this was hard because she's so damn cute

Anon said: Headcanons for kageyama, lev, tsukishima and kuroo with a female childhood friend who they gradually fall in love with? (how did they fall in love, how did they act after, getting jealous over her other guy friends etc) omg i’m in LOVE with your blog ; - ;

This is just *clenches fist* so pure! Also after Kageyama’s everyone else’s are under the cut, this post got super long super quick

Kageyama Tobio

  • Became friends in middle school, like when Tobio was a small little blueberry
  • They share food and Kageyama always bought her a milk as well
  • Would try and get her to do some volleyball things but she wasn’t very good at it and the ball kept hitting her face 
  • Kageyama explained to her that Oikawa almost hit him and she got so mad and also started to cry
  • When Kageyama became the setter she was super proud of him but then when she slowly started to see his inner ‘king’ come out she was getting worried about the team
  • Put Kags in his place after he kept yelling at his teammates to do better and go faster and to push themselves harder during games and practices
  • She grabbed his jersey and pushed him against a wall and started to yell about how he needed to stop being so hard on his teammates and that he was the reason that they lost
  • That’s the moment he realized that he was in love with her
    • He cried when she yelled at him and that made her feel really bad and she had to try and calm him down afterward
  • She made him apologize to the team and everyone was so shocked
  • Her first choice was Aoba Johsai but she didn’t get in so she went to Karasuno because she knew that Kageyama was going there
  • They were in the same class and Kageyama’s feeling only grew for her 
  • Would blush like crazy, because she looked so damn cute in the girls uniform 
  • They would eat lunch together and a lot of people came up to them and asked if they were dating
  • Kageyama would get so flustered and she would just say that they weren’t and would attempt to try and calm kags down afterward
  • He would get jealous when she would talk to Hinata and how much he made her laugh and smile, but he would lay off because he knew it wasn’t good to get jealous
  • Confessed to her after she got dumped by some guy in there class, he didn’t mean to confess it just slipped out
    • ‘I don’t understand why you were with him anyway, couldn’t you tell that I was in love with you, I could be so much better for you than he ever was!’

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When you have a crush on them and shyly confess

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To be honest, it’s hard to gauge his reaction to this.  He’s a quiet, shy person himself so he might really have an appreciation for what it took to confess to him.  He is american, though, so he might be more used to straightforwardness.  Either way, he’ll probably think it’s cute.  The little origami heart will definitely peek his interest, though he might be a little confused as to what he’s supposed to do with it.  It might end up in his pocket or in his wallet before someone (probs Jinyoung) points out it’s not just a gift, it’s a letter.  He’ll probably feel terrible, especially if it’s been a few days, and seek you out.  If the crush goes both ways he’ll want to find you as soon as possible to clear things up.  It would be his worst nightmare if his obliviousness cost him a chance to be with you.  “Hey, uh, I’m sorry about that.  I didn’t mean to ignore you or anything.  Can I make it up to you?”

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He’s going to be super surprised.  I can imagine him standing there after you’ve left the heart in his outstretched hand with just the most dumbfounded expression on his face.  He doesn’t strike me as the most observant person…like he notices things about the people in his immediate circle, but like outside of that he’s kind of walking blind.  He’s seen you around before and has on multiple occasions found himself thinking ‘wow he’s/she’s cute’ but because of your shy nature, he’s always assumed you weren’t interested.  So, what exactly is he supposed to do now that you’ve dropped a literal heart in his hands?  Jaebum would need to talk this out with someone…anyone just to wrap his mind around it.  He can be shy, but he’s mostly blunt.  He knows what he wants and he’s going to get it.  If you fall into that category, then just be prepared for him to walk up to you and tell you in the most straightforward way that he likes you back and wants to date.   “She/he likes me, dude…” “Is that a bad thing?” “What? No!” “So you’re going to ask him/her out, right?” (cue the ‘are you stupid look’)

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anonymous asked:

Members and their types of smile?

Are you basically asking me analyse each member’s smile. Cause I am 100% here for this. Let’s go!


Nayeon I think is actually kind of shy about her smile/laugh because whenever she smiles or laughs too hard she covers her face a lot. She also tries really hard to keep her mouth closed when she smiles which leads to her precious cheek smile

Look at this adorableness. But when Nayeon actually opens her mouth and we can see her real smile, it’s like a goddam blessing from the gods. She has the most adorable bunny smile she’s so damn cute. LOOK AT THIS SMILE SOMEONE PLEASE TELL HER HOW PRETTY HER SMILE IS


Jeongyeon has a really soft smile, she typically doesn’t open her mouth really wide, which gives us this really cute gentle smile. She just has a really welcoming and kind smile, so pure

But then when she laughs oh my god. Jeongyeon’s mouth becomes square shaped when she laughs, she opens her mouth so wide. It’s the most precious thing, 10/10 for preciousness

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Momo has such a genuine smile, I don’t know what it is but her smile seems so natural to the point where seeing her when she doesn’t smile is really weird. She also has kind of a playful smile if you get what I mean

Something I’ve noticed is that Momo has a habit of squinting or even closing her eyes when she smiles sometimes, she smiles so big she has to close her eyes a little I love my smiley angel.


Very similar to Momo because she also just naturally smiles all the time, and it’s strange to see her when she’s not smiling. Such a gentle smile, she also kind of closes her eyes a little bit.

But oh my god, when Sana get’s really energetic and extra, she has the most amazing bright smile I’ve ever seen. She just get’s into a mood where she’s so happy and excited it’s like her whole face is smiling and her eyes get really big and she opens her mouth wide and ugh kill me she’s such a bright human.


In case you didn’t already know, Jihyo is my bias so I need a minute. I need like a full minute to compose myself enough to be able to accurately describe the beauty of Park Jihyo’s smile. Ok. Jihyo has the prettiest and softest smile I have ever seen, you can tell how much of a genuinely beautiful person she is when she smiles. She just has the warmest smile, and her cheeks get all squishy and just… no mere mortal can comprehend her beauty.

I’m not done yet though, because when Jihyo laughs, Holy Jesus you’re not ready. It is the most beautiful thing on the planet, and this is nowhere near an exaggeration. Her eyes do that half closed thing and you can just see everything representing happiness in the world just radiating from her entire body because Park Jihyo is the actual embodiment of sunshine and joy.

Here’s another picture of my girl performing on stage because LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS. She was born for the stage. She’s so pretty when she’s happy and doing what she loves. Give Park Jihyo the world.


Mina is a shy bean so she doesn’t smile frequently, but when she does it’s typically her small polite smile where she doesn’t open her mouth a lot. Her smile is just cute basically

But wait, when Mina actually pulls out her real proper smile, the whole meaning of cute will be refined for you. You haven’t seen anything until you seen Myoui Mina’s gummy smile. She’s so happy, and it’s honestly the cutest thing. 


Dahyun pretty much always smiles with her mouth open, typically when she smiles with her mouth closed it’s for a photoshoot or something professional. Dahyun doesn’t hold back her smiles or laughter which is honestly precious. She has such an open smile, where you can visibly see how happy she is. She almost always tilts her head slightly to one side as well when she smiles

Look at this wide smile, I love it. She gets so happy that her smile nearly becomes as big as the entire lower half of her face. She’s such a bubbly person with a big smile


Whenever she smiles she looks so tiny and soft, she has such a precious little smile. She seriously looks like a little kid when she smiles, so pure and soft.

DIMPLE DIMPLE DIMPLE. When she smiles really big you can see her little dimple on the right side of her face and it’s the cutest thing on the planet. This photo doesn’t do it justice it’s just the best one I could find on limited time. I love her dimpled smile.


Oh my god Tzuyu, Tzuyu and her tiny little soft smile. She’s so cute and pretty I can’t handle this. She just has a really precious smile, and she kind of looks like a cheeky little kid, which is basically what she is.

She has the cutest habit with her tongue, sometimes she puts her tongue between her teeth when she smiles and it’s so precious. I love Tzuyu’s cute, cheeky smile, she’s such a cutie.

if i could actually write longer things i’d turn this into a fic but like

i love the thought of wingman zack and him being super determined to help trini get a girlfriend because like he’d never admit it but he just wants to take care of all his friends and see them happy, and he doesn’t want trini to feel lonely (because damn he knows how much that hurts). and trini has a hard time bonding with people but she loves zack so she just sort of goes along with it, why not, getting to know zack better while talking about cute girls, she’s all for it, they’re highkey besties but neither of them ever say as much

except then none of the dates trini goes on ever work out, and she always has a much better time getting coffee with kim anyway, and one day this one nb pansexual girl trini has been on a couple of dates with is like ‘umm maybe you should… ask kim out instead, she’s like all you ever talk about anyway’ and trini sort of wants to die on the spot but her date just laughs it off and bites their lip before going like ‘so uh……. zack.. do you know if he’s single, or…?’ and trini is like ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!’ because he most definitely is, but zack’s always trying to play it off as if he doesn’t need anyone and likes it that way, when trini knows it’s all just because he’s scared of caring about other people and spending time doing things for himself or stuff that takes him away from home for too long

but her date is great and cute and even if trini isn’t interested romantically she’d love to be friends w them so she’s certain zack will like them too (beyond the few times they’ve met with however he went about setting them up w trini)

so trini tells her now-ex-date she’s got this, and then it turns into a whole thing, with trini telling kim about it (the part of how trini has a crush on kim gets brought up too, and yeh at first it’s really awkward and embarrassing but it gets followed by lots of giddy kisses so its ok), and billy and jason (who have been too busy being married since the first time they met to have noticed any of the other relationship twists going on) also join in on how they’re going to set zack up on a date, and it takes some sneakiness and planning and convincing, but after several successful dates it all ends with zack finally telling the gang he has a girlfriend, and trini gets to all smugly be like ‘well well well… it appears the student has become the wingman’ while zack gives her the longest Look. but he’s actually super happy and in love and then all three couples go on dates together

i just

give me more of zack who has so much love to give and all of the rangers’ #1 passion being to make sure he’s getting just as much love in return

     i get it. i get the hate that the R&C movie gets is understandable, at most. but the undying hatred where they compare the two is just.. not right?? its a reimagining, not a “create the classic 100% for the sake of HD”. i will always love and adore the classics above all else… but i also love and adore the movie very much. due to the movie, we got to see a lot of things—especially ‘what ifs’ and easter eggs and stuff!

     so have some GOOD things the movie GAVE us:

  • we got to see how ratchet would have been like if he had been RAISED, and had a DREAM that mattered. he had a personality more like he does in “going commando”, which while others may say “it destroyed his character” and such… if you were raised in a different situation, wouldn’t you be different too? besides. ratchet just becomes the guy he is meant to be anyway personality-wise, but still has a lot of character development made and needed for the future. there is so much he still needs to learn and do, but generally he is the same lombax we all love
  • we got to explore clank’s past a little more not around the zoni and orvus, no. but as a defect and how others treated him. yet clank never lets it weigh him down and he immediately stands up for what he believes in, even if ratchet protests against it.
  • WE GOT SO MANY AMAZING NEW CHARACTERS. grimroth, the mechanic who found ratchet and raised him, yet kept their relationship strict to the point ratchet doesnt call him “father”, and that makes me weep.
  • we also got zed, this cute little beat boxing robot. i liked him a lot because it reminds me of how DIVERSE the R&C cast was always meant to be like
  • not to mention cora and brax. they’re lovely characters with backstories  (like for example, cora’s homeplanet was NOVALIS and was DESTROYED right before her EYES LIKE DAMN????) not to mention she was so rude to ratchet at first because she worked really hard to become a ranger, and here comes this inexperienced buffoon joining the ranks with such ease. of course she does get past this, and i just !!
  • brax originally was going to be given a robotic arm. DID YOU SEE THOSE DELETED SCENES? DO IT NOW. he’s one badass okay.
  • we got a really neat scenario of ratchet wanting to be a hero, but if you dive in deeper, we realize he talks about “wanting to do more”, “to do something big”, that hes meant to do “great things”. ratchet: “I wanted to matter, ya know?” He doesn’t really mention that much about his desire to be a hero. Even when he was being commercialized, he talked about “WOW IM FAMOUS” and Clank tells Ratchet that fame was overrated… which Ratchet does learn in a way of FAILING TO SAVE AN ENTIRE PLANET. Yikes.
  • we got to see!!! more nefarious!!! and it was really cool how they went about it. since its a reimagining, we can appreciate the fact that nefarious INVENTED all of the amazing gadgets and weapons we all love to this day! such as the ryno! how badass is that? 
  • ratchet knocking nefarious with the omniwrench vs the ryno was a really good nod to “the wrench challenge” in a sense, and plus.. we got to see ratchet use his very own inventions TWICE save the day, meaning ratchet ALWAYS had what it takes to do great and big things!
  • ratchet also learns what it takes to be a hero, and he still keeps his promises despite his dreams (such as going back to veldin because of grim), etc. he holds a lot of key elements that make ratchet… ratchet. it was all because he had someone looking after him that he managed to become a better person faster, however he became EXTREMELY naive because of that, and it was a super interesting aspect to explore with him!

     Anyway I could go on, but I think i rambled enough lmao

catty-words  asked:

raven reyes' wardrobe though: her adorable and puffy red jacket. that tattered blue t-shirt that looked so cozy and well-worn. her space suit, especially the raven-imprinted helmet. her boots (especially in the scene where she first steps foot on a bed of crunchy autumn leaves). that white henley shirt with the grey sleeves that's just like A++ and too much for my bi ass. those fingerless gloves she wears for maybe an episode (madonna ain't got nothing on raven).

you asked for this, so expect it to be long. lets geek out about raven’s wardrobe and her general otherwordly fashion sense because goddamn the fashion police is trying to get to her all the time wanting to give her some advice, but? she always looks good.

let’s start with this one

if your otp is raven x a dark greenish sweater vest ft. fingerless gloves then welcome to the club. the ecology between her and this outfit largely revolves around the fact that raven is a smartass. the statement she makes with it: ‘I’m gonna find out your secret and then i’m gonna fuck you up’. why else do you think her gloves are so long? her detecting skillz are on point. the observer is aware and she is going to go hard. also, check the color coordination. she clearly knows her style, a specialist in the arts of colors for sure.

the famous red bomber jacket aka raven’s new clothing line called ‘i’m gonna rip you to shreds’

raven’s clothes are like chopping up onions. they are layered and you end up crying a lot - tears of joy of course. sometimes you wonder if raven’s clothes are just a part of her body anyway because how does one look so cute and fierce with a red bomber at the same time, let alone during a mission? the damn chemistry… it’s not even science anymore. raven x red jacket is pure passion and their love is going to cut you like a razor (watch out alie, she’s coming for you). also, color scheme! red jacket plus well-worn and cozy blue tattered shirt! u know what that means? raven is actually bi. BI.

a little bird in space

whenever i see raven in her space suit i forget that earth is filled with some spooky things like mutated animals or reapers. because why the fuck have that, when you can have this

she just looks super cute in it. how she works a space helmet with her signature on it because yes this is raven fucking reyes in space, the little bird. the lil sticker with her name on it that finn gave her, how big the space boots look, like where the hell are her feet? she is so tiny and you just wanna hug and protect her but goddamn you don’t really need to, because space makes her feel good. the suit makes her feel good. she looks the happiest when she is wearing it, when she gets to explore space in it, see the world from a whole new angle. that’s the thing about the suit. it looks heavy, but raven makes it appear so weightless because she feels so weightless when she is wearing it, just getting to float around (yes, the irony of that word doesn’t escape me), and enjoy life in its fullest. i think we can all agree that she deserves more spacewalks, and less pain. the things i’d do for raven to find the Polaris pod in polis tbh.

moving on.

they say the problems never end, but you know what else really never ends? raven’s great fashion sense. and raven x shirts is what dreams are made of

raven in a dark red wine t-shirt? check

raven in a classic henley shirt with dark grey sleeves? check

raven being so extra and owning a hollister sporty burnout v-neck shirt that looks just a bit different from the henley with the grey sleeves? check

raven in a black tank top with flexing muscles? check. also, you see alie in the bg right? the thing is, alie never controlled raven. raven is actually in control of alie. that woman is so attracted to the unknown magnetic force of raven’s outfits (its fucking raw magnetism i swear), especially that tank top and those arms, that she’s practically hypnotized. alie only knows fashion from ‘bratz fashion boutique’ for the nintendo DS, she’s never seen anyone dress like this before. so in her eyes it ain’t even science anymore, it’s a whole new world. and leave it to raven to dess- i mean, fight like a genius. she’s got this.

or this one? ravens got a thing for darker sleeves. i told you she appreciates color coordination, it sustains her.

also, skinny jeans are out they say. time for raven to hit the streets

the green pants are my aesthetic and the details you can see on the jeans in the picture to your right is my kink.

and then raven’s boots.

her presence is undeniable *crunch crunch* girl is never out of style. also, who needs leg warmers when you can just tug your hands into your boots??? she is about to become the greatest fashion icon, watch her (if she isnt already duh).

one of these days she’s going to bring back heelys and everyone will actually love her for it. cause raven can make everything cool.

It Has To Be Us

Idol: Jisoo (BlackPink)

Prompt: Hii I’m pretty new to Tumbler so I still don’t have the hang of everything haha but can I request a cute blackpink fluff with Jisoo as my girlfriend? I’ve been crushing on her hard lol.

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: For this scenario, I took a lot of liberties because it was so vague, so please pretend Jisoo is amazing at ice skating and you, the reader, is not. For the sake of fluff. Also, please enjoy!

Warnings: Like, one damn. And lots of cheese.

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Moonlilyshipping AU

I finally got some time to  work on this blog because finals is starting to punch me in the face so I might as well share my AU before finals. If you ever found my FFN, then you would find out that I’m a slut for this type of AU… 

High School Stereotypes: [READ HERE]

Moon: She is the jock of the whole school and is so strong that it makes people feel really weak when she passes by the hallways. She likes to be intimidating and would just act scary tough in the halls. She wants to have a position for the football team and works hard to earn it. She meets a girl in senior year and gets really gay because “holy crap that girl is so damn cute and i have to protect her.” 

Lillie: She is the book nerd who is afraid of being near people. And I really mean that this girl is a stereotypical nerd with huge glasses and people would say that this poor girl needs help. She tends to be afraid of people, but would not back down when someone threatens/bullies her because Gladion taught the girl some self-defense and she’s kinda okay with it enough to just run away from the bully or attacker. She shows no interest in Moon in the beginning, but soon gets feelings when Moon helps her in a tight situation and lets go of her tough jock persona. 

Hau: He is the pure, goody two-shoes of the school and everybody calls him a sweetheart and girls swoon how much of a kind prince he is. But he likes to be an average joe and prefers to be treated normally and gets gifts on a daily basis. And soon he meets the bad boy of the school who is rude to everyone and even ruder to him. This is like obviously Gladion. Hau tries to bring out the good in Gladion because he doesn’t view Gladion to be as mean as he seems. 

Gladion: Here is the “bad boy” of the school and girls swoon over him because he has the edgy cool kid looks. He tends to insult people and skip classes for some odd reason. It is because he volunteers at a local animal shelter in that time and likes dogs over humans. Sometimes he would protect Lillie when she gets bullied and ends up getting bruises and hides them under his “edgy clothes.” He tends to be rude to Hau because of his sweet personality and believes that all people will hurt/betray him. So Gladion would have more trust in dogs than Hau. 

Sun: He is the best character of this AU guys. He is the teenage dirtbag and is known to be “The Best Friend.” He likes to be a skater boi and breaks his bones often (not really on purpose). He is the guy who probably gets high at the party and doesn’t have regrets about doing anything. If you just gave him $20 to wear lingerie he would do it for fun anyways. He is the best wingman. Is known for eating french fries out of Moon’s bra and drinks a lot sodas to do all-nighters. He is the dude who spies on his friends dates and hiding behind the plant or being a fake waiter. He plays the matchmaker and loves doing this as a job. Moon likes to say he’s a wimp, but she knows that he is really smart and shouldn’t underestimate his brain because he is Moon’s therapist and gives good life advice. 

I don’t know if any of you guys would do fanart for this AU, but I would really cry happily because high school stereotypes is the best AU and I want to write this as a story with the plot and everything. 

anonymous asked:

Any HCs about female alphas? Maybe the tiny, cute girls that EVERYONE assumes would be an omega/beta, turning out to be an alpha that could and would fuck you up if you harm/threaten to harm their mate/loved ones?

Fuck yeah, fuck. Love this so muchhhh. Sorry this is so late, love. I put this in my drafts and never looked for it again. Forgive meeeee. <3333 I hope you like these. 

  • - these alpha females are probably girly as heck, like wearing heels that can be used as damn knife (~~~SIX INCH HEELLSSSSSSSSS SHE WALKED IN THE CLUB LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS)
  • - i feel like these alphas are scrappers, like they will fight dirty because they are smol and win every time because they don’t play that shit. 
  • - they are great at sex, not because they try hard or anything, they are just good
  • - them being all giggly and cute one second and the next they are baring their fangs and have their shoulders hunched to take on an aggressor 
  • - they’ll wear pencil skirts, tight jeans, nice ass pant suits just cause
  • - they were the ones to create claw acrylic nails
  • - honestly they’d dominate the business world or their job in general because people would underestimate them and feel foolish as fuck when they show up knowing more than the CEOs 
  • - they would probably make good ass politicians and lawyers 
  • - idk but imagine if the cat eye or the sharp ass liquid eyeliner technique was invented by them.
  • - i feel like they would start most trends 
  • - they’ll date the tallest and cutest omegas because why the hell not
  • - they’ll have huge knots, they know how to satisfy 
  • - i feel like if they were mistaken for beta or omega they’ll just be like “that’s a bad thing because” 
  • - honestly they are perfect
  • - all the other alphas going to them for advice from sex to work ethics 
  • - they will win any fight they get into, fight me if you think otherwise
  • - good ass cooks, why? idk
  • - makeup artists? hell yeah and they’d be the fucking best at it 
  • - them getting omegas shorter than them and being super overprotective
  • - them having kids and handling them just as well as their mates can 
  • - they can run in heels 

I hope you like these. I could do more in the future if you like these. <3



Finally, you thought. Chulgoo finally gave in to letting you go watch a recording of School Rapper. After much persuasion, or more so after a threat of exposing his mishap last family gathering he gave in. Who would’ve thought it would’ve taken a simple thing like that to get him to give in? Iconic if you ask me.

“What to wear~!!” You open your closet and your eyes begin to roam the plethora of material hanging on each hanger.

“Just, *scruff* wear something simple *crush* but affective” your best friend, Y/BF/N, says mouth full of chips with another handful ready to stuff in her mouth.

“The hell does that mean” you say, turning around and narrowing your eyes at her.

“It means look presentable but don’t look like your trying so hard because damn there sure as hell might be some cute boys there” she says stuffing another handful of chips in her mouth mid sentence.

“Oh my god Y/BF/N, this isn’t meant for me to go and find a freaking boyfriend, and you know chulgoo would flip if he knew I had that goal in mind” you roll your eyes causing her to shrug.

“Atleast show some leg, you’ve got some sexy legs I must say” she smirks making her way to your closet.

“I’ll help you”


You make your way to the film site and once your there fans outside quickly recognize you. You smile and wave to them all having been used to it at that point.

Once you make it inside you immediately make eye contact with Chulgoo and run to hug him.

“Oppa~ !!” You smile pulling him tighter into the hug.

“You don’t have to act all innocent because there’s other people around” he squints at you causing you to laugh and let him out of the tight hug.

“You’re right” you smirk and turn your head to the other mentor who is also partnered with him on the show, Giriboy.

“Hello~! I’m Y/N chulgoo’s sister. Please take care of me~! I’m a huge fan of your music !” You beam causing him to laugh and you guys are immediately wrapped into a conversation.


Seoul Gangseo, the regions name pops into your head multiple times throughout the filming. More specifically, Yang Hongwon the name and face itself never seems to leave your head.

You were completely aware that hongwon would be participating in School Rapper but what were the odds that he would be in the region your brother would be a mentor for?

It’s not like you’ve never met the boy and you were awkward around him or something, in fact it was quite the opposite. Ever since the iconic ‘Snoop Dog’ mission on SMTM chulgoo and hongwon hung out a lot more, meaning you also got the chance to meet him. Gradually, causing you to develop feelings as he was around so much.

But, I mean who could blame you? It’s Hongwon for christs sake! Out of all of your brothers friends that you’ve met this one really just happened to be the one that interested you the most.

You thought you’ve made it obvious a countless amount of times that you were practically obsessed with the concept of the boy pretty much breathing, but apparently not. Evidently causing you to push down your feelings for the sake of your friendship.

Life sucks am I right ? Why you couldn’t seem to get his name out of your mind at the moment was far from the actual problem, in fact the actual problem was that-

“Hello? Y/N are you even paying attention ?” He asks. Right, that was the problem… he was right in front of you and you have COMPLETELY blanked out. Dick move Y/N.

“Yeah yeah sorry I lost track for a second there” you blush quickly covering your cheeks to hide any evidence, no risks will be taken.

“Right…. anyway like I was saying I want to choose the movie this movie night, you always choose” he pouts, you quickly remove your hands from your cheeks and get closer to his face.

“Why on earth would you make such a comment” you squint. “It’s practically ritual for me to choose the movie” you say quickly moving back in your seat feeling another blush arise from being in such close proximity to him.

“Because, i want to choose something I actually like and pay attention to unlike your random ass movie taste” he groans looking dead in your eyes.

“Yah! For your information I choose some great movies! Plus what could you possibly be distracted by!” You say face getting red from speaking so fast.

“You” he says, making you also choke.

“I’m sorry!?”

“You, you make it so hard to focus” he smirks causing the spirit in your body to vacate.

“I- who, why- when…” you begin rambling causing him to laugh.

“Hmm… how about we go on a date instead I think I’d like that situation much better then any movie any of us could choose” he says face moving closer to yours.

“Yah!? Hongwon when did you get to slick and sly…” you say face completely a different shade… so much for trying not to make anything obvious.

“I like you Y/N, and I can easily assume you like me too” he smiles quickly pecking your lips and leaving you a blushing mess.

What a recording day.

A/N: this was so fluffy and smol I’m emo anyway thank you anon for requesting feel free to send in more requests yall !

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What do you love about you're wife ? Like, truly deeply what is making you cross oceans for her ?

Well anon, Merrii to me is the warmest sunshine and I am crossing oceans because I don’t want to live another day apart from her. I love her deeply and profoundly and I want to have a future with her in it. She keeps me happy and inspired and accepts me for who I am. plus i always get that “whoa” feeling when I’m with her cause she’s so cute and just god damn anon, it’s hard to surmise all the years I’ve been by her side. It’s special.


“It’s huge commitment to sign on three films when you’re fourteen, which really means you are giving up ten years of your life and dedicating to acting. And that’s a hard to decision to make when you’re that young because who knows what can happen in the next hour, not to say the next ten years.”

– Natalie Portman on Star Wars

sixth year jily
  • james knowing that he went too far and trying to stay low profile
  • lily being mad at james but not really because deep down she knows that it wasnt exactly his fault
  • lily starting to hang with the marauders more just to piss off snivellus
  • james secretly being so glad that she does hang out with them
  • lily laughing her ass off at their jokes and pranks
  • lily starting to plan some pranks with them
  • james slowly falling more in love with her
  • but james being respectful and caring too much about her to ruin their friendship
  • peter, sirius and remus seeing right through him
  • peter, sirius and remus teasing him and lily being absolutely oblivious
  • lily having growing feelings for james
  • marlene calling lily out on her feelings and lily denying
  • lily staring at james when he speaks with his hands and laughs a little too loud at dinner
  • lily thinking about james when she’s studying in the library
  • lily frantically realizing that she does have feelings for james
  • james being oblivious as well
  • james being absolutely ridiculous always but trying to look super cool (old habits die hard)
  • peter, sirius and remus teasing the BOTH of them because they are so damn obvious
  • but lily and james staying oblivous still
  • lily and james pining for each other
  • james not being able to focus in class because of lily
  • lily cheering a little more than usual at quidditch matches
  • and blusing when james smiles when they won and runs a hand though his hair
  • maybe some cute dates they dont know is dates? basically remus sirus and peter ditching them last minute for a hogsmeade’s trip
  • james and lily having so much fun just the two of them and ending it by staring at each other’s eyes for ten minutes before lily clears her throat and awkwardly says bye
  • after gryffindor wins the cup, party in the common room and james and lily are slightly drunk and they almost kiss but they’re interrupted by a way more drunk sirius and the moment is ruined and they’re too shy to talk about it after
  • james and lily starting to sit next to each other in every class because they have so much to tell each other
  • james and lily having silent conversations at the gryffindor table when their friends start to be ridiculous
  • james and lily studying together in the library and in the park
  • james and lily simply enjoying each other’s presence next to them
  • lily stealing james’ clothes for the weekends
  • james resting his head on her stomach when they hang out near the lake
  • basically sixth year jily is good friends slowly falling for each other and being totally oblivious about it and i love it
boyfriend!mark 2

-u are yuta’s friend (from when he just got to korea/his first friend that helped him assimilate and stuff)

-so one day he hits u up like omg!! i miss u please come visit me!! uh…yeah but u have to come visit me at my dorm bc i literally have one hour free before i have to practice/perform/meet fans/film nct life so…haha come to my dorm

-so ur like ok! but then you realize that he lives with the rest of nct 127/dream so ur like….nervous bc u don’t hang out w boys much and pretty much just gossip and do girly stuff w yuta

-and one day u turn up at the dorm. and u knock once and brace urself for the onslaught of awkwardness or doom or whatever but u miss yuta so u just do it

-and ur let in to the fancy sm apartments, head up the elevator and the door opens

-except its not yuta its this sleepy looking weirdo with pink hair!! and a super surprised face

-you two just stare at each other cause ur like who is this???? and then he suddenly is like omg!!!! (voice crack) ur yuta’s friend sry i just took a nap idk idk and his voice just trails off

-but deep inside he’s like omg.. i look like shit this is the girl all the members have been saying is yuta’s cute friend

-and damn is she way cuter than i thought oh god what do i say i’m being so awkward

-and he’s like UUuhuhhhhhh i’m mark!! and ur thinking oh the rapper! and u blush a little because though hes being fidgety hes being shy and u kind of laugh weirdly bc for a rapper he is sure bad at words

-yuta peeks his head through like omg sry! mark is being so ridiculous

-hes laughing really hard but also like wtf mark and pushing you into the dorm by your shoulders like let me get you away from this weirdo

-and all the while mark just looks at you two blankly lol

-so you and yuta walk in and all the boys SWARM over bc they’re like omgggggg she’s here wowwww and inspecting u like a piece of artwork

-taeyong is just awkwardly giving u sideeye, jaehyun smiling sheepishly, taeil staring from the corner of the room, winwin/haechan/jaemin/jisung/jeno/chenle and renjun just snickering and dying because they are awestricken by ur cuteness

-yuta being the fuckboy he is goes like omg!!!!! totally forgot i have to …buy milk!!!! and leaves you to fend for yourself. he gives u a wink like heheheheh now u guys can all be friends!! and he disappears

-so amongst everyone there you are feeling super weird so ur like hey mark!! can you show me around!

-like a lil obedient child hes like OK!!!!!! with this mega determined face. all the while the others are like OoooOOOOOOH MARK GET IT

-you guys go to his room and he is nervous so hes like… uh theres my bed. and thats a chair……and this is the light. and the lightbulb. its a nice lightbulb. thats the floor, its polished well

-and u take candy out of ur bag bc u always carry candy… and ur like what flavor do u want? and he’s like idk whichever. and u say LIME. bc rappers RHYME.

-and hes choking on air bc this joke is so funny to him. he settles down and relaxes a little. so he asks you how long it took for you to get there

-u say 2 hours, and hes like oh… and ur like thats a long ass ride

-so he is crying of laughter and snickering and gasping for air and clapping his hands and falls off his chair onto the well polished floor

-hes like i bruised my butt

-and ur like no way

-hes like want me to show u???

-and u guys both glance at each other awkwardly because it took a weird tone and then both continue laughing bc u two are idiots!!!

-so u guys are both sitting on his bed and u look at him

-his eyebrows are so cute and arched and his eyes are so round and his lil teeth are so cute and whenever he speaks his lips are lopsided

-of course yuta just bursts in a and ur both sitting on his bed and his knock makes u fall onto mark

-yuta is of course obnoxious like omg!!! stop preying on baby mark!!! should i leave u two alone?? all the while grinning and smirking bc mark looks disturbed and his face is crimson

-and his pink hair is a mess and hes like NO NOTHING IM SORRY IM SORRY

-yuta giggles and is like wanna let me have her for a while?

-mark ofc is like yes yes im so sorry hyung so sorry!!

-so the moment you two leave, yuta takes a look at ur blushing face and is like OK JUST KIDDING MARK and pushes you back through the door

-ofc u fall… and land on mark AGAIN bc why not

-and marks face is an inch away from yours and hes like hyperventilating and his eyes are wide and hes looking away from you and ur like SORRY SORRY omg


-so ur laughing really hard and u get off and he literally gets off the lower bunk and starts dancing for u with this really awkward straight face

-since then u guys have kept in contact and u visit once a week ‘for yuta’ but he always pushes u guys together at lunch and asks u two to do chores together bc he caught on

-days with mark are so carefree and sweet and his laughs and faces just make u fall harder for him day after day :-)

-you guys stay up late playing games under a blanket and haechan yells at u guys that it’s his turn but u end up playing till 2 am and mark always falls asleep first and dozes off onto ur shoulder…and he’ll randomly sleeptalk and even say ur name which makes ur heart beat so fast

-he saved all the lime candy wrappers in his desk and its dumb but when hes tired or upset he looks at them and remembers your joke and snickers to himself for about an hour

-u have become friends with all the other members but literally they always spy on u two with these super moved/proud faces on

-one day when u guys are out buying milk for the dorm he gives u his jacket and just shivers all the way home and you give him a hug once u guys return bc hes a sweetie

-another time u forget a jacket cause ur an idiot he insists on giving it to you again bc hes an idiot also. u hold his hand bc its so cold fml and his hand gets sooooo sweaty bc hes so shy and his heart cant take it

-on a trip to like his 1000000th debut which u hate sm for but know ur bb is capable, ur fixing his hair for him and he just stares at you and blurts out i like you!! and his stare is so focused and he suddenly realizes what he said and he covers his face with his hands like I CANT BELIEVE I SAID THAT OMG

-and u just hug him back bc ur in shock and say YEAH ME TOO UM I LIKE UM YEAH!!!!

-since then u guys are inseparable….and poor yuta is alone LOL

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Can you do RFA+ V and Saeran reacting to MC having scars that make them super insecure or bring back bad memories. For example I have a scar running up my tailbone and into my lower back from surgery that make me super insecure and nervous towards anything intimate.

((I am in this boat with you. Yep, admin had scoliosis surgery! So I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ASK!!! I’m going in the situation that MC had Scoliosis surgery a few years back))


  • He’s so flustered when MC decides to show him the scar on her back
  • At first, he’s worried about invading her personal space
  • But after a while, he just wants to touch the scar
  • Do not touch the scar!
  • MC quickly puts her shirt back on
  • However, he yanks at her shirt, saying that he thought it looked totally badass
  • She started crying because people always told her it looked ugly
  • “MC, why are you crying?”
  • She explains that she’s afraid that he’ll reject her for the scar
  • He pulls her into a tight hug, reassuring her that he wasn’t going to reject her
  • “Yoosung, I have the ugliest scar on my back, and I hate it. I hate how I can’t wear a two piece swimsuit because people will see it and look at me funny. I’ve already been dumped once for it!”
  • “MC, I’m not going to leave you for a little scar. I think it’s pretty cool actually…and no matter what you wear, even if the scar is showing, you’ll always be the most beautiful girl in the world. I promised that I’d protect you, and if anyone makes fun of your scar, I will fight them. I may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean I’m not mighty.”


  • He accidentally walked in on MC changing and saw her back
  • After he slammed the door shut, he wondered how MC got that scar
  • As she walked out of the room, he noticed that she had been crying
  • “Babe, what’s wrong”
  • She begins to cry again, saying that Zen wouldn’t want someone with an ugly scar down their back
  • He takes her over to a mirror (like a full body mirror)
  • “MC, what do you see in the mirror?”
  • “Does it matter? I have a huge ugly scar down my back”
  • “So? MC, why are you so absorbed about a little scar”
  • “Zen, you saw it…it’s a huge scar that runs from the middle of my back all the way down to my tailbone.”
  • “MC, look in the mirror. You may see just the scar, but I see a woman with endless potential, a cute face, and the girl of my dreams. I get that it’s hard when people look at you funny, I had that happen to me too. But damn girl, I’m surprised that this mirror hasn’t broken yet because we are the most beautiful couple ever.”
  • She laughed at his corny joke, and he got her a nice cup of hot chocolate and they took a bunch of selfies of themselves and Zen posted them everywhere.


  • For some reason Jaehee really wanted to go swimming, and of course MC had to come along
  • But MC wasn’t too keen on the idea
  • MC didn’t want to tell Jaehee why at first, but Jaehee insisted 
  • MC told Jaehee that she wasn’t comfortable in a bathing suit that showed her back because of a large scar that ran down her back
  • “Does it bother you that much MC?”
  • MC admitted that it did. 
  • “What if we got you a shirt to go over it?”
  • “Jaehee, its fine. You go ahead and swim.”
  • “MC, no, it’s not fine. We’re going to sit here until you can tell me what’s going on.”
  • MC burst out crying. Nobody had ever thought that maybe it was more than just her not wanting to swim
  • Jaehee listens as MC explains how she hates it when people give her funny looks, and how she’s been called names because of the scar
  • “MC, who called you those names? I’m going to give them a piece of my mind or my fist, because nobody makes fun of my best friend for something they can’t help and gets away with it”
  • MC freaks out, and Jaehee assures her that she’s half kidding (so she’s half serious too?)
  • But she encourages MC to not worry too much about it, because she’s beautiful regardless of whether she has a scar or not.


  • He finds out when he presents MC with a dress that has a low cut back
  • She refuses to wear it, and she won’t even try it on
  • Eventually, he gives up, but looks rather upset that MC won’t even give it a chance. 
  • He had got it just for you, tailor made and everything. 
  • MC realizes how hurt he is and MC explains that she has a huge scar and she doesn’t like anything that shows it
  • “I don’t like it because girls used to tease me in the locker room during PE”
  • “Who were those girls?”
  • Jumin no!
  • After she convinces him to not sue a bunch of people he asks her to try on the dress
  • “MC, you’d look beautiful in that dress, in fact, you’ll look like the princess you are. If anybody says anything about that scar, you tell me right away. Nobody tells my princess that her scar makes her any less beautiful and gets away with it”
  • She looks stunning in it.


  • He knows that MC has a scar, because he read that she had surgery on her Facebook.
  • What he didn’t know was how self-conscious she was about it
  • One day, MC came home crying because she had a bad day, and her ice cream falling onto her dress was the last straw 
  • He got a hot bath running, and then lead MC to the bath. 
  • He went back to working when he heard a shrill scream from the bathroom
  • Rushing in, he threw the door open to see MC cowering from a spider on the shirt she had just removed
  • He got rid of the spider, and turned to MC…who was crying
  • “Hey, spider is gone, you’re alright.”
  • “It’s not that. You saw my back…You saw that scar.”
  • “Oh, the scar from surgery? What about it?”
  • “Please don’t leave me!”
  • Now he’s confused. Turns out that MC was once engaged and the fiancé broke it off because he saw the scar
  • “HE DID WHAT NOW? How dare he! MC, I would never leave you over something like a scar. I think it shows how strong you are. I mean, you got back surgery, and I’m sure you were scared, but you got through it. I love you MC, no matter what. Now, let’s get you into that warm bath, and I’ll go get blankets, popcorn, and your favorite movie ready”


  • Since he’s blind, he usually holds on to MC when they go out together
  • One day, his hand decided to go from her arm, to her lower back.
  • MC freaked out, screeching like a bat
  • V immediately took his hand away and freaked out himself
  • *So they’re both on the street screaming
  • Eventually MC snaps at him saying not to touch her back
  • He’s confused as hell.
  • MC explains that they have a scar there from surgery and that it’s a rather sensitive area
  • “MC, you’ve become a light in my dark world, and I want to respect your boundaries. Can I ask why it bothers you so much?”
  • “…people have called me terrible names because of it.”
  • “I would never do that. MC, I love you, scar and all.”


  • Like Saeyoung, he found out because of her Facebook
  • He doesn’t mention it, but if anybody, and I mean anybody, gives MC a weird look when her scar is exposed….he gives them a death glare
  • Hell, he’s scared babies off with that glare
  • Saeran no
  • One time someone asked if she was emo, and if she was proud of the scar on her back, then proceeded to push her down
  • Let’s just say that Saeran put him in the hospital…for a while
  • When MC gets self-conscious about it, Saeran will do his best to shower MC with compliments
  • He’ll constantly remind MC that she is a fucking badass that went through a lot of pain, and that she is now safe in his arms. 
  • He loves rubbing her back, but will always ask if MC is okay with it.

i am in love i am in love i am in love! i know i talk about chloe a lot on here and i’m sure you’re all annoyed but it is so hard not to talk about something that makes you happy and someone that you love. i am the luckiest person alive. her face is so fucking perfect i can’t help but smile the biggest smile when i look at her, she is so beautiful. and her laugh don’t even get me started on her laugh, when i wear it i can’t help but laugh too because it’s so damn cute and it’s the happiest sound i have ever heard. when i kiss her it feels like time stops and we’re the only two people on the earth. when i hold her hand it’s like no one else matters. when i look into her eyes i see everything, because she is my everything. she loves me and i know she loves me, and that my friends is the best feeling in the whole fucking world. knowing you are loved by the person you love is amazing. we will make it through collage, we will live together someplace warm, we will have so many animals, maybe even kids because i know she wants them, and we will get married and i will be able to say that my life is complete. she completes me and makes me whole. damnit she’s so beautiful i can’t stop thinking about it. i am the luckiest person alive to be in love at 15 and i am so lucky to have met my soulmate at 15 and i am so lucky to know who i am going to marry at 15. i am so damn lucky that i have her.

EXO(OT12) reaction to you singing badly in the shower.

A/N: lmao i had so much fun w this tbh. Also, i’m posting so quickly to make up for my absence tomorrow! 


he is an angel on earth in disguise, so when he heard you singing, terribly at that, he’d kind of make a face, staring at the bathroom from above his glasses like a true grandpa and kinda just laugh and shake his head because you’d be singing loudly to call me baby and he would be simultaneously in awe because cute but also like…I’m trying to read…quiet down a little jagi, but when you got out he’d just ask if your shower was good and if you said yeah, he’d be like “I could tell.” And enjoy your face as you realized how loud you might’ve been

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To start with, chanyeol would not let you shower in peace, so even if you began singing horribly, he’d already be used to it. In the bedroom he’d hear you and his smile would widen as he let himself into the steamy bathroom, beginning to sing with you just as awfully as you shampooed your hair, trying not to laugh as he tried to choreograph a dance with the song from outside the shower glass, like chanyeol please

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diva, would hear you singing and crash through the door so dramatically, scaring you half to death and he waltzed in. “You call that singing?” He’d begin, your head peeking out the shower curtain at him, exasperated as you watched him clear his throat and test his vocal range before starting where you had left off on the song, singing just as nasty as you returned to your shower and began too, both of you trying to top the others pitch.

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He’d be eating some food, waiting for you to come out of the shower when he heard you bellow out what sounded like an attempt at a high note, and he would half choke on whatever was in his mouth, caught of guard at the sudden sound emanating from the bathroom. He’d walk to the bathroom to make sure you hadn’t fallen or something and knock like “u okay?” And when you were like “ya why?” He’d just be like nvm gtg and shake his head giggling like oh shit so she was trying to sing

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soo…would hear you in the shower, and he would be so blunt about it, like he’d come up to the door and knock like “what are you doing in there? Why does it sound like something’s dying?” And you’d kinda be sad and like okay, but once he realized you were only trying to sing he’d feel even worse and come to the door and start to yelp out lyrics to the song with you until you were a laughing mess in the shower and desperately trying to wash your body and sing.

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chen would be the type to hear you, but not say anything during the entire shower period, like you wouldn’t even think you sounded that loud or that bad but then once you got out the shower all squeaky clean and happy he’d be sitting in the bedroom with some ear muffs on and look at you and yell “oh you’re finally done? Can I take these off now?” And when you got mad at him he’d just continue to poke fun at your voice until you threw your towel at his face like s h u t u p Chen

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record, record, post. Sehun would hear you singing and peep inside the shower, setting his phone to record the song as you passionately belted out lyrics, trying to muffle his laugh as he took snapchats of you and captioned it shit like “Omg next Beyoncé” or “y/n gonna replace Kyungsoo as a main vocal” and would just have this smug look on his face until you saw the snapchats and yelled at him, but he would only hug you tightly in your towel and tell you he’d take your voice over kyungsoos any day

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my polite son, he would hear you, but would be too nice to actually call you out on how bad it sounded. He’d hear you and kind of go red in the face because extreme second hand embarrassment and would just try to ignore it, but the second you got out the shower and saw his face you’d be like Kai what’s wrong? And he would just shake his head and let a snide comment slide like “how was your shower? It sounded pretty stressful.” While you just rolled your eyes at him

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he would laugh insanely hard at you, like this boy would start shedding tears because of two reasons, you sounded so cute, and you sounded so bad. when he heard you he’d kind of be confused like…is she alright, but when he made out the lyrics he’d start bending over in pain from laughter, and the second you got out you’d hear him laughing from the living room and when you asked him he’d still be trying so hard to talk but all he could get out was how cute you are lmao

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 my god, at first you’d be embarrassing him because you were singing so damn loud and awfully, but then luhan would hear you and walk up inside the bathroom and sit down on the toilet, very seriously bringing his hand up to his mouth as this boy started to make a beat.You’d hear him start this lame ass shit outside the shower curtain and pull it back to stare at him, & he’d kind of be like, no? I was making it better wasn’t I? “Get out luhan.”  Cause now he’s embarrassing you.

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Tao is going to roast you so hard for singing like that in the shower, as soon as he hears you, rip you. He’s gonna wait until you got out the shower in the chair y'all got in the room with his legs crossed and a slight smile, and as soon as you came in he’d go in. “Did the water get in your ears and make you go tone deaf?” “How hot was it in there to make you think you sounded good?” “Did you hear the neighbors crying dog give you some backup vocals?” And you’re all red mumbling as you look for undies and Tao is still laughing so hard every time he remembers your singing voice, he’s a savage.

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he’s a blend, like he’s gonna act so many different ways lmao, like he’s gonna hear you and then at first he’s gonna be confused and like? What are you doing? But then he’d realize and get mad at you for singing because he’s trying to Nap, but then he’d start laughing at you from outside the door, and start knocking, distracting you, and when you asked him why he was knocking he’d be like “to get some peace and quiet from you.” And he’d laugh even harder, until he heard the door open and an angry, dripping wet you looking at him and then it’s not funny no more because he has a wet towel smack him in the face and he’s like what did I do wrong?

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First of all your art is so damn good like WOW ART GOALS. It’s always so pretty and you have a cute and unique art style that’s super recognisable.

The character of Star is so great. She’s a really fun character to interact with and I love the dynamic starting to build between Steven and Star. I hope we get to rp more in the future because it’s super fun and I love it so much.

AS FOR THE MEME SIDE OF THINGS? I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD IRL ABOUT THE BOOTY SHORTS THING. Like it made my day it was so ridiculous thank you. You often seem to encourage my sh*tposting memer side and it always ends up with hilarious results. Please encourage more

You’re such a kind and funny person. I love the memeing that goes on even in our ooc conversations and getting to talk to you and getting to know you is so wonderful. I’m so happy to have made a meme friend like you. 

So hey: Do you like good art? Do you like memes? Do you like fun?