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Sebastian, Claude, William, Grell, & Undertaker realize they are in love with their shy, pure and sweet human friend who is open-minded and non-judgemental since they're slow at everything and has no talent that is known so they know how is like to be judged unfairly?

I’m sorry this is a bit late, I have been a little tied up lately! In an effort to show my gratitude of your ask and my apologies of the lateness, I made these super freaking long lolol

-Admin Robin


  • Ok whoa whoa whoa, wait a fuckin lil minute
  • Demon royalty??? Liking….A human? Yikes
  • He acknowledges the fact that he holds a certain admiration for his human friend, but he thought It was just because they intrigued him and peaked his interest
  • But like, shit, the way it happened was so fuckin cute watch this
  • It was one of those rare occasions where Ciel was working on paperwork and didn’t need him to do anything, and the servants were actually doin good, so he took you out into the garden and set out a lil picnic (because mortals like those, right??) and was just chilling under the shade with them and he looked over to them as they rambled on about something they thought was beautiful, and their theories about the universe and reincarnation and stuff that a mere mortal should not really worry about
  • And he just thought that it was so amazing, the way somehow their eyes shined even in the shadow of the shade, and he absolutely adored that passionate gleam in their eye when they talked and he just
  • Fuck he was so enraptured by them which is weird as hell because 1) he was 100% down for toying with/eating humans so wtf and 2) HE WASn’t eVEN supposED TO BE CORDIAL WITH otheR HUMANS LET ALONE FAL L FOR ONE
  • He freaks out and excuses himself, and goes to his master’s study, knocking and once he’s got one foot in the door is just like
  • “Young Master, I think (Name) has made me ill and I’m not sure how to respond to the way my body is reacting,”
  • And Ciel knows EXACTLY what’s up and is like “dear lord, get out of my office,”
  • He would try to distance himself as much as possible but fails miserably in the end
  • Admires how you are so laid back and calm and just a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kinda person
  • Once he tells you about his feelings, and the contract, he is so floored when you’re just like, “Oh, so you’re a demon? That’s cool; do you wanna make some pound cake?”
  • You teach him how to be gentle with humans and he adores how intently you listen to his stories of his many years of life
  • Loves you
  • “My, my, you’re quite the sight in that dress, my (lady/lord),” “Oh? This? I made this out of the drapes of my room, but thank you, Sebastian,”
  • Gets protective if anyone/anything tries any shit
  • When you tell him about how you view yourself his eyes flash and he pulls you to him
  • “Someone is putting that vile rubbish in your head -who? I demand to know,” and kisses the top of your head


  • At first he denies it completely, thinking that you’re just a fun toy and nice smelling soul
  • But then he sees you in your nightgown/sleeping attire and just kinda loses it in his mind
  • He is a predator, so he doesn’t really have emotions, so he thinks, so he deems what he’s feeling as hunger and protectiveness of his meal
  • But then he finds himself letting his gaze linger on you and he studies the way you move and he makes you food and makes sure you’re comfortable and he does not allow Hannah or the Triplets to serve you because he’s that protective lmao
  • Absolutely not you are not allowed to leave his sight because there is a chance that you’re either in danger or in the hands of some other demon
  • Likes to have you beside him chatting his ear off about anything and everything all the time, whether he’s doing the dishes, playing piano, cooking, doing errands for Alios, etc
  • Alios gets very jealous of you, so if he orders Claude away from you out of spite, the demon will still find some sort of contact with you
  • “Miss/Mister (Name), might I interest you in some (favorite drink)? I hear that it is pleasing to the tongue,” *cue weird claude glasses glint thing*
  • If you like to go out on the roof at night to stargaze, he will go with you solely based on the excuse that you might get yourself hurt, and he doesn’t want to trouble himself with the time of cleaning up the mess you’d make if you fell to the ground
  • Will 100% leave his scent on you and dwells within the shadows of your room at night to watch over you
  • Gross but loving in his own way


  • They’re so excited!
  • They’re all “Oh forsure this shit is gonna be legendary”
  • Once they are totally comfortable with you, they’ll come clean and tell you that they’re a reaper, and that they kinda harvest souls
  • It was a super big risk for them, and they didn’t want to scare you off, but they trusted you
  • So, it all started as a harmless friendship, and then one day you were all “Grell, I think that you should get a raise, you’re always working so hard! If I had half a mind, I’d go to your boss myself and demand that you are given rewards and so much gratitude that you could drown in it”
  • “And also, you look very lovely in the color red,”
  • And boom, they’ve lost it, they’re fuckin hooked
  • Like the combination of your laid back personality, and they think you’re stunning as frick, and they’re just so enticed by you idk
  • Really bothers them that you don’t put yourself on a pedestal, because they think you more than belong there
  • Tries very hard to make sure that you know you are extraordinary and one of a kind
  • Thinks you possess many talents, and tries to emphasize on them
  • Not-so-subtle flirting and courting
  • Doesn’t really gather up the courage to court you until you make a huge move
  • You are allowed to admire their death scythe, but not touch it, because that’s a risk of you getting hurt
  • Loves you more than Bassy, much to Sebastian’s relief


  • What the fuck
  • Feelings? Ew. Romantic feelings? Absurd. Towards a Human? Bro u smokin
  • Seriously though, he has zero experiences with romance, so he doesn’t really know what to do poor bb
  • Flushes around you a lot (his glasses do the thing where they fog up lmao)
  • Is super duper strict with you, but like it’s cute because he’ll be all “(Name), that was uncalled for and reckless, you could have gotten yourself killed,” (You: But Will I just almost tripped over a stair-)
  • And he gently takes your face in his gloved hands, his gaze softening and his voice dropping, “But are you okay? Did you obtain any injuries?”
  • Is a closet softie shut up
  • Studies you from afar and burns the images of you into his mind
  • You really help him de-stress, so he likes you around his office
  • Shares as much details with you as possible without giving away too much information that will get you hurt
  • So protective like it’s sickening
  • Thinks taking his hand and rubbing soothing circles on your thigh to calm himself down is platonic but it kinda isn’t so you blush
  • “(Name), why is your face red? Is my office too warm for you?”
  • “Mortals are such peculiar creatures”
  • If Ronald or some other reaper flirts with you they get copious amounts of overtime haha fuckers
  • William always wins
  • Gets a little annoyed when he finds out how lowly you think of yourself and is constantly reminding you that if you’re good enough for him to not only befriend but to also harbor feelings for, then you are the best of them
  • His heart stops when he sees your name on the “To Die List”
  • Im srry


  • This Meme Reaper™ is your best friend before he even considers you to be a possible partner
  • You hang around his shop and cook and help decorate and tell jokes and he is deff hooked
  • He thinks you’re prettier than the corpses he dresses up so like don’t ever tell him that you think your looks are average again
  • Actually kinda gets sad when you tell him about how little you think of yourself
  • “Now now, Dearie, I won’t be having any of that rubbish,”
  • Is like that weird uncle you can get shit-faced with and that has his weed stashed in his closet in the back but he’s super good company, especially if you’re feeling down
  • You brushed back his bangs once and was met with gorgeous yellow-green eyes and a scar that ran across his entire face
  • And like he was kinda scared that you were gonna be all “Ew gross why are your eyes like that” or “FUCK your face dude what the hell happened”
  • But instead you just smiled and said: “Your eyes are so unique! And I have scars too, do you want to count them? Each of them has a back story,”
  • And he loves your personality and they way you blend in with your surroundings
  • He loves seeing you comfortable and he kicks you out of the shop with an excuse (like he needs more tea or more flour) when he has company come, especially Phantomhive and his damn butler
  • Actually pulled his scythe on Sebastian one time because of how overly-friendly he was being
  • His voice instantly dropped and his hat was off and his bangs were pushed to the side, his eyes blazing
  • “It would be greatly appreciated if you were to mind yourself around my (Name),” and he would side-glance a flabbergasted Ciel and say, “That is all the help I can provide. If you’ll excuse me, I believe it is high time for you to show yourselves out; the shop is closed for today”
  • Your dick: out
  • He is too clingy and apologizes after they leave
  • You mean so much to him
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Humans are wird: the scary one part 2

Whaxu looked at the humans in front of ze. There were 2 and they were much bigger than ze.

They smiled but the smiles were not kind like the ones Inger and human-Jesper sent ze and Zhaxu.
These smiles were ugly and Whaxu suddenly became very aware of how isolated this place was.

Ze shifted backwards a little and in a tiny voice ze said “ I didn’t know this was your place. I’ll leave now”
“I’ll leave now” repeated one of the humans in a mocking tone. “I dont think so. We don’t appreciate aliens coming here thinking they own everything, things like you shouldn’t even be allowed on earth”

Whaxu was terrified, the humans looked like they were going to hurt ze and ze just wanted to get away.
Ze jumped to the side and began running, but the humans chased ze and they were immensely fast. It didn’t take them long to catch ze.

They showed ze to the ground and one of them kicked ze. Whaxu cried out and they laughed.

“Looks like we got ourselves a little alien” said the bigges one. “Now what to do with it”
“It looks like a fricking squid” said the other. “I know let’s throw it into the river”

They picked up Whaxu who trashed around to get away, but to no avail. The humans were much stronger than ze.

All of a sudden Whaxu heard an other voice. “Oui what the hell are you doing?” Ze knew that voice. It belonged to Tobias. He worked at the animal shelter and he was very scary. He always wore dark colors. His hair was long and he had a big beard. His eyes were cold and hard and he never spoke to anyone else than Inger. When he moved it looked a little like when Milli moved. Almost like he was stalking a prey.

The others at the shelter told Whaxu that Tobias had been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Whaxu didn’t understand why that made Tobias scary, but it did.

One time Inger had denied a man an dog and the man became extremely upset. He yelled at Inger and even threatened her. He was huge and one of the other employees whispered something about calling the police.

But then Tobias came in. Tobias never came out into the front room, but here he was. He was smaller than the enraged man, but he stood perfectly still beside Inger and just looked at the man.
He then tilted his head slightly and stared straight into the mans eyes.
The man began fidgeting and soon he stopped yelling. He abruptly turned around and almost ran out the door. Tobias calmly walked back out and resumed the task he had been doing before coming out to the front room.

The men holding Whaxu dropped ze at the ground. They turned around facing Tobias. “We’re just teaching this fricking alian a lesson. Have a problem with that?” One of the men boldly said.

“ Yeah actually I do” said Tobias and walked right up to the men. “I have a big problem with that!” Tobias voice was flat and hard. Whaxu shivered and Tobias glanced at ze. His expression became even harder and he seemed to be seething when he turned his eyes back to the men and just fixated his gaze onto them.

“Well that just to bad” the man said “there are two of us and one of you, so it’s not like you’re going to stop us”

Tobias shook his shoulder and with a swift movement he punched the man in the face, at the same time he affortlessly turned around an kicked the other man in the knee.
The first man screamed as Tobias once more turned to him and hit him briskly twice in the stomach. He fell like a ton of rocks holding his nose which was bleeding. The other man was also down holding his knee looking stunned.

Shocked Whaxu looked at Tobias, who held out his hand. “Come on” he said “let’s get out of here”
Whaxu walked numbly beside Tobias, so much had happened and ze was feeling almost stunned.

When they came back to the shelter reality hit Whaxu and ze started to shake. Ze was nauseous and felt so cold.
“Come” Tobias said and lead ze out back. He took of his jacket and put it around Whaxu’s shoulder.

“I heard about Bibi and I’m so sorry” he quietly said. Whaxu looked at him. His eyes not hard and cold at all, they were were kind and warm and when Whaxu let out a distressed sound, he put his arms around the grieving little alien.
Whaxu tensed at first but soon ze relaxed. Tobias felt warm and he whispered soothing little sounds to ze. For the first time since leaving the monetary Whaxu felt safe.

For a long time they sat outside the shelter, the alien and the human grieving for a dog and lost innocence.

Source crasybirdlady

Forget all this shit about Sprites, recolors, crowns, coins, and boxes. I wanna lay down some real fuckin’ salt that’s been bothering me for a YEAR.

So. We have Baldwin, right? And you can brew funny off-color versions of a few battlestones, right? Well why the frick-frack paddy-whack give-a-dog-a-BONE isn’t there a fucking stupid off-color version of Eliminate? Arguably the most sought after, hardest to attain fucking dumbass stone in this game because of how stats and the coli works? Like, it’s a NECESSITY and it’s so expensive now? It’s going for as much as 3 tert genes for fuck’s sake. What happened to it being only 70-90k?

I’m fine with people selling shit and getting money, but a stone this important (that has the drop rate of a fucking meteorite) is so hard for newer users (not me fam i’ve been here since the early access) and like?? it makes trying to train dragon’s in the coli a fucking chore because you get to a certain level that NEEDS eliminate for scratch-elim and?? you have to shell out literally 1mil to get 3 elims for 3 dragons?

i just don’t fucking get it. we can brew literally the other basic, important stone in Baldwin. Why not Eliminate? Seriously. It’s stupid.

I was walking home with my brother earlier today we passed a certain small one-story house in a nearby neighborhood. I commented, “I want to live in a house like that,” and then my brother was like, “I don’t want to live in a small house. I want a really big house.”

He then went on to say, “I want such a big house that I get lost in it.”

And I just laughed like, “Why would you want a house like that?!”

Then we started joking–

“Honey, where’s the kitchen?! I can’t find it!”

“Not again… You take two lefts and walk in a straight line and the kitchen is right there!”

My brother continued on, saying that he would need to get color coded duct tape for the floors to be able to navigate the house, each of the significant rooms being a different color, and that he would forget which was which and would get lost anyway.

It occurred to me during this conversation that it would be absolutely hilarious if something similar happened to Cross at Nightmare’s castle. Cross has such a hard time navigating it that he just goes ahead and puts colored duct tape in all the hallways, and Nightmare is like “What the frick are you doing?” and Cross is like “I CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE THINGS ARE!!”

Since eri’s official colors came out this week, I decided to take a shot at drawing her! So here’s an eri based on pitviperofdoom’s fic, Death’s Aegis which is an amazing tododeku hades and persephone au. 

Deciding on eri’s outfit was a bit tricky (searching for acient greek outfits can be fricking hard) but finally decided on something simple but pretty that would suit her. Honestly Pit has become one of my favourite tododeku fic writers and i recommend checking more of their works!!

The House I Once Called Home by Duane Michals

Victoria Bovalino

Rainy days in Pittsburgh remind me of rainy days in London, where I had the opportunity to work with Enitharmon Editions. I’m a small-town girl from Pennsylvania, so the one book that kept bringing me back home while I was abroad was The House I Once Called Home by Duane Michals. I was excited to find it in the stacks of the library while I was shelving one day.

The book documents the current state of Michals’ family home in McKeesport, overlaid with images of how it was in his youth. There are featured poems describing his family and the importance of his home. The book is rife with old-time Pittsburgh sentiment.

In an age when many of Pittsburgh’s steel neighborhoods are falling into disrepair, this book captures the hominess of what used to be and the nostalgia that comes from looking at what remains.

“McKeesport is a myth in the fable that is my life.

It only exists in the library of my imagination.”

Michals didn’t remain in the steel city long after growing up. He went to college in Denver and spent much of his time since in New York City. He addresses this in one of the final poems of the collection

“I threw a penny into the Youghiogheny and made a wish,

                               that I might float with it,

down the Monogahela to the Allegheny.

                               Then further still below the Ohio,

until I reached the Mississippi and the sea.

               There the tides would carry me away,

                               To where I cannot say.

Someplace fair and new.

And I would to things I had never done before.

               And my penny wish came true.”

One of the most stunning features of the book is the endpapers. Illustrated with night scenes of McKeesport, the endpapers bring color into the otherwise gray volume.

Duane Michals’ book is a bittersweet reminder that the home we remember is not always the home that remains. Like people, places change over time. When we leave, it’s hard to say what we’ll come back to. Even stone can turn to dust.

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I was tagged by the fabulous and slightly terrifying @vindictive-suggestion !!

Name: Dylan
Nickname: Dyl (also dad bc im the squad dad)
Gender: Genderfluid (they/he)
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'2"
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: ace
Hogwarts House: slytherin
Favorite Color: dark red, autumn orange, mustard yellow (I just really like warm colors)
Time: 10:00 PST
Average Hours of sleep: oh man sometimes 2 sometimes 14 sometimes none at all
Lucky Number: 27!! Or 327!
Last Google Search: “what starbucks drink best cures a hangover”
Favorite Fictional Character: FRICK this is hard uhh possibly maccready from fallout 4? also amethyst and ruby from SU. OH and sera from dai. (And all the characters from rick n morty lbr I can’t pick one)
Blankets I sleep with: 2? ish?
Favorite Bands / Artists: god I listen to fucking Everything from vaporwave to disco and doowop, metal to singer/songwriter, indie to rap etc. if I had to pick all time favorite bands they would be Dresden Dolls, Feist, Foster the People, Childish Gambino, Blank Banshee, Tomppabeats, Beach House, Gardens and Villa, Phoenix, and Santigold.
Dream Trips: I’ve always wanted to go to Germany and Greece. I have family I’ve never met in both these places
When I made this blog: very beginning of 2016
Followers: 22.2k
When my blog reached it’s peak: it’s peaking now tbfh
Why I choose this Url: my blog is called arrogantsuggestion because these statements are all inherently arrogant. If you believe them without actually checking urself? Ur probably being arrogant. And that’s okay!! Sometimes arrogance can be a very useful bridge from low self esteem to confidence. Here, think abt this. If there’s a post that says “you don’t even think about them anymore,” you might think to yourself “huh, yeah I don’t think about them as much.” But! You still thought about someone when you read “them.” So this blog, I hope, will give ppl something to think about when it comes to past experiences, past traumas, and past relationships. Hope that explains well enough??

anyway I tag @spitefulsuggestions @pridefulsuggestion and @xsuggestion and anyone else who wants to do this! Tag me if u do it bc I wanna see ur responses.