this was hard for me to do lmfao

*girl and boy idol interact normally*

boy group stans: lmao it’s not like i’m mad or something :) i mean he can do what he wants i do not care :) i really do not :) but like :) idk why she tries so hard, who even asked her to get close to him lmao :) anyways i’m not bitter or something holy shit please but like, why did she approach him. anyways i’m chill it’s not like i hate girls or something :) he’s gonna date me one day anyways :) idk think of the dating rumors lmao i’d hate that, she can stay away :) what! i really care about her! it’s not like i secretly plan to trash her on the internet. lmao :)


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Do you ever read a story, or watch a movie, and a character does something SO embarrassing that it’s hard to watch or stomach. You just look away from the screen or the book and silently feel for this character? I need to know that I’m not the only one who does this!


Summary: The Company thinks you’re a man so when they find out that you’re not, one dwarf isn’t too pleased.

Warnings: Swearing. Multiple short time skips so it might be a jumbled mess, there is a part where some might get offended: please don’t. I didn’t mean it like that.

Pairing: Dwalin x Reader

Word Count: 2,844

A/N: Holy shit this was longer than I expected. I didn’t expect it to be this long, but as I kept writing, I had a hard time finding a way to end it so this happened. This is probably the longest one shot I’ve ever written. @fandomnationwhore I do hope that this is what you wanted. IF it’s not, let me know and I’ll write another one. Its so bad lmfao

Also, I don’t know if you guys realize this but my requests are always open lmfao


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Came back from the con and got to hang out with no other than the troll king himself. That Furuta guy. It was a mistake.

Seidou goes into an Izakaya and contemplates on life. How he manages to be sane around the other CCG members, we’ll never know.
(The event was fun, I saw a lot of kagune Kanekis. My Furuta was hilarious and even brought his lunch pate lmfao.)
“Drunk Seidou is best Seidou.” - Seidou’s English VA (Micah Solusod)
He took a picture with me and posted it up on his twitter. -cries happy tears- HE KNEW WHICH VERSION OF SEIDOU I WAS.
He got the pineapple joke too which was cool. HE SIGNED MY PINEAPPLE. And he knows about Ghoul Seidou. I hope he voices him in the 3rd season…I mean this guy LOVES Seidou too. Like my god boi. He even said so himself.
But eyyy his VA was hella chill and nice. I gave him the scrapbook Seidou I made and he was like spazzing out. Both of us were. 
What a great day it was yesterday. 

ahhh well there goes :p i was tagged by @velvethoseok to do the… selfie tag was it? ik you tagged me a long time ago but kvjrjfkf here you go :’))))

i tag… ah this is hard i tag @taendency @taehyxngs @slutlingar @yoongster @pardonchristie @almondyoongi @sleepychim

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the fact that your knuckle tats pissed so many alt-righters off is so fucking funny. they try so hard to be mad at everything lefists do lmfao

They’re just mad because they can’t control me.

here’s my smol ( wip ) list!!

     alriiiight let’s do it!! OK so i actually never thought that i’d get myself into mains & exclusives but i find the idea of focusing on one version of a muse more appealing than ‘’repeating’’ over & over the same threads with duplicates. & let’s say that it’s also pretty hard for me to interact with others because when i fall in love with someone’s portrayal, i fall quite hard lmfao.

    anyway, give the heart a squeeze if you’re interested, & we’re indeed mutuals, & i’m going to drop by in your ims to discuss whatever you’re interested in! i don’t really require that we’ve interacted before, but it does help. ofc this is a selective blog, so i won’t force myself if i don’t want to share said status. it’s nothing personal. also, please don’t bother if you’re not enthusiast in developing the bond our muses might share, thank yo.

    by being mains, i expect that we’re both alright with sending memes, have multiple threads & also sending random asks to each other out of fun!! note that I actually pour effort in these sorts of thing, i?? make graphics, aus & other shits, ‘cause i just… LOVE IT.

     if your muse is not listed, it means that i do not have a main or exclusive with that character. i will still interact with duplicates for the muses listed in my mains, but will not for exclusives, nor will i follow. however i’m good with them following me & sending me asks! 

     & that’s it!! smoochies! ♥♥

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Can't wait to read your story!

Hey, sorry! I was working on my story last night when my sister went into labor. We had it planned since she got pregnant that I was the designated babysitter for her kids (since she wanted me in her delivery room and I refused yuck lmfao)

So, watching three kids makes it incredibly hard to write anything good (kudos to anyone who has kids and writes cause I don’t know how ya do it!)

But they sent her home since she wasn’t dilated enough so I’m going to take a quick nap (damn losing an hour of sleep cause of daylight saving crap) cause it is my last day of freedom until May D:

^ That’s just an update for everyone. I try really hard not to get too personal but I don’t want you guys to think I’m not working on the story, I am trying super hard! Besides, I’m the worst at keeping my attention on one task (damn ADHD lolol) but it’s almost done.

Thank you guys for being patient!


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48. Would you have survived order 66?

im laughing so hard my anxious ass would not be able to react fast enough in the slightest to the clones turning on me like deadass my last expression would probably be the mr krabs meme

49. Where would you go after order 66?

OMG so in this one episode of the clone wars i cant remember the name of theres this one planet where Rex found that deserter and he raised an entire family and tbh?? find me a man and STAY there lmfao

50. What would you do after order 66?

again: find me a man raise a gay ass farm and stay the absolute hell away from any core worlds . probably look up into the night sky thinking “luke ur doing amazing sweetie,”

k so um. I really love most things about my new job like the hours are amazing and the environment/people are fine but the work itself is like… very hard. I don’t hate it or anything I’ve done tons of call center work before and it’s less stressful and less infuriating than past jobs I’ve had but WOW cold call sales is SO difficult. I’ve worked 8 shifts and have only made 4 sales so far lmfao. My coworkers and managers keep reassuring me that I sound great on the phones and that I’m doing fine for where I’m at and that everyone sucks at first (the main manager even tells me he thinks 6 months from now I’m going to be the best salesperson on the floor lmao) but wow it’s very difficult for me to feel good about. I understand why skilled salespeople make such great money now, the shit is not easy. 3 people who were hired after me/around the same time as me have quit since I’ve been there. Like straight up just stopped coming to work cause it was too hard. So I guess I can be proud of the fact that I haven’t quit like they did, but the reality of it is, no sales = no bonuses. So basically I’ve gone from making amazing tips at Pagliacci to making minimum wage, and I’ll continue making minimum wage for as long as I’m not selling, and I’m like legitimately scared that I’m not gonna be able to pay my rent next month lmfao.

Hopefully within the next couple weeks I’ll figure out what I’m doing and start selling with any consistency. It’s not as if the other people working there have some type of superpower that I don’t have, nor are they inherently more charismatic or smarter than I am. This type of work just has a very steep learning curve.

In the meantime if anyone wants to like idk maybe buy my god damn music I’d really appreciate that lmao

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I just want to tell everyone who prcrastinates to not do it. It's not hard to keep organized honestly, just write down due dates and set up a schedule and as you're coming home from school or work or whatever calculate the time you have left and allocate time to each set of hw you gotta do. And keep any distractions well away from you-- phone upside down, laptop closed unless you absolutely need it, etc. It works for me I mean my friends go to bed at 12 and I sleep at 10 lmfao Just some tips

I agree with this completely. This is why I push bullet journaling so much. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my work ethic and my stress levels because of it. Like even if I don’t always follow through on when I’m gonna be working on something, I at least have the sense of when things absolutely need to be done. When I didn’t schedule everything, I didn’t know when I had things due until hours before and I would have to rush to get things done and the outcome would be mediocre. Now I’m turning things in like a day early and that’s huge for me, the queen of procrastination. I shit you not, one time I didn’t finish a school project until a few seconds before I handed it to my teacher. And I’ve turned in papers hours after the dropbox had already closed. But I don’t do that anymore because I have the bullet journal system. And I get that it might not work for everyone, but try to fine something where you at least write out when things are due so you’re not lost like I was. And the distraction tips work as well. Usually when I’m working on a paper I have my phone put away in a drawer or when I was really struggling I’d give it to my roommate to hold for like an hour so I could just work. I also strongly recommend music!!! Instrumental music that will help give you motivation, but also not distract you with words. I’ve been told game soundtracks work best, but I haven’t tested that out tho. As for the sleeping tip, that’s something I still struggle with 😅 But I’ve learned to function on 5 hours. Not something I recommend tho!!! If anyone has any good sleeping tips let me know! And thanks for all the tips man! Hope you’re doing well with your life and have a good day 💕

Every time I visit my step mom and dad they try to rip me apart with insults but since moving out I realize they only do this because I still have potential in my life and they’re straight up jealous and mad cause their lives are miserable lmfao
This thought used to give me joy but now I am concerned for my soon-to-be-sister. How will she come out? Will she be mean and hard like them? Will she be able to move past it like me?

I pray for that kid 😞



In the Block B MTV match up Japan show these are just some things I noted. not sure if they mean anything xD
1. Zico was giving the mixed interviewer Joann aegyo in between shooting the interview. xD It happens in the same episode that Kyung flirts with her.

2. During the actual interview, B Bomb was staring at her really hard throughout the vid - as was Kyung, I’m not surprised.

3. During the interview baby daddy Jaehyo talked to her the most and seemed really comfortable talking to her. :)

I’ll make some screenshots, as some people (including me) like visuals better. Plus I don’t have anything else to do today (ma day off). LMFAO sorry, not sorry.