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Moonlilyshipping AU

I finally got some time to  work on this blog because finals is starting to punch me in the face so I might as well share my AU before finals. If you ever found my FFN, then you would find out that I’m a slut for this type of AU… 

High School Stereotypes: [READ HERE]

Moon: She is the jock of the whole school and is so strong that it makes people feel really weak when she passes by the hallways. She likes to be intimidating and would just act scary tough in the halls. She wants to have a position for the football team and works hard to earn it. She meets a girl in senior year and gets really gay because “holy crap that girl is so damn cute and i have to protect her.” 

Lillie: She is the book nerd who is afraid of being near people. And I really mean that this girl is a stereotypical nerd with huge glasses and people would say that this poor girl needs help. She tends to be afraid of people, but would not back down when someone threatens/bullies her because Gladion taught the girl some self-defense and she’s kinda okay with it enough to just run away from the bully or attacker. She shows no interest in Moon in the beginning, but soon gets feelings when Moon helps her in a tight situation and lets go of her tough jock persona. 

Hau: He is the pure, goody two-shoes of the school and everybody calls him a sweetheart and girls swoon how much of a kind prince he is. But he likes to be an average joe and prefers to be treated normally and gets gifts on a daily basis. And soon he meets the bad boy of the school who is rude to everyone and even ruder to him. This is like obviously Gladion. Hau tries to bring out the good in Gladion because he doesn’t view Gladion to be as mean as he seems. 

Gladion: Here is the “bad boy” of the school and girls swoon over him because he has the edgy cool kid looks. He tends to insult people and skip classes for some odd reason. It is because he volunteers at a local animal shelter in that time and likes dogs over humans. Sometimes he would protect Lillie when she gets bullied and ends up getting bruises and hides them under his “edgy clothes.” He tends to be rude to Hau because of his sweet personality and believes that all people will hurt/betray him. So Gladion would have more trust in dogs than Hau. 

Sun: He is the best character of this AU guys. He is the teenage dirtbag and is known to be “The Best Friend.” He likes to be a skater boi and breaks his bones often (not really on purpose). He is the guy who probably gets high at the party and doesn’t have regrets about doing anything. If you just gave him $20 to wear lingerie he would do it for fun anyways. He is the best wingman. Is known for eating french fries out of Moon’s bra and drinks a lot sodas to do all-nighters. He is the dude who spies on his friends dates and hiding behind the plant or being a fake waiter. He plays the matchmaker and loves doing this as a job. Moon likes to say he’s a wimp, but she knows that he is really smart and shouldn’t underestimate his brain because he is Moon’s therapist and gives good life advice. 

I don’t know if any of you guys would do fanart for this AU, but I would really cry happily because high school stereotypes is the best AU and I want to write this as a story with the plot and everything. 

Guys, I introduced my sister to OPM and just hear me out okay

We were watching the meteor episode and we were on the part where Saitama is being insulted but then Genos comes in to defend him and then says he respects him and yata yata

And my sister, someone who’s not even into fanfiction or shipping or tumblr (I mention the site bc damn the amount of Saigenos/Genosai shippers is high), whispered, “They’d make cute boyfriends.” And I laughed because all it took was one episode for her to join Hell.

Also I told her about Genos crying oil about Saitama’s confession and she d'awwed so hard.

Villager Giveaway ~ Diana!

I finally managed to get the Diana in my cycle town in to boxes! Since she is so damn cute (and popular) I’m going to do a giveaway for for her. I’m also going to throw in some items that I get a lot of requests for because they’re hard to find.

➜ Prizes

  • Diana, obviously.
  • 15 random DLC and/or regional exclusives.
  • 15 random hybrids.
  • 1 infinite* stack of each type of fruit, including bamboo.
  • All of the Powersaves items.
  • 1 copy of each unorderable stationary.
  • You choice of either the silver tools OR gold tools OR rental tools. You’ll get all of the wetsuits no matter which tool set you pick.
  • Your choice of either the round balloons, bunny shaped balloons, heart shaped balloons or pinwheels

➜ Rules

  • Make sure to have space for Diana! If you don’t, I’ll have to move on to the runner up. No exceptions.
  • You don’t need to be following me!
  • However if you are following either my cycle town or my main account before the first time I post on either account, I’ll throw in some extras. If you’re following both, you get some more stuff! This offer is for people who have been following me before this giveaway started!
  • → → Likes and reblogs both count. ← ← Please remember that I will only be able to see your first reblog!
  • No giveaway blogs. Yeah, I’ll check.
  • Have. Your. Ask. Box. Open.
  • Make sure to come with plenty of space in your locker to pick up your items!
  • I reserve the right to not fork over the prizes to people who I have found to be disrespectful or problematic in the past.
  • The winner will be chosen random with a number generator.

The giveaway will end June 25th 2015 at 8PM Eastern Time/GMT-4. The winner has 24 hours to get back to me and set up a time to pick up Diana before I move on to the runner up.

If you have any questions just send me an ask! 

As per usual, if you don’t want to see my giveaway posts blacklist ‘zombina gives shit away’.

*An infinite fruit stack is a stack of fruit that never runs out. You can take one fruit out at a time for as long as you want.

Giveaway is over!

Ok just take a look at this for a second..

Look at the way they are smiling at each other..He is just over the moon to have her back he can’t shut up or stop looking at her or following her around etc etc. I mean there is an important mission/run to go on and here he is, carrying water with Carol. And talking more in one episode than he done for a entire season. 

He adores her, it’s just so damn obvious I don’t know ho anyone can NOT see that. 

And her, she’s just got this ‘you are just too cute’ lookShe’s trying so hard to resit how sweet he’s being, how much he’s affecting her thoughts of getting away. Of getting too close again and risking the possible loss yet again. But as hard as she resists she just helpt that little smile she’s giving him right there. 

Because she adores him too. And that’s always been obvious too. 

These two I swear.. they are just to frickin cute and I can’t even sometimes..


this is my first follow forever and i have no idea what i’m doing - Nilo

Favourite Mutuals ♡(˘▿˘ʃƪ) 

disrespectfulashton: Alli is a total babe and i love her so much it’s unreal, she blesses my dash and Instagram feed with her beauty :))

intoxicatedlucas: Zea has amazing writing skills and she is the first mutual i’ve met in person (hopefully not the last)  she lives in the same city as me so i can’t unfollow her or she will burn my house down jk ily.

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michalcliffo: Becca is my lil punk mermaid and she’s got the most adorable accent in the world.

mrs-hella-bration: Niki is the big sis i never had, she always manages to make me smile no matter how much we get mad at each other, she gets me through the day and i’m glad i found her because people like that are hard to find.

bri3395: i just love Bri so fucking much man she totally understands me.

kinkyfletcher: Griselda is an amazing person and i love her so fucking much.

mukecasualty: Paige is an angel and she makes me very happy 

ghostpmore: Eleanor is legit my everything i love her so so so much and she’s got the cutest dimples ever 

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