this was hard all their moments are my favorite

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seurat: if you can wear only one color with different shades for the rest of your life, which one is it, and why?

red bc its my favourite and its the only one that always looks good on me

harring: what is your all-time favorite band, movie, and painting?

band: depeche mode or gorillaz,   or cocteau twins hard to pick
movie: the shining
painting: hard to pick but i like this one a lot by nicolae tonitza

botticelli: what is that one moment in your life that makes you feel proud?

getting a full scholarship for sure

also when i finally learned to tie my shoes in gr 5

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1, 6, 8, 10, 12

(Haha, I’m gonna go way out on a limb and assume you want answers about EEnE and not some other series I watch, right?)

1. Favorite character.

Double-D is definitely my fave from this show. It’s hard not to love a kid who loves books and bugs.

6. Favorite pairing.

… I mean… Look, I just need to accept that I’m going to die on EdsXKankers Hill, to be honest. I like the way their personalities compliment each other. And I like the idea of an AU where the Eds are scam artists and the Kankers are their enforcer girlfriends.

Runner ups are EddEddy and KeviNazz.

8. Favorite part/moment.

Pretty much all of Season 1, but I especially like the episode “Tag, Yer Ed!” as well as episodes and moments where they get lost in their imagination. They come across as believable, almost realistic kids, a rarity for cartoons with child characters, and they remind me of my own childhood.

10. What about it got my attention.

I remembered seeing a couple of episodes at a relative’s house right after the show had come out (cable didn’t exist in my house ever) and then something reminded me of it a couple of years ago, so I looked it up and ended up binge watching the whole series for a couple of weeks. I appreciated the colors more than anything else, I think. And I liked the way the humor hopped back and forth between clever and dumb.

And it’s really no secret that I love love love the way the kids’ mouths are drawn and colored. 👌

12. Overall opinion.

Good colors. Interesting art style. Good character designs. A strong, basic plot that gets easily manipulated to change the pace from time to time. Terrific animation work. Terrific voice acting. Unique sound effects. Good humor.

Overall, a pretty good cartoon. 10/10, would recommend. 👍👍

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

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What are yourtop 3 favorite Edd moments and why?

oh gosh but there’s so many its hard to pick just 3… lemme think

I mean I basically love any moment when Double D is being sarcastic smart ass or hiding his true intentions and that’s a LOT. But here are 3 i can think of off the top of my head.

3. When he gets PISSED at Sarah for blowing a raspberry in his face and getting spit all over him in Is there an Ed in the House It’s the first time we see Double D threaten someone with violence and it is A++ lmfao because he is so just not the type.

2. In Pain in the Ed, when Eddy was faking puberty by gluing carpet to his armpits, Double D tells Eddy he seriously doubts his plan at trying to look manly will actually work. But when Nazz disses Eddy, Double D starts sweating and reaches in his armpits in shame and pulls out carpet that he put there too! fucking hilarious. Actually like, just Double D in that whole episode. he was a perfectly smart sneaky, deceptive mf and it was great. and then the END. just. yes.

1. Fucking Double D’s performance in Thick as an Ed had me rollin’. just his overall reactions to Ed and his stinky cheese were hilarious, especially when he fucking disintegrates from the stench. like he is just SO overcome by the repulsiveness of Sheldon the cheese that he just spends the whole ep complaining about it and trying to get rid of it but keeps winding up right next to it. He is just too foreal and so extra. also, He says “stank.” i fucking love it.

Honorable mentions: in A Twist of Ed idk why, but i LOVE when he fucking screams at Ed and Eddy when they repeatedly chant “think think think” louder and louder at Edd until he just goes “VERY WELL THEN!!!” and then later in the episode when they are trying to trick the Kanker sisters and he actually does a good job of being around girls and not fainting, and enjoys making them run away.

Edd in Scrambled Ed. Just Edd the whole episode being knocked the fuck out.

Anyway I basically love season 2-4 Edd best

The first year was absolutely unbearable. Every time I saw or heard your name, I fell apart. I couldn’t listen to music without my throat swelling up. The aching pain in my heart was constant. Everything reminded me of you. I thought drinking heavily with my anti-anxiety medication would help me cope. It didn’t. I don’t remember much. It was all a blur of careless laughter followed by intense moments of sobbing and self-harm.

The second year, it started getting slightly better. I taught myself how to play our favorite song even though I knew you’d never hear me play it. I quit using anti-anxiety meds and hard liquor. I still had days when I refused to believe I would never see or touch you again, but I was starting to grow accustomed to letting go. I had a lot of dreams about you. They began turning into nightmares as my brain finally allowed itself to process and accept how toxic we were for each other in the end.

The third year, I still have dreams about you. I forget most of them, but the ones I remember make me think and dream about you for a week straight. I’ll think of an inside joke sometimes and just laugh while shaking my head. I don’t feel like dying anymore when I hear your name, our songs, or when I see our favorite movies on TV. I still wish you a happy birthday even though you’ll never hear it or realize I even remembered or cared.
I’m finally accepting you’ll always be a part of me, so I’d better stop hurting myself over it and move on.

—  My healing process

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I dunno if this has been asked but, fave Anti moment? (plus a gif of that, maybe :P)


That’s kind of hard because I have so many favorite moments…

But I think one of my all-time favorites would have be in FNAF SL #4 where Jack is with Baby in the scooping room (???) and it cuts to this:

And the fact that Jack says “There’s haunting sounds” literally right after just made me lose my mind when he first uploaded it

THAT OR in #3 you hear Anti giggle and say “Fuck”. That was pretty damn great

Top 5 Lucy Heartfilia Moments

I freaking love Lucy so much so its gonna be hard to pick only 5 moments (so they’ll be long sorry) but here it goes:

1. Lucy destroying Aquarius’s key. This is my favorite Lucy moment ever. Lucy use to be this weak person who was always being saved by someone. But in this arc  Lucy summon 3 celestial spirits at the same time and the celestial spirit king himself. Not only that she ends up freeing all her comrades single handedly (with the help of her spirits but they come from her power) And she has to sacrifice her first friend, first key and the key her mother gave her in order to save everyone, she showed so much strength and bravery. Even after losing all that she stands up again to fight and that will always be my favourite moment because of her character development. 

2. Its always more fun when we’re together. This. Just this. This is the moment that I started to notice just how strong Lucy was and from there I fell in love. Lucy may not be physical strong (from this point) but she’s always been emotionally strong and this just proves it cause she’d rather be beaten to death by this guy holding her and be with Natsu then leave him alone and live. 

3. Lucy standing up to her father. This is the first time that Lucy has ever spoken against her father and went with what she wanted. Up until now she did what he wanted then ran away not thinking he would even notice that she was gone. But when he drags her back he never expects her to say no to him and I think this just shows that Lucy was growing up and finding her way. 

4. Grand Magic Games. Lucy fought with everything she had for her guild and herself.

5. Celestial Spirits. I think this scene was the one that really told me how much Lucy loves her spirits and how she views them as her friends and not objects that she controls. This made me fall in love with Lucy more because she was willing to give up her life so that her friends (spirits) could be free and happy. 

My fic recs :3c

I’ve been reading like a ton of fics lately, and figured I’d share some of my favorites! Honestly, I will probably end up making several of these lists because I had a real hard time narrowing it down to just a few haha.

****Disclaimer: mostly Klance uwu;

Keith who has never really had a favorite color. Then one day at the Garrison he catches a glimpse of Lance’s eyes and it stops him in his tracks for that moment.
“That’s it?” He realizes, “That’s my favorite color,”
It starts off as an infatuation, nothing more than admiration for the entrancing blue eyed boy. It turns into a crush - something he’s never had - and suddenly every shade of blue reminds him of Lance. It ends with love, something deep and turbulent, really he never stood a chance.

I’m a hecking sucker for pining Keith, first of all. Second of all, it was just generally a nice change to not have his favorite color be red for once lol. This fic is so cute and sweet and I’m love it

This is the story of two absolute idiots who keep searching for what they’ve already found.

Wow can I just like.. this fic was so good. It resonated really strongly with me, as I am basically Keith from this story lmao. Easily in my top five Klance fics ever of all time. Bls read it

Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.
Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

Ongoing, amazing fic where Lance and Keith are both traveling and get into all sorts of shenanigans. Features Japanese Broganes, Pidge speaking Italian, and Lance poledancing on the Eiffel Tower. Seriously like a really great story, I love it so much, and I always get so excited when I see the notifications of chapters in my email. :3

“Wait,” Lance says, scrambling on the couch until he’s sitting up. “I do have questions about the derivatives, but I’m dying to hear more about this barista that swept you off your feet!”
“You already know everything,” Shiro sighs, moving to pack up his laptop and textbook. “He works at Castle of Lions and we’ve talked a grand total of three times.”

A real cute Shatt fic. Pining Shiro is the cutest thing ever, I swear.

It’s just a sore throat. It’s really not that big a deal. But the rest of team Voltron doesn’t really see it that way - and Shiro’s taking a day off whether he likes it or not.

So cute. I love everybody taking care of their Space Dad. Great family moments all around, honestly, it’s freaking adorable.

“How far are you willing to go?”
“I don’t know,” he said, shrugging helplessly and feeling sick – at himself, at his mother, at the world in general.
How far was he willing to go for somebody he’d never met? Yet, or ever?
AKA Lance is ace and full of love, Keith dives headfirst into office shenanigans, things are suspended in Jell-O, coffee is a gift, and the office mascot is a domesticated goat named Annihilator.

I am 100% in love with everything about this fic. As someone who is ace, I literally cannot even express how much this amazing story means to me. Everything about it is great. There’s also some drabbles, and a followup from Keith’s POV. (..also I just like recommend bwyn in general??? read all of their fics pls, their writing is so good)

Day 13: A moment you love

Uggggh this is so HARD…. I wish there were multiple categories for this…


Fine I’ll pick something! Drum roll please!  

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I think my favorite moment has to be this one. This was the first moment that had me practically screaming, because “DIGIMON IS BACK Y’ALL”. And regardless of whether or not you ship them romantically, Taichi and Yamato have one of the most quintessential bonds in the entire series, and this is the first time it really shines.

When I think about Digimon Adventure, it’s hard not to think about Taichi and Yamato; so much of the plot is dedicated to them and their developing relationship. And I was so pleased to see that relationship in 02 remain strong. So I had high expectations for tri – and this is the scene that proved to me that their relationship was going to be just as important in their high school years.

Like this whole scene just DOES it for me: Yamato supporting Taichi, the beautiful flashback to showcase how far they’ve come, Taichi steeling his expression because as long as they’re together they can conquer ANYTHING, Taichi then briefly supporting Yamato, Yamato’s perfect smirk. UGGGGGH and then when they link their arms against the wind!!! These two are brothers-in-arms, two sides of the same coin, the sun and moon, soul mates (there are platonic soul mates too), just…everything. Their bond was forged in battle and sworn by blood and I can see every bit of it in this scene.

And although they are disagreeing in every other way at this point in the show, they still stand side by side to take on the muthafuckin world and, and – and I need to stop, I’m getting emotional (there’s a reason these assholes are my OTP).

But honorable mentions!! (These are some of my favorite moments rather than moments I consider “the best”)

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That hug killed me! Just look at Jou!! You know he needed a hug, and I bet his beautiful, squishy partner gives THE BEST hugs <3

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I will never get over this moment. I want Gabumon’s face laser-cut into my tombstone. 

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Because I’m a sucker for awkward moments, and this is perhaps one of the most awkward things I’ve ever witnessed. The amount of second-hand embarrassment I felt was worse than Spiderman 3. Honestly, just kiss already.

I think we all need a laugh after last night’s emotional rollercoaster of an episode, so here are some of my favorite funny CR moments that have no connection to anything or anyone that may or may not have broken our hearts. Feel free to add your own! This includes scenes through episode 81.

With little context, because Russian roulette adds drama, and not even in chronological order so good luck: 

Please (My Young Friends)

Please forgive me if I seem not to always understand
my ancient eyes behold an entirely different world view
our interests are often as diverse as winter and spring
I have sojourned many seasons, you’ve seen yet a few

Much of my life is in the past, your journey lies ahead
memories I love to share, places you may one day go
yes I’ve lived and witnessed numerous wondrous days
and yet I’ve tasted a darkness I pray you’ll never know

Having told and of course retold all my favorite stories
while I find it hard to say, I love you my young friends  
how dearly I so often envy you, your day’s just begun  
please live it well, as for all the sun one day descends

Well, it’s certainly been interesting to say the least.  Being by far the oldest person in my group at work, and in a not dissimilar situation here on Tumblr, we do sometimes have our WHAT? moments, yet all in all I quite enjoy sharing the kindness, friendship and love with my now much younger friends.  While playful yet accurately stated, there is no known cure for old age, you do keep my heart young at least.  Thank you, and yes I do love you, Mike.  

I got my very first Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, Red Rescue Team on December 24th 2006. It’s been ten years, and I’ve never been same after that. It was the first and so far only Pokémon side game series I’ve gotten into and my love for it has only grown as the years passed. Now, to show my love for those games, I’ve picked my favorite moment/soundtrack from each game in the series.

Ah, Gates to Infinity…probably my personal favorite from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.
This game hit me personally so hard. It had everything I love: good characters and development, cool (no pun intended) plot and amazing soundtrack. It’s also fifth generation game, and fifth generation is probably my favorite from all Pokémon. And there’s ice. A lot. Icy things are basically my aesthetic, and this game nailed it with including the icy feeling even in the soundtrack (which is one reason why I think it’s amazing).
And then there’s Virizion. Her character and relationship with Keldeo reminds me strongly of me and my childhood friend. I have some similar experiences with him, so I related to Virizion so much while playing this game.
…also, this is the only Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game that has made me cry. More than once, in fact.

Doctor Who Official on Instagram: Besties 💛
#DoctorWho #whovian #PeterCapaldi #JennaColeman 

Call it a sheer coincidence that I’m extremely worried about upsetting someone on here, explained it all in a long and boring post, and then I see this memorable moment pop up at one of my Instagram haunts:

The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) are hugging each other in their most favorite place on Earth: the TARDIS console room.

True friendships are very hard to come by. They can either last a lifetime, or they can blow away like smoke.


happy imagine bc we all need them right? 💝

There is a certain beauty to Daryl that not many people could see. It’s often difficult to look past the rough exterior, the hardness of his voice and the look in his eyes but these qualities only intrigued me.

They intrigued me to the point of completely falling in love with Daryl. Even at his most emotionally closed off moments back in Atlanta, I was utterly in love with the redneck.

This particular day was one of my favorites. Drops of rain fell from the sky, layering the streets of Alexandria with a thin sheet of water. The sky was a light gray with a few dark clouds here and there and leaves littered the pavement.

I was sprawled across the bed, my hand absentmindedly looking for Daryl’s body but it it only finds sheets and blankets. My eyes travel over to the door which is wide open. I’m not worried, he’s usually gone before I even wake up. I’ve definitely somewhat taken advantage of the luxuries Alexandria has offered us.

Eventually I get up and get ready for the day. I brush my hair and throw it up into a pony tail and slide an oversized flannel and ripped jeans on. These clothes are mainly my only outfit I have at my disposal.

When I walk downstairs I see Enid, who shares a house with Daryl and I, sitting at the table eating breakfast.

“Morning pretty girl.” I smile while looking through the refrigerator, my appetite seemingly non existent.

“Morning Y/N.” she giggles. I decide on skipping breakfast, something Daryl hates due to the fact that the lack of food eventually gets to me and makes me grumpy.

I sit down across from Enid and take notice to her picking at her nails, something she does when she’s nervous. I assume it’s about Carl and a smirk creeps onto my face.

“What?” Enid questions, her tone rushed and full of suspicion.

“You wanna talk about Carl?” I ask.

Her mouth parts almost in relief and she nods quickly, her long hair shaking with her movements. We end up having a pretty long conversation about her and Carl which consisted of her frequently checking her rusted watch and looking out the window behind me.

“Thank you Y/N.” she whispers while hugging me tightly.

I gasp slightly at her sincerity, and hug her tightly back, inhaling her natural scent which I’ve become so accustomed to.

“You’re welcome Enid.” I whisper back to her. “I’m gonna go look for Daryl, I’ll see you later alright?” Enid nods and I take one breath before exiting into the rain.

I misjudged the power of the rain because it’s no longer drizzling, it’s practically a torrential downpour. The rain drops land on me, soaking my hair and clothes. Right after I make it down the last step, someone grabs my arm, a shriek escaping my mouth. I turn to see none other than Daryl.

“What the hell are you doing?” I laugh.

He doesn’t say anything. It’s what he does that fills me with shock.

Daryl proceeds to get down on one knee and my lips part at the realization of what he is doing.

Daryl Dixon is proposing.

My eyes travel past him and I see Michonne hugging Rick and Maggie and Glenn are laughing and shaking their heads while walking down the street. I spot Abraham with his head held high and a look of proudness plastered on his face. And then, Enid comes into view. She’s leaning against the porch railing and she’s trying to contain her grin.

“Look Y/N,” Daryl begins in almost a shout due to the loud noise of the rain. “-I know I can be an ass and I’m hard to deal with and messed up but I love you so damn much and I should have done this a long time ago but I’m doin’ it now. So Y/N, will you marry me?”

The small, silver ring looks misplaced in his large, calloused hands but to me it’s perfect.

I shake my head, a grin prevalent on my face.

“Of course I will.”

Daryl stands up and I waste no time throwing myself into his chest, his long hair falling onto my face. “I love you so much, so fucking much.” he mutters into my ear.

“I love you too Dixon.”

I release from our hug and wipe away the tendrils of hair sticking to my face to see our family standing around and clapping and crying and smiling. They all must have known.

“Let’s go, I don’t want you catchin’ a cold.” he says while taking my hand in his and walking into our house. Everyone scurries off with wet hair and damp shoes but warm hearts.

We rush inside and I see Enid run up to her room and I turn around, placing my hands on Daryl’s chest and get on my tip toes to kiss him. The kiss is deep and full of hunger for I crave Daryl. I crave his erratic moods, his electric touch, his piercing eyes, his full and completely messy love.

“Who would have thought we’d be getting married in the midst of an actual apocalypse?” I ask against his lips.

He laughs, something that I don’t see Daryl doing often. Daryl and I walk upstairs, every second loving the way his hand feels in mine.

“I’ll be right in.” I tell Daryl while stopping in front of Enid’s room. He nods and I knock on the young girls door and I hear her say come in.

Enid jumps off her bed and runs up to me, enveloping me into a tight hug. “Congratulations.” she mutters against my clothes.

“Was that why you were so nervous this morning?” I smirk.

“Maybe! But I genuinely did need advice on Carl so thank you.” she smiles.

I can’t help the laugh that erupts from my throat and I leave Enid’s room and go into Daryl and I’s. I see him rummaging through our drawers and I notice the scars that litter his back.

It took him awhile to even tell me that his father beat him, even longer for him to show me the scars that hold moments and painful memories. Each one is a reminder to Daryl of his childhood and how dysfunctional it was.

Sure, there’s still hesitance when he strips off his shirt but I’ve made it clear that his scars are apart of him, therefore they’re beautiful.

“You told Enid?” I smirk while struggling to pull down my jeans which are drenched with rain water.

Daryl slips a plain black t shirt on and I can see his biceps, abs and every other visible muscle flex. “She was the second one I told.” he says while smiling, looking down at the bed in attempts to shield his happiness.

“Who was the first?” I grumble while jumping up and down in order to get these damn jeans off of my body.

“Rick.” Daryl tells me.

I’m not surprised. Merle may have been Daryl’s sibling due to the blood they share but Rick is Daryl’s brother because of the absolute love they have for each other.

Daryl climbs into our bed and watches me continue to undress. His eyes scan over every scar, bruise and bone of my body. He’s entranced by me and I, him. Our love is the type that isn’t written about or made into a film, it’s the type that’s real. It’s hurt and tears and pure, raw emotion. It’s as endless as time and I’ve never experienced something quite like it.

I finally manage to get my jeans off and Daryl throws me one of his newly acquired flannels he found on a run. My underwear are left to be marveled at by Daryl and the flannel is a perfect combination of oversized and comfy.

I collapse onto the bed, immediately pulled against Daryl’s chest. Our bodies mold together and my arm is outstretched in front of me, my eyes landing on the wedding band wrapped around my ring finger.

“I love it.” I mumble, letting my words evaporate into the air around us.

Daryl takes the hand in his and rubs his thumb over the band, it eventually traveling to my wrist and arm and then shoulder.

“I’m glad. You deserve it.” he says. I can feel his breath beating against my neck and eventually his lips land there. He plants little tiny kisses, often allowing his lips to linger a bit longer than usual. His lips are something that provide me warmth on my most darkest and coldest of days. They’ll ghost over my collarbone and eventually to my lips. They hold secrets that only Daryl and I know. They possess the ability to rid my mind of destructive thoughts.

I turn over and look at Daryl in his eyes. A faint smile plays at his lips, causing mine to mimic his. “I love you. I’m forever grateful we found each other.” I tell him.

“Dint know what I would'a down if I didn’t find ya.” he says while letting his eyes look down.

“Hey,” I start while placing my finger under his chin and lifting his head up. “You would have made it okay? But we did find each other and I couldn’t be more in love.”

awh, I hope you guys liked this fluffy daryl imagine💖

much love to you all. remember to drink lots of water, take any needed medication and rest💝☮️🤘🏾

(do not repost) The moment I found out that Ukai’s seiyuu passed away I just had to drop everything I was doing and just draw this as a thank you for all of his hardwork and contribution to this series. Although I don’t know him personally, hearing about this felt like a member of my own family had passed, which says a lot about the impact he had. He truly did bring Ukai Keishin to life and my all time favorite quotes from this series were his lines. I don’t really know what else to say, except he will truly be missed and I just hope for the best for his family and loved ones. Rest in peace, Tanaka Kazunari, and thank you so so much for everything! 

New Girl: Operation Bobcat

I really liked this episode. Yes, we didn’t get some development on the Ness side (Although there was something), but the other storylines worked so well. Winston’s proposal to Aly was just the cutest thing. They are perfect for each other. And this is also one of the reasons why New Girl is my favorite comedy show. Mixing humor with these emotional moments - no one does that better than NG. Y’all, decorating that restroom was hard, lol. And as a huge Schmece fan, I also loved their moments. Even though they are married now, I love it when we get these type of scene with Schmidt and Cece. Never getting tired of Schmidt telling Cece how much he loves her and vice versa. Nick had some funny lines (” I’m the chimney sweep. All these are Clogged. Clogged. Clogged”, lol). 

And Ness fans: It’ll get better. Stay blessed. :)

as we laid there listening to one of his favorite songs, i swear i tried so damn hard to listen, but all i could hear was the beat of his heart and how it was in sync with mine. i tried to pay attention to every lyric and every note, but the only thing i could hear was the sound of my heart screaming “i love you” while i tried to keep my mouth closed so the words wouldn’t escape because the moment i said it, i was making myself vulnerable to him breaking my heart.

Corrin’s Northern Fortress retainers & Joker(Jakob) Corrin family!
Corrin gave birth to f!Kana after the war had been over. The long-waited newborn, the beginning of a new era.

These are my contributions to FE Family Zine @fefamilyzine ~ Some friends are posting theirs so I’m posting mine too!

I hope everyone enjoyed the zine! All the art on it are amazing, adorable and awesome!! Sie the host worked hard on it too!

I myself loved every moment of it. The ‘family’ part is one of my favorite elements of FE. I’ve been wanting to draw them as a big family (like how Xander and Leo would be Dwyer’s uncles in my game, and how Dwyer and Kana would have cousins). The games gives us players the freedom to imagine what their relationship would be like and how it’d be different than in any other person’s savefile, and there’s no one but us to portray those!

So, this has been a great opportunity. Plus I got to meet&befriend lots of amazing artists. If there’s gonna be FE Family Zine #2, I’d definitely be in!

b1a4 in chicago!!!

wahhh okay i’m gonna try and write as much of this as i can remember. i’m gonna skip all of the “we had to wait in line forever” stuff b/c that’s boring and who cares lol

since i’m on my ipad (didn’t wanna carry computer w/me all the way to chicago) it’s hard to insert videos and pics and stuff so i’ll upload some of those moments separately and tag everything related to the concert under “b1a4chicago2k17”

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