this was great jfc


two of a kind


グラスホッパー (2015)

Tomorrow is National Compliment Day so I’m going to try to give as many compliments as I can:

@hellascully - my first friend on here, thank you for being so kind and making awesome gifs

@sunshinetoday - thanks for keeping me up to date on everything and having such a a loving soul

@subject13fringe @gillyfangirl @emaleighadeux @snail-in-a-remote-control-car @didhehavealightsaber @jennysk0402 @panickedmilagro - my partners in crime, my touchstones

@thefallfiles - ur kindness and brilliant edits

@mulderscullyinthetardis @ad-zella  - keeping me grounded and entertained too

@notacleverxfileshandle @cosmic-files-87 - you girls are so lovely

@a-january-girl - mom goals! person goals! im gonna call you my mentor cuz i like it 😂

@crossedbeams - love your spirit

@lizzie1612 - ur sense of humor! omg!

@startwreck - freaking hilarious

@somekindofseizure @storybycorey @2momsmakearight @mldrgrl @edierone @need-not @piecesofscully and so many more fanfic writers including from above too - freaking let me live jfc! no but really you guys are great

@therobbinsnest - i’ve been meaning to ask if you will adopt me? your pride as a mom makes me emoitional! 27 isn’t too old to be adopted, right? 

@gillovny1013 - your kindness is like a super power!

@my-stubborn-mind - love our talks!

Other really cool and nice people:

@vickiweis44 @flexiblefish @huei-ming @thexxit @starbuck1013 @stupideffinbee @booksboobstvshows @here-forfun @medicaldoctordana @your-perfect-opposite @scullyinscrubs @norma-and-alex @foxanddanapetrie @caseykleinlife @horriblewithusernames @lilydalexf @hbctime @thethirstisoutthere @ihavefeministbones @skinny-gillian @becksndot5 @misshadley 

AND YOU TOO BECAUSE YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL AND SMART AND WITTY AND KIND!! Happy National Compliment Day! I’m challenging you to make it rain compliments today cuz we all could use some positivity right now!

I’m just going to stop using the phrase “it can’t get any gayer than this” because I have been proven wrong every single time.