this was great jfc

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I'd kill for B99 to come back when Ghosted ends its run, but at this point I figure they'll stick NG there and B99 will be stuck doubling up episodes in May, which worked out so well last time (and such a great way to air what will likely be the series finale!) jfc I get that B99 is the only non-Fox-owned show, but it does really make me hate the network.


Sheith AU where the Galra capture Keith sometime after Shiro and they finally meet again. On the Galra Arena.

“why did you give in?”
“it’s the only way to get you out of here–”

I got a picture with little Colin in his Angus cosplay at the Nashville live show cosplay meetup. His dad asked if he could take a photo with me, and then he ran up and I lost it because he was so cute. Gravitas went right out the window, and Seneca went into cute overload, complete with fan-girly flailing. I could barely compose myself enough to stop grinning, but I managed:

Look at this tiny angel face!

Steven Yeun is really really hot and deserves to be a leading man. Enough with the Chris Evans Pratt Pine Hemsworthlesses.

Look at him.

[The New Teen Titans (1980) #5]

  • Me: *High pitched noise of distress*
  • Friend: Did your character do the thing?
  • Me: *hands fly around wildly while continuing inaudible noises*
  • Friend: Yeah, I know you love them, but you know they have their own decisions to make.
  • Me: *Screeches then flops head down into hands*
  • Friend: Shhhhhh *pets me* Read some fanfics about them, you'll feel better.