioned if you were the real sunshine and not him. But then you realized; he was the sun. And this thought was on your mind the whole time you talked that night until the both of you were so sleepy that you barely could keep your eyes open. May or may not you ended up falling asleep to his soft voice saying:

“Good night, Sunshine!”

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5/1] [Part 5/2] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8]

Don’t Mess with Momma

Relationship: Damian Wayne x Batmom!Reader

Summary: Damian warmed up to you best and you wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

Key: Y/N= your name

Damian wasn’t one to “warm up” to people easily. Actually, he probably strongly disliked most people he encountered. But you were different. You treated him like the adult he was groomed to be and the child he deserved to be. Damian really appreciated the way you expressed your affection. He liked that you weren’t very touchy, unless he really wanted it. Bruce was incredibly jealous at how easily it seemed you and Damian got along.

“Y/N, I don’t know how you do it. How did you get Damian to like you?”

You sighed, “For the last time Bruce, I didn’t make Damian like me, he decided to put his trust in me.”

“But Y/N, I’ve tried so hard to do what you do, but Damian seems to despise me.”

“Maybe you’re trying too hard,” You cuddled into Bruce, “Or maybe I’m the better parent.” You winked at him, tugging his tie as you walk away.

“Oh, I’m going to get you for that,” he groaned.

“Later babe, Damian needs help with his homework.” Bruce sighed, defeated, and you glided up the stairs to Damian’s room.

After an hour helping with homework, you decided to make a fun suggestion.

“Habibi, would you like to take a break? We could get ice cream or go to the park, if you would like.”

Damian looked up to you with a small spark in his eye, “Can we get ice cream, ummi? That sounds like a reasonable break.”

“Indeed. Get your coat and meet me in the car, I believe Alfred will drive so I can sit with you, alhabiba.” Damian grinned widely and began to search for a coat.

Once Damian had made his way to the car, you slipped in the backseat together. The car ride was silent but you didn’t mind. You sat there and idly played with his hair, enjoying his presence. Damian would never admit it, but he loved it when you both just sat together and you would either draw circles on his back or fiddle with his hair. Alfred looked back every now and then to admire how well you took care of the “devil child”.

When the car reached the ice cream parlor, you thanked Alfred and let him go back to the manor, explaining that you and Damian would enjoy a nice walk back home. Damian slipped his hand in yours and you smiled to yourself as you walked to the ice cream parlor. The lines at the parlor weren’t too long and the workers were doing the best they could.

You and Damian were enjoying a nice chat when you heard a middle-aged, white, suburban soccer mom a couple people in front of you huff, “I can’t believe how long they’re taking. They probably don’t even care how long we have to wait.”

Damian, being the outspoken boy he is, spoke up, “Tt- hold your tongue, they are underpaid and doing the best they can.”

“Shut it you little heathen.”

Shocked, Damian looked at you as your face reddened. He had only seen it become this shade when his brothers were in particularly terrible trouble. “Excuse you?”

“You heard me, keep your kid in check. He should learn to respect those older than him.”

“I’m sorry, he should respect someone who is rude to the people serving them? Who is obviously ungrateful?”

“Lady you better watch your mouth,” the woman stepped closer to you.

You stepped so you were right in her face. You put on your scariest mom face, one that scared even Bruce and startled Alfred. “I think you should apologize to those workers, then my son, and then me.”

The woman began to shrink under your gaze. She mumbled something and you turned your head, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

“I’m sorry,” she squeaked to you. She then looked to Damian, “Sorry.” Then she turned to the workers who had stopped because she was holding up the line. “Thank you and I’m sorry.” They all let out little snickers and resumed working after she told them her order, a lot less high and mighty.

The manager came over to you and Damian. “Thanks for that. She comes in everyday and says the same things every time, no matter if we’re actually busy or not.”

“It was no problem.” You gave him a sincere smile.

The manager was extremely grateful and gave you and Damian free ice cream, but you tipped generously. As you walked home, Damian excitedly replayed the actions in the parlor. You laughed as Damian’s face lit up like a candle as he praised you.

“Oh habibi, I’d do anything for you,” you cooed as you ruffled his hair.

Damian blushed and cried, “Ummi you are the best!”

When you got home, all your boys were there. They wanted to say bye to you before they went on patrol. You were surprised to see them waiting around, but Damian took advantage of this.

“You all will never guess what ummi did!” There were a few mutters before he continued excitedly, “Ummi put this incredibly rude woman in her place!” He went on to retell in precise detail the events at the ice cream parlor. The boys laughing as he talked about your use of your mom skills on this lady.

Bruce made his way over to you, listening to the story and grinning. “How do you do it,” he questioned as he snaked his arm around your waist.

“Let’s just say, no one messes with momma,” you looked up and sent him a wicked smirk.

Red (Sneak Peak)

Just a little bit of something I’m working on… hope you enjoy it! xx


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He stares at you in amazement when you drop to your knees, your eyes glistening with something he never thought he’d see directed at him, at least not coming from you - lust. Your fingers, clumsy in your haste to undress him, shake while you pluck the button of his skinny jeans and pull on the zipper, the noise making the hairs on his neck stand on end.

You don’t waste time with teasing and he appreciates it - his cock is pulsing inside his pants and it’s become uncomfortable to be bound by the tightness of his skinnies, so, when you eagerly pull them down along with the soft fabric of his boxer briefs, Harry breathes a sigh of relief, the cold air of your foyer enveloping him as his hard member hits against the soft pink of his shirt that still covers his body.

Your lips spread into a smile when your hand wraps around his shaft and Harry sucks in a breath as the thought dawns on him - his lips, swollen from your eager kisses, won’t be the only part of his body covered in the vibrant red of your lipstick.

“Gonna leave your stain on m’ cock, too?” Harry questions, hair falling across his eyes as his neck bends so he can look down at you. “Been thinking ‘bout it all night… having yeh mark me.”

The moan that leaves your lips as you register his words make his knees go weak - it’s an obscene, salacious, desperate sound, loud and unbridled, the perfect description of how erotic this whole ordeal is. It makes his skin prickle with goose bumps and his eyes glaze over with lust and he reaches down, one hand on your chin, forcing you to look up at him, your eyes shining with desire, red stained mouth open around shallow breaths.

“D’yeh like that? Like the thought o’ marking me?” When you gulp, a whiny “yes” coming from your lips, Harry’s fingers tighten slightly around your chin, his thumb reaching up to drag across your bottom lip, smudging the lipstick even further and he can feel his cock twitch and pulse in your grasp. “Is that cause yeh want people to know I’m yours?”

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There´s been written a lot of Jamie POV about his PTSD, but I can´t remember any from Claire´s perspective (if there was any). What she felt and thought during her husband´s healing proces? How she tried to help him (ease his pain)?

Vietnam AU

Jamie carefully balanced the tray as he ascended the stairs, bare fleet sliding along the worn wood boards.

Just past dawn on the Fourth of July – it would be a busy one at Lallybroch, yet again. Claire and Jenny Ian and Murtagh and Suzette and all the kids had all been up late, sweeping off the lawn and setting up chairs and tables for the barbeque that had become a cherished annual tradition.

For every year, the Fraser/Murrays of Fraser’s Ridge extended an open invitation to all veterans of all conflicts, to come together at their home on America’s birthday and celebrate service, and each other. And remember those who hadn’t made it home to celebrate.

Most of the veterans were local – Murtagh’s close-knit friends from when he stormed the beaches at Normandy; the few ‘Nam vets Jamie had gotten to know through his business dealings, selling Lallybroch’s milk and cheese and wool and produce to local markets; friends and family of Claire’s current and former patients at her neurology practice.

This year was especially poignant, as it was the first since the men and women who had helped push Saddam out of Kuwait would be here to celebrate.

Quietly down the hallway – past Brianna’s room. Aged sixteen, she was intelligent, vivacious, responsible – and drop-dead gorgeous. The younger guys would be flocking around her tonight.

Jamie sighed, then gently elbowed open the master bedroom door.

Claire was awake – she never slept long by herself, sensing his absence even in sleep. She blinked at him from against the headboard his grandfather had carved, hair all wild, the low neck of her sleep shirt slung to expose one bare shoulder. And smiled.

Eighteen years since a beaming Murtagh had walked her down the aisle at St. Bride’s Church, when she legally became the Fraser she had already been since they handfasted the year before. Twenty-three years since he first saw her, a circle of light amid a haze of confusion and pain, smiling down at him at Chu Lai.

His heart still stuttered to see her.

He set down the tray on the bedside table he’d made her for their anniversary, handed her the black coffee she craved each morning.

“I’ll need this today,” she yawned, gently scooting over for him to sit beside her. “Careful – we’ve got a visitor.”

Five-year-old William Fraser – their joyful surprise – snuffed against his mother’s lap and returned to sleep. Jamie reached over to ruffle his brown curls – so much like Claire’s.

“Is he all right?”

“He was so excited last night he had a hard time falling asleep – it’s the first barbeque he can *really* help with.”

Jamie bent to kiss Claire’s exposed shoulder. “Thank you for all you do for me. For us. I know it’s always a lot of work – ”

“Nonsense. You know I’m happy to do it. Proud to do it.” She sipped her coffee. Thoughtful. “It’s so important to everyone – to help them remember they are appreciated. That they have a home, a place to relax.”

He nodded, mind turning over the thousand small tasks still to be done before the guests arrived at noon –

“You do it because you don’t want them to be forgotten, don’t you?”

He turned to face her.

“You know me too well.”

“I know it grates on you how for so long, nobody wanted to talk about Viet Nam. To acknowledge what soldiers like you – ”

“Soldiers like *us*,” he corrected.

She twisted her lips. “Like *us* - what we experienced. What we survived – it was no less honorable than the guys in France or the Pacific or Korea.”

He sighed.

“I don’t want the kids coming back from Desert Storm to ever feel the same way.” His eyes were far, far away – remembering those times people had sneered at the “Vietnam Vet” bumper sticker on his pickup truck, and how hard it was for him to claim benefits from the VA, and how so many of the men he had commanded in Nam had fallen on hard times. “That – that people don’t appreciate them, and their service, and their sacrifice. Forget the politics.”

Claire set down her now-empty coffee cup, gently rolled their sleeping son off of her lap, and crawled onto her husband’s lap. Wrapped her legs around his waist. Holding him so, so tight.

He melted into her – full of so much.

“You do right, Jamie,” she whispered hotly in his ear. His fingers dug into her hips. “They won’t go through any of that, because of you.”

He swallowed, holding her close.

“If Brianna or William ever choose to serve, I – I want it to be better for them,” he rasped. “They need to know – ”

“Hush. They *do* know, love. Hush.”

Always so strong for her – for their son and daughter – for their family and employees and clients.

But they both knew that she was the strength for both of them.

When I look into your eyes, I can see a love restrained,” she sang softly, quietly, just for him.

“But darling when I hold you, don’t you know I feel the same?”

He shifted to kiss her.

“*Mo graidh,*” he whispered against her lips.


#12: You’re Mine**

**mature ( some ass smacking and shit ;P )

“Is this good?” Harry asks, holding up one of his jazzy printed shirts to his bare chest as he turned around to Y/N; her lying on the bed.

Looking up from the groupchat regarding Jeff’s birthday bash on her phone, Y/N gave an unsure look. “Nah, wear something a little bright and noticeable. Like the red shirt you have?”

Harry huffed and turned to his closet, hanging back the shirt. “The party’s all indoors, it’s not like someone’s gonna notice what you wear..and they’re all family..”

“I notice.” Y/N muses, biting her lip as Harry turns around to catch her cheeky smile and he smirks back. “And, I totally judge!”

Chuckling, Harry surrendered, closing the closet door, and walking back to join Y/N on the bed. They lay across from each other, not much distance in between, anchoring the side of their heads with the palm and elbow propped up on the mattress.

“What is the lady wearing?” Harry slurred in a low tone, lifting a finger to poke her cheek, then guiding it down to her jaw and neck till he was doodling on her chest.

“It’d be all dark, I guess starring stark naked wouldn’t really be noticeable, would it now?” They chuckle together, Harry’s fingers stopping and guiding down to hold her hip and suddenly he’s brought her under him, chest to chest, face to face.

Kissing her lips gently, he asks again,” Tell me, what are you putting on?” He hid his face in her neck, pressing his lips down on her flush skin.

“That little black dress you got me from Paris? I think it’d be just the sizzling outfit for the night.” Imagining his eyes on him as she has the dress on, Y/N feels her body shudder and teeth sink in her bottom lip.

“Mhm, the one that’s super easy to take off.” Earning a playful slap on his back at the comment, Harry thrusts his groin onto her, snickering into her neck.

“Harry get off, we gotta get ready.” Lifting her legs from under him, she tries to escape out of his grip. “And it’s already that you don’t take half an hour more than me.”

Tittering at her sarcastic remark, he slid off of her, lying down beside her. Y/N sits up, turning back to look at him as his hand slides up her arm.

“Y/N, listen.” He starts, drawing her attention to him. “At the party..”

“At the party..?” Y/N drawls in anticipation.

Looking away and sighing, he looks back at her again, and sits up with her. “My ex is to be there at the party, so..”

When he doesn’t say anything again for a while, Y/N knits her eyebrows together to give him a confused look. “Okay, and how is that supposed to be my business to know?”

Harry shrugs tentatively. “I thought you’d like to know about it, y’know, the basic girlfriend problems and shit..”

“Am I now just the ‘basic girlfriend’ to ya?” Y/N narrows her eyes.

“No!” Harry jumps up to hug her. “But just don’t get mad or anything about it.”

“Do I ever?” She says, holding his arms wrapped around her waist.

“Ah, I love you so much.” Harry smiles in her neck.


The party is extravagant. Beautifully set up, there’s a stage that rests in the center and round tables surround all around it, scattered in the place. The lights are dim and the interior is set just in blend with the lighting and mood. 

Y/N and Harry walk through the doors after struggling to pass from the paparazzi flashes and call outs. 

Glenne and Jeff greet them at the door, squishing them into warm hugs and pretty smiles. The girls on and on compliment their looks while Harry standing behind Y/N eyes the crowd alertly, measuring his further getaways for the night. 

He feels a tug at his wrist and looking down, he finds Glenne approaching him, and slowly nodding to her, he follows the ladies inside. Y/N looks up at him and smiles giving Harry a relief from the current running thoughts. He bends down, kissing her smack on the lips and utters,” I love you.” as if trying to make her keep it in mind. Y/N replies back, clenching her jaw when he’s not looking. 

They walk up to the table closest to the stage, and at one of the seats sits Harry’s nightmare. Ex. 

He is quick to look back at Y/N, but she’s kept her eyes down to the floor the entire time. His eyes fly back to the other girl at the table with her phone in her hands, and he slowly nears Y/N, placing his hands on her waist that cause her to turn to him. Covering up, Harry smiles, trying to keep her engaged. 

Glenne begins to pull out chairs for the two and the noise causes Kendall to look up from her phone at the arrived guests. She smiles and stands, loudly calling out. 

“Harry! So good to see you.” 

Harry smiles back, and quickly from standing behind Y/N, he walks up to hug Kendall quickly. They engage in a small talk about their whereabouts while Glenne and Y/N look at one another, exchanging subtle smiles. 

Harry shifts a bit, pardoning himself before quickly making a beeline to the bar, away from the tension clouded at the table. 

Glenne approaches Kendall, and begins: “Kendall, this is Y/N, Harry’s special one.” 

Kendall gives an excited look, walking forward to Y/N, and Y/N gladly receives her hug. 

“So glad to meet ya.” Kendall says, them pulling away. 

“You too, Kendall.” Y/N smiles bright, positive. 

The ladies settle at the table - Glenne in between the two, slowly rubbing her temples. 

Y/N turns to Kendall. “Love the dress, girl.” 

“Ah, thanks. It’s designer, specially got it done for the evening.” Kendall puts her palm on her chest, sighing dramatically. “I like your dress too.”

“Thanks, Harry got this for me.” Y/N flaunts with same dramatic sighing. 

“Aw, he has great taste. Always had, always will.” Kendall replies, grinning wide. 

Y/N nods, replying the grin with a polite smile. Glenne has her eyes wide by this moment. 

“Oh, Glenne, you don’t know how much I’ve waited for the party!” Kendall exclaims, holding Glenne’s wrists and smiling deep. “I literally ate nothing the whole day just so I don’t miss out the delicacies tonight.”

“Oh, that’s not so good, Kenny.” Glenne frowns. 

“Yeah, you couldn’t have skipped food.” Y/N inputs, utterly ambushed by Kendall’s idea.” It’s already not that you seem fragile, Kendall. You shouldn’t ever do this again.”

“Aw, Y/N. You’re so caring. I bet Harry loves it when you lecture him at times like his mum does.” Kendall smiles. 

Y/N snorts. “Ah, he hates it. But of course he’s got no other choice.” Chuckling, Y/N meets Glenne’s eyes who are persistent on her. 

“Really?” Kendall gasps out loud. “He used to love it when I did this to him. Oh, Glenne, do you remember the time he had drank so much and threw up all over my apartment’s carpet? God, I had given him so much that day and he was so understanding, didn’t object any of the things I said.”

“Maybe you just gave him that strict, motherly vibes.” Y/N counters. “We are pretty casual with each other, y’know. Equal at everything.”

“Oh, but what’s better than having your boyfriend see you as his mother-”

“Kenny.” Glenne interjects. “I-I thought you were gonna get Kylie along with you, Jeff would have loved to see her.”

Y/N takes one deep breath, settling her nerves as she scratches the back of her neck, getting herself a glass of champagne from the servers and beginning to take steady sips. It’s all bloody cool, all cool. 

-and you should know how much Y/N loves the lip kits.” Overhearing her name slip from Glenne’s mouth, Y/N gets back to the conversation. “She’s probably even wearing one of them right now. Y/N?” 

“Oh, yeah.” Y/N nods, smiling. “They’re lovely, so smooth and pretty. Kylie’s doing such a great job.” 

“Thanks, boo.” Kendall sighs, extra. “Kylie would love to hear all of this. She’s working so hard and I’m just so proud of her. You know what, you should personally let her know it, she’s hardly ever appreciated for all this. She’ll be so happy.” 

Extracting her phone out of her clutch, Kendall passes her phone to Y/N. “Here, we should probably exchange numbers. I’d love to catch up with you even after tonight.” 

Y/N’s eyes widen, but she accepts her phone anyway and exchanges her phone in return. “It’d be totally bizarre, but alright, here you go.” 

At this Kendall lets out a loud laugh, casually lifting her hand in the air for a high-five. Y/N chuckles back , their hands clasping. Glenne smiles contentedly. 

Later it becomes a lot easier to talk. Glenne talks about the technicalities and difficulties she had to face to further arrange the whole party, Kendall and Y/N having their share of inputs in between, Y/N sarcastic, casual remarks keeping the bubble of amusement sustaining in the chit chat. 

Soon enough, the lights dim out and Jeff walks up at the stage. Harry joins the table at the front, sitting on the seat right next to Y/N. He places his drink on the table and steals a quick kiss on Y/N’s cheek. His hands slide up her thigh, and Y/N is forced to look at him. 

“I’ve been watching you.” He muses, pressing another kiss on her lips. 

“Tell me something new, Styles.” Y/N rolls her eyes at him playfully, smirking timidly. 

Harry chuckles.” Is the alcohol getting over, my love?” His fingers press on the inside of her thighs, making Y/N spread her legs a little more under the table. 

“We’ve just started, baby, the night’s still young.” Y/N slurs, earning another small chuckle from him, and she turns away to the stage, feeling another kiss press at the crook of her neck before he finally settles in his chair, hand up the hemline of her dress nevertheless. 

Harry is called on stage to speak later during the night, and with his drink he walks up to the stage, settling at the podium with a prize winning grin. When does he ever get to say out loud his jokes to a great deal of people? Y/N been his only anchor who did bare his jokes, and now seeing him do what he loves, Y/N’s grinning in excitement. 

The whole room turns in a pandemonium, people falling off their chairs and laughing till their cheeks and stomachs hurt, and when Harry’s walking back down the stage, he’s hooting all the way, people clapping behind them. He’s sitting back on his chair when Kendall gets up to hug him, whispering a thing or two in his ear that makes him laugh more and they clasp their hands together. 

They sit back in chair; Y/N gulping a considerate amount of her drink before turning to Harry who’s wrapped his arms around her neck and hid in his face in her neck, chuckling still. Y/N winds her arm around him, patting his back in appreciation, pressing a kiss into his hair. 

He smiles up at her and kisses, the night going on and on with more laugh and fun, considerably high on alcohol and wide, relished food. 


The bedroom door closes, and Y/N is thrust up against it. Harry’s hand clutches her hip, digging his fingers in through her skin as his lips work desperately on hers. 

Her legs wrap around his taut waistline, digging her hands in the back of his neck as she urges him towards the bed. He picks her in a swift movement, rushing over to the bed and throwing her over it. 

“Oh, my baby, my so good, good, baby.” He coos, unbuckling his belt and throwing it away to climb on top of her. 

Their lips meet in a heated kiss again, and his hands from now her sides, slide down easily into her dress, fiddling with the waistline of her panties. Hot breaths, wafting alcohol gasp into one another as Harry’s fingers slip into her panties, feeling her wet walls against his fingers. 

“Gosh, Harry. I’m tired.” 

“No, you’re not. You want me, I know you do.” Harry pangs in an annoyed tone, fingers slipping into her with ease, lips pressing on her jaw. 

“I’m tired of having had to interact so much the whole night.” 

Harry chuckles. “They were all family, who had you tired?” 

She rolls her eyes. “You know who.” 

He laughs into her neck. “C’mon, you were so good. I was legit freaking out when I walked in but you were absolutely unbelievable, so good, so lovely, pet.” 

“What? Were you expecting some cat fight or something? Harry’s mine! No he’s mine!” Y/N mocks in a screeching tone as Harry yet again bursts into a laughter fit, his fingers loosening causing Y/N to groan out loud. 

“She was trying to literally not lunge at me and I bet her cheeks hurt after smiling so much. Told me so much shit that hurt, and she took my number, Harry! She took my phone number!” Y/N says in a loud, astonished tone, Harry chuckling back as he stares at her face. “I swear she’s trying to get you back, trying to catch up with you again, oh god, she’s such a -”

“Sh, sh.” Harry presses a finger on her lips, hovering back on top of her, his fingers still inside her panties. His lips break into a smile, eyes in contact with hers. “You know, it’s so plausible, her taking your number and being sweet, I’m just way too damn irresistible.” He muses in a dreamy tone, rolling his head back and flicking a hand through his hair. 

Fuming under him, Y/N gives a hard pushe, bringing him under her, as she sits up on his hips, her wet panties over his groan. 

“Fuck you, shut up! You’re mine. Only mine!” Her lips smack against his, hips thrusting back and forth in desperation. Harry’s eyes widen, hands fly up in the air before settling on her behind, slowing down her thrusts into patient, craving ones. 

Her lips leave his, tugging them with her teeth before pressing on the side of his mouth and sloppily trailing down and down his face to his neck and chest. 

“I love this jealous, freak side of you. Should try this more times.” Harry titters to himself, Y/N sitting back up and giving him a narrow-eyed look. Her fingers tug at his shirt button, making his eyes fly wide. “No, no, not the SHIRT!”

The tearing of fabric resonates louder than Harry’s whining, as the shirt comes loose on his shoulders, the buttons dropped on the bed everywhere, his chest exposed and cold.

“I thought baby liked me this way.” Y/N snickers teasingly. 

Harry’s hand have clasped over his face and he speaks in a muffled tone. “That was a Gucci shirt, you git!” He whines, opening his eyes and sitting up in swift movements, almost having Y/N fall off his lap but he immediately had her hips clutched in his hands. “What’d you do!?”  

Y/N’s eyes widen. “That was just a bloody shirt, Harry!” 

“A hundred-thousand dollar shirt, honey!” He bangs his head against her chest, groaning. 

“Oh, I get it.” Y/N says and Harry looks up at her with a frown. “You need that shirt more. Fine with me, go have it, Harry. Might as well get off with it!” She booms, pushing to get off his lap but he quickly turns her down, slamming her against the mattress and riding on top of her. 

“You think I’m letting you get away with it so quickly? Uh-huh, sweetie.” Harry lifts her dress, exposing her lace panties and he drags them down her legs, having a clear view of her wetness. He holds her hip, pushing her till she lay on her side, and giving a taut slap to her behind, he turns her back to him. 

“That was for ruining my shirt.” He states authoritatively. Y/N cries out, as her hand reaches out to touch her stinging skin but Harry slaps that away too. 

“No.” He husks, dark. He pushes her again, slapping hard again. Y/N cries echo in the room, her teeth sinking in her lips as she hisses in a bothering manner. 

“This one’s for being so annoyingly drunk every time.” He slaps her once again, the hardest, his fingers all printed red on her skin. 

“What’d you did that for?” Y/N cries, giving him accusing eyes. 

“That’s for I’m liking this ass slapping thing lately.” Winking, he bends forward, kissing her pouted lips, instantly having her reciprocate, and lift her head up from the mattress for better access. 

“You’re so cruel.” She says in between the kiss. “Will it ever be that I get to have you under control?” And suddenly, she remembers someone’s words. 

Harry chuckles, trailing down her face to her neck, and he hurriedly strips the straps of the dress off of her shoulder, shrugging it down till her breasts were out in air, nipple hard and swollen for his mouth to take in. His lips curved around the brittle peak, sucking till it ached and Y/N was screaming in tension. 

He trailed down, carrying the dress along in his fingers, till he had it all down to her ankles. He nose bumped on her navel, his tongue dips into it, amused when she jumps a feet in the air from the sensation. 

His tongue slid to between her thighs, pressing taut on her clit before adding a finger for more. He had her dripping wet in a moment, and slowly backing away, he stood on his knees to undo his jeans.

“I’m done.” Y/N announces, turning to her side and tucking her hands between her thighs, her eyes closed. 

“What?!” Harry asks in bewilderment, his member, swollen and aching, in his hands. 

“I’m angry at you.” Y/N whines. 

“Oh, no, no, baby.” He leans forward. “Tell me where it hurts, I’m sorry, I went too into it.” He coos, kissing her behind at different spots multiple times. 

“No.” She pushes him away with a flick off her ass. “I’m angry because I got to know about something.” 

Harry’s eyes widen. “What?” Harry said, sitting up on his knees. “Did she talk some shit to you. I swear I told Glenne to take ca-”

Y/N sat up, eyes to him. “Do you see your mother in me, Harry?” 

“That’s so scary. How would I be doing any of this if I keep imagining mum in your place. Holy shit, pardon me god.” He gasps. 

“Nooo.” Y/N has a hard time controlling her smile. “As in, when I’m comforting you, advising you, standing by you, do you feel a motherly love reflect from me?”

Harry grabbed her cheeks, cupping them in his huge hands, smiling at her. “I have three women in my life who I know I can’t live without. Mum, Gem and you, understand? You three stand at three different places for me, all of them extremely important individually, and a disbalance in any of it has me falling apart. You three are incomparable, individually make me feel perfect, and you guys are my standards to compare other woman with. You are whole and enough for me, baby, I love you so much.” 

“Aw, my loverboy. Such an artist with words. I love you more.” They bump noses and share a quick peck. 

Harry blows a huge huff. “I have to be great, I have so much writing to do.” He says, lying her down back on the mattress. 

“Could you add these words in one of your songs for the album. I’d love to hear it..” Y/N smiles, looking up at him. 

“Yeah, yeah, I will. Now can we just..” He gives a pained look. “I am fucking hard here, you don’t know how much it aches.”

Y/N laughs. “Just do it!”


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